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Pope Francis calls abortion ‘horrendous crime’ and ‘very grave sin’



On a similar note to the hysteria about Paul Hollywood dressed as a German soldier we have Jacob Rees-Mogg outed as a fascist anti-abortionist and homophobe who is anti gay marriage….because he is a Catholic.

Curiously I haven’t heard the BBC mention the Pope once in any discussion…or rather in the outpourings of hate towards Rees-Mogg as in the News Quiz programme in which he was nastily villified and pilloried for his views….views which are mainstream Catholic but that of course wasn’t mentioned by the cowards on the programme who won’t dare say the same things about the Pope.….or indeed about Muslims….even if some kill in the name of their religion as directed by the Koran itself.

Naturally the BBC also used the same tactics to try and paint the DUP as ‘backward and unpleasant’ due to their similar religious views…that was the Muslim Mishal Husain who stated that….no doubt she thinks her own 1400 year old religion is enlightened and liberal rather than anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, ‘racist’ and divisive ideology many would say it is…intent on conquest and colonisation not peace and a liberal society.



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  1. MarkyMark says:

    The route is clear, from BNP to Christian to Muslim, according to the Guardian’s author Muhammad Islam …

    I was a BNP activist … and converted to Islam {Guardian – Muhammad Islam – sep2017}

    They wanted me to try to disprove the Qur’an and convince them my way of life was better. They said if I succeeded they would become Christians, but if I failed I should become a Muslim. I accepted the challenge. But after months of returning to the stall and debating, I realised I was losing and panicked. I stopped going to the stall. …because of the backlash from the London bombings, I now fear attack, and have started going out in my English clothes. In them I look like a bearded, middle-aged white guy.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Will Sadiq Khan who backed Halal companies in the UK back this man’s opinions of the same faith?

    ‘Australian women need us to fertilise them’: Halal chief apologises for Facebook rant { aug2017}
    THE head of the Halal Certification Authority (Mohamed Elmouelhy) has apologised for suggesting Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them.

    “If the country (Australia) is left to the bigots the white race will be extinct in another 40 years. Muslims have a duty to make your women happy because you are declining, better go chose [sic] a plot for yourself at your local cemetery. If you can’t afford it, commit suicide it is a cheaper alternative for bigots,” he (Mohamed Elmouelhy) wrote at the time.

    Speaking to 2GB’s Chris Smith, Mohamed Elmouelhy said he was a larrikin and his damning Facebook post was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

    … wait, Sadiq Khan spoke at the Chicken Cottage Awards in 2012 …

    “Here’s the beautiful thing … these are British products, selling Islamic Products, selling Halal Products (Halal – throat cut whilst conscious, slaughtered by Muslim only employee, incantation to animal from a Koran by Muslim only). That is niche and general, but it’s gone main stream. {Sadiq Khan – youtube Chicken Cottage Award Ceremony 2012}”


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      The man only said the obvious.
      It`s true, look at the demographics and the new breed of eunuchs where men used to be.
      Can`t imagine he`d have apologised unless The Australian State were funding his “work”.


  3. JamesArthur says:

    On the JRM issue…I read Saira Khans’s article in the Sunday Mirror…..yes what was I doing reading it? She equated JRMs catholic views in the context of what would people say if a muslim said them – e.g disagrees with abortion, gay marriages…It struck me that we are doomed when people with such limited intelligence are given a window to spread misinformation as she extended the argument to what would JRM say when rape victims have to give birth and gays are beaten.
    At no point did JRM express these views and I am not aware that being against gay marriage is directly linked to gay hating or as she forgot to elucidate, the killing of gays as Islam seems to support and equally not sure that catholics stop their women having education. She conveniently threw in the Islam victimhood then failed to raise the issues associated with it but felt okay to attack JRM. Strange when she raised the issues of Mulsim attitudes to women on her Loose woman TV programme about how she was assaulted in Pakistan by men just because she went into the street…
    JRM was right.. we live in a multicultural society unless you are a Christian (and worse a white one).


    • Cranmer says:

      It has now got to the stage where if you do not enthusiastically celebrate and promote homosexuality, you are considered to be ‘homophobic’, just as if you do not actively encourage unlimited immigration you are ‘racist’.


      • vesnadog says:

        I can see the day when the “Rainbow fascists” will one day storm parliament demanding that the Union Flag be changed! The cross being deleted for the sake of the Anti-Family Sexperts favourite colours of the rainbow!


  4. MarkyMark says:

    05:20 Democrat in the Lib Dems have a very
    05:22 different tolerance it’s what we were
    05:24 discussing earlier oddly the
    05:25 conservative part is much more tolerant
    05:27 of religious faith than the Lib Dems are
    05:29 the Lib Dems pretend that they’re
    05:31 liberal but they could not cope with
    05:33 having a Christian as their leader
    05:35 I think the Conservatives are much more
    05:37 tolerant of religious faith and say they
    05:39 should be it’s all very well to say we
    05:41 live in a multicultural country until
    05:43 you’re a Christian until you hold the
    05:45 traditional views of the Catholic Church
    05:47 and that seems to be fundamentally wrong

    05:49 people are entitled to hold these views
    05:52 but also the Democratic majority is
    05:56 entitled to have the laws of the land as
    05:58 they are which do not go with the
    06:00 teaching of the Catholic Church and will
    06:02 not go with the teaching of the Catholic
    06:03 Church
    and unfortunately there we must
    06:05 leave it but it’s fascinating getting to
    06:07 know you Jacob Riis mug
    06:15 you

    Jacob Rees-Mogg Says That He Opposes Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage | Good Morning Britain {youtube – 06Sep17 – from transcript}