Follow the money


The BBC were chuntering on about the British company ‘Worldpay’ being sold to foreign investors and the loss of an important company as a ‘British asset’.

Funny how all those who talk this way are quite happy to see Britain, the whole country, sold out to the EU, our sovereignty gone and all control handed over to unelected Eurocrats who definitely do not have British interests at the forefront of their minds.

Naturally, despite the sale making over £9 billion [originally bought for a mere £2 billion], the BBC managed to blame Brexit for the sale…apparently the drop in the pound making our companies vulnerable to takeover ‘cheaply’.




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3 Responses to Follow the money

  1. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The BBC are complete – well what this man is doing:


  2. JosF says:

    Now if someone from overseas was to buy out the BBC then I would not stop them on one condition they take every BBC asset and employee with them, I dont supose many people will miss it apart from the EU, the muslim vermin their leftard useful idiots and the guardianistas.


  3. Amounderness Lad says:

    Once again the bBBC are spinning their own twisted anti-Brexit propaganda. The truth of the matter is that Worldpay is foreign owned not because of Brexit but because of the interference of the EU.
    Under various previous names Worldpay was originally part of NatWest Bank. When the last Labour Government, with Brown’s complicity, manipulated the takeover rules to allow the much smaller RBS to swallow the much larger NatWest in one huge gulp, which gave it a near monopoly of finance in certain areas, the EU, in 2009, insisted on sell offs of certain parts of RBS/NatWest or it would intervene and block the takeover.

    The result was that Worldpay had to be sold off by RBS and an enforced sell off is a bit like having a closing down sale. Buyers know full well that the business has to be sold off, usually within a given time period, so those waiting until the last minute can buy the business at bargain rates, well below it’s real worth. The result was that Worldpay, in 2010, was acquired by two American owned businesses buying a 40% share each with the remaining 20% being retained by RBS as a minority shareholder. In other words Worldpay has already been mainly foreign owned since 2010, long before Brexit was even being considered, never mind it being even likely to occur.

    In effect Worldpay is simply being sold by one group of foreigners to another group of foreigners, Worldpay not having been a British owned business for the whole of the last seven years. But that, obviously, doesn’t stop the bBBC spreading the anti-Brexit propaganda myth that it is becoming foreign owned all because of Brexit rather than the truth that it became foreign owned because of the interference of the EU Eurocrats in the first place.