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Why has a photo of Paul Hollywood in a Nazi costume ‘just’ been discovered as Bake Off starts on c4?  Cue the faux outrage….why not the same outrage over the actual BBC programme Allo Allo which made Nazis cuddly and amusing?



Why no such outrage over a real threat to our way of life…such as a man who could be prime minister who not only supports terrorism against the British State but supports international communism and the raising of the Red Flag in Britain?  Traitor?  Think so.

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Those who like to keep the Red Flag flying are the same people who killed millions upon millions to do so.  Communism only works at the point of a gun..and even then it doesn’t work.

The BBC is very concerned about Trump and Russia allegedly in cahoots but shows absolutely no concern that the leader of HM’s Opposition is collaborating with those who would smash democracy in this country.  The BBC in fact not only remains uncritical but actually helps to smother criticism of Corbyn and to promote his agenda.

There was no sensational headlines about stunning u-turns as it did with May, no personalising his campaign as they did with May ridiculing her ‘strong and stable’ soundbite relentlessly and mocking her by calling her robotic, no mention that he robbed his own campaign’s rousing rallying call, ‘For the many not the few’, from previous Labour campaigns and indeed the LibDems who used it in 2010.

Corbyn did massive u-turns on principles he had held for decades…on terrorism, on the EU and more up to date on tutition fees.  Suddenly he is against terrorists after supporting those who prefer to use bombs and bullets  rather than the ballot box for decades, suddenly he suppports shoot to kill, suddenly he is very nuanced on the EU afterhaving been an ardent critic of it…and of course he promised to ‘deal with’ student debts and then after the election suddenly we hear Labour how realise how much this would cost and it’s all off.

What do we hear from the BBC?  That Corbyn is ‘a man who is recognised as someone who doesn’t change his opinion’…unless of course there are votes in doing so…and then changes his opinion back to what it was before the election.

We had Peter Oborne on to tell us that ‘Corbyn is completely authentic with very strong beliefs and we know what he thinks and he says it….he has a decent set of values and beliefs.’  Naturally that went completely unchallenged…in fact he presenter agreed with the claim depsite massive evidence to the contrary…Corbyn is a complete charlatan who dumps his principles and lies as well as the next politician when he feels it will win him votes…never mind his almost criminal attempt to trick the public with his ‘no seats on a train’ stunt that was a blatant lie.

The BBC…supporting a man whose ideology killed millions and drove millions upon millions more into poverty, misery and starvation.



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6 Responses to Heillo Heillo

  1. Guest Who says:

    Dad’s Army is clearly sabre rattling during Brexit negotiations.

    Herr Flick is Gestapophobic too.

    Ban them! Ban them all!!!

    This may make the BBC Christmas schedule even leaner.


  2. Pounce says:

    I actually went to the Sun website in which to look into this further and whilst they slated PH, they did print this picture which supported his claim to an Allo, allo theme fancy dress party at New Years? (note the XMAS decorations )
    Something the bBC could have also done, but didn’t.


  3. Rob in Cheshire says:

    How strange that the BBC didn’t mention Ed Balls’ wearing of a Nazi uniform at a party years before. I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact he was appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.


  4. MarkyMark says:

    Prince Harry faces outcry at Nazi outfit {telegraph.co.uk – jan2005}

    – Harry should have known better than anyone that the past will catch up with you via the media.


  5. John Ogilvie says:

    Just to be accurate, Mr Hollywood does not appear to be wearing a ‘Nazi’ uniform. He seems to be wearing a uniform of the German Armed Forces. I’m not an expert on Third Reich uniforms but the eagle might suggest that the uniform is a Luftwaffe uniform. The Nazis were a political organisation. You did not have to be a Nazi to serve in the German armed forces. In fact, there were plenty of non-Nazis serving in the German armed forces and probably quite a few anti-Nazis. It would be no more accurate to describe those serving during the Falklands conflict as wearing Conservative uniforms or those serving during the war against Iraq as wearing Labour uniforms. The swastika armband is, however, definitely Nazi. But the swastika became the symbol used throughout Germany for all sorts of organisations. And there was the infamous episode when the England football team gave the Nazi salute.


  6. Some_People_are_Saying... says: