Did you see this?

BBC’s £1.8bn pension black hole will swallow a TENTH of the licence fee next year after corporation runs out of options to try and tackle the deficit

I will be discussing it with James Whale on Talk Radio tonight at 8.35pm if you fancy tuning in.

The bottom line for me is that we are having a Licence tax extorted from us to ensure that the like of Alan Yenbob, for example, can enjoy a retirement pension of £216,000+.

Your comments?


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  1. Number 7 says:



    • NCBBC says:

      retirement pension of £216,000+

      What? Does he shit – gold? This is legal robbery of the taxpayer that the government permits. No matter how great he is , he is a bureaucrat, thats all. At most £50k.

      But the guvmint wont stop this legalised robbery as the Treaser needs the BBC to scupper Brexit.


  2. JimS says:

    Can’t they get a sub from Robert Maxwell?

    Or get Diane Abbott to check the sums?

    The EU must surely owe them something?


    • Wild Bill says:

      Good point. ..they will be shitting themselves about us leaving the EU because they will lose millions in subsidies. Bring it on!


  3. MarkyMark says:

    Lord Tony Hall to earn £532,000 as new BBC boss by drawing pension on top of salary {telegraph nov2012}
    Why wait until the pension age?

    I imagine Chris “£2.3m + CarFest” Evans and Gary “£1.7m + BT Sport + Crisps” Lineker will be doing the same, before the BBC pension pot runs dry and people/License Payers start asking awkward questions like:

    “Is it ethical as a Labour supporter to be paid wages from a Tax that forces people under threat of prison?”


    • vesnadog says:

      These wasters are just laughing at us!

      No wonder Lineker makes sure the adds plainly major on how many times we see his smug face and not said product for sale!


      • Grant says:


        It is ridiculous that a stupid airhead like Lineker gets paid any of our money. But that sums up the BBC. All eating from our trough. No insult to pigs intended !


        • vesnadog says:

          No insult taken by us pig owners (pets)


          See that mud – I would to shove those BBC Elites faces in it! Bet they’d still come out clean though! In their opinion I mean!


        • Wild Bill says:

          None taken.


      • taffman says:

        “These wasters are just laughing at us!”
        And the Tory government know it and do zilch about it ?
        Any Tory supporters on this site ? Let us know what you think .


        • Grant says:


          I doubt if there are any Tory supporters on this site. How could they possibly defend themselves ?


          • taffman says:

            Where is Essexman when you need him ?


            • Grant says:


              LOL ! I have not seen him posting here for a long time. Maybe he is on safari in Africa or the wilds of Essex ?


              • taffman says:

                I miss the chap . He hasn’t been the same since his chum Carmoron resigned .


  4. Fedup says:

    Market rate
    Have to pay high to get the right people
    Independent remuneration committee
    Must maintain high quality
    Performance related

    Those are the usual lines used when people are grossly overpaid

    The difference is the legal requirement to pay them and its a monopoly state broadcaster

    Might listen tonight . But will not pay for John Humphreys, or any other beeboid , pension.

    And they could still kill ‘Top Gear ‘for £100 million of profit principle


  5. Grant says:

    It would almost be worth it to pay the cnuts not to broadcast. They really are scum .


  6. The Highland Rebel says:

    No problem. They’ll just hire more Gestapo to hunt down, threaten and intimidate more poor, unemployed, pensioners and single mothers.
    Threats, intimidation and extortion work, and they know it.


  7. Yob says:

    Everything about the odious BBC is a shocking disgrace, There really isn’t anything else to add.


  8. Deborahanother says:

    They could start fixing it by making savings on the extorbitant salaries of so called stars .Then they could cut all trips to the likes of Glastonbury and the Olympics etc ,to a bare skeleton staff.Cut out the jollies.
    They are vastly over staffed.Listen to LBC and anyone who worked at the BEEB for any time talks about the amount of staff there are in comparison for one radio show production.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      And why ever it takes two news anchors to read a bulletin is beyond me. Just money ill spent.


      • Lord Wreath says:

        Because, like SKY, they seem to think that viewers want every news item to be followed by inane chat.

        Maybe some do, but I certainly don’t. The BBC sofa monkeys aren’t even good at it. It sounds cringingly forced. Eamonn Holmes could more or less get away with it.


  9. Lefty Wright says:

    Shouldn’t your headline read “Because they are worthless”?
    They remind me of Fagin’s Gang in Oliver Twist. But they not only pick pockets,they pick minds too.


  10. Martin Pinder says:

    There are ways round these pension problems. I do not know if the BBC fund is already closed to new members, but if it isn’t then close it. Also stop further benefit accrual. Reduce early retirement factors. Persuade members to transfer out. There are other ways of reducing fund liabilities. Get an active fiduciary manager in to manage the assets if they are not already doing so. Bloody cheek! Using licence payers’ money to clear the deficit!


    • Wild says:

      Why look at alternatives when you can just force everybody with a television license (and a television license is compulsory) to fund whatever they think they deserve. It is like being forced when you shop to use only one supermarket supplier, no matter how much you dislike them. Socialism in action. A propaganda platform for the Left justified by an appeal to their bigotry and greed.


  11. Lancashireliberty says:

    Final salary defined benefit schemes like the BBC,s are rare in the private sector. In the past the argument was compensation for lower salaries in public sector, this has not been the case since 2001 when average pay overtook the private sector as Blair accelerated his Social Engineering project. Two goals to bake in labour votes through public sector funding and suck in Tory votes by extending working tax credits up to 60k joint earnings. The BBC is one of the last vestiges of the corruption that was Blair who used the Beeb to deny the public the any monopoly with a guaranteed income protected by government there is no incentive or requirement to change. Will the DUP manifesto pledge find flight in next parliamentary session. Let’s hope so.


    • Doublethinker says:

      You say the BBC is one of the last vestiges of Blairite corruption. I disagree. The Blair social engineering experiment achieved most of its goals. The leftist conquest of the education system was completed , the politicisation of the NHS, judiciary and the police was almost completed. The profoundly stupid and highly dangerous doctrine of mass immigration and multiculturalism was massively enacted. The appointment of leftists to chair of innumerable quangos took place. In short Blair left behind tens of thousands of place men and women who till hold the levers of power in this country and ensured that millions of votes depended on Labour being in power. The malign shadow of Blair still rules our country.


  12. s.trubble says:

    Surely now would be the time when the Govt. puts an objective to the bBC that this pension blackhole must be self- funding;
    i.e not taken from the Licence Tax.

    It has to be achieved through asset sales, disposals , the elimination of complementary workforce ( service contract personnel e.g. Lineker etc. leading to a step plan to convert to a subscription model not criminally enforceable.

    The 70 MP’s who highlighted the bias question could be an excellent lobby to take them head on.


  13. ThomasR says:

    Sadly, the BBC pension problem is small beer compared with many Public Sector schemes. The last time I checked, approaching 30% of my Council Tax goes to their pensions, a figure that rises by about 3% per annum. Perhaps when it gets to 50% people will wake up and smell the coffee. Still, Mark Sawotka has the answer, give everybody the financial equivalent of a Public Sector pension. Genius.


  14. JosF says:

    So it seems that auntie beeb has a £1.8 billion hole in its pension fund, I wonder who auntie fill that £1.8 billion hole in her pension fund, Will auntie do the following

    #1 Take a chainsaw to wages and conditions, staffing levels and general costs.

    #2 Will auntie ask for a rise in the BBC viewing tax.

    #3 Will auntie beg theresa pushmay-pullmay for a bailout, AKA us taxpayers including us legally licence free taxpayers.

    #4 Will auntie ask for a bailout from the EU no doubt increasing the ammount of EU propaganda the BBC will push on us.

    Most intellegent people ie non-beeboids, guardianistas, luvvies or leftards would immediatly agree that option #1 is the best choice by far. But as its the BBC we are dealing with here, the BBC’s choice will no doubt to go for one of options #2, #3 and #4 leaving the taxpayer picking up a £1.8 billion bill to fund the incompetent bloated BBC and its pension fund.

    What do you think will happen to the BBC pension fund dear fellow BiasedBBCers, Answers on a postcard to

    22 Acacia Avenue