It didin’t take long to realise the above video was the usual BBC ‘opinion piece’ that oddly matches the BBC’s own thinking…this time on climate change and the need for the West to commit suicide.

In essence what we have is a man proposing communism…a command economy where ‘someone’ decides what job you have, how much you get paid and what and how much you can buy in the shops.  Guess he’s not a student of history nor of common sense.  Communism only works at the point of a gun.


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4 Responses to Watermelon

  1. Pounce says:

    5 mins on my IPad, tells me this wanker is a South African who works in London , he tweets daily so he has a mobile phone or tablet and where he promotes his book on Amazon. So if this PC Champion actually subscribed to what he promotes he would fuck off back home, ( by foot) get rid of his dog and bone and hand over all the money from his book to the people of granfell. Why he feels that Facebook should pay its users

    Anybody else not see that happening?


  2. Grant says:

    What a hypocritical idiot. Without economic growth the poor remain poor. Is that what this prick wants . What is killing us is population growth and growth and spread of Islam.


  3. JimS says:

    Oh, I don’t know, it’s got potential.

    All those economic migrants want to increase their personal GDP and in so doing increase the GDP of ‘the West’, (reducing the GDP per capita, which is the real measure of ‘progress’.

    So stop them coming, send the ones here back. This will reduce world consumption, (good), reduce the West’s share of global GDP, (good), and boost the GDP of Africa and Asia, (good).

    As a South African he can set an example. British Airways, South African and Virgin Atlantic do direct flights.


    • Fedup says:

      I always enjoy the green / socialist argument about limiting economic growth. It the view of a comfortable smug git. Perhaps he should get a cleaning job on minimum wage and get up at 430am to catch a bus to work.
      Or encourage beeboids to have a hair cut on their pay and expenses – perhaps an initial 10 % pay cut followed by 5% each year.