Pants on Fire




The Remainders are out in force still spinning for their masters in the EU.  We had Lord O’Neill flogging a book and his views published in the pro-Remain Times telling us that the government is divided and we needed to be more realistic about what we can get from Brexit…the BBC of course gave him a good write up….their opening line being a complete lie…

Lord O’Neill, who left government a year ago, said much of the “rationale for Brexit” had been to deal with that division.

Voters did not vote for Brexit in order to sort out the internal politics of the Tory Party and as for being realistic… if you don’t ask you don’t get and it is in fact the EU that is being unrealistic wanting not a mutually beneficial agreement but a punishment regime for Britain who dared to leave their fascist super-state.

Then we have Blair who has surfaced again ridiculously claiming he is now against uncontrolled immigration, claiming that the EU is open to negotiation on ‘open borders’ when we all know that just isn’t true….it’s an EU red line.

Amusingly the BBC portrays him as a man whose pro-Brexit views are leaving him open to attack…so much so that he has to ‘defend’ himself…

Tony Blair defends call for EU migration curbs

Just ridiculous spin from the BBC presenting Blair as an advocate for immigration control….a man who says Brexit is ‘driven by the Far Right’.

Another lie from the Remainders is that Brexit was all about giving sovereignty back to Parliament….no, it was about bringing sovereignty and democracy back to Britain not Parliament in particular.  The Remainders say Parliament must decide on what the shape of Brexit will be…but we all know that Parliament, and the House of Lords, is mostly pro-Remain and that they will do their utmost to neutralise Brexit and keep us in the EU in all but name and thus thwart and sabotage Brexit and the Will of the People.  Hardly democracy….and yet you can hear the BBC, in the shape of Jonathan Dimbleby, supporting that lie.

The Remainders tell us that Brexit will destroy the economy….and then in the same breath tells us that we need the open borders in order to import the millions of workers our booming economy will need.  In the early 2000’s we were in the black, in surplus with no deficit, and no mass immigration.  Do we need open borders for a successful economy or do we need to work smarter ans more efficiently?  The BBC and Labour relentlessly attacked the goevrnemtn for the poor productivity figures that our industry produce….and yet it is their open borders extremism that imports millions of cheap labourers that keep wages low and stops productivity rising as businesses feel no need to invest iin research and evelopment to cut costs and the need for massive numbers of low skilled employees.  Just read any farming magazine and you’ll see article after article telling you how robotics, automation and computer control is the way ahead and yet the BBC still brings on people who insist they will be ruined by Brexit as they won’t be able to get the workers.


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6 Responses to Pants on Fire

  1. Guest Who says:

    This latest march seems to have varied in number between six and sixty million.

    The BBC clearly needs to pop Di on retainer as Editor of Numbers And Stuff


  2. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Only wish I had the time to march on my few hours to catch up on housework and family chores. Saturday is busy-but never to the likes of Cable, Geldof or Kuennsberg.
    We may not be marching, but we know our Brownshirts and Eurofascists when we see them…and these marches are good vehicles for spotting the traitors, the idle, the public sector pimps and paid quangocrats.
    Maths has never been the lefts strong point-but I know 17.4 and 52 matter to me.


  3. Rob in Cheshire says:

    The EU is a project for political union in Europe. That is why they chose the name.

    We in Britain have never really grasped that. We knew instinctively that we did not want to join in things like the Euro. All we ever wanted was a good trading relationship with our European neighbours, which is why the name “Common Market” was so clever.

    Now, all we still want is a good trading relationship, nothing more or less. If Germany wants that, we will get it. We have paid about half a trillion pounds into the EU over the years, and they resent the loss of that money, so I fear they will try to keep on bleeding us for as long as they can.

    As to mass immigration, the fact that employers have an endless supply of £7.20 an hour workers has made them complacent. There is a reason why British productivity per head is so low, and that is that employers can afford to throw cheap immigrant labour at any problem. In the long run this does not help the employer or the British economy. It is a short term fix, and it is coming to an end. Employers need to recognise this, and plan accordingly.


  4. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Brother in law who was in London and saw the march says “couple of thousand” marchers tops, tiny compared to others he’s witnessed and mostly “old people” and “big fat lesbians”.

    Older marchers must be dementia sufferers, because according the BBC they “all” voted Brexit.

    Wonder if the BBC will be called out on numbers like they tried to about supposedly exaggerated crowd numbers at Trump’s inauguration?