Remain in the Juncker Bunker


Guido has been doing the maths and shows Nick Robinson is peddling pro-EU messages in bulk…

Data Guido has been hidden away in a dark room, crunching the numbers to see whether our top broadcast journalists really are impartial on Brexit. Yesterday we analysed Robert Peston’s relentlessly negative Twitter feed, categorising his tweets as having either a positive sentiment about Brexit (not many), a negative sentiment about Brexit (82%), or being neutral. Today it’s the turn of the BBC’s Nick Robinson…

Robbo has sent 157 tweets about Brexit since 24 June 2016.

3 tweets had a positive sentiment, that’s just 2% of his total tweets.

65 tweets were neutral, that’s 41%.

89 tweets were negative, that is 57% of his total Brexit tweets having a negative sentiment.


No surprise there…it’s just the standard BBC approach to Brexit…..anything the EU says is reported as if it is sensible and credible however wrong, insulting and mocking it is, whilst anything the Brits say is treated with contempt and disdain….the Brits are presented as foolish, naive, delusional, chaotic and disorganised, if not incompetent.

Then again Trump fares even worse as the BBC’s output must near 100% anti-Trump.  No surprise that it was Nick Robinson then that this morning suggested that the creator of Twitter must be ‘bitterly disappointed that Trump has used Twitter to such devastating effect’.  No bias in that tone then.  We had suggestions that Trump must be banned from Twitter, oh so liberal, and that he only gets so many watchers as he is a billionaire…nothing to do with being President then or that he is saying things, unfiltered, uncensored, that the Media wouldn’t let him say if he had to rely on them to publicise his thoughts?

Robinson was on his high horse grandly telling us how we must beware fake news, naturally his unspoken narrative was that we can trust the BBC and only it brings us the truth with accurate, impartial news.  Clearly not true as this morning’s reporting of Herr Juncker’s words reveal.

As always the BBC reports Juncker’s jibes and nonsense as if handed down from on high and yet he is the most ridiculous, pompous and puffed up politician in the EU.  Today he illustrates perfectly why we need to leave the EU…firstly his contemptuous, patronising and delusional tone is exactly what people dislike about politicians, and second his promotion of an EU that is to be forced into ever-closer union, financial, political and militarily, reveals what we always knew was the real intention of the EU…to create a super-state that smashed national states and governance…not something the BBC wanted to talk about during the referendum…when did you hear them raise the subject of what the dangers were of staying in the EU?

We heard that the EU would be seeking out free trade deals, they being good for prosperity and jobs…and yet the BBC’s Katya Adler made no mention of the EU’s attitude towards Britain and its trade negotiations…the EU clearly not wanting to negotiate a good trade deal beneficial to both because it would prefer to try and punish Britain for leaving the EU…yet another good reason to leave the EU as it chooses a political objective rather than economic in order to frighten other nations into staying locked into the EU regime…..

On trade, Mr Juncker hailed recent deals with Canada and Japan, and said deals with Mexico and South America were in the pipeline.

Trade talks should open with Australia and New Zealand, he said, and be completed by late 2019. But he said there had to be reciprocity in trade deals: “We have to get as much as we give.”

And he promised new openness in trade negotiations and – amid concern about Chinese investment in strategic European assets – said investors in the EU would be screened.

Not a single aside from the BBC relating this to Brexit and how the EU’s intransigent approach to negotiations is the real stumbling block.

Note also that Junckers wants to bring even more nations tighter into the EU fold growing the empire and tightening its grip on subject ‘nations’……

Europe had to pursue a “credible enlargement project to the countries of the western Balkans”, and it was high time for Romania and Bulgaria to be brought into the EU’s border-free Schengen zone, along with Croatia when it was ready, he said.

Amused by the BBC’s title for this report…

EU: Juncker sees window of opportunity for reform

‘Reform’ is the last thing Junckers and Co have in mind…what they intend is more and more of the same making the EU the only power in Europe.  Just more BBC spin intended to make us think the EU is open to reform and maybe we should jump back on board as things change for the better.

Then there is this….

He sternly reminded member states that final jurisdiction in the union belonged to the European Court of Justice, and said the rule of law was not optional. That might have been a tacit reference to countries such as Poland, which have defied judicial decisions from the EU on a number of issues.

In the EU “the rule of law, justice and fundamental rights” took priority, he said – and “that rules out EU membership for Turkey for the foreseeable future”.

Hmmm…The EU won’t let Turkey join ‘for now’ due to a clash of values…and in the same voice he attacks Poland and Hungary for not taking Muslim migrants…because they recognise that the clash of values with national culture and values would undermine their societies.  Hypocrisy from Junckers…hypocrisy that the BBC ‘fails’ to notice….they also fail to notice that the EU is still looking to accept Turkey as an EU member one day…something denied during the referendum with great vigour, calling the likes of Farage a liar and a racist for suggesting the EU really wanted to let Turkey in.

We also heard that Paris would be the biggest financial centre in Europe in 5 or more years…and yet that’s complete horlicks…London is by far the biggest and is growing whatever the BBC tries too imply.



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9 Responses to Remain in the Juncker Bunker

  1. Guest Who says:

    It’s a DNA thing.

    In Beebworld, 2% vs. 57% is clearly balanced, as Diane Abbott will doubtless be called upon by Lord Hall to verify.


    • TruthSeeker says:

      Balance you say.
      Permit me to quote from the pre-eminent mathematician of antiquity.
      The Archimedes, whose development of Greek Fire, almost singlehandedly, kept the naval forces of the then, leading naval power, Rome, at bay during the siege of Syracuse.
      The Archimedes, whose discovery of the principle of buoyancy was announced, in an unorthodox manner, when he ran, naked, through the streets shouting “Eureka”.
      The Archimedes, whose discovery of the laws of the lever was almost lost forever, and only recovered from
      fragments of a single papyrus recovered by British Archaeologists from the middens of Oxyrhynchus.
      Which fragment, in translation, states :-
      “Give me a fulcrum and I shall balance the Abbott”.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Does my right hon. Friend recall the words of Francis Drake:
    “There must be a begynnyng of any great matter, but the contenewing unto the end untyll it be thoroughly ffynyshed yeldes the trew glory”?
    I wish my right hon. Friend (Theresa May) good luck and good fortune in her negotiations until she comes to true glory and is welcomed back to this House as a 21st century Gloriana. – Jacob Rees-Mogg Conservative, North East Somerset – Article 50 – 29mar2017


  3. Jerry Owen says:

    I actually enjoy listening to Juncker the drunk, he is one of the most inconsistent politicians there is, his inconsistency on a par with Abbotomuss’s maths. Remember this is the man that just after the referendum clearly stated that he wanted us to ‘leave the EU as quickly as possible’. Breitbart had a piece yesterday on his wish for an EU army which Farage was vivified for and called a liar by the elites when he mentioned it.
    If the EU were such a popular club why would you need an army? Where is the evidence that the EU now has the ‘wind in it’s sails? And does that mean the EU didn’t have the wind in it’s sails? And if so would it be quite natural for the UK to leave a stranded boat via a referendum for the safety of it’s own shores?
    The Balkan countries joining should be a huge nail in the EU’s coffin/coffers these places will be net takers and not contributors as we are.


  4. s.trubble says:

    Not bBC but that Guido Pie Chart on Faisal Islam would be interesting………………….he seems to lurk around outside no 10 a lot……reporting later at night……………Admittedly it is his smirk which puts me off ……I,d say he registers High on the
    Smirk -o -Meter.

    Glad to see that Robinson has been well called out on here……………….We See Ye!