National Action against er…National Action



Hurrah!!!! says the BBC….‘more white supremacist nazi racist scumbags that we can report on and use to neutralise the lies about Muslims who are only driven to violence by the cruel, bigoted and oppressive white society they are forced to endure in subjugation.’

Hmmm…who are the proscribed organisations in the UK?

From the Home Office…


71 international terrorist organisations are proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Of those 71…er…National Action is the first right-wing organisation to be proscribed.  The rest?  Left-wing and of course the vast majority, Muslim.  And yet all we hear from the BBC is a constant drumbeat about the threat of the Far-Right.

The real threat is not white supremacists but Muslim supremacists [not all fact the non-violent cultural jihadists are the most dangerous] and their useful idiots in the Media who promote them and their narratives.



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32 Responses to National Action against er…National Action

  1. foxcote7822 says:

    Honestly, it’s been on the BBC news all day today and will probably be until the end of the week if not longer! FFs I’m sick to the back teeth of its bias and agenda!


    • JimS says:

      It’s well known that 52% of the UK population are far-right extremists.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Make that 65% right wingers – the ones that did not vote get to go along for the ride …
        “Leave the EU” + “Happy Either Way, Had chance to Vote but didn’t” @65%
        “Remain in the EU (when using happy either way)” @35%


    • vesnadog says:

      Doesn’t it make you sick! As soon as this “terrorist” news broke you just knew that those wishy washy BBC effeminate progressives would be declaring an all out war on our military service guys/gals!

      These BBC traitors will do anything to give the impression to the rest of the world that England is protected by gangs of skin heads/Nazi sympathisers and that we (them) must be protected from the likes of those howible knuckle-dragging illiterates!


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Two pretty pictures …




  3. maxincony says:


    “Four serving members of the Army have been arrested under anti-terror laws on suspicion of being members of banned neo-Nazi group National Action.”


    muslims… MUSLIMS… MUSLIMMMMS!!!


    • Lord Wreath says:


      “Despite being the first far-right group banned as a terrorist organisation since the Second Would War, neo-Nazi outfit National Action has inspired more ridicule than fear since forming some four years ago amidst the demise of the British National Party.

      The group, estimated to be less than 100-strong at its peak, is infamous for publicity stunts – like holding a Miss Hitler contest and performing Nazi salutes at Germany’s Buchenwald Camp – but their attempts at inspiring fear and social change, have, until now led to nothing but humiliation.”

      Don’t think there’s much danger of suicide bombs, van attacks, mass rapes or decapitations of Muslims just yet. Bacon butty projectiles might be an issue though.


    • Jerry Owen says:

      I normally ignore you as you are such an irksome bore, however you have attributed a quote to Alan which he didn’t make and you are factually incorrect
      Perhaps you should withdraw this erroneous quote.
      You haven’t been here for a while, if this is the best you can come up with it makes this site pretty sound in its output.
      I challenge you to withdraw your post.


      • Grant says:


        Come on. Maxiboy is worth it for his cracking jokes and sense of humour. Gets us rolling in the aisles every time.


  4. maxincony says:


    “[Ryan] Fleming, who spoke at one of [National Action’s] rallies in Newcastle in January, has a conviction for the false imprisonment and sexual assault of a teenager dating back to 2011.”

    Telegraph & Argus:

    “Ryan Fleming, 26, of Horsforth, gets three years’ jail for having sex with 14-year-old”

    Neither of these sexual assaults by a White, Christian, Paedophile, “National Action” activist were reported by the BBC.


    • TruthSeeker says:

      The translation of the comic that I have states that the prophet (FHT) had consensual sex with foetuses while they were in the womb.
      Naturally, this unnatural activity occurred before the advanced West performed sex determination tests on
      the foetus.
      Statistically therefore, the prophet (FHT) should have been thrown from high tents on 50% of these occasions.
      I wonder if the Yorkshire police will be interested in investigating these barbaric penetrations.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      So… someone who spoke at one of their rallies has a conviction for false imprisonment and sexual assault, therefore we should arrest all of them on terrorist charges.

      What, then, should we do with members of a group where more than one of them has done even worse than that?


    • Grant says:


      Just shows how incompetent the BBC ” News Service ” is.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I am not sure what your point is? May be they realised there wasn’t much in it…as apparently (according to the links you gave) she dumped him when she found out he was older than he said….) Yes she was under the age of consent in the UK and I am sure he is somebody none of us would want to be involved with…However what was you point?


      • Jerry Owen says:

        Maxincony is a troll… trolls don’t have points!


      • Grant says:


        Many people on this site , including me, highlight the bias in the BBC over-reporting white British male crime and under-reporting , or not reporting at all, non-white crime especially muslim sex crimes. I suspect Maxiboy is pointing out that the BBC did not report the ones referred to. My retort would be that the BBC’s news gathering is very third rate and they were probably unaware of these crimes. If they had known, you can be sure they would have been headline news.


        • Dave S says:

          This is the real point. The BBC is inept now and so dedicated to a propaganda viewpoint that it has lost sight of it’s function as a news gatherer.
          Some time ago I mentioned that the precision engineering sector is at full stretch. This has now been confirmed by many sources but all we hear from the BBC is ‘despite Brexit’ .
          The far far right in this country is a joke and we all know it. It poses no real threat to the safety of civil society.
          There is a sort of quiet desperation among our MSM liberal media over this. Few will be fooled as to the real nature of the threat to our society.
          I really think it is not their fault. Bodysnatched and brainless now the MSM is staggering from one fantasy to the next.
          You would think it had learnt something from the Brexit vote and the election of President Trump but it seems not.


    • Dave S says:

      You have no way of knowing if he is or was a Christian. That is just a slur and you need to withdraw it.


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        It’s a slur to call somebody a Christian now, is it? Do make up your mind dear. 🙂


        • Dave S says:

          Very funny. (if you read Maxi’s original post he or she referred to ‘white .Christian paedophile in the the same sentence. The meaning was clear.
          My comment too was clear. To associate Christian with paedophilia is a clear slur on those of us who are of that faith. It was done purely to insult . Unless you know better of course as to the religion of the person under discussion.
          If you are going to comment get your facts right.


    • STEVONATRON says:

      The BBC have their own problems with paedophilia, or haven’t you heard?


  5. NCBBC says:

    Unless Islam is removed from the UK and Europe, Western civilisation is finished.

    The clock is ticking. Sooner or later there will be a reaction to Islam.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I agree the clock is ticking . But the job of the BBC and most of the rest of the MSM is to delay the alarm bell going offf for as long as possible so that when it eventually does , it is too late for the indigenous population to do much about it. The government is ready to take increasingly harsh measures against anyone who dares to raise doubts about the wisdom of mass migration ,let alone actually to protest about Islamification.
      In Sweden and Germany the MSM have gone even further than the BBC. They are now prepared to reveal the identity to the authorities of anyone who posts a mildly critical comment about Islam, migration etc on their equivalent of Have Your Say. No doubt this suppression of dissent and democracy will soon start here.
      A whole continent is being led down the road to Islamification by its crazed political classes who suppress any dissent from this vile policy. Only in Eastern Europe are the people and governments united in their stand against Islam and they are now being attacked for it by the EU, Germany and France who seem determined to force their policy on countries which are resolutely against it.
      Each act of terrorism ought to sound the alarm but as yet the peoples of Western Europe seem content to stick their collective heads in the sand, sing songs, light candles, hold vigils whilst at the same time allowing their mad political leaders to bring more and more Muslims into their countries. In a few decades time there will be more Muslim children born in Europe than native European children. Another decade or two there will be a Muslim majority in many European countries. I wonder if the Muslim majority will be as tolerant and kind to minorities as the Europeans are today. History tells us not. The future looks very grim.


    • STEVONATRON says:

      Any reaction will be met with an unseen level of force from the police, I guarantee you that. It needs to be understood that islam is being invited here to create division (amongst other things), and when the inevitable reaction occurs, the state will turn totalitarian. In an era when Wahhabi terrorism is met with shrines and tears, racially motivated systematic sexual abuse of white children by Pakistanis is met by silence; right-wing violence in response will be the time when you finally see an actual crack-down by the authorities.

      We’re living in unprecedented, evil, times.


  6. Jerry Owen says:

    35,000 jihadis walking the streets of Britain and 3,500 that the police are extremely worried about. Meanwhile 4 NA members are arrested … at least the terrorism threat is under control now!


    • Kaiser says:

      300-400 terror trained murderous syria jihadist returnees walking the streets…. and what have National Acton actually got banned for … mean tweets about St JO

      go figure


  7. STEVONATRON says:

    Yes BBC clearly were in jubilation over this story – which they pushed.

    This is what I’m trying to make my girlfriend understand about the media in general: News they report consist of stories they choose to report. They don’t report anything because it is of national interest, everything they report is of their own interest – it’s a critical observation people need to make, but very few of us do. We take what we’re told as gospel without questioning why we’re being told it.

    People are still predominantly under the influence of the BBC, believing they operate for our benefit, like a virtuous beacon of good morals. In fact, they’re literally an extension of the powers f*cking up our country. The LibLabCon cartel, Freemason scumbag pedos who obsess over power. Anyone who at this point believes democracy is anything other than a facade is still in a dream world.


  8. Oaknash says:

    I suspect the BBC is hoping praying for a “proper” right wing lasback attack with at least a few dozen deaths (and a few kids if they are lucky) This in their minds justifies all the rather unpleasant things some of the ropers have inflicted upon some our own population.

    It must be awful for all these poor darlings who were “forced ” to come here by an easily manipulated benefits system and knowing that all us waycist whites were deliberately forcing many of them to lose self esteem as we virtually forced benefits such as housing on them – Oh the humanity of it all!

    Maybe the sex attacks on teenagers and bombings were just these oppressed people getting their retaliation in first for the right wing lashback that hasnt happened yet. I suppose you could call it a pre lashback, lashback.


  9. Alicia Sinclair says:

    I`m afraid that words like “terrorism” and “racist” no longer mean anything when used by the BBC etc.
    Ever since the notion of “hate crimes” became EU law in the UK, and words like xenophobia and islamophobia became real words in the eyes of the lefties-well, all their vocabulary is simply aimed at themselves to show hyped-up , trumped up emotings, as opposed to legal terms or real crimes.
    They`ve lost the linguistic plot, so need more ramped up words to make themselves feel…the rest of us no longer listen or believe them. A few idiot squaddies,fed up of PC World that lionises McGuiness and Fallon, hopes for Corbyn but hates Blackman-they might be idiots, but they`re not terrorists.
    Neither was Jo Coxs killer, nor was Charlotteville.
    The word terrorism barely exists now without the word “islamic” in front of it.
    And haven`t the German army had the same issue-can only assume that they too loath and fear what the EU are doing to their country, like we do. Like our boys do too, when they`re allowed to think straight anyway.


  10. RGP says:

    2 arrested at Birmingham airport, flight from Istanbul.

    So, I guess, we are to guess as to their allegiances, it mentions nothing about that. Of course, most of us can figure out what this is about. Also from the proscribed organizations.

    Beeb still reports on a lot of stories not found elsehwere, but yes, their bias is appalling and an outrage.