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  1. Dover Sentry says:

    Any sign of a pro-Brexit programme by the BBC yet?

    We’ve all been waiting patiently since the Referendum.


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC official reply
      “Shut up you little children,
      we know what is best for you,
      we get to choose who to air,
      and who to exclude.
      ..It’s all for your own good, so behave,
      stop your stupid questions & pay your licence fee.”


    • Flexdream says:

      The BBC doesn’t see its role as to be balanced. Most of the BBC think Brexit is a mistake and the EU is a good thing. In being pro-Brexit then they simply consider themselves to be being objective.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        They may well consider themselves objective but it’s about time they considered the point of view of the 17.5 million of us who voted for Brexit and who consider THEM to be highly objectionable.


    • wronged says:

      Nick Clegg accused Farage of fantasising about the emergence of a EU Army.

      Junker has yesterday confirmed a new EU Army.

      Apologise to Farage Cleggy along with anyone who thought Farage was fantasising.

      BBC time to interview Cleggy ( his son is ill) so if not him how about Paddy Asdown, Chukka, Sturgeon , et al.

      Come on BBC let’s have a bit of unbiased truth from you for once.

      An EU Army would not work well with NATO given anti Amreican European (states) countries.
      Put the record straight.


    • Dystopian says:

      Finally some “good” Brexit news from the bBBC?
      However, there is a “BUT” by the 2nd paragraph.

      Burberry sees ‘enormous’ Brexit potential – BBC News


  2. Flexdream says:

    The World Tonight on Radio Rohinga (aka BBC) in full flow as it covers what I can only assume is the only persecuted group on the planet, the Rohinga, who the BBC is baffled to find are unpopular in Burma. Maybe the Burmese have just been following events elsewhere?


    • Number 7 says:

      As posted before. What do you do to p*ss off a Buddhist?


    • gaxvil says:

      The Burmese call them Bengalis because that’s what they are. They came to work under the Raj around a hundred plus years ago and if they’d behaved we’d never have heard of them but they saw ISIS and liked what they saw.


  3. Geoff says:

    Anyone noticed with the proliferation of new dramas appearing on TV right now that they contain a an overabundance and unrepresentative amount of ‘diverse’ characters (more often than not in a position of authority) yet when a taxi driver is cast it’s always a salt of the earth indigenous type…


    • BRISSLES says:

      It was ever thus now Geoff !
      Sadly in the name of diversity its not just dramas, but in every area of programming. We are seeing ill qualified ‘presenters’ making a dog’s breakfast of what once were enjoyable (but admittedly brain dead) programmes. I’m referring to daytime offerings (yes I’m sad, but I’m retired so there), – the Beeb has already destroyed Homes Under the Hammer by offloading Lucy Fleming, and now Money for Nothing which was ably served by Sarah Moore, has now another character called Jay Blades. He appeared a couple of times in the first series in which he painted a couple of chair legs in odd colours – clearly his 15 minutes of fame went to his head, as he suddenly gets ‘management’, and with the charisma of a pencil is given a job as Sarah’s sidekick. My point is, he’s a hopeless ‘presenter’ and his creative skills in upcycling are nothing short of embarrassing, but he’s not white, so he gets the job.

      Even in Doctors, (early afternoon), the character of Mrs Tenby started off as a receptionist, then after a few story lines and years in the role, she’s off to pastures new – exit Mrs Tenby, leaving party etc etc. Huh ! within a month she’s back, applies for the role of Surgery Manager, and now she’s dictating protocol and procedures to the doctors, and staff. You have to laugh.


      • gaxvil says:

        Even on bbc speech radio various Asian and Afro presenters with their, ‘TWENNY, FIRTEE, FORDEE’ and ‘GONNA, WANNA, LIKE, KINDA, SORTA FINGS’.
        As you say they know nothing about nothing and it really comes over.


        • Geoff says:

          There is a late night continuity announcer on BBC1 of that very ilk.


          • BRISSLES says:

            On Ch4 there is a clearly WI (not Womens Institute !!) lady who speaks in a very definite Caribbean patois – sometimes not easy to understand.


      • Rich says:

        The Celebrity Money for Nothing, and judging by their homes there is a lot of money for doing nothing, also has an interesting craftsperson called EJ.

        Cock or hen? I’m not really sure but it would appear that Emma Jane, if that’s what the initials may have once stood for, is no longer suitable.

        Hope there’s no DIY involved in that bit of upcycling, which I believe may well be a work in progress, there’s no sandpaper fine enough for that caper.


        • BRISSLES says:

          ..The Celebrity Money for Nothing, and judging by their homes there is a lot of money for doing nothing…… Excellent ! love it !
          and oh how they struggle to find ‘rubbish’, which begs the question “what the hell are they doing on the programme then ?”


      • Up2snuff says:

        Brissles, now you know why I gave up telly a long time ago! 😉


      • G says:

        Brissles, from your description, I’m sure glad I don’t watch day-time tv. I intend getting off the merry-go-round on the next licence renewal, next month.


    • Jeff says:

      “Diversity” is an obsession with the dear old Beeb. Minority, ethnic characters are shoe horned into dramas and soaps, usually in positions of authority; doctor, high ranking policeman, lawyer etc. Invariably they are highly intelligent, decent, honest, hard working, whilst whitey is the mugger, drug dealer, or as in a recent Radio 4 play, the far right terrorist!
      These dramas are made in a sort of parallel universe inhabited by Guardianistas. It’s what they would like Britain to be like. Of course they’re completely misleading, patronising and downright dishonest.. Most of them are absolute balderdash!
      I’m waiting for a BBC detective drama featuring a transgender, Muslim, mixed race private eye with a lesbian side kick.
      Coming soon…


      • MarkyMark says:

        Maybe the BBC can tie it into a new Dr. Who series ….

        Nadiya “the Doctor” Who can Tardis into Mecca with her disabled Transgender-Apostate-Muslim-Non-Binary-Coloured-Gay sidekick and their pet pig Percy. Then the Tardis malfunctions due to a time distortion generated from a strange black rock that’s shaped like a ladies body part.

        They must now escape, knowing that it’s the Haji with 14 million visitors and non-Muslims aren’t allowed in Mecca.

        What will Nadia do? Will the sidekick wear the full face veil or learn the Shahadah in time to conform or will she say who she is, and stand her ground as a disabled Transgender-Apostate-Muslim-Non-Binary-Coloured-Gay?

        What about Percy the pig who was just reading the requirements for Halal?

        // {sorry, old post, not original!}


      • STEVONATRON says:

        Main headline BBC News today contained a story saying Ofcom are not satisfied there is enough “diversity” on our screens, citing the BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5 and Sky as the “culprits”. They reckon what we see on TV is not representative of British public….

        Well no its absolutely not. Of course it’s not. When I turn the TV on now, there are as many, sometimes more, non-white people onscreen. If the last census was correct, the current make-up of TV “diversity” is TOTALLY disproportionate because whites are still supposedly a huge majority in the UK (though this is changing quick against our concerns).

        But the BBC are undoubtedly going to embrace Ofcom’s demands with giddy jubilation and make a really big deal of it. It’ll be on Victoria Derbyshire in the morning, where she’ll show her usual hard-left activism with absolute pompous arrogance, loosely disguised as factual discussion. Guaranteed, white people on TV will very soon be a minority, regardless of proportionate representation.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Totally agree Stev. I’m sure we’re not alone in wondering if Ofcom and compilers of all the diversity ‘studies’ are living on another planet. Everything from the ads, sports reporting, news coverage, drama, reality, and daytime programmes, have an equal, if not more, share of ethnic faces to white. We are so hell bent on ‘doing the right thing’ in order to not offend, that we are creating the demise of our indigenous population. I’m only surprised that Orientals living here have not kicked off that they are under represented in our media – but as you say, soon it will be us.


        • DavidS says:

          So ditch the licence. Dead easy. Moaning is not going to change a thing and the BBC know it. They are actually laughing at you all for paying to watch their multicult fantasy world unfold before your very eyes. And because you all dutifully pay your £150 every year (while moaning) you’re just going to get more of the same. So, either keep funding it (while moaning) or do something about it.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Written and produced by Phil Space no doubt. What utter garbage!


  4. StewGreen says:

    Link to earlier posts : first post from Wednesday


  5. StewGreen says:

    Until Midnight you can get Battle of Ideas tickets cheap
    Barbican on Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 October

    Later there are some outside London events
    Derby Nov 9th £5


  6. StewGreen says:

    Newsnight has brown skinned people on
    ..Maybe some one doing something about Grooming Gangs ?
    ..No tearful Grenfell special Victims again


    • Ozfan says:

      Victims of deliberate terrorism in Manchester, London Bridge and Westminster Bridge forgotten.
      “Victims” of accidental Grenfell fire on BBC every night


  7. Eddy Booth says:


    ”Poundland Nutters: Mental health row over ‘offensive’ sweets
    The packaging on the chocolate-covered nuts features the name Nutters along with cross-eyed characters.
    Poundland said it listens to feedback and will “assess this line”.
    Poundland has responded to claims its Nutters sweets are “offensive” to those with mental health problems – saying their popularity suggests customers do not have an issue with the product.
    Campaigners say the sweet’s branding is a “real step backwards” on reducing the stigma around mental health”

    BBC always moaning about something…
    I’m going to score some tomorrow, and then stuff the empty Bag in a politically correct woman’s hedge- who lives down the road from me.
    i wonder how much they are?…


    • Rich says:

      Apparently children with learning difficulties are known,officially, in Ulster Scots as ‘wee dafties’. And this cannot be offensive as this is a minority ‘language’ as decreed by the EU, minority being the top trump.

      Be brilliant if that was true. Hopefully there will be a Bbc page soon to help us find out, there’s one in every other fuckin’ tongue.


    • G.W.F. says:

      And you can’t call the peanuts nuts because ‘nuts’ is a offensive term for describing loonies


    • Thoughtful says:

      And calling people who have political views which are not approved of by the Fascist left ‘phobic’ is highly offensive to those who suffer a life changing fear, but do you expect them to even accept there is a huge double standard here?


    • thirdoption says:

      Calling someone fat, black, ugly and stupid is extremely offensive to Diane Abbott, so please don’t do it.


  8. Pounce says:

    So the political climate in the U.K as promoted by the bBC is that Labour are ready to take the mantle of leadership. What with the racism that all blacks, Muslims, transgender and European citizens are facing, how weak the tories are with events in Burma, the Virgin Islands, with economy, with jobs, with Yemen, with slavery with electric cars. In the background the unions are going to give us all a winter of discontent and in order to promote their strikes as just the BBC hours after record employment figures comes out with an article about…low wages. Funny enough 24 hours after they reported on the must have gadget a £1000 iPhone.. that people is why the BBC must be disbanded,


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    It’s all one way traffic reports with BBC London this morning.

    What do I mean? Well the number two headline in the short BBC local bulletine is a call from one MP for Sikh people in Britain to be given their own ‘ethnicity’ in the UK Census. The reasoning behind this latest bit of identity politicking is that authorities are in some sense ignoring this ‘community’

    Meanwhile in BBC London’s headline number one ’11 charged in phone scam’ it is most definitely a case of no names, no pack drill.

    BBC/NUJ censorship guidelines will discourage any ethnicity being attributed here – hence the bald nondescript BBC headline.

    Local Hertfordshire news sources provide the names – drawn your own conclusions:


    ‘Mohamed Abdulahi, 21, Sheikh Hussain, 23, Nahid Uddin, 23, Masum Uddin, 22, Nushad Miah, 23, Mohammed Abdul Khaled, 23, all from Camden have been charged with conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to commit robbery.

    Maujasim Rasool, 22, and Abdul Khan, 25, both from Luton, Mushahid Miah, 23, and Dedar Ali, 23, both from Camden and Abdalla Abdalla, 26, from Islington, have all been charged with conspiracy to defraud’

    Is this an ‘ethnic’ issue?

    Well there was this recent case


    ‘Gang jailed over pensioner phone scam’

    Makzhumi Abukar – seven years and four months for conspiracy to commit fraud
    Sakaria Aden – six-and-a-half years for conspiracy to commit fraud
    Fahim Islam – six years and three months for conspiracy to commit fraud
    Yasser Abukar – six years for conspiracy to commit fraud
    Ahmed Ahmed – four years and two months for conspiracy to commit fraud
    Mohamed Dahir – 21 months for conspiracy to commit fraud
    Nathan Fagan-Gayle – 20 months for money laundering
    Anrul Islam – 16 months for money laundering and fraud

    By the way, I’m no expert on ‘ethnicity’ but there don’t appear to be many Sikh names there. I do begin to understand why Sikhs might be keen to have a little differentiation from the bland ‘asian’ tag.


  10. Up2snuff says:

    Against my better instincts I listened to the second Michael Blastland programme, ‘The Calendar Conspiracy’ on R4 at 1.45pm on Tuesday. He is seriously weird. And so is the programme.

    There are two disturbing elements to this series. The first is that he presents evidence for a ‘national scandal’ from just one source. The second is the creepy thought that hit me during Monday’s episode: we are edging, with the BBC’s help, toward encouraging the education authorities and government into an expensive experiment with eugenics. I find it a little sinister.


  11. Al Shubtill says:

    I have noticed the difference in the reporting on the Muslims leaving Burma to move to an adjacent Muslim country, between al Beebus and ITV news.
    The former can’t shut up about it whereas the latter don’t even mention it.


    • Pounce says:

      Here’s a report written in 2001 about how Rohingya were leaving Burma in 1991:
      Bangladesh: Information on the situation of Rohingya refugees
      From December 1991 to March 1992, between 210,000 and 250,000 Burmese Rohingya fled Arakan state in western Burma for neighbouring Bangladesh. The Rohingya, later designated refugees by the UNHCR, claimed rape, torture, summary killings, confiscation and destruction of homes and property, destruction of mosques, physical abuse, religious persecution, and forced labor by Burmese armed forces. Their reports of widespread human rights abuses were verified by an Amnesty International fact-finding team sent to interview the refugees in Bangladesh …..According to the USCR:
      Local and international humanitarian workers acknowledge that economics plays a large role in the current situation, but that the relative economic standing of the Rohingyas is in large part a product of the policies of the Burmese authorities… These workers point out that Rohingyas who have repatriated know that they are not wanted in Bangladesh and that conditions are bad for Rohingyas in Bangladesh; that so many returnees have apparently entered Bangladesh again must indicate that conditions in Burma are particularly bad.

      I wonder why nobody in the media mentions this and that since 1991, the neighbours have gone well out of their way in which to refuse these people. Not only that but this latest publicity campaign comes so soon after a foreign led terrorist campaign inside Burma.(Shades of Kosovo again???) Already in Australia there is a campaign to resettle 20,000, I wonder when the bBC starts screaming that the UK must do the right thing,(or even our fare share) which no doubt will be taken up by the rest????

      Point to note if the Burmese have been ethically cleansing the Rohingya since 1991 , (when it was run by a military junta) then they haven’t done a good job then have they if the same number of Rohingya still remain in country as there were 26 years ago.


  12. Up2snuff says:

    The BBC insist today on telling me that a minor American actor has died.

    What is it with BBC R4 that they insist on digging up relatively obscure American musicians, singers and actors to announce their deaths on the TODAY Programme? Is it some kind of warped obsession?

    If they love the EU so much, why do they not do it with some one-hit-wonder from France or Italy?


  13. Dover Sentry says:

    Not Reported By The BBC:

    “”UK should make a ‘clean break’ from EU, says James Dyson”” (Sky News)


    The BBC chooses to report this instead:

    “”John Lewis profits fall by half””


    BBC bias by omission.


    • Guest Who says:

      I am hoping that, as with the EU Ref, GE, Trump, etc, they are totally underestimating the intelligence of the public and extent of education and information gathering from beyond their filter.

      Like Juncker’s speeches or Newsnight’s guest selections, people do notice what the BBC avoids. And why.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC £3.5bn News Service Search for ‘James Dyson EU’ returns old news .. not the new interview by James Dyson on SKY (I could be wrong?).

      This was the top entry from the BBC £3.5bn News Service dated 11jun2016 ….

      EU referendum: Sir James Dyson says Britain better off out {bbc.co.uk 11Jun2016}
      Britain would gain more from leaving the EU than it would lose, billionaire entrepreneur Sir James Dyson has said.
      The inventor said the idea that Britain could not trade successfully outside the EU was “absolute cobblers”.

      Image Caption: Jeremy Corbyn said he rated his passion for continued EU membership at “seven or seven and a half out of 10”

      – Jeremy Corbyn has moved from 7/10 to 10/10 for staying in the EU.
      – BBC £3.5bn News engine fails again….


  14. Guest Who says:

    The BBC may not have thought this one through.

    They are of course the entity who targets the innocent with shotgun accusations daily.

    Risk free.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Abolish the tv licence, it shouldn’t be a legal requirement. {petition.parliament.uk}

      “I believe the TV licence should be abolished, removed and not a legal requirement. It should be included through your provider for free. Tv is expensive enough without the added extra worry of £130+ A year.”

      “This petition closed early because of a General Election. Find out more on the Petitions Committee website. 125,958 signatures”

      Parliament will debate this petition on 16 October 2017.
      You’ll be able to watch online at parliamentlive.tv

      Government responded
      A licence is required in order to watch all live or nearly-live television content on any device in the UK or to stream or download any programmes in an on-demand programme service provided by the BBC

      – Dave666, will this still be debated on 16 October, 2017 or is it cancelled?


  15. G says:

    Grenfell Tower public inquiry starts today. Interviewees on the BBC Today programme earlier expressed their distrust of the inquiry and its procedures.
    In the UK, it is largely the case that such inquiries as this go to the excruciating extreme to find the truth. It’s the British way to ‘gold plate’ everything and take it to the nth degree. Therein lies the problem. If you import millions of aliens from the third world where it is a feature of everyday life to distrust the motives of a government or leader, what can you expect? Come to think of it, that will apply to the BBC staff will it not? All the alien reporters and foreign staff they employ must skew the news reporting. Innit.


  16. Guest Who says:

    This looks fun.

    Like W1A, with added Leveson?


  17. Foscari says:

    I hope you don’t mind but I am going to be biased. I just saw one of the best bits of Beeb
    I have seen in a longtime ! Just about my favourite film of all time was Groundhog Day
    with Bill Murray. How he didn’t win the Academy Award I don’t know. He was being
    interviewed by Charlie Stayt on the breakfast programme and Bill Murray got Charlie to
    say the words from ” I feel pretty” from West Side Story. It was hilarious . Charlie really
    didn’t want to do it. ” I pity any girl who isn’t me tonight.”
    Expect poor Charlie to be sacked by the diversity department, for taking the piss. We had just
    seen the “usual diverse subjects” on the programme. All that was missing was the disabled..
    weather forecaster. Yes I think Charlie will be for the chop.” See that pretty girl in the window there.
    Who can that attractive girl be?” It’s our CHARLIE !!!!


  18. thirdoption says:

    Every day we seem to see scum like Antifa and Black Lives Matter marching with posters demanding the death of someone they don’t like and rioting just because they can. The police do absolutely nothing.

    Kathy Griffin, so-called comedienne, held up a picture of President Trump decapitated head, dripping blood, but the police did nothing.

    However, when someone posted online that he’d offer $5,000 to anyone who could get him a lock of Hillary Clinton’s hair he gets arrested and sent to prison.


    This ludicrous bias has got to stop.


  19. G.W.F. says:

    This email arrived this morning. Who in Parliament will speak against their BBC masters?

    Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “Abolish the tv licence, it shouldn’t be a legal requirement.”.


    The debate is scheduled for 16 October 2017.

    Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript.

    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament


  20. Guest Who says:

    Friendly fire.

    Awaiting many a high profile pompous BBC editor hitting Twitter with their ‘are not’ counters.


  21. MarkyMark says:

    ‘What Happened?’ (Clinton) … ‘No One Left to Lie To’ {amazon} (Hitchens) .

    It would be great if these two books were stocked next to each other in the book stores or online searches.

    There was a twitter that was great describing Hillary’s book which said “A book where the question (What Happened?) and answer (Hillary Clinton) are on the front cover.”


  22. thirdoption says:

    “Amazon appears to delete over 900 reviews of Hillary Clinton’s book amid concern ‘reviews’ were posted by people without reading it”


    Amazon claim that the reason they’ve deleted 900 reviews of Hillary’s book was due to people not having read it. That’s complete nonsense of course as every book/film/song/product that’s reviewed on Amazon contains entries that are not from verified purchases.

    The real reason for deleting the reviews was to improve the overall ratings……before the reviews were deleted the rating for the book was 3.2 out of 5. That rose to 4.9 out of 5 once Amazon had fixed the results.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Canada :
    Ontario solar is >20% of electricity cost but <4% of supply
    What about UK ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Cold air, Stew? Not half. My home office has gone from 19.1C @ 8am to 19.5C at 11.30am. I’ve had to shut the window vents and put on an extra layer, despite a recent hot coffee and figgie roll!


      • R P McMurphy says:

        Figg Roll and Garibaldi, my two favorites.


        • Clare says:

          Garibaldi – rubbish.

          Mint and currant pasty, a Yorkshire speciality I think, is similar but much nicer.

          Proper eccles cakes aren’t bad either.

          You’d need to find a baker though. Try Bradford – must be lots of them there.


  24. MarkyMark says:

    BBC £3.5bn Entertainment Service shows picture of Tracey Ullman as Theresa May – why not a montage of all the characters she takes the piss out of to show her still? Merkel? Sturgeon? Is this an Inclusive BBC or a Divisive BBC?

    Tracey Ullman set to #BreakTheNews again for @BBCOne: http://bbc.in/2wY3aKB

    “We are the most important and powerful people in the World (Merkel/Germany), and we have to meet in Cardiff.” “It is perverse!” {youtube Tracey Ullman as Angela Merkel}


  25. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC are championing the release of a prisoner:
    Prisoner ‘trapped’ in jail for 11 years to be released

    So the family are over the moon at how their limited IQ jail bird who constantly fights, sets fire to things and throws shit around is getting released. Then I cam across this:
    The Probation Service is working to find Mr Ward a hostel and mental health support in the coming weeks.

    Pond to a penny this person will be arrested and nicked real soon. I mean according to the bBC, that all white working class Brits do


  26. StewGreen says:

    BBC Chairman David Clementini has been speaking at Royal TV Festival
    After the transvestite festival he also popped down to the Television festival.
    #BbcVirtueSignalling priorities


  27. StewGreen says:

    Clementini apologized for the BBC internal culture which leads to its output being mass deception including deception by omission


  28. s.trubble says:

    Dover Sentry in the first post asks for a bBC Brexit Special promoting the pro’s of Brexit.

    Might I suggest the programme is called ” Ted Malloch’s Golden Shot”

    The programme starts with a man in a gold suit at a white board…………..

    He writes up £60 Billion
    He then divides it by 65 million

    Revealing £923,077

    Cut to baying audience…………………………


  29. Geoff says:

    I note that Radio 2 has arch Marxist Paul Heaton on ‘Tracks Of My Years’ this week, a network that it seems is forever promoting his work.

    Used to listen to Radio 2 all day, in the car, at work and at home, yet today I really can’t stand it, gone have all the old school entertaining presenters and we’re left with dross like Feltz, Evans, Vine, Norton and Winkleman etc, not to mention hourly fake news…


    • JimS says:

      Plus the ubiquous Carmen Squire interupting evey twenty minutes to plug the rubbish.

      (And what does “R next at …” mean that closes each ‘news’ report?)


  30. StewGreen says:

    364 days/year BBC does nothing negative about Corbyn
    So Lefty PR tricksters try to make the narrative all about the 1 day BBC Asked Corbyn about Syria


  31. MarkyMark says:

    BBC £3.5bn News Sections …
    John Lewis profits fall by half

    Watchdog probe into Fox Sky bid confirmed
    Business Live: FTSE 100 trades lower
    Is the UK reaching coffee shop saturation point?
    Rent rises ahead as landlords pull out of UK housing
    Next upgrades sales and profit forecast

    How London’s taxis could go electric
    ‘We all thought our money was at risk’
    Who is celebrating the fall of the pound?
    Using your car inside your home
    ‘What makes us sustainable is profitability’
    Embarrassing fail in Apple’s iPhone demo

    Jane Austen £10 note enters circulation
    Morrisons reports rising sales and profits
    FTSE 100 opens lower despite Next boost
    Tesla to unveil electric lorry in October
    UK wants ‘bespoke’ EU deal to protect City
    Trump blocks sale to Chinese company


  32. StewGreen says:

    Link to Clementi full speech


    • StewGreen says:

      The comedy bit
      “The principle of universality remains right at our core…
      It means making sure that the BBC reaches everyone,
      wherever and however they want.”

      ‘I’m joking of course ..Most output will continue to be LibSupremacist… with a bit of stuff for the plebs Strictly, BakingTrash and a bit of sport
      .. We will continue to act as a free advertising platform for Big Green hedgefunds, cos they need support for the subsidies they collect.
      Being PC will continue to be a big priority, cos we don’t like it when people don’t invite us to Hampstead dinner parties.’


      • StewGreen says:

        1/5 “to provide impartial, accurate news and information – is right at the heart of the BBC.

        The value of our role as the most trusted source of news, both in this country and around the world, has not diminished in the internet age. In fact, it’s grown. i

        We live at a time when trust in the mainstream media has fallen significantly. ” ii
        (Don’t i & ii contradict each other ?
        And there is no evidence for I
        The stop the licence fee petition has 235K signatures )

        ‘Bias ? Look it’s over there not here!’
        “Truth and accuracy are under assault like never before.
        False claims travel the globe in an instant. And new media channels can speak, unchallenged, to closed groups of audiences”
        Yep there’s the Guardian, The Canary, Buzzfeed etc.
        And the BBC itself catering just for LibMob


      • StewGreen says:

        “The democratisation of the media has led both to the flourishing of free expression and an explosion of misinformation” good debunking information

        ‘So we are not having that : We need The UNdemocratisation of the media leading to the suppression of free expression (So no one can offend Islam & LibSupremacists & feminists)
        .. We at the BBC will help with an explosion of misinformation ( so that the public will come to love our SJW pet topics)’


  33. G.W.F. says:

    Anxious to appear neutral on Brexit the BBC drum up Ringo – a drum player from the US who did not vote in the referendum but thinks we should get on with it.

    See, the BBC is not biased



  34. StewGreen says:

    Good point from J-P


    • Guest Who says:

      John seems to feel vicious attacks should only come from the BBC; and even the mildest criticism in the opposite direction should be decried.

      John is a perfect BBC metaphor in corporeal form.


  35. MarkyMark says:

    Superman (comic) Shields Illegal Immigrants from White Supremacist (wearing american flag headscarf) in Latest DC Comic {breitbart sep2017}
    “So, instead of doing anything to stand up against the murderous, terror-exporting Iranian regime, Superman acted against the United States. It became the end of “truth, justice, and the American way,” for DC Comics.

    … I do look forward to the Superman issue where he saves a girl riding a bike in Germany who is attacked by an illegal immigrant …. BBC fails to follow up on a refugee related News story … BBC £3.5bn Search for ‘Maria Freiburg’The Trial of Hussein Khavari (murdered Maria Ladenburge) Becomes Even More Sordid {gatesofvienna.net sep2017}.


  36. MarkyMark says:

    Venezuelans urged to eat rabbits (by president Nicolás Maduro) amid food shortages {bbc.co.uk sep2017}
    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has devised a “rabbit plan” to counter the economic war he says is being waged against his government by “imperialist forces”.

    – Dear BBC, why was I expecting a picture of Jeremy Corbyn eating Venezuelan rabbit stew, for solidarity, on the BBC news article?
    – Remember when the BBC dropped a big photo of Jeremy Corbyn giving a football top to Mr. Barnier when talking about Brexit {bbc.co.uk jul2017}?


    • G.W.F. says:

      I ate rabbits as a lad during the golden days of post war Labour socialism. My father would catch them Everything else was rationed.


  37. StewGreen says:

    Clementini continues
    “I’m pleased to report that BBC News is now the default choice when UK users ask for the news on Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa devices.
    We need to reach people with BBC news wherever they are, if we are to lift people out of their “echo chamber”. //

    Hang on where’s the idea of a level playing field with the private sector ?
    This is BBC becoming Big Brother.
    When you tell your husband that Brexit is great, the Amazon device will cut into your conversation and give you the BBC line that Brexit will cause disaster.


  38. Clare says:

    Uh oh, she’s off again:

    Diane Abbott uses N-word live on Good Morning Britain as she reveals vile Twitter abuse

    So don’t read it, stupid, and stop whining! The internet is like that. If you read something offensive on a toilet wall, you don’t keep going back. And while you’re at it, stop dishing it out.


    • StewGreen says:

      Last night Andrew Marr used it in a repeat on BBC 4 ..quoting historical character.


    • MarkyMark says:

      If Diane Abbott does not like the word ‘Nigger*’, why does she use it so much? If she wants to be a shining example then stop using it or replace it when speaking, by Diane Abbott using the n-word and saying, or implying, no-one else can she is invoking special privilege.

      Diane Abbott – Nigger appears 4 times in speeches {theyworkforyou.com}

      Diane Abbott says N-word 3 times – when she could have replaced it rather than use the inflamed/emotive word! Just an idea to improve the situation, rather than inflame it.

      {old post}


    • Wild Bill says:

      So what does she expect people to do about it? Anyway she has a history of racism against white people, but of course that doesn’t count?


    • G.W.F. says:


      Perhaps he might prefer the F word so frequently used to describe her FAT Arse


  39. StewGreen says:

    Wow a bit that sounds reasonable
    ” … part of the BBC’s job is to work even harder to promote* understanding of alternative points of view.
    – And it is no surprise that alternative or contrary views expressed on the BBC may well grate to a larger extent than they once did. ”
    Ah I get it they mean we’ll get their CHERRYPICKED alternative views hence : wall to wall transexuals and hijab wearers.


  40. StewGreen says:

    BBC1 8pm get dramatic tension by sending 6 people with missing legs, on an off road trip around Vietnam (part 1 of 2)
    Last time BBC tried this stunt their error was to pick a location thousand miles from a good hospital.. So cost license payers a bomb.


  41. MarkyMark says:

    Acid attack on India gang-rape victim by ‘same men’ {bbc.co.uk sep2017}
    “Two men accused of gang-raping a woman have allegedly attacked her with acid after being released on bail.
    Police say she has accused the two men and an unidentified person of throwing acid on her on Monday after she refused to withdraw her rape case against them.

    However, brutal sexual attacks against women and children continue to be reported across the country.

    All cultures and traditions are equal … this is 2017, now, today … find out more BBC £3.5bn News Service Search for ‘acid’


  42. Philip_2 says:

    Whilst OFCOM are considering reducing the BBC ‘public service’ commitment; “The upshot … is that BBC Radio 4 will no longer be obliged to broadcast religious services, science shows or arts programming, Rules requiring regular coverage of consumer affairs, education, health, business, farming and disability are due to be abandoned.”

    I can’t say that I entirely disagree as these very unfunny BBC R4 ‘comedians’ will have to go and get a ‘gig’ elsewhere in Cuba, Venuzuela or Edinburgh fringe to ‘top-up’ their unemployment benefits and BBC stipends (also called expenses)

    But of more interest to us here is that our MP’s will get the chance to debate the BBC TV license fee (again) and why we are all still paying for something that is entirely rotten and over stuffed with liberal (everything) entitlements and elite quango Labour time servers.
    Latest news: is that we will get a debate in parliement on 16th October…
    “Abolish the tv licence, it shouldn’t be a legal requirement.”.

    More details on that here: https://petition.parliament.uk/archived/petitions/170931


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Stumbled on this by using place name in BBC search ‘Freiburg’ …. “German Freiburg murder: Migrant posed as 16 in asylum bid {bbc.co.uk 05sep2017}

    “An asylum seeker (Hussein K) accused of raping and murdering a student (Maria L was 19) in Germany has told a court he posed as a minor to improve his immigration chances in 2015. … There was particular anger that he had been jailed for attempted murder in Greece before making his way to Germany. … He had been let free after little more than a year in a Greek jail, under an amnesty. … Prosecutors estimate his age now to be 22. … Hussein K says he was born in Afghanistan but later joined his brother in Iran, before making his way to Europe (Greece/Germany) via Turkey. He was arrested after traces of his DNA were found at the murder scene, German media report.

    – Who told him to lie about his age to get a better deal?
    – How many more have been released from Greece and allowed to travel to Europe?
    – BBC, fire up your £3.5bn BBC News Service with reporters around the World … go! go! go! … or keep an eye on twitter?

    … will the BBC reveal what is happening at the moment in this case? …..

    The defendant Hussein K. confessed to killing the student Maria L. The first witness testimony in the trial alleges to another crime: Possibly, Hussein K. raped a girl as a teenager in Iran. The second day of the trial in recap. {gatesofvienna.net – 13sep2017} [BBC still not following after 8 days]
    ‘Hussein K., the witness reports, thereupon went to the homosexual venue “Sonderbar”. There, he offered sexual services for money to a guest — who declined. He allegedly also harassed two women in the bar.’


  44. Roland Deschain says:

    TV broadcasters ‘failing to represent society’ says Ofcom report

    Well, I would agree. But possibly not in the way Ofcom think.

    I suspect they mean it doesn’t represent London, though even there I would beg to differ. Have they watched any commercials recently?


  45. Pounce says:

    So how many people here have heard the media especially the bBC screaming out that the British didn’t prepare for Hurricane Irma unlike the French and Dutch. That’s despite the fact they positioned the RFA Mounts Bay in the region 2 months before hand , time used in which to train the troops of where to go (and who to coordinate with) after the storm. Troops who the morning after the storm were landing and clearing up the runway (gee I wonder why they cleared the runway first???) On that note, how many have heard of this story:

    For some strange reason the bBC isn’t mentioning the above story.


    • gaxvil says:

      Also strange, Macron is getting stick for not doing enough.


      • Pounce says:

        The honeymoon with Macron is over. The people are sick of eating cake whilst he and his granny live it large ,he’s pissed off the military (big style) the Italians and apparently everybody under 30 , who have realised he won’t do anything for them.


        • gaxvil says:

          Yep, he came in as the, Hope and Change bloke and an Obama or Trudeau in the making – SACRE BLEU peeps!


        • MarkyMark says:

          OK, I went to France24News to see if I could find the complaints about Macron (which I say on the TV channel last night)

          Under fire for storm response, Macron surveys hurricane-hit French islands {france24.com 12sep2017}
          French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday vowed to help ensure a speedy recovery on a tour of the French Caribbean islands battered by Hurricane Irma as his government comes under fire for its handling of relief efforts following the storm.

          … then I wondered if France24 (State Sponsored TV Channel) had covered the Toulouse Attack of seven people, attacker shouts ‘Allah Akhbar’ {dailymail 13sep2017}? …

          The Search of France24 ‘toulouse attack’ did not find anything or using google did not find it Google Site Search ‘toulouse attack’ returned nothing either.

          So did the Toulouse Attack 13Sep2017 happen or did it not happen? If the BBC and France24 did not report it then it did not happen? BBC greater (not sure how much) coverage …


        • Synchronised says:

          Its probably a thought too far but I found the margin of Macrons victory quite surprising considering the momentum Le Pen had generated. Imagine if Le Pen had won how they would have blamed Putin for interfering but as the “result” went the safe route no one questions it. As I said, just a thought.


          • Doublethinker says:

            I put nothing past the Western liberal elite, particularly after Brexit and President Trumps election, which has rattled them. They will fight dirty, abuse the law to suppress all opposition and use the MSM to manipulate the general population. we can see this in the way hey are pushing the fake news and hate speech agendas. Their plan is to con the general population into believing that controls are required and then to use these new powers to censor the internet.
            It’s all very plain to see once you understand that we have a struggle going on between the global elite and the ordinary people, in a way it is a classic example of Marx’s class struggle, with the Bourgeoisie of the middle class liberal left at war with everyone else. The Liberals would lose this war if only most of the proletariat realised that there was a war a going on , but, thanks to the bromide pills and lies that they fed daily by the likes of the BBC, they don’t and many of them have been conned into fighting against their own interests.


            • Synchronised says:

              All we can do Double is keep spreading the word.


              • Doublethinker says:

                I know but a pea shooter against a Tiger tank comes to mind. I don’t suppose that there will be many volunteers for self immolation in front of Broadcasting House but even if there was the BBC would spin that as being a protest against Tory cuts or against Bhuddists repression of Islam in Burma , or whatever the hell it is called these days.
                I see in the spectator today that the government is all set introduce further repression of white Brits following a highly dubious report on White Privelege due to be published next week . This after David Lammy’s looney tunes report into prejudice against Colored folks in the justice system. Once again the government of my country is attacking its own people. The world is going mad. After all I never remember any democratic decision by the population of the UK to invite millions of aliens into our midst thirty or forty or fifty years ago. As far as I am concerned all this has been done against my will with no mandate to do it. Glad I’m 65 and will not have to live long in the violent hell hole that is being created by the liberal left maniacs.


            • MarkyMark says:

              We keep crossing the same lines … Facebook was where Pakistan could debate religion. Now it’s a tool to punish ‘blasphemers’ {guardian jul2017}
              “Laws that criminalize insulting Islam have led to a death sentence for posts, as activists worry Facebook’s commitment to Pakistanis’ ‘voice’ is mostly lip service.
              Taimoor Raza, a 30-year-old Shia Muslim from a “poor but literate” family, was sentenced to death in June by an anti-terrorist court in Pakistan. His crime? Allegedly insulting the prophet Muhammad on Facebook.
              It occurred during an online debate with a man who turned out to be an undercover counter-terrorism agent. His death sentence, the first to result from a social media posting, is an extreme example of the Pakistani government’s escalating battle to enforce its blasphemy laws, which criminalize insulting Islam.

              Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has defended the company’s willingness to comply with government censorship requests (Pakistan under orders of Islam) by advancing “a single guiding principle: we want to give the most voice to the most people”.”

              … don’t worry China are on hand to help Pakistan …

              By next year, whether Facebook cooperates might not matter: Pakistan is in the process of rerouting its internet traffic through China, laying a 500-mile fiber optic cable from the China-Pakistan border to Rawalpindi. Some fear the project will lead to a block of Facebook in Pakistan, similar to the one in China. The project is expected to be finished next year.

              When you debate in Islam make sure “A debater must train himself to seek nothing during debate but Allāh’s pleasure. “ … you see where this is going, or where it came from ….

              Angela Merkel Confronts Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Hate-Post Policy {youtube 28sep2017}



              • Doublethinker says:

                I think that it will not be too long before we could find agent provocateurs on this site . Once the new hate speech laws are in force we could find vitriolic anti Muslim rants posted on this site which if you tick like on could easily be used against you. This is just one of the ways the liberal left could shut down any debate about a Islamification. How long will the managers of the site be able to keep posters e mail addresses confidential??


                • MarkyMark says:

                  Not long probably for the big crunch. Don’t worry about it. Humankind will continue for as long as it can stay ahead of it’s own stupidity.

                  Are you warning me DT? Are you the inside man? DoubleThinker = DoubleSided?

                  I try to detail facts and thoughts where possible and try to follow other peoples posts with some more detail when I can, I can’t do anymore at the moment … I do have an idea (website) to bring some common ground when debating but time is against me on that project. It is odd though that this site picks all the problems with the BBC but the BBC still continues.

                  I remember watching BBC Newsnight where it showed the ‘Tinder Poo’ story and then showed a comment from a viewer saying “Why are you showing this rubbish on your news service. We pay for it and this is useless news.”. To which the presenter said we are showing it but we do listen to our viewers. Ha! Glorious BBC!


                  • Doublethinker says:

                    No not warning any individual , just thinking out loud so to speak. Human kind will continue but in what form? I don’t want to be a Muslim, I don’t want any of my young relatives to be Muslim. I fear that that might be the case and that our increasingly deranged ruling elite is following a policy that will make this an inevitability. Tthey seem to be determined to stamp out any opposition to this lunatic policy. I think that all posters on this site are opposed to Islamification and so need to take care. Of course the repression of our views will always be presented as for the common good, but then Stalin said that too. We need to keep our wits about us.


                    • MarkyMark says:

                      Speak the truth as you see it. Adjust if you are wrong. It will all be fine … but a bit of paranoia is ok.

                      I do wonder why the thought and ideas have gone so wrong. I have an idea that we gave up thinking and questioning believing we had all the answers. I will say Christopher Hitchens has a lot to answer for … keep looking for the Just City!


        • Dystopian says:

          Could just as easily be talking about comrade Corbyn there had he got in would be really have looked after the students? I guess not.


  46. gaxvil says:


    Prague Spring 1968.
    East German schoolboy writes to bbc German Service London to express his concern as he says, our media does not allow us to voice such feelings. (The Stasi track him down by checking the handwriting in EVERY school in Eastern Germany and he is sent to Youth Prison which he narrowly survived).
    This featured on the bbc WS where no one appreciates the parallels or the irony.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC working their Malala magic even back then.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I seem to remember a BBC news item at the time of the demise of the Berlin Wall supposedly showing members of the public invading the Stasi offices. Well I think perhaps the Stasi now have their offices at the BBC .Maybe there’s a lesson here for the UK.


  47. G says:

    What a pity we’ve not got an equivalent doctor.no in the UK. It sure looks a quality news outlet.


  48. TruthSeeker says:

    Apple have new a phone, with defective recognition system.
    AlBeeb concerned “whether it will handle the hijab worn by some Muslim women”
    Come on Aunty, have a separate Islamic section, with all the lying, treasonous, irrelevant, bollox in it.
    You know you want to.
    A second section for the important stuff.


  49. gaxvil says:

    The bbc is a lobby group financed by involuntary payments.

    Good Lord when is someone going to recognise that the bbc abandoned, ‘To inform, educate and entertain’ long ago. It’s an unashamed Alt Left pressure group with vast resources and zero oversight.