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Some tell-tale signs of the drip drip BBC narrative that undermines and erodes British democracy and political truth….

After what the BBC called a ‘sensational leak’ of Home Office draft thoughts on immigration policy sent to the Guardian by a concerned citizen with the undoubted intent of, in some shape or form, derailing and sabotaging Brexit we were treated to a day long flurry of excited BBC analysis of what is a fairly dull and uncontroversial set of proposals.  Naturally, despite its less than ‘sensational’ revelations, the BBC pushed the idea that Britain was now closed, the borders sealed off and no one would be allowed into fortress Britain.  This means of course that Businesses would fail in a spectacular domino effect, jobless workers would starve in the streets and the Far-Right, taking advantage of the socio-economic chaos, would rise up and instigate the Fourth Reich.

On Nicky Campbell’s show he had a Turkey farmer on to say he would promptly go out of business with no foreign workers as British workers are too lazy, they don’t want to get their hands dirty and they’d rather stay on the dole.  Campbell didn’t challenge that at all…he instantly changed the subject and moved on allowing that idea to fester, one that the BBC has often pushed itself of the lazy, workshy, feckless Brits.  May of course made comments about immigration in PMQs…she said immigration was good for Britain and the BBC naturally pounced on that quote making it their headline in the bulletins…never mind that May wasn’t talking about mass, extreme, uncontrolled immigration that the BBC supports…her comment could as well describe immigration of one highly skilled man who makes a huge difference to Britain in some way…thus ‘immigration’ is good for Britain…but the BBC doesn’t care to make that distinction or notice the nuance.  May also said immigration meant lower wages for workers…the BBC wasn’t so keen to report that….from the Telegraph:

The Prime Minister said it was important to set net migration at sustainable levels because of the “impact it has on people on the lower end of the income scale in depressing their wages.”

And yet the BBC, and Labour, are always making lots of noise about low pay, blaming it on the government….just the wrong government….the culprit was Labour…both for importing millions of cheap workers who undercut British workers and allowed companies to neglect research and development investment that would have increased productivity and for destroying the economy which meant workers only kept their jobs if they took a wage cut.

Which brings us onto an interview by John Humphrys [08:30] with little Owen Jones yesterday in which Jones claimed the Tories had made the Rich vastly more rich and the Poor had had to suffer the biggest pay squeeze in history.  Humphrys finished the interview when Jones had stopped whining by saying ‘on that uncontentious note’…and from his tone he absolutely meant that, he was not being ironic.  And yet everything Jones said was contentious…the Rich have been taxed hugely since the crash and the poorest have been helped enormously with a big rise in tax allowance taking millions out of tax completely, almost non-existent interest rates and low inflation.  The BBC spreading a big lie that feeds into the Labour narrative.  Strange that.

Following that interview we had Mishal Husain tackling Remainder Vince Cable…she kept insisting that we should pay the EU whatever asked for immediately so that we can move on in the negotiations.  Good of her to do them for us…how would we ever manage without her advice?

Back to today and we had Emma Barnett talking to the [pro-Remain] Times’  Sam Coates, described as a ‘friend of the programme’.  Indeed, Coates is now a regular on the BBC spinning for Remain and spreading poisonous little anti-Brexit jibes at will.  Today he was in to discuss the ‘leak’…apparently the measures proposed in the draft are ‘draconian and hardline….opposed by many in the cabinet and which businesses find uncomfortable’.  We also had on left-wing journo Jack Blanchard who claimed that such proposals would force the EU to ‘retaliate and protect its own interests’…suggesting of course that the proposals are in some way outrageous and unreasonable when they are anything but….naturally any EU reaction will only be ‘blowback’ against British foolishness.

So two Remainers on the BBC to give us their considered thoughts on Brexit….balanced and impartial as always on the BBC.

We also had an hour of anti-Far Right chatter that ended up as demonisation of complete innocents on 5 Live on the first hour of the Afternoon Edition.  Of course the Far Right itself should be challenged about their views and actions if they are violent and racist but this programme used the arrest of some ‘National Action’ members to paint a picture of Britain that is just untrue…including the idea that we are heading back to a 1930’s Nazi Germany type crisis and that Brexit has given rise to the rise of the Far Right as it embraces isolationism, nationalism and identity politics….in fact it is the liberal open borders extremism and support for Islamism that has given rise to the rise of the Far Right.  No Muslim terrorism and cultural jihad, no Far Right rise.

Apparently Muslims are dehumanised by the Far Right and anyone who thinks that bombs exploding at pop concerts or on trains and buses, or vans running down pedestrians or people being beheaded in the street, or young white girls raped and abused, is in fact anything to do with Muslims is wrong, not only wrong but Islamophobic and racist…these incidents are not reality, they are only ‘images’ that mislead people…people need to be educated and informed…the speaker of course, an ‘expert’ in Far Right ideology, had mostly Muslim friends and he told us how it was ‘funny that anti-Semites, homophobes and racists all congregate together’…hmmm… the mosque?  Funny how he is so ignorant of the Islamo-fascist ideology that he himself is apparently so educated and informed about.

We had the usual nonsense about the radicalisation of those in the Far Right groups…due to socio-economic factors…alienation, poverty and disenfranchisement as well as their voices not being heard.  The same narrative that the BBC uses to explain away Muslim radicalisation…a convenient get out that dodges the truth…that radicalisation is about ideology for Muslims and ‘blowback’ against the Liberal extremism on immigration for the Far Right.  In other words this is in both cases down to the likes of those good folk in the BBC who don’t want to look too hard at the truth about Islam and who force mass immigration upon their own countries regardless of native opinion, common sense and the dangerous reality.

Oddly the ‘expert’s’ answer to the ‘rise of the Far Right’ [who, he told us, are on the rise because they have been denied a voice] is to  silence them, deny them a platform and make it impossibe for them to get their messages out in public.  Not something the BBC practises with Muslim extremists who know they always have a warm welcome in any BBC studio.

Just a few examples of the relentless barrage of anti-Tory, anti-Brexit, anti-Right BBC posturing that paints such a false picture of what is really happening in Britain today.

The BBC…anti-democratic and dangerous for social cohesion and stability.



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18 Responses to Tell Tales

  1. Edward says:

    Well said Alan!

    In this respect the BBC is outrageously biased, constantly refusing to allow the facts to bubble to the surface – give the soup of debate another stir and don’t allow it to settle on danger of exposing the truth!

    Low pay? When migrants from east Europe come over to earn more than three times the pay they could earn back at home, don’t be surprised to find that the indigenous population are priced out of the market. Simple free market principles apply, but when have those on the left ever understood simple economics?

    How can a British worker who is looking to buy a house and start a family in their home town fulfil his/her wish when migrants are prepared to work for the minimum wage and live in bedsits/caravans until they make enough money to return home to buy property or get full access to the British welfare state at which point they will ship their extended family over here for healthcare not available in their home country?

    This is the failure of the EU: a political union unwilling or unable to close the huge divide between east and west. Brexit is – in some ways – a welcome distraction from what is about to come!

    Let’s face it, if eastern Europe was as attractive to us as western Europe is to them, we would never have voted for Brexit. Brexit isn’t the end of the story by far! The BBC and most of the MSM completely ignore the more challenging question; what now for the future of the EU?


  2. Jerry Owen says:

    The BBC also told us that closing the borders ( with razor wire perhaps…. will that be another leak ?) will cost our economy 115 million pounds a week.
    As you say the propaganda is relentless.
    Anyway, on a lighter note now that the weekend is near.. Richard Branson’s house has blown away!


  3. Jack M says:

    Throw their language right back at them. Lazy, workshy, feckless BBC news and current affairs. Sorry, I forgot seditious.


  4. vesnadog says:

    “Just a few examples of the relentless barrage of anti-Tory, anti-Brexit, anti-Right BBC posturing that paints such a false picture of what is really happening in Britain today.”

    You know what! I honestly believe that the remoaner rabble really think they are having a huge effect upon the general publics voting habits for the next general election! My opinion, the voters to leave the euro will be greatly increased!

    Note: On Victoria show just now we once again have a 3-1 guests who are rampant remains! As usual, they are shouting down the only leave voter!


  5. tarien says:

    It’s not so much the worker from European countries that is the real concern for most of us who voted to leave the EU, it’s the freightening aspect of Mass Third World immigration, from Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub Continent that is flowing across the Med Sea into Europe and being allowed to do so without any real sustainable plan, and now as we see in the UK & indeed in other European countries, the terrifying & continuous effects of such an invasion of people with an ideology/culture so far removed from ours. In allowing the election of a Muslim London Mayor certainly supports Melanie Phillips’s book ‘Londonstan’ how perceptive she is. Leaving the EU may just give us the opportunity to stem the tide of Islam before it ravishes the Christian values of this nation for ever. Of course the BBC and other wets as well as the Politicians will never really face up to the facts now facing us daily that will never stop as long as this nation keeps its back to the wall.


    • Grant says:


      Top post. Islam is the enemy. I really don’t have any problems with the Poles.


      • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

        At a UKIP branch meeting last night, the subject of the Leadership election was discussed. Anne Marie Waters is seen as either the death of UKIP, or alternately its salvation. There doesn’t seem to be any half way house. Her obsession with Islam of course is the only topic on the table.
        My own expressed opinion was that, post brexit, nothing else matters. Islam will prove to be THE defining issue in the very very near future, against which all else will pale into insignificance.
        The interesting point was, that everyone has ‘islam’ on their minds.
        We dont have long to pussyfoot around this issue. Mainlnand Europe is all but done for, and the masses still cant see whats coming.
        Our only chance will be isolate and deal with whats already here. I know it’s a big ask, but the alternative is horrifying.
        The labour voters are content with electing Steptoe, and his fifth column front bench, who would literally open the flood gates vis a vis islam.
        The appeaser is certifiable. Happy fuckin eid? Is she all there? FFS, and how many times has she used the ‘tens of thousands’ regarding net migration?

        And the limp dumbs, no more to be said.
        Here in Wales we at least have Plaid Cymru, the party that promises to stand up for Wales, by importing thousands of migrants if given the chance. I dont know any Plaid supporters bright enough to see the problem with that.
        Some of the plonkers even want an independent Wales ( Run by Fuckin Brussels, they really are that stupid)
        They also have the thickest leader imaginable, the one who thinks ISIS are part of this ‘far right’
        I kid you not, thats what she tweeted.
        Leanne Wood is a great name, thick as a plank.


    • vesnadog says:

      “Melanie Phillips”

      A great journalist/author to have on our side!


  6. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I heard the turkey farmer. He claimed to pay his workers £8.80 an hour, which equates to around £18000 a year. On that sort of salary, the worker will be paying income tax of about a thousand quid.

    Near to me, a primary school which has been there for years has got the cranes in to install new portakabin classrooms for all the new kids. They don’t come from the local population, which is static.

    We are told that the cost of a year of state education is around £8000. The £1000 of income tax paid by our East European tukey plucker starts to look a bit pathetic once he has brought his wife and kids over doesn’t it? When you remember that he will be claiming family allowance for the kids, family tax credits, getting the kids educated for free and using our NHS, the grand of tax he is paying is neither here nor there. The cheap foreign labourer the farmer gets is costing the welfare state tens of thousands of pounds a year.

    Sorry, Mr Farmer, but your business plan relies on cheap labour which costs the rest of far more than we will ever get back. This is before you take into account the British workers who stay on benefits because they cannot work for the wages paid to the immigrants.

    The overall cost of cheap foreign labour must be a massive drag on our economy, but all the BBC can see are the benefits of having cheap barristas and au pairs, which is why they simply cannot and will never understand why the majority of British people voted for Brexit, and why they look at us as if we are some strange, primitive tribe, whose odd customs confuse and alarm them.


  7. chrisH says:

    Fraser Nelson was on Channel 4 News last night getting a haranguing on this very topic re migrants and pay.
    The hijab lady who did the left ear moanings had a tag team tie up with some care home quangocrat. Also Asian funnily enough.
    Nelson made the point that inequality will only get bigger in salary as long as keep importing cheap workers to do jobs that we would do if we were paid more to do them.
    The ladies were outraged-hijab discovered a new found concern for taxpayers having to pay these increased wages for the public sector( of course, the employers could stump up if they were only private)-and our care home wallah feared that her slave labour taps would dry up.
    Good to hear Fraser though-he actually KNEW a care worker, unlike the overpaid quango queen and hijab-clad liberal cipher we saw.
    That link between migration and no/low wages needs hammering-lefty tumbleweed needs stuffing in their gearsm, before we lose all sense of our nation.


  8. MarkyMark says:

    “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether. … So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade.”
    – Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference – in full / 06.10.2015

    “More Diversity” – when is enough? Is more 50% or 99%? Which of these sounds better? “Gradual Diversity ala Douglas Murray” vs “Disruptive Diversity ala Merkel”

    // old post


  9. Martin Pinder says:

    Muslims are dehumanised by the far right? What far right? What there is is trivial & it is a great tribute to British patience (or stupidity) that there is not more, driven by Islam. No, the reason Muslims look down on us & want to kill us is because their religion tells them to. It’s as simple as that.


  10. Nibor says:

    Please excuse these witterings .

    I’ve dealt with these rough , tough turkey catching gangs who do the business between 23.30 and 06.30 in the morning, in badly lit areas , in all weathers . They are bussed in from all areas , have to change clothes , don’t have canteens and very rudimentary break area . And animal rights people spy on them .when I stopped dealing with them they were English .

    Turkeys are vicious creatures . Foxes don’t come near them . I’ll dare any remainer £2000 to go into a turkey pen and lie down for five minutes .

    Now why would anyone want to base part of the economy on reducing these peoples wages or replacing them , without any overall benefit to the country at large .


  11. Nibor says:

    As an aside ,
    How did Bernard Mathews, the original , manage to reduce the consumer price of a turkey from a weeks wages to an hours wage without immigration?


  12. Scroblene says:

    Perhaps I miss something, but what use is an ageing old fart like Humphreys doing ‘interviewing’ a boring little tit like Owen?

    It’s not interesting in the least, and we need to know much more than a couple of lefties – father and grandson – chatting over lattes and wringing their hands.

    As usual. it’s bbbc opinions versus real news.


  13. s.trubble says:

    DJ Humphreys………..anyone recall this £500,000 tv tax thief banging on about Greece when the “troika” were moving in?
    Think it was his son or in law who lived there and he was berating the fact that Greece were being hounded.

    Wouldn’t you think this lad should be a die hard Brexiteer and using the privilege of his public sector place to at least give a balanced position on the matter of the EU…………………

    Not a chance ………….and he is testimony to the bald fact that this bBC organisation requires to be separated from the public purse and the sooner the better.