The Gap of Understanding and a Dangerous EU


Blair was on R4 today having a  quick spin through his life and works.  Amusingly introduced as a Prime Minister who had ‘energetic policies at home and abroad’.   We got little new…except one pro-Brexit ‘bombshell’…ignored by the BBC of course…..

A ‘powerful media destroyed Kinnock’…hmm…no, he was a useless windbag.  This apparently was one thing that encouraged Blair to keep an iron grip on his party and its utterances because of the feral Press…never mind he had most of the feral Press in his pocket….the Sun and the Times were absolutely on board for all his reign…and only the Iraq War came between the BBC and Blair bromance.

Blair tells us that when he invaded Iraq he hadn’t realised that Iran might poke their nose in or that Al Qaeda might get involved…..have to say if that were true it would be astonishing.  Any fool would know Iran would be stirring the pot and that Al Qaeda had already expressed an interest in toppling Saddam themselves [when they were rebuffed in this venture by the Saudis back in the 1990’s Bin Laden then turned his ire on the Americans]…and they knew AQ had toppled the Twin Towers in order to get the US involved in a war…so pretty well impossible not to know these two players were going to want to join in.

Blair says it was a ‘gap of understanding’…the same dumb ‘gap of understanding’ that the supposedly brilliant financial wizard, Gordon Brown, had when  he admitted, after deregulating all the banks, that he hadn’t realised how interconnected and complex the banking system was as it crashed all around him.  Beyond belief.

Blair then comes up with the real point of this post…his comments on the Euro.   He admits that the EU is a political project but one that expresses itself in economic outcomes and that he was really quite sceptical about joining the Euro [lol].

The astonishing admission [especially in light of his recent pro-EU propaganda] is that he wouldn’t want to join the Euro if the economics weren’t right…that would be dangerous…the economics weren’t right when he was PM and they aren’t right now.   The problem, as we all know, is that with so many countries in the club they all have different speed economies that just don’t match and don’t join up, there is no convergence.  This is dangerous.

So joining the Euro, the EU, would be dangerous.  You might think such a huge and significant point would be headline news on the BBC considering the importance and controversial nature of Brexit and that so many Remainers clearly need some reassurance that leaving the EU is a good thing.  The BBC certainly gave Blair lots of airtime, indeed the headline story on the web, when he made his recent statement on behalf of the EU.  No such headlines, or any mention at all so far, about his very negative comment about the worth of the EU.

The BBC likes to concentrate on the economics of Brexit even though that wasn’t the point of the vote, but when the real costs of being in the EU are highlighted they suddenly go mute.  Following news bulletins after the interview programme quoted some of Blair’s words but missed the most significant.  Wonder why.






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8 Responses to The Gap of Understanding and a Dangerous EU

  1. Deborah says:

    This interview with Blair was all part of what I have seen over the last 2 days, of how the BBC rewrites history. This is real 1984 stuff. We had Blair, not with an insightful interview, but with his version of the Iraq war and his premiership. But over the last couple of days we had yesterday on WATO, 10 years since the banks crashed and Gordon saving the world (sorry the banks) and then this morning on the Today programme we had Al Gore with his version of global warming.

    None of this is just bias; this is rewriting history. The truth no longer matters. How much more dangerous is the world that the BBC is leading us into?


  2. countryblues says:

    I’ve survived many PMs during my lifetime but, I truly despise Blair and Brown and New Labour for ALL the damage they inflicted upon this nation. I now wish Kinnock had won the election in 1992 and, perhaps, been spared from Blair 🙁


    • NCBBC says:

      You nay well be right. Its hard to imagine a Kinnock doing damage the UK to the extent that Blair and Brown did – unless by accident.


      • countryblues says:

        I have no doubt that Kinnock would have been a disaster but, 5 years of Labour at that time would have been a small price to pay if it meant avoiding 13 years of New Labour from which we will NEVER recover 🙁


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Not sure-Lord Kinnock and his gravy swilling family probably got us out of the EU!
      His sacking in 1999, and his hounding of Marta Andreasen certainly set the bells off on the bridge, and we have since seen that they STILL don`t do their accounts.
      Which is why we left.
      Kinnock is a low grade windbag…the very face of the florid floppy Left.


  3. Fedup says:

    I think even kinnock wouldn’t have left the door open to the accession states when everyone else except the Irish kept it closed. I don’t want to write what he said when challenged about this terrible failure and probably increased the population of England and Wales by 2 million in as many years causing much of the grief we have in public services now. Down to Blair and brown. Won’t hear this as the Albeeb version though.


  4. s.trubble says:

    When seeing him on TV you also think of Cherie and her role in damaging Britain by the ruinous growth of Human Rights lawyers and the many cases of deportation delayed for years and then failing at huge cost to the UK Taxpayer.


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Re the BBC and the EU? These eggs of theirs?
    Anybody else struggle to find the word “EU” mentioned in this dogs dinner of ineptitude and laziness?
    Like “Muslim” in the Newcastle paedo gang trial?…it`s always fun to find Wally in the reportss.
    So , like Grenfell…words like “EU “and “Green directives”…”Prescott”and “Pickles”…well, you just have to put them in yourself, and pray for that Day of Rage that gets the BBC put on the Brussels bonfire.