No flies on EU eggs


Why did the chlorinated chicken cross the Atlantic?  So that it could get its eggs sprayed with insecticide in the EU.  ha ha ha.

700,000 Euro eggs contaminated with insectide have made their way to Britain.  This is not a problem as I heard on R4 today.  700,000 is a drop in the ocean and anyway we shouldn’t be worried as, well, they’re in the food chain…so er no problem…despite the insecticide causing damage to people’s kidneys, liver and thyroid glands if eaten in large quantities.

Funny how chlorinated chicken is portrayed as a toxic devil’s food when chlorine is in our drinking water and in swimming pools and no food standard agency has found any danger from it and yet a poisonous insecticide is nothing to worry about.

Oh hang on…the chlorinated chicken comes from outside the EU and the toxic eggs from the EU.  All becomes clear.



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  1. Fedup says:

    I am assuming we will be claiming compensation from the EU Commission . We ahould be able to get a discount for the’ Fine’ we are to pay for having the termerity to leave the EU. We have to question the health of all EU food and perhaps source it from healthier places elsewhere.
    We won’t be hearing too much about this anti eu story on al Beeb .


  2. Fedup says:

    What better advertisement for the need to breggxit .


  3. Wild says:

    The BBC is still there because the Right are cowards. The BBC 24/7 opposes everything this Country believes in (Leftists hate Great Britain – it is their religion) and yet nobody stops them because the vested interests who run it might bite back. Of course they will squeal when you take their sinecures away, of course they want a propaganda channel, an anti-competitive tax funded monopoly, of course they are keen to change the population into something more compliant to their Statism, but don’t let them.

    People on the Right need to get some balls. What is the point of living if you don’t fight those who seek to destroy you? Do we just roll over and let things be run by the likes of Tristram Hunt, Baroness Scotland, and Anthony Hall? Those who despise the Left should destroy the (sleazy, bigoted, complacent, intolerant, self-serving, and propagandist) BBC, undermine its privileges, expose it to competition; you know, a free society, everything they hate.

    All it needs for them to triumph is for you to do nothing. We owe absolutely nothing to them. They owe us everything. We should take away their privileges and assert our freedom to choose. It is a freedom that has been fought for; when an British king started to get above himself, we chopped his head off. Now there are people who want to chop our heads off, and the BBC (inevitably, predictably, with the inexorable logic of their nihilism), are on their side.

    I don’t watch the BBC much these days, but when I do it is rarely anything more than propaganda,smug ignorance, and abuse of power, by tax funded leeches who hate this Country; indeed anybody who spends five minutes reading their in-house journal The Guardian soon realizes they despite this Country with a passion, with a passion every bit as strong as our love for it.

    I find myself asking, what can I do?


    • Fedup says:

      I agree but need to correct you. According to al Beeb ( with hon exceptions like Brillo) there is no “Right” there is only “extreme right” .


    • Teddy Bear says:

      Wild – glad to see you express the frustration you do at the inaction of those who can see what is happening to our society besides commenting on it.

      Here’s a post (below) I made on this site on January 1st 2016 – there were no responses.
      Since then I have ceased posting updates on the current BBC bias, both here and on my website, as I see no further point to it.
      So what if we keep observing a very clear agenda and comment on it with all the rage and dissatisfaction that it invokes? Is it just to release the frustration or to show just how aware we are? Either way this is not going to change anything.

      You say the Right are cowards, I don’t think that’s fair as what do you think they can realistically do to address the status quo?
      The Very Best Wishes to all the free thinkers here in the coming year.

      Also, like many of you here, I have come to the conclusion that there is no reforming the BBC. It is the mindset of those running it that is the real problem, and they would have to undergo lengthy psychological therapy and education to ever have a chance of addressing the abuse of power that we see as the consistent prevalent energy there.

      I have also come to the conclusion that neither will our politicians do anything about reforming the BBC either. Basically they are of a similar mindset and have mostly come to power as a result of BBC propaganda and the resultant society formed by it. They are each dependent on the other.

      Over the years I have also come to various other observations concerning this mindset and what really has to happen to neutralize it in the effort to try and re-establish those qualities and values within society that promote real growth and harmony.

      What I see very often here are those who interpret BBC thinking based on their own – though this is natural, it is a big mistake in my opinion. There is little basic difference between those drawn to the BBC, or much of the media today, and the jihadist or those behind them.

      A simple question to establish the difference.
      Do you seek power over others or do you prefer harmony and a loving comfortable lifestyle ideally doing work which you enjoy and find fulfilling?
      I’m going to presume that most here would, and have, shun the former option, even if it was made available.

      For some reason, that mostly I would conjecture begins as an inferiority complex, the mind of the power seeker fails to develop and explore naturally. Instead they cling to beliefs and tenets within a system whereby they can dismiss all other views or logic. Attaining more power confirms their ‘superiority’, regardless of real justification.

      If one reads the ‘symptoms’ and behaviour of a psychopath, certain behaviours we witness continually by the BBC are evident there.

      As far as I know there is no example in history that we can use to construct a suitable strategy to overcome this enemy. So to succeed we will need to be creative, using our ability to think freely to devise one.

      One thing from history we can learn from. It is this mindset that craves power that has caused most of the human misery of the past. Next time we are victorious over them, we can’t just go back to our old lives leaving the avenues of power to those seeking them. This is why humanity has continued to find itself returning to these dynamics.

      Your thoughts and inspirations are welcome.


      • Fedup says:

        Although a pessimist I believe we must just go on logging and discussing al beeb. I’m an abolitionist as I believe that the State should not be involved with broadcasting . Nor will I pay for it on moral grounds .

        Mr Farage started campaigning for brexit in 1979 and is possibly about to succeed .

        Al beeb can’t carry on as it is . Too many people are waking up to see it is just wrong .


        • Teddy Bear says:

          Fed, I understand why anybody would think it is important to keep ‘a finger on the pulse’ of what is being done to our society by those in power.
          Question is, other than hope, is there anything we can really do to bring down the status quo and establish common sense and real positive values?
          We know what a sham the BBC is. We can be sure our politicians are also aware of it yet are purposefully doing nothing to address it.
          What can really change this, whether a percentage of people are aware of it or not?


          • Fedup says:

            This is going to sound mad/ strange but I think Blighty needs a dash of socialism . A Corbyn working majority. It might make one year but by then the fools will have realised what socialists are even with an al beeb onslaught of propaganda .
            After that we get a real conservative government with truly radical policies such as real border control , the end of state intervention in broadcasting and returning the welfare state to a Beveridge model . JRM could do it .He is clearly principaled , rich and able to speak to people and listen .
            His snout will never be in the trough . For the record I am not rich and did not attend private schools .


            • Teddy Bear says:

              Fed, I think you might have something with your theory if everything remained as was.
              However it is more than likely that if socialists had more power in today’s world they would institute even more to remain in power. It’s bad enough as it has become already even with a supposed Conservative government in power.
              Imagine giving 15 year old’s the vote. Censoring and outlawing existing groups who go against the mainstream socialist dogma.
              We’ve seen it in other countries using the same means to achieve and further their power. It looks increasingly likely that this is what too much of Europe is doing again. We can already see too many signs of it happening here too.
              I wish I could see a real ‘peaceful’ solution, and without the weapons to fight it in any other way, descent into chaos as far as our mindset is concerned seems entirely possible.


              • Fedup says:

                Teddy ,
                Yes I appreciate the risk of rigging the vote- such has hairbrain ideas like reducing the voting age.
                I wondered if we were getting near serious social breakdown ( in London) in the last riots.
                The most likely breakdown would be empty supermarket shelves and disrupted fuel supplies . Short of a far more serious terrorist attack (s) than seen so far with mass casualties we are where we are.


                • Teddy Bear says:

                  Fed, what we know from history is that those who desire power for their own benefit will do everything and anything to achieve it.
                  The very observations that we record here and elsewhere are confirming that this is what’s going on here and now.
                  Empty supermarket shelves and disrupted fuel supplies would be blamed on every other cause, but those we know would be the real one would be obscured.
                  They will not let go until they are forced to and I have no idea thus far who would lead that war to bring it about.


      • Deborah says:

        Teddy Bear, I am sorry you no longer post. I post to relieve my frustration. I believe in truth, the freedom to say what i believe and that the BBC should be without bias as we all have to pay for it. But reading other people’s posts here helps me to read through the BBC ‘s propaganda. I don’t like being brainwashed and this site guides me towards my own free thinking.


        • Teddy Bear says:

          Deb, I completely understand and share the frustration most of us here feel and the subsequent need to express this. I now only post to help those here to find material, or make matters clearer, or resolve differences.
          What I am concerned mostly about is whether expressing and thereby releasing the continual cause of our frustration, BBC bias, is preventing us from finding the way to actually DO something to kill it off.
          I have no doubt that the BBC and most of the government that keep the license fee going are the real enemies of a free and positively developing society. It can only continue and grow worse if we can’t find a way to combat it effectively.
          We know already that the BBC are criminals and are causing untold deaths and suffering of innocents because of their agenda.
          Question is what can we effectively do to counter it besides just recording it.


    • Grant says:


      Top post !


  4. Deborahanother says:

    I too have come to the conclusion we are going to have to have Corbyns socialism to crash everything so we can start again.I never thought I would say that having lived through it the last time.We cannot go on with pretend conservatives too scared to say boo to a goose.

    Its very inconvenient for the BBC that the egg scandal arises from their beloved EU.If the eggs were British they would be declaring a state of emergency and the Frenchwould be blockading their ports.


    • Grant says:


      Hate to say it, but I agree with you. The problem is that , that if we get a dose of Marxism, we may never get out of it. The Tories have failed us very badly. They are useless and very stupid.


    • Fedup says:

      The main Corbyn problem is that the young do not understand what he did in supporting the IRA while we were under regular attack – as well as his other anti British favourites . People forget quickly . I don’t think the conservatives realised that in the last election.


  5. Jerry Owen says:

    On my way home last night the had a woman on BBC radio 2 saying that there was virtually miniscule risk as ‘most’ ( note most )of the eggs had been ‘processed’. Processed does of course simply mean cooked in foodstuffs. Is she saying that therefore eggs that are not ‘processed’ are more problematical? As far as I am aware no one eats raw eggs, those eggs we have in our fridges are ‘processed’ as soon as we cook them. Mixed message I believe. They are either have a risk or they don’t ‘processed’ means zilch.


  6. charmbrights says:

    It is necessary to look at the record of Labour Party ideas to see what the Corbynistas mght do. It was when Wilson was in no.10 that Wedgewood-Benn suggested abolishing general elections and only ever having by-elections as a good way of retaining power!