Plumbing the depths, or not.


The BBC always presents the EU’s position on Brexit as reasonable and measured…the EU wants to get on and negotiate a deal that is sensible and beneficial to all….and yet we all know, can see from the Eurocrats’ own words, that that is far, far from the truth.

Last week the BBC sensationalised a ‘leaked’ Home Office report from the time when May was in charge there [under Cameron as PM] that apparently said security would be at risk if we left the EU.  The BBC told us that this report was hidden because Cameron and co realised it would be seen as part of ‘project fear’ and dismissed as rubbish.  But that just wasn’t true….the Remain campaign made endless alarmist claims about terrorism and crime rising if we left the EU…and no mention of this alleged report…why would they not mention it if there was one?  They had no problem with anything being seen as part of ‘project fear’…Cameron claiming World War III would break on if we Brexited.  Was there really such a report or is it just more spin and lies from the Remain camp trying to undermine Brexit and May?  Even if there was such a report would it be any more believable than the Treasury reports [drawn up under Osborne’s careful guidance…but presented as ‘independent’ by the BBC] which claimed economic apocalypse after the referendum but we now know were complete rubbish?

Oddly, whilst having a great deal of interest in an historical story of little interest, the BBC shows absolutely no interest in another leak that does have a huge impact and relevance…from the Telegraph…

Leaked memo from City’s Brexit envoy reveals ‘sobering’ analysis of EU stance

Brussels shows no interest in finding “long-term solutions” to Brexit and could ignore the interests of European Union business, a leaked memo to financial leaders has warned. 

There is just a “one per cent” chance of the EU agreeing to start discussing a trade deal in October as the UK wants, according to a source quoted in the note.

There is also no appetite for creating a “bespoke” transition deal that will allow Britain to retain the benefits of EU membership for years after formally leaving, it is warned. 

The “sobering” analysis is contained in a 1,200 word memo from Jeremy Browne, the special representative for the City of London to the EU, which has been leaked to this newspaper. 

So the EU has no intent of seeking a sensible economic agreement and does not want a transition period that gives the UK similar benefits as it has now….and yet the BBC continues to peddle the Remainders’ fantasy of an EU open to negotiation even on its most hardline policies such as open borders, and still promotes the idea of a ‘transition period’, usually suggesting the very unrealistic 5 years or so…this of course is the Remainders’ last hope…staying in the EU by the back door and then rejoining fully after an election in which they hope to get a government more conducive to their demands.

Why would the pro-EU BBC not want to headline with a leak about such a negative analysis of the EU position?



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20 Responses to Plumbing the depths, or not.

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    I did hear about a plan to walk out of talks and turn “Plan B” into “Plan A”

    “Plan B” is the default position of “no deal is better than a bad deal”

    “No deal” means telling the EU what we are going to do on independence day, such as going on to WTO tariff rules.

    Any subsequent negotiations would then only involve improving the default “No Deal” situation for independence day.

    The fact that Britain is in a trade deficit with the EU, checkmates the EU. And with the help of sane people in Germany, forcing the EU to turn the single market relationship into a free market relationship with Britain. If not, the EU suffers a self inflicted economic knock on the head, while Britain can use its pre-planned “No Deal” plan for tariffs on imports from the EU to be used as compensation for tariffs on exports to the EU.

    As David Davies has said “We have the money, and they have the time”.
    With this plan “We keep the money, control the time, and they decide whether to commit economic self harm”

    I think the idea comes from Benjamin Franklins tactics in the “Treaty of Paris (1783), Article 1 of this treaty is still active.

    “The European Union acknowledges the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) to be free, sovereign, and independent states, and that the European Union and all heirs and successors relinquish claims to the Government, property, and territorial rights of the same, and every part thereof;”

    Also, as the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland do not physically have free movement outside the Island of Ireland (Airports as well as a Ferry services that only connect with Britain). Therefore Britain with Stormonts agreement could unilaterally keep the land border open while controlling the border at Airports and Ferry terminals.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Richard, I still maintain that ‘the transitional period’ started on 30 March 2017. 😉

      It is time for the EU and certain elements in UK politics and the UK media to start transitioning.

      It is the only trans they should be concerned with right now.


  2. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC is just doing what their liberal left elite partners expect of them. The whole power of the elite is being used to keep us in the EU or , if that is impossible without very obviously trampling on democracy, to mitigate the impact on the elite by delivering the softest of soft Brexits. They are of course working closely with the EU , Blair and Junkers meeting being just one example. We, the British people , are being manipulated by the elite into reversing our referendum decision. Unfortunately my view is that they will succeed and we will Remain just like good little children who have naughty but having been told off are now in the warm embrace of their parents.
    The key is How those who see this as a travesty of democracy take it. Do they meekly accept it , as the elite expect them to, or do they protest. The elite rabble roused amongst the impressionable young ( being polite here ) and got them out on the streets . Perhaps the same tactics can be used by Leavers to show that you can’t ride rough shod over democracy with impunity even if you think of yourself as part of a gilded elite and the rest of us as Uneducated knuckle draggers.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I have been wondering myself….when will we as Brexiteers stand up again. We thought the vote would do the job but are finding that not to be the case – my view is that many people are sill too scared to admit they voted leave for fear of ridicule – but they need to realise that over half the voters agree with them..It will take somebody like Farage to energise a Brexit march


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        We`ve got 43 years of entitlement and moral atrophy to deal with yet James.
        A whole education and cultural systemic nexus of nasties to untangle and cauterise or burn.
        I see us on a sea of faith, finally able to set out own course.
        But all manner of creeps and self appointed captains and seamen need to walk the plank yet.
        The chains are off below deck, and those of us who cared have even been up to the bridge to have a laugh at what we`re getting out of.
        It was a close call too, the ship was set to over the deepest of the falls ahead.
        17.4 million mutineers may be quiet at present, but they`d be VERY foolish to think we`ve not learned from the islamic grief industry as well as the Occupy mutants.
        They will have to reckon with Sunderland and Erewash, and we`ve now over a year of evidence about how nasty, wrong and overpaid they are.
        We`ll not let it lie.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Relying on my own lying eyes and ears is clearly not providing me with the same accurate nuanced analysis as provided via the BBC filter.

    Thing is, the BBC has a slight problem with old white men saying stuff that it is hard to spin away.


  4. JosF says:

    Just remember that when you hear the BBC going on about anything to do with the European Urinal you have to think about the millions the BBC has received from the European Urinal stolen from our taxes to push EU propaganda as a willing accomplice. And think that BBC no longer syands for British Broadcasting Corporation but is now the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and think accordingly


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Given the BBC and EUs track record on what will happen after Brexit, then it`ll frankly feel good to sail off that cliff edge of theirs. They`ve been wrong since 1973 about us all-and they`re wrong again.
    We need the hardest and most uncompromising of Brexits, so the other 27 can see that they need not let drunks and sleazeballs in sharp suits to rule over them.
    I`d harness Farage and Lawson to David Davis` team in a Brexit for National Salvation…and make the BBC squeal, hopefully put Gina Miller into traction.
    Deals with the USA and Myanmar,,,NOW!…why the hell are we going at Junckers pace-we`ve left the soak to his griefhole, why do we give a damn about his kind?


  6. STEVONATRON says:

    Plumbing the depths… honestly, I don’t think the BBC has a bottom to the pit they delve on a daily basis.


  7. MarkyMark says:

    “It is a game played for National Interests. … the Germans went in to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race.” {youtube – BBC Comedy (now reality) – Yes Minister explains the EEC (EU)}

    Merkel Jeered by Immigration Foes in Biggest Campaign Unrest Yet { sep2017}
    “We haven’t managed it 100 percent, but we’re doing a lot better,” Merkel said as the whistles and jeers rose. “And we’re going to continue along this path. (Merkel’s immigration policy)


    • DWBuxton says:

      This is the EU s revenge for the fact that we rescued the europeans from dictatorship and death, at great expense in people and money. We never received a penny from those we saved but had to pay them. We lost out in every way. now we are going to pay yet again due to the collection of sleasy PMs we have had over the years. The present one is stalling on brexit without doubt, after all she was a “remainer” at the start…do leopards ever change their spots? As the suplicant she should have studied the options overall, not rely on the one group, her bureaucrats, to make a complete nonsense of the Article 50. The way out was easily available on the internet but was not done by her bureaucrats and so was ignored. If we do not get out this time, there will be no other chance!

      2remainer and a lover of


      • MarkyMark says:

        “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether. … So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade.

        Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference / 06.10.2015


  8. MarkyMark says:

    “It’s (BREXIT) is all down to the most powerful politician.”
    “Mr. Corbyn!”

    Europe Sheds Its Brexit Baggage and Aims for a Bold Relaunch { – 20170908 – @0:50}


  9. Charlie Martel says:

    To anyone with half a brain, it is obvious that the EU wants to punish the UK for daring to opt out.

    A) Out of sheer vindictiveness

    B) As an example, pour décourager les autres.


    • Cranmer says:

      Charlie, don’t forget the EU will be losing a major financial contributor when the UK leaves, so they have to try to claw as much money off us as possible before it’s too late. The EU seems to be getting more and more like a vindictive hag of a wife trying to plunder her husband’s finances before he divorces her and leaves for ever.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Charlie, that may be faulty thinking. Russian tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia in 1968 and ended the Prague Spring. In the mid-1980s, Russian tanks were threatening to roll into Poland but that just made East Germans, Hungarians and Czechs even more resolute.

      If you are right, then the EU are ignoring Europe’s recent history and making a big mistake. Poland are in it (the EU) for the money. Hungary and other new accession nations are starting to pull back slightly from the EU’s total control. There is no love lost between sections of the Greek population and Germany as representing the EU. Italy may very soon have a major problem with controlling its own banks, let alone controlling them according to ECB diktat.

      Cracking the whip at the UK might just make some others jump but jump in the wrong direction.

      Richard Pinder is right in post #1, it is in the EU’s overwhelming interest to do – perhaps at the usual EU ‘last minute’ – a favourable deal with the UK. The best thing the EU can do now is ‘cuddle not muddle or meddle’.


  10. Rick Bradford says:

    Varoufakis has it right – the EU will never negotiate in good faith — they will bounce you around from department to commission to parliament to department to negotiator to commission in a never-ending dance.

    He knows, because he’s the only major figure who’s been through anything like this before.

    The UK needs to grow some albondigas. End negotiations now. Go for EFTA membership and let the rest take care of itself. Otherwise, the years of foot-dragging uncertainty about the future really will deliver a dreadful Brexit which we can all look back on in shame.


  11. Richard Pinder says:

    328 MP’s voted to respect the result of the Referendum: 292 against, 30 abstained, a majority of 36 votes.

    For: 310 Tories, 10 Democratic Unionists, 7 Labour (Ronnie Campbell, Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins, John Mann, Dennis Skinner and Graham Stringer) and Ann-Marie Morris.

    Against: 240 Labour, 34 Scottish Nationalists, 12 Liberal Democrats, 4 Plaid Cymru, Silvia Hermon (Unionist) and Caroline Lucas (Green).

    Abstained: 15 Labour ( Ian Austin, Kevin Barron, David Crausby, Caroline Flint, Yvonne Fovargue, David Hanson, Lindsay Hoyle, Helen Jones, Kevan Jones, Ged Killen, Madeleine Moon, John Spellar, Anna Turley, Derek Twigg and Rosie Winterton ), 7 Sinn Fein, 6 Tories ( David Amess, Nick Boles, Kenneth Clarke, Eleanor Laing, Johnny Mercer and Gary Streeter ), John Bercow (Speaker) and Mhairi Black (SNP)