Acid Test

Police in Boston clash with protesters against a conservative rally, 19 August 2017


No irony that on the day we had the Islamic terror attacks in Spain the BBC were trying to tell us that Islamic extremists were ‘brainwashed’ victims and that we should be welcoming them into Europe…and they say Trump is a supporter of extremism!?

The Brainwashed teens fleeing to Europe

Identifying the worst affected is difficult enough. Treating them, stopping the nightmares and repairing the trauma will be costly and time-consuming. They have missed so much proper schooling that finding them jobs will be hard. And returning them to their faith, one that isn’t polluted by jihadist ideology, needs perseverance.

That might be enough to save them, to bring them back into their societies, to help Iraq and Syria rebuild. Treating those who have suffered and escaped to the West might stop them becoming criminals, or worse.

But all of that will be difficult and unpopular. And perhaps those experts of division and destruction, IS, always knew this.
After all, who would want to help a boy who wanted to be a suicide bomber?

Poor lads.  Hmmm….wonder who they killed, raped and tortured whilst in Syria and Iraq.  Don’t ask…it would be Islamophobic to ask if they have committed any warcrimes in the name of Allah.

On a similar note Bob Nelson in the comments notes that the BBC has failed to mention that the Antifa attackers both in Charlottesville and Boston were thought to have had acid in their arsenal of weapons that they used to shut down free speech…no irony that a free speech rally is silenced by their intimidation and violence or threat of….

From the Telegraph:

American police had feared radical bands of counter-protesters were adding acid to their arsenal of extreme violence as they tried to disrupt far Right rallies and protests.

As free speech campaigners and counter-protesters gathered in Boston for the latest potential flashpoint on Saturday, officers said they were worried militants were armed with acid.

“We think it’s what they had in Charlottesville,” said one policeman, dressed all in black and equipped with a body camera, referring to violence last weekend in Virginia. “They are using hydrochloric acid or battery acid.

“Their tactic now seems to be to cause so much trouble that the event just gets shut down before it can even begin.”


From the BBC:



Remember this is the BBC that only last week or so were giving a huge amount of coverage to criminal moped gangs throwing acid at people…but if it’s done in a ‘good cause’ it seems the BBC look the other way. [The BBC did of course blame the Tories for the rise in acid attacks ‘since 2010’.]

Freedom of speech or freedom to throw acid in people’s faces…which one do you think a BBC journalist should be supporting if they are to support anything?

At the moment it looks like they support acid throwing left-wing terrorists….they accuse Trump of being a white supremacist because he was ‘silent’ about the KKK etc [except of course he wasn’t…he just denounced all violence at Charlottesville]…thus by the same standard the BBC’s silence on the acid means they condone such behaviour and support the terrorists.









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6 Responses to Acid Test

  1. JimS says:

    But acid attacks are a British institution!

    According to Dr. Simon Harding the practice started in Scotland some 200 years ago.

    [Tommy Robinson Reacts to Vice on acid attacks: link 7min 04s]


    • Grant says:


      I read Harding’s comments. What an asshole. Someone should petition Krankie to apologise for the Scots inventing acid attacks.


      • Fedup says:

        Fairly typical of al beeb to publicise acid attacks and then moan about their increase and complain that the authorities are not doing enough to stop them .

        Reminds me of the spate of mobile phone thefts which was stoked by the msm as well as the use of mopeds for robberies – partly supported by some hairbrained police idea about avoiding chasing moped criminals in case they got hurt.


        • Spider says:

          Last year there was an outcry when some poor young lad died on a moped while being chased by the wicked police. Nevermind that the ped was stolen and the unfortunately deceased boy had drugs on him. The press lambasted the police and poured pity on the criminals family. The met then issued a blanket ban on chasing two wheeled vehicles, except in life or death situations. That order still stands. It will not change untill the public pester politicians to give police some protection. The police are protecting themselves, and will continue to do so. So if you really care about it, contact your MP.


  2. lojolondon says:

    Apparently there have been several moped attacks right near the BBC headquarters in London, so you can expect to hear much more about this particular crime, daily pressure on the police to crack down, loads of coverage whatever happens. After all, it would be really sad if some Beeboid got a cup of acid thrown in his face on the way to work, wouldn’t it?