Psycho Activist?


The first thing the BBC likes to mention in any report on Islamic terrorism is that the perpetrators may be mentally ill.

Have you heard the BBC say a word about the car driver who drove into the counter-protestors…has the BBC ever mentioned in its bulletins that he was psychotic?  Or that we should have sympathy for him as he was rejected by the army…for his psychotic medical history?

“Senior year, he was real gung-ho on joining the Army and . . . toward the end of the year found out that he was denied and it was because of a history of anti-psychotic, you know, medication that was prescribed,” he said.

What’s the best the BBC can come up with?

The newspaper also reports that while living in Florence, Kentucky, his mother called 911 at least nine times “to say she was fearful of and needed help with her sometimes violent son”.

According to “calls for service” records provided by the Florence Police Department to the Associated Press, Mrs Bloom said her son had stood behind her wheelchair wielding a long kitchen knife, and had hit her and locked her in a washroom after she told him to stop playing video games.

She also told officers that her son was on medication to help control his temper.

So not that he had mental health problems or was psychotic but he couldn’t ‘control his temper’… a slippery phrase which kind of makes it his fault….just an angry young man who beat his mother when he didn’t get his way.

Of course it was the same with the killer of Jo Cox.  The BBC never mentioned his documented mental health problems in their bulletins when in comparison they repeatedly mention any Islamist terrorist’s supposed mental health issues.

If you’re white you’re a racist Nazi, if you’re brown you’re a victim in some shape or form…as Julie Burchill notes in the Spectator….

The right is now more colourblind than the left

Then I moved to London in the 1970s, I quickly became aware that the non-working-class Left operated what was best described as Paint-Chart Politics [PCP]– the further from white, the more likely you were to be right. This began in a small way, with reggae bands who believed stuff about women that would have had them condemned as fascist Neanderthals had they been white playing under the Rock Against Racism flag; in recent years, it has seen the Left support similar Islamist stone-agers just because they’re the right (Left) side of beige.

In more recent years, Paint-Chart Politics has been ruining the lives of even more children, though this time exclusively female ones as the police forces of Newcastle, Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxfordshire chose to turn a blind eye to the rape, torture and trafficking of thousands of girls simply because the men doing it were darker-skinned than their victims. As Sarah Champion – driven out of the shadow cabinet this week for daring to state the obvious case that this country has ‘a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls…because people are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse’ – has proved, the messenger will be routinely shot for speaking plainly; far better to tie oneself in the knots the media is now entangled in where by fearing accusations of racism by naming the rapists as being of Pakistani origin, they have slandered a whole continent by repeatedly using the weasel word ‘Asian’.

How appropriate that PCP is also the name of a pesticide sometimes used as the recreational drug ‘angel dust’ whose side effects include paranoia, hallucinations, depersonalisation, detachment from reality and severe changes in body image (think of Rachel Dolezal, who was so obsessed with race that she pretended to be black.) If this week’s hounding of Sarah Champion is anything to go by, it’s unlikely that practitioners of this most pointless persuasion will come to their senses any time soon.




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36 Responses to Psycho Activist?

  1. Fedup says:

    The British State is desperate to integrate Islam into this country – its either because distorted liberal groupthink or because Wahhabism has infiltrated the institutions such as the Civil Service and albeeb –
    So as we know positive Islam stories are expanded ( baking & mo) whereas Islamic terrorism is diverted into candle burning and solidarity – whatever that is .

    The likes of we happy few on this site bare the burden of knowing this whereas so many of our fellow decent citizens are yet to find out .


    • Doublethinker says:

      Fed up ,
      Spot on.


    • Grant says:


      The Civil Service , especially the FCO, were always Arabists. Whisper it. It is the boys, if you get my meaning !


    • Thoughtful says:

      Neither Wahabism nor Salafism has infiltrated any institutions, partly because it’s not been around long enough, and also because they refuse to either integrate or engage with a non Muslim populace.

      The reality is that it isn’t the Muslims pushing Islam, but the Fascist Left who remain childishly fascinated with Islam


      • Fedup says:

        You are wrong and I’m surprised anyone using this site would attempt to spread disinformation like your post. Wahhabism enables their followers to adopt western practices in order to infiltrate but remain in their following . They will use western freedoms and their oil money to undermine it.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed up, it’s true that taqiyya is available to any Muslim to get their own way, but Frank Gardner has some interesting things to say about the BBC & the F&CO, IIRC, in his book ‘Blood and Sand’. Arab money really only started to influence the UK in the 1970s.

          It was the oil boom and Heath/Barber crash that brought them to the UK in big numbers and that has continued ever since. Prior to, IIRC, that it tended to be limited to horse racing.

          Thoughtful, I think the fascist Left are fascinated with anyone who isn’t white, unless they are white with money and can be talked into financing the Left, as Blair & Brown successfully did. White fascist Left have to have sticks physical but also sticks policy-wise & metaphorical to beat the so-called Right with. Appearing to support the down-trodden – those who faced discrimination in the 1950s and 1960s – has become a weapon of choice for the Left.

          Notice how they do not now seek to support and better things though for poor white Irish/northern Irish (equally discriminated against with Indians, Africans and W.Indians at one time), poor white Scots or poor white Welsh. In Scotland, the SNP for example, spend much time talking about how evil the predominately white ‘English Tories’ are but not fixing things for poor white Glaswegians, for example, to have a better life.

          The Left are afraid to actually significantly improve the lot of the indigenous because they fear that they will become keen to conserve their improving prosperity and may vote for more conservative policies and, hence, the Conservative Party’s candidates.

          Not that at the moment, the current Conservative Government are short of socially-inclined policies themselves anyway.


  2. Deborahanother says:

    There are other sites where many say the same things we do ,so the dawning of whats going on is far more widespread than the BBC understand.
    Islam can never be integrated into this country.There will be a tipping point and who knows what will happen then.We already have ghettos and no go areas. Then there’s the rape gangs. There will come a time when mentally ill doesn’t cut it.


  3. TruthSeeker says:

    “The first thing the BBC likes to mention in any report on Islamic terrorism is that the perpetrators may be mentally ill.”

    The BBC may be correct, anyone who believes the impossible childish nonsense, of which The Koran consists, has their brain wired abnormally. As judged by the ethical standards of advanced civilisations, when this childish nonsense is compounded by the results of not only believing, but acting on, its evil tenets; the result is the most prolonged, most extensive, mass murder and concomitant disgusting behaviour in the historical record.

    However, anyone who believes the impossible childish nonsense, of which Das Capital consists, has their brain wired abnormally. As judged by the ethical standards of advanced civilisations, when this Marxist childish nonsense is compounded by the results of not only believing, but acting on, its evil tenets; the result is the second most prolonged, second most extensive, mass murder and concomitant disgusting behaviour in the historical record.

    ALBeeb and its adherents are followers of the malign lefty cause, with its history of disinformation, dissimulation, plotting and conspiracy. A conspiracy which continues to this day. AlBeeb also uses the Islamic taqiya to defend the indefensible.

    Both groups are beyond any medical help for their abnormal conditions. Normal humans need protection from them. Normal, altruistic, humans also have a duty to treat these unfortunate abnormals as humanely as is possible
    in these difficult circumstances.

    The only humane solution, to both issues concurrently, is to create large, monosexual, camps where these unfortunates can be isolated until they die of natural causes. This will result in the extinction of their evil genes and protect people who are not carriers of the evil genes, from the unfortunates.


    • Fedup says:

      I ponder on the solution too. Can’t think of any easy one . I do think there will be some kind of tipping point caused by them – the enemy – and I’m a bit surprised that their terrorism has been limited to personal suicide bombs and white vans. Each of which cause untold anguish . Cold blooded I know – but these evil bastards have only one aim – the supremacy of their belief through the extinction of unbelievers . They think they will win by causing us to react. But that will just cause their demise.


      • Doublethinker says:

        But if we don’t react and continue in our peaceful slumber we will wake up in Muslim Europe! We need to wake up soon or it will be too late . It may already be too late.


    • Payne by name says:

      Well said. It’s funny how it is okay to laugh at the lunacy of Tom Cruise’s Scientology beliefs and poke fun at space lizards but perfectly acceptable that Muslim bombers would believe that they could be blessed with 30 female virgins if they succeed in their quest.

      I’m sure this would be a double whammy for the right on mock the week crew. Sexism that a number of female virgins is considered a collectible prize like women are some kind of object and stupidity that virgins inexperienced in sex would offer you the best sex.

      But of course not. Some faiths are open to ridicule and others aren’t.


    • Manxman says:

      Solution is to deport them all, to an islamic country of their choice, for life, as long as that may turn out to be.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    Talking about mentally illness. Liberal ideology includes paranoia (fear of Brexit and Climate Change), hallucinations (over a Cliff and Hockey sticks), depersonalisation (wants a safe space from reality), detachment from reality (Believes what they see on the BBC, and read in the Guardian) and severe changes in body image (Wants to change sex).

    More evidence that mentally ill Liberal ideology is the equal of mentally ill Islamic ideology, and evidence that my prediction that the mentally ill Liberal ideology will end in an extremely exaggerated ideological madness. There are calls for two of the Presidents on Mount Rushmore who were slave owners to be blown up. So I expect the Liberals will copy their Islamic friends by blowing them up. Also the Liberals will copy the Nazis by ending debates in Universities and creating Universities as “Safe spaces” by burning books written by Historians, Geneticists, Meteorologists, Atmospheric Physicists, Solar Astronomers and anyone else who has written a book with trigger words in it, such as the works of Shakespeare.

    Professors of Psychology at Bristol and Cambridge Universities have already adopted the Stalinist policy of diagnosing Atmospheric Physicists as mentally ill, for not agreeing with Professors of Psychology on the issue of the science of Atmospheric Physics. Lord Lawson has also been diagnosed by a bone specialist as suffering from dementia.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Excellent summary. I certainly feel that the type of things you cite have quickly accelerated over the past year or so. Perhaps social media is a catalyst that allows extreme or unusual ( potty) views to become mainstream ones so rapidly. At the moment it feels like being in a locked railway carriage with a bunch of lunatics on a runaway train going at 100mph. It is unlikely to end well.


    • NCBBC says:

      What you list is the inevitable result of a drop in educational standards.

      Trivial subject matter in even proper subjects such as Engineering and Physics. What transpired in less “hard” subjects can be imagined if even Engineering was trashed to appease the Diversity.


    • Dystopian says:

      ” by burning books written by Historians, Geneticists, Meteorologists, Atmospheric Physicists, Solar Astronomers and anyone else who has written a book with trigger words in it, such as the works of Shakespeare.”

      A thought comes to mind that with the advent of ‘information technology’ and the internet, books and libraries will become a thing of the past. More and more information is ‘stored’ on servers, which I fear is vulnerable to modification and manipulation. Online books etc can be edited and adapted to match agendas in the same way as monuments of the past can be destroyed. I believe hard copies of books detailing historical events should be preserved and protected otherwise the indoctrinated generations to come may never learn the truth.


  5. Mice Height says:

    Nice to see the rape-enabling BBC getting trashed in the comments here –


    • [email protected] says:

      Paint- Chart-Politics is something I’d always noticed but had never heard a term for. And, re the usual sympathy given to muslim terrorists, the fabulous Raheem Kassam points out that it would seem there is a very high correlation between Islam and mental illness.

      I’ve been wondering too, with disgust, why an entire group of individuals who had met in Charlottesville to rally for saving a Confederate Statue are being painted with the same anti-White brush as Neo-Nazis, KKK …with the media shorthand word “hate” groups. Those aforementioned were there in small number, but there were also Confederate memorial groups, free speech (remember that?) groups, the so-called Alt-Light who are mostly Neo-Conservatives of a nationalist flavor….also, there were southern nationalists, etc. What I’m getting at here is, what about the concept of #NOT ALL ALT-RIGHTERS…. What about not letting this tragedy “divide us” and cause us to turn against one another?

      Divide us is exactly what it has done. Even the most mild conservatives who dare speak with any nuance on the event are being harassed, trolled on social media, threatened with physical violence. Those who have dared to be outspoken about race realism and crime statistics are subject to unprecedented harassments and threats. Websites are being shut down, financial transactions halted, their FAMILIES are being targeted, and people are losing their jobs for remarks made on their personal social media accounts.

      Being a race realist now means you are a Nazi — and fair game for naming- and-shaming and even physical violence. Even being a person who simply wants to protect the borders, language and culture —- all three of which are rapidly disintegrating in America — of one’s own country makes one a “hater”.

      This is TYRANNY.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Quite right, e-m p. The LeftMob were quick to protest in Charlottesville but not so quick to start a march in Baltimore against black on black gun crime and to back a brave woman’s attempt to bring some peace to neighbourhoods there.


  6. Wild says:

    It is important to realise that Leftists have no interest in reality. They have no interest in what is the case. I give a small example.

    I turned on the television the other night and it was the Paper Review. Somebody was saying how they disapproved of the Child Genius programme (Brownie Point One – everybody is a blank slate and therefore equal unless they have been privileged by an unfair class system) but that he revised his opinion (after reading an article in The Independent) because the winner came from a modest background (Brownie Point Two – I may have been privately educated and live in Hampstead but I care about poor people) and reading about the family he was impressed by the modesty and unpushy character of the parents. Now he knew this to be a lie, because it had just been explained to him that the father was so pushy he took the trophy away from his son and held it up for himself when his son won the competition. What he really meant (Brownie Point Three) was that the family were brown skinned, and therefore virtuous.

    This is a Leftist in action. His remarks had no connection with reality. These are the sort of people who now run the BBC. All they want to do is signal their virtue. People are noticing (how could they fail not to notice) that their reporting (on say Trump or Brexit) is completely deranged. It would almost be funny were it not so dangerous.


  7. sanitycheck2 says:

    This begs a more basic question;

    Does the belief in Islam and the followings of the teachings of Muhammed (Mohammed or one’s preferred spelling) suggest in itself that the person may be mentally ill?

    An easier matter to resolve is that anyone who believes that Islam is a Religion of Peace is very probably mentally ill. After all, it is difficult to comprehend how any sane person could hold such a view given the abundant body of evidence that is all around the globe and easy to see on a daily basis.

    Remind me:
    (i) How many days have elapsed since a Muslim last murdered a person in a terrorist attack somewhere around the globe? and
    (ii) What is the longest number of days that has elapsed since a Muslim last murdered a person in a terrorist attack somewhere around the globe.


    • NCBBC says:

      Remind me:
      (i) How many days have elapsed since a Muslim last murdered a person in a terrorist attack somewhere around the globe? and
      (ii) What is the longest number of days that has elapsed since a Muslim last murdered a person in a terrorist attack somewhere around the globe.

      Answers here

      To the second question – zero in 30 days.


    • Up2snuff says:

      sanity check, you ask “Does the belief in Islam and the followings of the teachings of Muhammed (Mohammed or one’s preferred spelling) suggest in itself that the person may be mentally ill?” and therefore remind me that the fascist Left (Communists) use to describe Christians as mentally ill because the Christians believed in God whose existence could not be manifestly proved.

      Funny how that has dropped out of use.

      Well, dropped out of use as far as Muslims are concerned. I know a bunch of lefties who are still very keen to ascribe madness to white Christians.


      • sanitycheck2 says:

        It is not the belief in a deity or in a prophet that calls the believer’s sanity into question.

        It is the belief that the deity (or prophet) is commanding one to kill others, to wage jihad, to commit [email protected] or have pedophilic sex ect. that calls the sanity of the believer into question. It is the belief that this is the deity’s will and that as a follower one will be rewarded by acting in that manner that raises issues. If the Quran was a peaceful tome extolling the virtues of love and good will to all, and condemning violence and hatred, then that would be different. There is no comparison with Christianity, at least not after the New Testament.

        What sane person believes that the deity wants you to strap on a suicide vest, go into a crowed place, and blow to pieces young children, to rip their arms and legs off,, to murder them in the most savage and brutal manner?

        If that is what one believes then that raises questions as to one’s sanity.


        • NCBBC says:

          One can always test a proposition against experimental results.

          Islam leads to mass deaths and the destruction of society – Muslims abandoning Muslim countries and invading the West.

          Communism too leads to mass deaths and the destruction of society/

          Christian faith has brought us Western civilisation. Abolishing of an eye for eye, mercy and compassion.
          As Christian faith falls in the West, so too the West


  8. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    In recent years there has been a fashionable epidemic of children being labelled as autistic/ Asperger’s/ etc, probably because their parents see it as a cop-out for being badly brought-up or a euphemism for naughty, or because it gets them extra privileges at school or in taking exams etc.
    But this seems to be entirely a white thing: how many Muslim kids are ever labelled ‘on the spectrum’? Do their parents and teachers just assume that Muslim kids behaving oddly are normal because of their beliefs?


  9. NCBBC says:

    Marseille terror as white van ploughs into bus shelters killing one, ISIS celebrates


    • Grant says:


      If that is the way that non-native American supporters of Antifa feel then they should all leave the USA, surely ? Otherwise they risk being labelled as hypocrites.


      • NCBBC says:

        The trouble with these idiot badly educated leftys is that they dont know that Columbus never landed in North America. Real knowledge, even of a trivial nature, was never part of the Marxist courses these barbarians attended in university or college.


        • Grant says:


          True. Don’t tell the Lefties that there is good evidence that Africans made it to the Americas hundreds of years before. They would have a field day !


  10. Peter Grimes says:

    Even in France the murdering Islamist terrorists are crazy, it seems.

    But only one-third of them.

    I’m with those who think all true believers in Islam are psychotic!


    • Loobyloo says:

      It gets more ludicrous every day. Someone should be outraged cos by association they are labelling a huge, disproportionate number of muslims as mentally ill! This is racist, religionist, bigoted, alt-rightist blah blah quick, pull down a statue! What about the Louiss of france, weren’t they huge proponents of the slave trade – according to the book I’ve just read, anyway. I suppose they don’t have many statues of them?