Big Ben Silenced


When it was announced Big Ben was being silenced for four years I thought it was a story about James Chapman…perhaps he’d been neutered until Brexit was over and his madness suppressed.  Apparently though Big Ben is a big clock not a big cock.  Just why does the BBC give him so much airtime and his ravings so much coverage and credence?  Instead of telling us the very, very significant news that most poeple want to get on with Brexit and want a ‘hard Brexit’, ie Brexit, they preferred to report thaat there was a new political party being set up…to oppose Brexit …by our friend Chopper Chappers.


Project Fear continues courtesy of the BBC


Balance, Brexit and the BBC

And…the orchestrated BBC/Times pro-EU anti-Brexit hit job usng Chapman as the lethal weapon….

Guido takes a look at Chapman’s descent into anti-Brexit lunacy aided no doubt by the BBC’s enouragement and seal of approval.



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One Response to Big Ben Silenced

  1. Fedup says:

    I think we should leave Mr Chapman alone . Anyone who heard his interchange ( it really wasnt an interview) with Mr Rees Mogg on al beeb Toady a couple of weeks ago you would know he is a nutter & some of this friends in the bubble think he might top himself .

    Any way – to more important will cost a shedload of taxpayer cash to update the Houses of Parliament and if anyone has wondered about it you’ll know why.

    Close the whole thing down . Move it to a cheaper part of the country – Birmingham – and if anyone doesn’t like it MPs / peers – let them stand down as there are plenty of people who can do the job.

    And turn the Palace of Westminster into a museum because it’s overburdened with false tradition and archaic rules.
    Plus the people in that place have ruined Blighty.