Here you go, a new Open Thread. I see the BBC equates President Trump with Kim Jung Un and chooses to present Trump as the real menace to peace. Sickening.

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796 Responses to MID WEEK OPEN THREAD….

  1. neil9327 says:

    The BBC reporting the “far-right” rally in Virginia, where one person is sadly killed. Notice the contrast in the reporting style between this and the equivalent types of protests by blacks etc.

    In the case of today’s “far-right” (mainly white person’s) rally, it is reported that there have been protests by people (implictly “normal” people) against the rally.

    But if it had been a black person’s rally the reporting would have been of the thing that the black people were protesting against. For example the Treyvon Martin protests – the reporting was inextricably linked to the thing they were protesting about (the death of Treyvon Martin), rather than the fact of them protesting or peoples’ reaction to them protesting.

    i.e. when reporting white protest, the reasons for the protest are not highlighted – the BBC does not want people to have any sympathy with any possible grievance that white people have, only grievances black people may have.

    Just so you know, the far right rally was protesting the removal of a statue of a Confederate General Robert E Lee from a local town. But there is no way these protests will be referred to as the “General Lee protests”. And no BBC journalist is going to be going in too much detail about “Disaffected white working class men let down by the system and disadvantaged as a result etc as they would with black protesters.


    • G says:

      I much prefer the accuracy of The New Observers reporting on the matter –

      As we know only too well, the BBC in particular and the media in general will always modify and massage the facts by reference to their own agenda’s before broadcasting their so-called, “news” – White people: evil, dangerous and hated; Black/asian people: wonderful, intelligent human beings continually condemned indiscriminately by the white people. All the better if they are muslim.


      • Clare says:

        Without disagreeing with any of this, I think it would help the white people’s case if the macho militia men would keep their dressing up chests closed and stay well away.

        I’m glad we don’t get that here. A few football shirts don’t divert attention away from UAF violence to the same extent, in spite of the MSM’s best efforts.


    • MartinW says:

      …and now over to Laura Bicker, our Washington correspondent [who will criticise Trump at some point during her report] …..


  2. Charlie Martel says:

    Charlotesville: The full details are not out yet, but if their ‘Antifa’ and BLM are anything like ours, they went for trouble, and they got it.


  3. Sluff says:

    An enightening few moments at the World Athletics championships in the men’s team sprint.
    The UK won the gold medal!! Usain Bolt pulled a muscle in the home straight and did not finish.
    The bBBC were expecting and planning for a Bolt wankfest but the result did not go to plan.
    In the immediate aftermath of the race, as the UK team rejoiced, the commentator actually apologised for not covering Bolt enough !!!! FFS. Later, the news headlines I saw gave Bolt first mention and only followed by the UK gold medal..
    This morning Bolt and the UK victory even now are given only roughly equal headlines.

    The BBC. Where national success comes second when it does not fit the narrative.


    • Grant says:


      Were there any white men in the UK team ?


      • Sluff says:

        Don’t think so. Personally I have no problem with the best being the best.
        But no prizes for the contrast with the quotas on the bBBC where various …ahem presenters and journalists….are clearly in post because of their ethnicity, sex, or ability/disability.

        If all the British athletes had been ‘hideously white’ just imagine the self righteous indignation by the bBBC, Guardian, Equalities Industry, not to mention Dianne you-know-who et al.


    • charmbrights says:

      In the report on http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/40913478 of the six photos there are three of the GB Men, one of the GB women (who won silver) and only two of Bolt’s problem. Not quite as “on message” as I expected.


  4. charmbrights says:

    Danny Talbot certainly could pass as white. Adam Gemili is very light coloured but the name makes me wonder.

    Hold on there’s a police man at the door.


  5. G says:

    The BBC and Daily Mail made a big issue out of this so-called “News” because it fitted in very nicely with their relentless determination to persuade the white British that they are really black and asian –

    The New Observers article pops the BBC/Mail’s balloon when it describes the “News” as being fake.


  6. StewGreen says:

    JRM is on R4 now reviewing the papers

    Asked about him being Tory leader he replied “I wouldn’t put any money on it”

    On green energy he said it should not have been forced on us at great expense.
    “I welcome it coming as now cheaper”

    That’s naive cos oil gas will always drop in price to beat solar/wind.


  7. G says:

    I do not recollect hearing the BBC explain the meaning of this delectable quote from the trial in Newcastle of the muslim paedophiles:

    ‘All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.’



  8. G says:

    Trump v Marxist American Elite –

    By the way, what happened to the report from the Henry Jackson Society that looked into Saudi Arabia financing islamic extremism in the UK? –
    “In a response to a parliamentary question asked by Green MP Caroline Lucas, Ms May said: “The review into the funding of Islamist extremism has improved the Government’s understanding of the nature, scale and sources of funding for Islamist extremism in the UK. “Ministers are considering advice on what is able to be published and will report to Parliament with an update in due course.”
    Last month, a spokesman for the Home Office admitted to The Guardian that the report may never be published as its contents were “very sensitive”. ”
    The Report. Nice mug of tea, (Faure’s ‘Dolly Suite’ in the background – for those who remember………) and settle down to an interesting read:


  9. Synchronised says:

    Does anyone think the events in the US would be getting the same coverage if Hillary was in the Whitehouse. Same old narrative from the left, Brexiteers are racists and anyone who supports Trump is a White supremacist.


  10. wronged says:


    British Pound to go Below 1.0 v Euro by early 2018 say Morgan Stanley.

    I fear that this is the moment when the Remainers will attempt to completely overturn Brexit. If the attempt happens, Brexiteers will need to be prepared for the onslaught. BBC will make much of this news.


  11. chrisH says:

    Thank God for Brian D`Arcy…and Daniel O Donnell, both of who were loved by my late parents.
    Good ecumenical matters done on Radio 4 after the 8am news today.
    Unfortunately I had to sit through the lies ;the slies,slurries and effluent that is BBC News.

    Paper reviews all over Trump not condeming the Lefties getting small payback-finally.
    And bloody Mitch Mercury from International Rescue piping free from New York about our need to vote again like Soubry etc.

    Fuck David Miliband…who asked him, any more that they ask Soubry and Vince Cable. The BBC have got to be defanged.

    And loads of shit over SirMo…what is it with sporting nomarks geting that “Sir” bit automatically tagged on…as in bloody S`ralex Ferguson for example.
    This does NOT apply to the mighty Sir Ian Botham of course…turns out the RSPB see foxes and red kites as criminal refugee gangs and in need of more territory on the grouse moors.
    Told my wife and friends-lots of RSPB cards getting torn up thanks to Sir Ian in todays Mail.
    Oh and Sir Roger Daltrey surely-if they`re Brexit, they are toffs and royalty I say.


    • Grant says:


      Read the article in the Mail by Beefy today. Excellent. I resigned my membership of the RSPB many years ago because I care about birds and they do not. Just another Lefty charity milking the taxpayer and tax relief. Go for it Beefy, hit them for 6 !


      • chrisH says:

        As a complete cricket know-nothing-even I know and knew the greatness of Ian Botham
        A truly beloved son of Albion- I worked at Bognor Regis Butlins as he won the Ashes in 1981, and he really hit home with the Express reading, Ben Truman patriots who came on holiday.
        I thought them Tory tossers, so shows how wrong I was-great tippers, and the voice of an England we hardly ever see.
        Brexit is what they`d have wanted-our job to atone and ensure it for their grandkids.
        I know Botham went for that Ian Chappell creep-so he`s even more of a national hero to us!
        Great guy…we used to make plenty like him and think the likes of Packham were freaks, misfit deviants…now we laud a Coe and sneer at a Briscow…all arse end up innit?


  12. Synchronised says:

    Caught a glimpse of the BBC news lunchtime. Report on the joint cabinet letter re Brexit. Who do they get on to discuss but an anti Brexiteer from the SNP. No one else on to discuss as a matter of balance. Fortunately it was a bad link so they had to finish. Don’t know if they had him back on. Before that they had Imran Khan on publicising the plight of Muslims under the current Indian regime. Again no one on to counter or discuss.


  13. Manxman says:

    This article in the mail sum’s up the ”pretend” rightwing paper,……..they are gate-keepers nothing more, the language and remainer bias shows thru the pretence, it is derided as alt-right etc, and employs a few journalists who ”speak” Rightwing, but it is nothing more the the divide and conquer cultural marxist at heart…..an extension of identity politics………..the tribal dumb mail reader,…..lefty mantra.

    And a nice earner with 16 million rightwing sheep reading it everyday.

    This Rees Mogg article .. its just a brexit article in disguise.

    They have 3/4 rabid remains take up most of the article, mathew parris gets 10 x the space any of it was worth, they go heavy on the anti-moggers………



    • Grant says:


      ” Pretend ” sums the Mail up !


      • Grant says:

        PS Notice that they call JRM a “maverick ” . What do they mean by that ? He is a real conservative, free-thinking , highly intelligent, cares about his country. So the spineless Tory slime will try and stop him .

        By the way, where is the useless Treezer ? She seems to spend most of her time on holiday. Does she get paid for that ? Wish she would take a full-time holiday forever. She is crap.


        • chrisH says:

          All Rees Mogg has to do is stay straight, uncomplicated and focused.
          Any true independent Tory like him, Paterson, Drax-those who don`t need to give a damn about careers or getting paid BBC work-will come into a good inheritance very soon if they keep their nerve. We will then wonder how we ever let the likes of Soubry, Miller, Morgan, Hammond, Duncan or Rudd into politics. Tory Scum-skim it off.


  14. Manxman says:

    Yes Grant, the main message = hard brexit = economic breakdown, soft brexit = good…
    Rees Mogg eccentric hard brexter, instead of a wishes of the people tory,………..out is out, on our terms or the EU can eat it.
    Theres onlyout , with or without mutual tariffing in realty, or you are still in.


    • Grant says:


      If we had a PM with balls , we would be out by now. The whole thing is a farce. These idiots do not have a clue what they are doing. Utterly useless creatures.


      • chrisH says:

        I only ever look at all BBC “news” these days as Soros droolings.
        1. Impeach Trump , come what may
        2. Force us to stay in the E.U come what may.
        These are the only two agendas across the Soros-styled world they created, and won`t allow to be derailed.
        But they will be-the levels of depth of hate for them, desperation for us make this a fight to the death, There are more of us than there are of them-and we here are particularly dangerous to them, because we`re educated, have little to lose and have kids to fight for.
        We here really ought to be in their pockets, seeing as we`ve been educated to this-so our contempt for them is personal, those who defend their Soros gimps are despicable suckups and empty headed scum…we know, we`ve worked with them.
        I myself work through churches, UKIP , teaching unions and schools…and not a day goes by when I don`t want their smug fat smirking heads up on poles.
        Say Charlotteville-just start with the need to have more General Lee and, Confederate flags, assume that there are Soros Antifa paid plants in there, and that the cameras beg for us to think Trump or Brexit types are wrong. They`re not-they`re right and we salute those who hate “Lee Must Fall” lefty goons as we do.
        Playing Lynard Skynard songs all day today!


      • Oaknash says:

        Manx and Grant – I seem to remember that the Mail was one of the main Fleet Street cheerleaders helping to torpedo Leadsome leadership bid after the referendum and helping to sell the reliable and “safe pair of hands” Vicars daughter to us, despite the fact that she spent pretty much the whole of the referendum – fence sitting and doing her damnedest not to put her sensibly coiffured barnet any where near the parapet. (This is also why I do not trust the late brexit convert BOJO either)

        And how has the safe and reliable pair of hands helped the brexit process – She stalled for time to allow the remainers to organise legal challenges, she ensured the cabinet was still dominated by remainers in major political posts and managed to lose an election by alienating her core supporters and trying to imitate Labour instead of being true to real Conservative values

        I said when she was elected that I did not believe she could be trusted with brexit – and if anything I feel that this is still the case.

        Just like the Mail she has no real core beliefs – and at this rate appears to be doing little more than keeping the Prime Ministers seat warm for Comrade Jeremy who is currently busy doing festivals but would like “his turn ” when the weather gets a bit cooler.


        • Manxman says:

          Yeah millions and millions of people without a party to vote for, only a vote to keep certain parties out.

          I.e. no party on the right of centre, and the tory left being the only optional vote to keep out the labour left. so tory it is thru gritted teeth.
          I hope they all get incurable itchy nutsack syndrome.


        • Grant says:


          Agreed. Treezer is a superficial airhead . Totally useless. If I have a vote in the next election , I am going to vote Labour for the first time in my life. This country needs a dose of hard Marxism to shake it up. And the Tories need to be punished for their treachery.


          • Manxman says:

            Are you OK grant, have you been hacked.


            • Grant says:


              Maybe ! But I really do not see anyway out. What is the point of voting Tory, when they do nothing ? If JRM was leader , I would vote for them but no point so long as Treezer is there or some replacement clone. They have been in power many years now and failed to stop the march of socialism. Cameron was useless and Treezer is even worse. May as well have the real thing. That is what brought Maggie to power. We need a saviour not a muppet !


              • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

                Nowadays I tend to think of Labour and Tory parties like two insane bus drivers. They’re both determined to drive all the passengers off the cliff, except the Tory one wants to take a slightly more scenic route to oblivion. Neither has the slightest bit of interest in the good of the country or its future.

                I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead in 20 years time anyway, but within that period 3 or 4 years of ruinous Labour rule might just be enough to push enough people over the edge and who knows what force might rise from the ashes? We’re not getting anywhere with the current ‘Conservative’ lot that’s for sure.

                None of them have any guts to make hard decisions about anything. They are mostly a feeble useless visionless bunch of nonentities in thrall to the media and PR. They have done nothing to deserve any votes – and if they cock up Brexit, they will have betrayed the majority who were hoping we could begin to cure the lunacy under which we’ve been living for so long.


            • wronged says:

              Time for a lie down Grant, the sun in Gambia has got the better of you.


              • Grant says:


                I am not entirely joking. I cannot see any other way of shaking up the lazy, incompetent, stupid Tories. Well most of them . Maybe UKIP can come to the rescue but I doubt it.


                • Lock13 says:

                  I’m with you Grant – I will vote Labour this Country needs to go down again before people realise what the fk is going on.


                  • Grant says:


                    In my whole life, I never thought I would say something like that. But it is getting so serious now and the Tories are doing nothing.


                    • Oaknash says:

                      Grant – I agree with the sentiment and to be truthful the Tories these days increasingly seem to resemble a counterfeit Labour party rather than a Conservative one. The Tories have also moved on from “Hug a Hoody” to ” Hug a Hassan”.

                      My only major reservation with your tactic is that if Labour got in they in all likelihood would loosen border controls even further in an attempt to gerrymander “Labour Forever” majorities.

                      As I have said before, both parties are more than willing to put their party before their culture and country and would probably sell their grandmothers and daughters in an attempt to ensure a parliamentary majority.

                      Slightly off the point but I think think very illuminating about their loyalty to our country is the Tory parties determined lack of interest in dealing with Saudi funding of muslim extremists in the UK. They said they could not release the report because the findings were extremely sensitive!

                      Sensitive to who I wonder!


  15. taffman says:

    “……In a statement, the BBC said: “The BBC’s role is to hear different views so listeners are informed about all sides of debate and we are required to ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality.”……………………………
    Does the same statement apply to Brexit ?
    Over to you maxincony…………..


  16. G says:

    Charlottesville – I would sooner trust this version of events rather than anything broadcast by the BBC and the rest of the lying media –


    • wronged says:

      I once signed a petition for the erection of a statue of Enoch Powell at the entrance to the Palace of Westminster.
      It was rejected by the Tory led’right on’ cowardly lefty Cameron and his EU puppet, with fingers in the trough, Clegg.

      Other than Guy Fawkes, Powell was one of the few men who entered the world of politics with honest intentions. Rees Mogg is the nearest political figure we have of Powell’s calibre.

      I would now like a statue of Powell to be erected not in Westminster but in Tower Hamlets as proof that he was right and should be recognised as such.

      Underneath the statue I want the words
      -I warned you this would happen.


  17. Pounce says:

    Any chance we can have a new board for a fortnights time?


  18. Manxman says:

    We live in a time where lying is just part and parcel of every day life.

    The bbc’s daily trans-fest, always referring to the men as ”she”.
    Lies, the journalist lying willingly or trapped by pc.

    Take a receptionist, dealing with a long blond haired woman, identifying as male, if the receptionist doesnt address her as Mr, thats a sackable ”offense” so the receptionist is forced to be dishonest,……this type of lying riddles us, speak factually and you could very easily go to jail, not just lose a job, depends how ”offensive” the factuallity [sic] is.


  19. seismicboy says:

    I live in North-West Kent There is a guy who flies a Spitfire around overhead almost every day complete with Merlin V12 – lovely sound. Nostalgia flights at 2.7 large ones per go apparently. Maybe he’s out of Rochester airport. I see it from my garden and out on my run. Every time I see it it gives me a buzz.


    • Pounce says:

      I live in North-West Kent There is a guy who flies a Spitfire around overhead almost every day complete with Merlin V12 – lovely sound

      Isn’t it just, the sound is so distinctive. Very lucky to have heard the Lancaster fly many times and that is almost as good.

      The thing is whilst the left love to talk about the T34 as the weapon that defeated Nazis Germany (quality as opposed to quality) The Merlin Engine played a huge part in defeating the Axis: Aircraft that used the Merlin:
      Armstrong Whitworth Whitley
      Avro Athena
      Avro Lancaster
      Avro Lancastrian
      Avro Lincoln
      Avro Manchester III
      Avro Tudor
      Avro York
      Boulton Paul Balliol and Sea Balliol
      Boulton Paul Defiant
      Bristol Beaufighter II
      CAC CA-18 Mark 23 Mustang
      Canadair North Star
      CASA 2.111B and D
      Cierva Air Horse
      de Havilland Mosquito
      de Havilland Hornet
      Fairey Barracuda
      Fairey Battle
      Fairey Fulmar
      Fairey P.4/34
      Fiat G.59
      Handley Page Halifax
      Handley Page Halton
      Hawker Hart (Test bed)
      Hawker Henley
      Hawker Horsley (Test bed)
      Hawker Hotspur
      Hawker Hurricane and Sea Hurricane
      Hispano Aviación HA-1112
      I.Ae. 30 Ñancú
      Miles M.20
      North American Mustang Mk X
      Renard R.38
      Short Sturgeon
      Supermarine Type 322
      Supermarine Seafire
      Supermarine Spitfire
      Tsunami Racer
      Vickers F.7/41
      Vickers Wellington Mk II and Mk VI
      Vickers Windsor
      Westland Welkin

      Not only that but British tanks up to 1964 used the Merlin engine:
      Challenger (WW2 variant)
      Avenger, a reworked design of Challenger for use as self-propelled artillery.


      • Grant says:

        Pounce ,

        Those were the days when it was proud to be British. But, in one generation, from heroes to zeroes. So sad.


      • Pounce says:

        Further to my last regards the T34 tank which is claimed to have won the war. here is a few facts nobody mentions:
        Total Russian tank production was over 118K, of which the T34 accounted for almost half. (58k)
        The total German tank production for the war was 47K, of which on the Mark 4, (13k) Mark 5 :Panther 6.5K, Mark 6: Tiger 1 (1.3K and Mark 6: Tiger 2 (569) were the only ones effective against the T34 and its bigger brothers


        • BRISSLES says:

          A mere female here, but in 1968 I sat in the NX611 Lancaster named Guy Gibson at Biggin Hill – (not many ladies have that treat on their 20th birthday !!!). .. albeit at the tail gunner end – a vulnerable spot to be, and despite the size of the aircraft there was no room to move around. Fascinating experience and a real privilege.


      • Fedup says:

        And the last three flying mozzies are in America – disgrace.


        • Oaknash says:

          Fedup – I read somewhere that some long lost blueprints for the mozzies have been found and hopefully there are plans for building some replica flying ones.

          I used to go fishing as a kid in the River Colne near Denham, Bucks – and often used to hear and see the Battle of Britain Flight as it was on its way to a display. I must say even as a kid in the 1970 s the sound of the Merlin engines and what they signified used to always send a slight shiver down my spine along with a sense of longing and wonder.

          To most kids these days , these aircraft are part of history – and nothing else along with the people who flew in them and who are now mostly dead. .

          What seemed to devalue the memory of these long dead heroes for me was a few years ago when they were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters. As part of the celebration Chris Evans flew to Scampton in the last flying Lancaster. To be perfectly honest – they could not have inserted a more lightweight presenter if they had tried. Of course Evans made all the right noises – but I believe this decision to use Evans was the BBC s way of trivialising their achievements and saying – this is all about entertainment now and nothing more.

          I am surprised Jeremy Whine hadnt done a phone in critiscising the long dead Guy Gibson for calling his dog Nigger rather than Trigger.

          Lets hope our “yoof” will never have to make the sacrifices that people like Gibson had to. But then again (thanks to organisations like the BBC) the way things are going we will not have a country left to make sacrifices for anyway.


          • Fedup says:

            Thanks oaknash,
            I’d heard that the plans were found just before one of the factories where mozzies were made was knocked Down. It’s amazing how this country squanders things which future generations will want to know about.
            State education and al Beeb history documentaries generally being dumbed down I wonder what sort of history kids are actually taught now. Internet games must fill in time for quite a few as well as social media so heads are filled with ephemera rather than any thing to give them pride in Blighty. Not all bad though – Great War anniversaries rekindle interest and rightly – disbelief in what their ancestors went through.


  20. worrywort says:

    Hello fellow bBBc haters.
    sorry to go off track here. I just filled in an electoral role form online. all correct except for one tiny detail.
    My Nationality is “British” which I can’t change to my true Nationality. I’m bloody English. born in London, England back when London was part of this country. I’m not a Pakistani with a British passport . I’m English you Racist BBC watching, Guardian reading identity stealing Tossers. imagine the uproar is the Scottish were described as “British”. I want my identity back.


  21. thirdoption says:

    Wonderful to see how LGBT rights have led to fresh new talent emerging in woman’s athletics



  22. An English Gentleman says:

    I now no longer watch bbc and therefore rarely comment……….A thought did occur to me however……

    I wonder how long it will be before we have a transexual newscaster?


  23. taffman says:

    “The Sunday Times claims the backbencher is “sounding out” friends about a possible challenge to Theresa May.”
    Al Beeb and the media is stuffed full of Libtards because that’s the type of job that they aspire to. They populate the stage, drama, newspapers, radio and tv.
    You will find them as pop stars, actors, news readers, tv presenters, reporters etc. etc.
    So Jacob Rees-Mogg better beware, because they will try to bring him down by lampoonery and character assassination in the same way as they did with Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and President Trump.
    The Uni’s do a good job of brainwashing the luvvies.


  24. Pounce says:

    bBC bias by omission:
    Lorry drivers snapped eating, reading and using mobile
    Lorry drivers have been photographed on England’s roads eating, reading and using a phone while behind the wheel.
    Four drivers were photographed on the M20 near Ashford in Kent. Two were reading, one was holding cutlery and a food container and another appeared to be steering with his elbows.

    The bBC airs 3 photos in which to substantiate the above story, tell me, what do you notice about the position of 2 of the drivers:



  25. Pounce says:

    Libyan CG does in 30 seconds what the EU has failed to achieve in 4 years
    More NGOs follow MSF in suspending Mediterranean migrant rescues
    Libyan coast guard fires on so called NGO rescue ships off Libya, threaten to kill them if they return.

    I wonder why the bBC hasn’t mentioned this?
    Funny enough isn’t this what KH stated should be done to stop the migrant crisis. how the left cried foul play:
    Petition to sack Katie Hopkins after she compared migrants to ‘cockroaches’

    Why even this blog mentioned that:


  26. Guest Who says:

    Kind of neat logging on to see Boeing model numbers


  27. taffman says:

    “Clarks in sexism row over Dolly Babe girls’ shoe”
    “We are working hard to ensure our ranges reflect our gender-neutral ethos,” Clarks said.
    “We apologise for any unintended offence caused.”
    Is this going a step too far ?
    What next, boys will be forced to wear stiletto heels ?


    • Guest Who says:

      Weekend steps.

      Classic FM went full SJW today. They even wheeled out Krankie on the Clarks ‘story’. Safe ground.

      They also had on some bloke who had been invited on because he was anti Trump. Pretty much bragged by how much.

      Dude… get with the programme…


  28. Beeb Brother says:

    Sorry if people have already mentioned it, but I must vent my speen about the BBC website article on the events of this weekend in the US.

    1. Constant ad hominem attacks: “White nationalist”, “far right”.

    2. The crowd was ‘almost entirely white and male.’ Well BLM is all black. The women’s march was mostly women. Why can’t we have the same rules for everyone? I thought they believed in equality.

    3. Guilt by association, that old SJW trick. They keep mentioning a KKK leader. Obviously Trump is his best mate.

    4. No mention of who initiated the violence. If they had just been left alone rather than assaulted by the ‘counter protesters’ i.e. Nazi brown shirts, nobody would have died.

    5. Reporting comments by extreme elements that support your position. The writer even quotes someone who has posted on the Daily Stormer! Well that really is top journalistic integrity.

    They are a disgrace – about as balanced and objective as a menstrual schizophrenic on crack.

    Get me to a safe space fast!


    • Al Shubtill says:

      The organizers of the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville had a permit for the rally from the city which the council revoked a couple of days before it was due to take place. The organizers filed a suit in U.S. Federal Court to review that decision; the finding of which being that the council had acted unlawfully and the rally could go ahead.

      The Unite The Right protestors then turned up a Lee Park and to enter had to pass mobs of uncontrolled Antifa and BLM who attacked them with smoke bombs; bricks; mace; bear mace; pepper spray; balloons filled with urine; bags of human faeces etc oh… and one of them had some kind of small home made flame thrower.
      The police did nothing to stop any of this and as a result of the violence instigated by these “counter protestors” the rally was declared to be illegal by the Mayor of Charlottesville (which is in contempt of the decision of the Federal Court) and the UTR marchers would have to re-locate their protest to another park two miles away.
      Then the Governor of Virginia (a Democrat and favourite of the Clintons) Terry McAuliffe declared a State of Emergency, which meant that they were not allowed to hold ANY protest ANYWHERE in the State.

      A previous protest against the removal of monuments in Kentucky a few months before passed off peacefully, as there the police corralled and strictly marshalled the Antifa and BLM people; this wasn’t the case in Virginia and the violence, loss of life and destruction is a consequence of that deliberate inaction to control the “counter protestors”. In the same way the police here always allow Antifa the opportunity to disrupt and attack EDL protests.


      • Grant says:


        The police in UK and USA are a big part of the problem. They are too stupid to realise the consequences of their inaction. It will not end well.


    • Manxman says:

      They are not brown shirts they are the white post modern new islamists, they were there alongside their brother black islamists, both are controlled by political islam their brown brothers,….hence the black isis ‘ninja gear antifa jihadists wear, and their go to modus operandi of stoning their enemies.


  29. Fedup says:

    Taff ,
    It really is the silly season eh?
    Action man now to be called action person.
    It seems like another lefty attack on the human identity to not be divided between male and female.
    Destroy the family structure, gender, racial identification. Religious identification .

    On the religious bit – al Beeb says st mo is reverting to his real name Mohammed. Best of luck with that if he wants to leg it to the USA to get their passport.


  30. StewGreen says:

    8:21pm BBC2 A 3 min minute segment bigging up Obama and how he clicked with the internet age
    It might have well have had a voiceover.
    “This is a message for the elect Michelle Obama 2020 Campaign”

    8:28pm Now a different segment
    “Allegations swirl around Donald Trump and the internet company Cambridge Analytica”


    • StewGreen says:

      The presenter seems to come with an angle that CA treat politics and shopping as the same

      But he seemed shocked that Facebook and Google had people inside the Trump Social Media building
      PA says “Customers who spend a lot of money get the personal treatment”

      Now …
      images flash on the screen “Global waming is a myth” etc.
      Then programme item is headlined as FakeNews
      ..eh up now a screenshot image flashes on screen “Muslims who rape”

      Now they are doing the Breitbart German church torching event
      Calling it “Not true”


      • StewGreen says:

        8:48pm In an item on Fake News he introduced Breitbart as “an alt-right news site”
        …em it has made it claear it is NOT an Alt-Right site

        8:54pm Corbyn and the Canary news site : the tone was more friendly


  31. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The world championships in London 2017. A fantastic 800 metres for women’s final. Three XY genetic blokes finish first second and fourth. They finished first, second and third in the Rio Olympics 2016. What a marvellous advert for diversity and political correctness.

    These athletes* are known to be, or are suspected of being “intersexed” – genetically men, but with external female genitalia. They have average testosterone levels 5 to 10 times higher than average women, and if a female was caught with that level of testosterone in their blood stream would be banned from competing. However a court ruled a few years ago that forcing these intersexed athletes to take testosterone reducing drugs would be against their human rights. So these athletes are allowed to compete with the XX genetic women, with levels of testosterone that would see “normal” women banned.

    *Caster SEMENYA, Francine NIYONSABA, Margaret Nyairera WAMBUI.


    • chrisH says:

      Well remember the sex mutants of Eastern Europe back in the Communist era.
      The East German womens shot putt was normally a good one for those who liked their waif like flowery fragrance as I recall.
      I had a poster of Betty Stove and Francoise Durr…both of who gave me a glimpse of our future.
      The Labour Party” Ladies XI”, sadly are all I have now to mope over.
      Come back Pat Arrowsmith! Audrey Wise and Barbara Roche…honeys all!
      Is there some bat oil I can market that comprises bile, vinegar pickle and dried prunes ?
      With just a hint of Eddie Izzards trainers after day 54?


  32. chrisH says:

    I do like days like these when you just KNOW what the news is. Stay in the E.U and get Trump turfed out…as if the BBC are listened to and believed.
    Anybody who thinks that the BBC are telling us anything remotely true needs to get out of the States maw and rescrape that brain of theirs.
    Bet the Confederates have long marched in the south-they must be SICK of gun crap, lefty scum trying to take their heritage away.
    It will only be THIS year that it`s made the news…wonder why George Soros?
    This has got lefty planting dirty tricks all over it.
    Anyone who fails to back Triump or the Real Right by mocking the lefts media stitch ups is a dope.
    Ditto the EU…we need some nasties in there to back Rees Mogg and Farage, Lawson and Scruton.
    No houseroom for the quislings-why pay for Junckers minibars?
    The BBC have said no such things today-so they`re liars.
    Lefties get a kicking…so bloody what?


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi ChrisH – the actual story the BBC are not reporting is that they are protesting against the decision of city councillors to remove statues of notable confederate figures of the past. The BBC are focussing on those elements that are on the extreme end of that protest.


  33. Fedup says:

    I wonder what the French would do if there was a move to remove historic despots like napoleon?


    • Number 7 says:

      Have a look at what the Belgians have done with Arthur Wellesley’s famous hill. (Cut the top off it and turned it into a car park – the main Memorial celebrates Napoleon!)
      Just wait for Drunker and company to demand that Waterloo Station be renamed as part of the Brexit ‘negotiations’.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Wow the people in Radio4 Facebook group don’t like
    Jacob Rees Mogg


  35. jip says:

    Trying to compare this with Saville is pathetic, here we are talking about up to a Million religiously motivated, and racially targetted, SERIAL child GANG rape victims.

    Each victim was subject to SERIL GANG rape, so each victim could have been raped 10, 20, 30, times or more… so that could be 10, 20, 30…. million counts of rape.

    Imagine even 10 Million rapes, and their are only 1.6 Million Muslim males in the whole country.

    It would seem abvious that a large proportion was either involved, or knew of these rapes.



    • taffman says:

      Where were the charities that get so much of our money?
      What was Bernado’s, the NSPCC and Child Line doing with all their money when this mass rape was going on?
      I look forward to Al Beeb giving its investigative reporters free reign on delving into the charities, the social services and the police. They should get the full treatment they deserve.


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