Left behind



I laughed at this…..

¿I¿m afraid it¿s one of those irritating pains in the bottom that just when you think you¿re rid of it, it pops back up again ¿ we call it a Tony Blair.¿

‘I’m afraid it’s one of those irritating pains in the bottom that just when you think you’re rid of it, it pops back up again – we call it a Tony Blair.’


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  1. Deborah says:

    And those working at the BBC when they interview him, still believe every word and report it as though what he says is true. Of course Tony is pro Brexit which helps. If the BBC could understand that Tony’s views are not that of the general British public then they might go some way to understanding that neither are theirs.


  2. charmbrights says:

    Bliar is the perfect interviewee for the BBC mindset. I just wonder how much they pay him. The rumour is that it is £5,000 plus expenses just for him to turn up at a event; £50,000 for a speech. Still it is only TV tax payers’ money so who cares?


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC pay for Tony Blair’s (yet to be disclosed cost) opinions plus … Revealed: how Tony Blair makes his millions {telegraph apr2015}

      Exclusive: Former prime minister is being paid to advise the Colombian government on how it spends £2 billion earned from mining deals. Tony Blair is facing fresh accusations of a conflict of interest over his business affairs after it emerged he signed a controversial contract overseeing mining deals in Latin America.
      Mr Blair is being paid to advise the Colombian government on how it spends £2 billion earned from mining deals. The deal raises questions over Mr Blair’s role as a Middle East peace envoy and whether he has used that position to befriend wealthy rulers in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who are now funding his private consultancy work in Colombia, among other countries.

      The contract with Colombia (with Mr Blair’s Company) also discloses:
      • How Mr Blair used his status as former prime minister to secure the deal, boasting that “improved delivery was one of the great achievements of the Blair administration”.
      • TBA boasts it is better than any local consultancy because it works with the “founders of deliverology”, a New Labour model for government reform.
      • How Mr Blair insists on strict secrecy in his business dealings with no fewer than 10 clauses dealing with confidentiality.
      • Documents relating to Mr Blair which are not directly connected to the contract must be handed over and destroyed.
      • How one specific clause entitles his wife Cherie Blair to accompany him on any visit to Colombia

      – If only the BBC could do an Panorama on Mr Blair his strong socialist (Labour) and religious (Christian) beliefs that he deploys around the world …
      Blair’s Middle East envoy role costs Britain £400,000 (for eight years?){dailymail nov2007}


    • Doublethinker says:

      They also believe that spending money on a Blair homily on the crucial need to stay in the EU, you could not by any stretch of the imagination call it an interview, is all in a good cause. After the shock of the referendum result the BBC has decided to abandon any pretence of impartiality and go as hard as possible for Remain at any cost. They must have calculated that they have a good chance of reversing the result because they are betting the farm on winning . They are making a hell of a lot of enemies and if they lose retribution could be savage, at least I hope so. On the other hand they may have been advised by the government that they need fear no retribution because the government actually agrees that Remaining is the right course and need the BBC to do some dirty work for them.


  3. Alicia Sinclair says:

    The liberal sadsacks that currently give Blair their “blessing”, are the same cyclops types that are schmoozing with George Osborne. Yesterdays enemies re Iraq and Pastiegates/omnishambles-but seeing as they`re both EU greasers and toxic to any potential political efforts to get us out of the EU-then the BBC/Soros nexus will indulge both of these flops, these failures and utterly corrupt prep school liars and fags.
    The EU allies itself with our retread traitors, and the BBC allows both to get through the turd sluices and fester all over their output like a slurry gun.
    Can`t imagine either can safely walk the streets of this land, hence the BBCs provision of its taxis…and never driven by random Muslims either I bet. Wonder if there`s a FOI chance of me seeing how the BBC chooses its drivers?
    Can`t imagine they leave it to Rotherham Uber like the rest of us have to risk eh?


  4. Guest Who says:

    OT, but so much explained.


    How many ‘reporters’ will pick this one up?


  5. Up2snuff says:

    Great cartoon!

    The reason the BBC loved and still love Tony Blair is that he’s a Socialist. They, mostly, are Socialists or socialists.

    Oh, and Blair, with Gordon Brown, also kept racking up the BBC Licence Fee as well as keeping the top rate band of Income Tax at a low 40% whether the economy could stand it or not. He made up the Treasury difference by getting motor-bike users and car, van and truck drivers to subsidise that 40% rate. The BBC loved that, too, because it was ‘Green’ and they love ‘Green’ when they get richer at everyone else’s expense but can continue travelling the globe irrespective of their carbon usage.

    The reality of the Blair & Brown years. When Beeboids became rich and richer still, leveraging their ever increasing incomes & seeing inflation and record low interest rates enhance their acquisition of of property, paintings and personalty of all kinds.

    The Golden Years.


    • Scroblene says:

      Aaaah, the Blair Brown years…

      Private pensions shot to ribbons, lots and lots of town hall ‘Chief executives’, about now racking up incomes to around £400,000 a year for a couple of years of sod all ‘work’ then moving on to the next sinecure. Fat cats on the public payroll smirking at each over-generous pay advance…

      Loads of freebies for hangers-on, hatred of small firms, beautiful ‘diversity’ so indigenous Brits can watch with awe while all the colourful benefit scroungers pile in through the open doors, some even have their brood then get back home – but not many!

      Weren’t they the golden years, just what the bbbc loved ‘reporting’, again, and again, and again…

      Crap ‘reporting’ until they could send someone out to a godforsaken shite-hole to let us all know how lucky we are to have such good ‘stories’ rammed down our throats.

      And meanwhile dear old Great Britain, aided by the awful untalented bbbc autocue-readers in Langham Place, sponsored by Fatal-Labour, languished and wept.

      Only to have to weep a lot more for the next generation…


  6. Beeb Brother says:

    There are too many professional politicians these days, who are more interested in their next job after leaving office than serving the people; spineless, slick, devious moral black holes. Half of the sitting MPs should be drawn by lot like they do with jury service. That might sort things out a bit.