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The R4 paper review this morning headlined with the pro-Remain Sunday Times own headline ‘scoop’ that May is being forced to do a deal with the EU on the ‘divorce bill’ and that she will keep it secret until after the Tory conference….unless it is headlined in the Sunday Times…

Sunday Times front page 3 September 2017


Hmmm…the BBC that is working closely with the pro-Remain Times promoting anti-Brexit stories promotes an anti-Brexit story in the Sunday Times this morning.

Curiously this week we had Emma Barnett interview the now pro-EU Iain Duncan-Smith who told us he wasn’t here to talk anyone down but May’s ‘failure’ in the election [where she got the highest number of votes for a Tory government for decades] meant she would have to go cap in hand to the EU, her weakened position undermining her negotiating power….it would cost us a huge amount of money.  This is also a line that Barnett was pushing hard in an ‘interview’ that was intent only on creating a negative impression of anything that May had done or said. IDS also blamed the voters for voting stupidly.  No doubt we will see the Osborne Evening Standard plough the same furrow with sensationalist headlines about a weak May failing on Brexit…and thus maybe we should just surrender and get back into the EU fold.

Note also how Barnett and Co got May’s position as leader entirley wrong, telling us how she was likely to fall at any moment…despite all the sensible talk being of her surviving as the Tories wouldn’t risk an election which Corbyn could well win…and just who would take over as leader?  When May announced she would stay to fight another election the BBC were aghast and were working hard to try and portray this as a flip-flop when they knew it wasn’t…all she had said before was that she would stay as long as the Party wanted her, she said nothing about leaving at a certain date.  Th BBC has kept up a constant drumbeat of suggestion that the Tories are about to oust May in a leadership contest and yet there was absolutely no chance of that happening…the BBC is not bringing us news but is trying to make the news by interfering in politics, shaping it to suit their own agenda.  Who did they bring on immediately to criticise May on her announcement?  Cameron’s pro-Remain, ex-BBC media spinner, Craig Oliver, who laid into May….why?  Who the f**k is he?  He’s a backroom PR boy with nothing to do with the Tories other than once having been employed by the lefty Cameron as a sop to the BBC…why is he thought a credible voice to talk about May?


Something 9f an irony that Barnett, and the rest of the BBC, is constantly trying to unseat May when in 2015 she moaned that women weren’t at the top of politics and business.…then agan what’s new?  The BBC spent years trying to unseat Thatcher and the rest of the time rubbishing her legacy.  Perhaps like the Labour Party they prefer women quiet and obedient or they get sacked.




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50 Responses to Interesting Times

  1. Demon says:

    Has IDS really joined the Dark Side? I never saw that.


  2. Guest Who says:

    What is it about those handed daft titles to keep the plebs down?

    Given Mr. Neil is off, not sure Lord Adonut has thought this one through, as he has basically called for the BBC to be purged.


    • Grant says:


      That post by the moron Adonis has to be a parody, surely. But yes, the BBC has to be purged of the last remaining Brexiteer. What bastards they are !


      • Guest Who says:

        It seems the good Lord has decided to dig further, and dragged another in with him. Popcorn duly ordered.


        • Guest Who says:

          Just noticed BBC Media Editor Amal Rajan has ‘liked’ this tweet by our Lord above us. It is to be hoped this is more to store in reference than joining the ignoble ranks of a Chiles or Brand in shafting a colleague not considered a team player.


        • Guest Who says:

          Just noticed BBC Media Editor Amal Rajan has ‘liked’ this tweet by our Lord above us. It is to be hoped this is more to store in reference than joining the ignoble ranks of a Chiles or Brand in shafting a colleague not considered a team player.


        • Marmite says:

          What really bothers me about this whole pro-Brexit bias thing is that the public voted to leave. The national position is pro-Brexit. It’s not a bias. there’s no election underway at the moment. The referendum has been and gone and the whole country has shown a clear “bias” in favour of leaving. As our national public broadcaster the BBC should reflect this stated preference. To do otherwise is simply unpatriotic


    • Doublethinker says:

      If all those at the BBC with pro Remain views were purged there would no one left ! I have just finished listening to NIgel Farage LBC Sunday show and what a welcome change it was. He allowed Remainers to have their say without constant interruption and was courteous towards them. Contrast this with the BBC where any Leaver is subject to non stop rude interruption and talked down to by one of the endless supply of supercilious BBC interviewers or presenters , what are all Fanatical Remainers .


  3. chrisH says:

    There seems to be some confusion in the chattering classes doen`t there?
    On June 23rd last year, we followed Farage, we appreciated Boris and Michael, we were glad to thank Gisela and Kate.
    But we followed Nigel-we drank with Tim Martin, and used Dysons airblades in the gents afterwards.
    We did NOT ask for Cameron to go-we did NOT vote for Theresa, Amber and Phil. What the Tories chose to do to themselves is their affair, they chose badly and wrongly too.
    I repeat -we voted to take back control and to regain our sovereignty and our borders.
    I don`t give a damn what BBC 5L want to ask “Lord” Hague or “Sir” Kier…I`m not asking them for permission to leave the EU-I told them that I was doing it.
    And we now don`t need their processes-Occupy and Antifa have taught us well-seems to work too!
    Now then-it`s easy-jump off their f*cking cliff of regulations and wriggling media scum, experts, migrant and talking heads for all I care. Throw any amount of celebs and sports houris at me and I`ll pile them up on the compost too. I want OUT!
    This is due March 2019-there is no bill due.It is NOT a divorce-given what those f**ers have done to “marriage”-they have some damn nerve to even use this analogy.
    There is no cost involved whatsoever-let Clegg work for his pension.
    We joined a crap swimming club in 1973-they made it into water polo, into synchronised poncing in the shallows as the Muslim lads they brought in are going through the ladies changing rooms for kicks.
    Their club has turned to shit-we owe them nothing.
    And if Kier, Hezza, Anna, Gina, Alastair, Tony and all the other EU cucks DARE to thwart us…then let them get ready, it would frankly be good to deal with the traitors we`ve long let leech off our backs anyway.
    Out is Out-deny us if you dare, and FFS-do NOT let the BBC and the elites derail you with shitty compromise. The Euro is bust, Islam will sweep it into historys dustbin. All we need do is do deals with New Europe, Israel and our old friends in the Anglosphere. And that Trump State visit to show we`ve still got some balls and some spunk still to fight for ourselves.
    Hague, Barnett, Marr and Cable…who the hell is asking THEM what June 23rds vote means?
    We know.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I sympathise with your view re the EU. But the liberal left elite who are determined to keep us in will not only fight dirty in their trampling of democracy , they will fight clever. They will find a way of reaching an end point in the negotiations where we are faced with a choice to leave with no deal or accept something close to staying in. Project fear will be cranked into overdrive about the no deal option and opinion polls will be manipulated to show dwindling support for Leaving with no deal. That will allow the HoP to find a way of keeping us in without appearing to ride roughshod over the will of the people. If they feel really confident the elite may hold a charade referendum to give them at least the pretence of democratic respectability.
      A minority of people will realise that the country has been manipulated by the elite, that democracy has been trampled in the mud , but most will be conned into believing that the country changed its mind. I hope that I am wrong and that we do leave , regain our sovereignty and the supremacy of our legal system but the power of the forces within the UK who want to remain is very strong and they are ruthless, Brexit is in peril.


  4. chrisH says:

    I gave Mark Mardell a few minutes to hear a bit of his “World At One” show.
    Turhs out that the lardarse is swinging from EU crystal chandaliers( who paid for THIS freebie? then-EU or us?)-seeking Eurocrats to “educate” us “teach us a lesson”.
    Our BBC eh?
    Oh-great to hear Geert Wilders-does Mardell know who he is then?
    Oh-and Niall Ferguson has just cited the BBC as fake news too!
    And boy does he give Fatty some hard truths on N.Korea too-brilliant!
    Who knew that the BBC would let THAT out-can only have been live!
    Maybe Mardell is in the right place then.

    PS-Doublethinker-there are more of us that there are of them.
    Will I really want my grandkids to know that our forefathers dealt with Hitler and Stalin? But I rolled over under a Farron, Clegg or Soubry?
    When you fear God and judgement-you don`t fear eggy looks from Will Gompertz etal.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Chris ,
      Yes More people voted Leave than Remain but the Remainers have the control of the media , most of the government , most of the judiciary and most of the levers of power. The elite will Use their control of the media to manipulate the country to try and peel away all but the most committed Leavers and then claim that the country has changed its mind and we are staying in by popular request. I suspect that their chances of success are high. Those who lead any Leave resistance to this sham of democracy will be subject to the state correction measures that Tommy Robinson has had to endure.


  5. Nibor says:

    I caught the tale end of the Sue McGregor show [forget name] about Poland throwing off the Soviet yoke .

    Poland is never more divided that now it finished . Would us sending back the three million we’ve got here help ? No , thought not , but that’s what they should get if they , the EU , try to impoverish us , to teach us a lesson .

    Let’s teach them a lesson . Let them try to weaken us and we pull out of NATO . Let Putin push his weight around Lithuania , Latvia and even the old Comecon countries . We survived , indeed flourished before we were tied in with them .

    Let the mob at Calais know there are no jobs or welfare here if we are impoverished by Barnier et al . Let France have them there for ever .

    Perhaps if our establishment played with five cards instead of two they would see we have a better hand .


    • chrisH says:

      I think that we need to divide and rule with the EU. Their governments may have been forced into lockstep for a united front-but we all know that the EU is split in terms of “New” and “Old” Europe-and in terms of its division over migration, as well as Euro policy.
      In other words-we should be gojng to great lengths to back the Poles, the Hungarians, Czechs and Baltic states, as well as the Balkans and even Turkey.
      And scorning the effete Euro elite that is really just the Bundesbank with croissants-soon to be banned no doubt.
      The EU are nasty-they really are-and the limpdick pussywillows in Parliament and the media are no longer able to draft a law or do anything without Junkers reins on their schnozzles.
      If we team up with the Visegrad group and trash the Euro elites who have no democratic right to spout anything of note-then we can begin to pour prussic in the fissures of the EU, so Geert and Marine can also get their countries back too.
      Finally-stop listening to crap about borders between the two parts of Ireland-all we need do is bring in the Swedish/Norwegian notions surely?
      As for the “difficulties”? thank God the EU were nowhere near the tables when the Czechs and Slovaks split easily into two states with different currencies-how come these examples are never used to show that-if the will is there-then bigger things that what we`re wanting can be done?
      Turn off the BBC, and let`s hope Anne Marie gets in-the only patriot(Irish, lefty lesbian)-that will terrify the BBC.


      • theisland says:

        DV has tweeted a link to an interesting article re the Poles.
        “The British political establishment from the 1950s onward has made one hell of a mess. We have debts that we can’t pay, but which instead we must attempt to gradually inflate away. We have destroyed the foundation of our morality (Christianity) without having been able to put something else in its place. This means that large numbers of our citizens do exactly what they please so long as it is within the law or they can avoid getting caught. We have strange combination of “anything goes” while at the same time we peer through the lace curtains to make sure no-one sins against the latest diktat of political correctness. We have completely lost control of our borders and have absolutely no idea of what to do about it. Meanwhile many of our cities have been changed beyond all recognition, such that pictures from the 1940s look as if they are pictures of another country. They are.

        It was this that we rebelled against when we voted to leave the EU. We were saying to the British political establishment that we rejected them and everything that they stood for. It is for this reason too that the establishment and its supporters reacted with such fury. It is for this reason too that they have been fighting such a bitter rearguard action.

        We should support the Poles. We went to war to defend Poland in 1939, but in the end failed to do so. We probably couldn’t have done otherwise. We lacked the will, perhaps the strength to fight the Soviet Union in 1945. Nevertheless our failure to defend Eastern Europe in those days led to decades of tyranny. We must not allow Poland to be bullied because it wishes to protect its sovereignty and way of life. We must allow them to learn the lesson of the past decades.

        Western cities are now under continual threat. We are told that we must live with this and that nothing can be done. This is no doubt true. But it is not true about Warsaw, Budapest, Prague or Bratislava. Let these cities at least avoid having to say that this fear is normal. We need a new way of thinking, because the old ways have led to what Poland and its neighbours are desperate to avoid. Brexit may be a step in the right direction. If Poland leaves too then we should offer them friendship, help and free trade. Poles have been through tough times to defend their freedom and sovereignty. No doubt they will consider it to be worth it. Perhaps their example may encourage others. The EU and the Western political establishment that created it is part of the problem. We are seeing the consequences of the decisions that were made for the past decades every day throughout Western Europe. It is for this reason that the Poles reject these decisions. They can see where they lead. They are right to reject them.

        If there is hope,’ wrote Winston, ‘it lies in the Poles.’”


  6. Deborahanother says:

    I don’t believe IDS has gone over to the dark side but William Hague certainly has .I don’t pay any attention to the Sunday shows or papers.I call it Remainer day in its full glory. The irony of Labours position is it contradicts Corbyns wish to nationalise everything as has been pointed out many times. The lefties and soft Tories can posture and scheme all they like but I believe we will leave. If UKIP can get over their clashing egos they may still get their act together ,but my money’s on a new Pro Britain party.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Nick is tweeting again. Best to check around.


  8. Grant says:

    Hague’s U-turn on Brexit is a mystery. Is it about money ? Or sour grapes that he was a failure as tory leader ? Either way, he is not to be trusted. Not a man of principle.


    • Lord Wreath says:

      I remember having high hopes about Hague many years ago. I bought into the “down to earth Yorkshireman” schtick. What a mistake that was.

      All talk.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      “English nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism that can arise within the United Kingdom, because England is five-sixths of the population of the UK.” – William Hague, January 2000.

      “But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet”. – G.K.Chesterton


  9. Eddy Booth says:

    IDS was always a shrill for remainers.
    He is one of the most hated people in UK by the poor, due to his nasty work and pensions transformations and fuck ups.
    They gave him the fake ‘leave’ role to try to put people off voting Brexit – who the hell would want to be on the same side as him in a vote…


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Out of interest, when France left NATO, how much was their divorce payment?
    If Scotland ever leave the UK, how much will they have to pay for their divorce.


    • Grant says:


      As a Scot, I would still say that Scotland should repay all of the money that the English subsidised them with over the years. That will run into many billions.


  11. EnglandExpects says:

    The Adonis threat to ‘report ‘ Andrew Neil for his tweets falls somewhere between hilarious and sinister. Adonis picks on the one major presenter at the BBC who is impartial. The rest are clear remainers. Adonis like other inhabitants of the establishment bubble, cannot tolerate a single person in the MSM who doesn’t conform to their views . The referendum was in favour of leave, the two major parties fought the last GE on the basis of leaving. Does Adonis not find it strange that the MSM is so critical of Brexit ? Evidently not. Does democracy count for anything with these people ?


  12. EnglandExpects says:

    They are getting close to fascism, Grant. And in the background we have Alison Saunders trawling the internet for white peoples’ hate speech.


    • Grant says:


      I phoned a British friend today who used to be staunch Labour, but now has many doubts about socialism. I was making some comments about Islam and then said ” I should not be saying this in case our phones are tapped “. The point is why should I have to think that way in what used to be a free country ? It is moving to a Police State, aided and abetted by scum like Alison Saunders. And she was appointed by the Tories !


      • EnglandExpects says:

        I think the legal profession has been taken over by leftists as have other professions and institutions. I think that the hate speech law will prove unenforceable in most cases and I’m almost looking forward to Gauleiter Saunders bringing forward a clutch of prosecutions. Mind you they may ban juries for hate speech trials involving whites!


        • Demon says:

          I think the legal profession also want new laws, many new laws, to keep them employed and highly paid. They aren’t interested in democracy if they can get more money in a repressive, litigious state.


      • GRIM REAPER says:

        As Winston Churchill accurately foretold, the new Fascists will call themselves Anti-Fascists…prescient or what?……Education, the Law and now the Police are controlled by the Left.


    • Deborahanother says:

      We are living in a Tyranny ,its just most people don’t have any idea of what that means .When big business controls who has money and laws,well we are at that stage now.Brexit alone won’t fix it but its a start.Its exactly what Trumpis battling against .Trying to give power back to tax payers. Main Street versus Wall Street,and congress is bought and paid for.


  13. Synchronised says:

    When a bully teacher continually talks in the way of someone like Barnier the pupils end up not turning up. A lot of pupils that didn’t take to bullying very often I found became very successful and content. Will Mr.Davies please tell him to F#@* O#*


  14. Nibor says:

    I’m going to hark back .. bang on to what I believe .
    A deal is on only if all parties stick to the agreement in good faith .

    So straightaway we put the 5 or 6 million EU citizens here into the pot . They are allowed to stay if we are not tucked up , diddled , shafted , stabbed in all sides , short changed , bullied , emeseried , cajoled or given a take it or leave it by the the collective known as the EU which does not represent the citizens of the 27 countries .

    Secondly the senior mandarins of the British civil service are imbeciles . They have the pathetic delusion that everyone wants to emulate them . The foreigners don’t . They laugh and run rings round them , getting the best for their own countrymen . Sack all senior civil servants grade 5 and above and put patriots in their place . The sacked [email protected]$^r}s can sit and drink tea , which is what their opposites think they can only do .


    • theisland says:

      “Sack all senior civil servants grade 5 and above and put patriots in their place .”
      Spot on.


  15. maxincony says:


    Cameron’s pro-Remain, ex-BBC media spinner, Craig Oliver, who laid into May….why? Who the f**k is he? He’s a backroom PR boy with nothing to do with the Tories other than once having been employed by the lefty Cameron as a sop to the BBC…why is he thought a credible voice to talk about May?

    Craig Oliver, Director of Communications for The Tory Party 2011-2016; “nothing to do with the Tories

    …a backroom PR boy

    You’re a clown, Alan.


    • Pounce says:

      Fing hell big ears, still talking out of your arse. Must be why you continuously talk shite.


  16. Guest Who says:


  17. Marmite says:

    On the grounds of incitement to racial/religious hatred, the Koran should be banned, as it clearly instructs Muslims to “strike the unbelievers”


  18. Marmite says:

    On the grounds of incitement to racial/religious hatred, the Koran should be banned, as it clearly instructs Muslims to “strike the unbelievers”


    • theisland says:

      Similarly, I’ve been trying to work out the nature of APPEASEMENT in relation to incitement in connection with inchoate offences.

      Any lawyers in the house?

      To my mind appeasement assists and encourages crime just the same as incitement.
      It seems the burden of proof for incitement is that the person accused of incitement intended or believed that the person incited would commit an offence.


      • Grant says:


        I am not a lawyer but appeasers are really saying ” You can commit any crime that you want and we will say and do nothing “. It makes them just as evil as the criminals.


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘the Koran should be banned’ – Marmite (Love it? Hate it?) . This will only make the religion stronger, giving different groups a common cause or will push it underground.

      Open the Koran up and see if it works in the real World …

      a. If a man writes a piece of fiction, should he have a death contract put on his life?
      b. If a man declares he is homosexual, should he be shunned?
      c. If a man draws a cartoon, should he be sent death threats?
      d. Do you think you should be given a job based solely on your religion?
      e. Do you think you should discriminate against animals?
      f. Do you think we should support and pay for Sharia to operate in the UK?

      a. If no, then please write to Iran to remove current death sentence for Salman Rushdie. (Fiction)
      b. If no, then please ask for it to be stopped in Majority Muslim Countries. (Homosexuals)
      c. If no, then please ask this to be stopped in Majority Muslim Countries. (Cartoons)
      d. If no, then remove the restriction that only Muslims can recite from the Koran and slaughter the animals for Halal food. (Positive Religious/Employment Discrimination)
      e. If no, then start using pork products in your cooking and for medical delivery systems. (Animal Discrimination)
      f. Halal food, bought with Islamic finance, enforces the Sharia laws as it conforms to Sharia doctrine.

      Sadiq Khan you take a minibus with an atheist, a homosexual, a Muslim apostate, a jew and an Islamist terrorist … what happens when we meet this sign approaching Mecca?

      Who stays in the car?

      Is this unity through diversity?


      Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London,UK) or the nearest Imam, resolve this diversity road trip to Mecca dilemma and then we can start a talk about equality!