Labour Pains


Labour went round the media studios trying to find someone mug enough to give airtime to their latest piece of political spin doctoring as they tell us maternity services are in crisis…maternity centres having to turn away patients and not enough beds….the BBC willingly took on the task of informing the nation of this disaster…naturally the problem is too few midwives and not enough money.

Curiously not a single mention was made of the fact that the government has put enormous resources into maternity services, recruiting many more midwives.  Nor was there any mention of the real cause of the problem…the vast and rapid birthrate rise due to immigration….and just remember it was the BBC that was telling us that immigrants would not need to use the NHS as they were so young and fit….they just forgot the fertile….and of course let’s not forget who opened the door to all these migrants…so many of them now also being trafficked as slaves working in all sectors of commerce not just as prostitutes.  This would not have happened to anywhere near the same scale if the borders to the UK and the EU were not flung open to the world.






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12 Responses to Labour Pains

  1. Fedup says:

    Presumably out of the immigrants who have graced Blighty with their presence there must be midwifes who can the mid wife the immigrants who are knocking out little Mohammeds and others at an increasing rate . Problem solved right?

    I enjoy hearing about immigrants going home because they don’t feel comfortable in Blighty any more after the vote.,-al beeb likes that story .,normally get a telegenic lady German doctor or similar to say the words to make us feel guilty . Well all I can say is “bye” if that is the limit of your attachment to Britain.


  2. Deborahanother says:

    Seeing the headline ,and no reasonable explanation from the BBC or Labour, my mind switched off because we ordinary people know what the problem is.

    Where I live ,a high immigrant area ,every woman of child bearing age seems to be pregnant with a couple of small children too.Its not beyond common sense to see the link to incomers and the strain that is being put on maternity services let alone schools and the welfare system generally.

    The other announcement from the government about training 20,000 new doctors was startling because the medical unions were saying its not enough. How many doctors do we need then ? It cannot be just to treat elderly bed blockers.

    Still the BBC did tentatively report the racist overtones of the rape/paedophiles ,but only by quoting some one else’s words.Mealy mouthed BBC. Where is Panorama when you need it. Investigating ” far right” online hate speak ?


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Deborahanother: “Still the BBC did tentatively report the racist overtones of the rape/paedophiles ,but only by quoting some one else’s words. Mealy mouthed BBC.”

      Hi, it is not clear what you mean by “racist overtones of the rape / paedophiles”.

      The BBC rapidly went from a “convicted paedophile gang” story to a “British Police paying £10,000 to a rapist” story. That was part of a “blame the British Police” narrative.

      Once the BBC had established the “blame the British Police” narrative, they then added the issue of racism but only from the perspective of the failure of the British Police. The racism the BBC were flagging up was the racism of the British Police towards “Asians” – it was the fear of appearing to be racist that contributed to the “failure of the British Police”.

      But the “racism of the paedophiles” was not touched upon at all – which is the “racism” / disrespect many “Asian” Muslims have for non-Muslim white English girls. It was this “racism” that caused these “Asians” to see the white English girls as trash to be sexually abused as Muslim war booty.

      One only needs to examine Islamic history to see this type of activity repeated every time Islam conquers new territory. Non-converts to Islam are susceptible to slaughter or to be taken as war booty. Young girls were often taken as sex slaves. There was a recent example of this in Africa with Boko Haram capturing African school girls.


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        ps: We also have the case of Yazidi Girls being taken as sex slaves by “Islamic State” in Syria. It really is part of Islamic history and is underwritten in the Qur’an.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        To be fair to the BBC-this “pay the paedo” scent trail was likely due to the NSPCC getting a phone call to pad out the day trip up to Tyneside by a Salford Jet from the BBC intern flan-flinger.
        The Childrens Society bloke was fair put out to respond to it all on Sky next day. Paedos Popular Front as opposed to the Popular Front of the Paedos or what have you.

        Competitive tenderising-one of Blairs creations as I recall, Alan Milburn lives nearby as do most of New Labour as I recall(Mowlem, Byers, Mandelson, Blair, Brown(N)…etc, etc…)

        These quangos are Batmanghedghlis soft stools-and all are having a very good war are they not?
        Is Paddy Power taking bets on where the next Paedislamic gang are going to emerge from?
        My moneys on Galashiels…or somewhere Scottish and strange.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Only hope those few hundred doctors incluse a few tropical diseases types, as well as vagina sculptors, STD and gene checkers for incestuous glitches as well as skin grafters.
      Bet Unison and the first responder industry…the NHS worshipping quango queens at LIFE or GOSH too…will welcome the chances to get on telly, pit their wits and reflexes against the latestr acid attack or TB variant in need of new pharmaclogy…and get on Desert Island Discs or Strictly by way of reward.
      The more crime, deviancy and wiping out of those who lived here before Blair got going?
      The more hi viz, alarms and media work following the adrenaline and semtex for the “passionately caring professors” who face me in my Unison mag this morning.
      From Vic Feather to Frances O Gardy…a feather boa of marxist privilege on £150K.
      No wonder the BBC let her into the studio being on the same pay grade as all our other “beautiful betters”


  3. Cassandra says:

    Did somebody mention Labour figures? A much loved and popular contributor to these pages known as Maxi asked me to pass this on in his absence to peruse at your leisure…



    • Grant says:


      LOL ! I am generally against censorship , but there are one or two exceptions.


  4. magicoat says:

    My I suggest limit family and child allowance to one wife and two children.
    Whoops does that make me a racist?


    • Clare says:

      It makes you bad on so many levels:

      Two children? Racist!
      One wife? Racist!
      Implying a husband and a wife? You are discriminating against one parent families!
      A wife at all? Homophobe!
      Daring to interfere at all! Fascist!


    • Peter Grimes says:

      They get round that in the good ol’ WIndian way – baybeemuvvas. Lots of women living off benefits in separate state-funded properties producing sprogs, the benefit-funded male travelling around in an untaxed car driven without a licence doing his bit to genetically engineer the caliphate.


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Got my Unison magazine sent today.
    All moaning about public sector workers needing to resist the pay cap. Somehow the bosses have too many workers to choose from so we don`t get our pay rising.
    But also moaning about Brexit needing to be fought, so that more migrants can come in to get chosen by the bosses to further reduce our chances of a pay rise.
    No contradiction allowed…both articles in the same mag…what tumbleweed connections?

    I get a pittance to wipe old ladies arses and dump the nappies and pads.
    I`m somehow paying for Unison to send the soiled stuff all back to my house for me to read the runes of Labours droolings when I`m off duty,