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The BBC brings us the odd interview with Brexit supporters though far more with Remainers, but more insidious is the relentless undercurrent of pro-EU propaganda that is slipped into programming under the guise of other subjects.  Guests interviewed on say their latest book or record or some non-directly EU related subject will often volunteer, or failing that be asked to talk about, their opinion on the EU and/or Brexit.  They may not mention Brexit but tell us how wonderful the EU is, how great it is to be able to travel so freely and have so much cultural interchange, knowing we will get the message.  BBC presenters always love this and even when Brexit is damned in no uncertain terms they never bother to intervene and qualify what is being said.  The presenters themselves very often use the same tricks slipping in sly references to the EU that make it appear as if we just can’t live without it and life would be infinitely worse without it.

Roger Harrabin is one such person.  Having corrupted the BBC’s climate change programming turning it into propaganda he has turned his dubious talents towards the EU.

This morning on the Today show (08:52) we were told that no-one understands how EU legislation has brought down prices of products, increased efficiency and increased innovation…as if none of that could have happened in Britain if it had stood alone…or in co-operation with other sovereign states…such as the US.  Oddly he didn’t mention Grenfell Tower which had to be clad to meet EU regulations on climate change, to reduce CO2 emissions, increase thermal efficiency and lower costs.

A few days earlier he was banging the drum for one of his green Guardian mates, Monbiot, and making a case for ‘rewilding’ Britain…essentially the Highland Clearances all over again as George and his liberal cosmopolitian elites want to clear the hill farmers and their sheep from the Scottish and Welsh hills in order to have a rural playground for themselves.  The land should be put back to some idyllic golden age using ‘EU’ subsidies.

Farmers are getting too many subsidies in money that ‘comes from the EU’…curious how that money ‘comes from the EU’ but when the Leave camp said we would get the infamous £350m back from the EU the BBC set about destroying that argument telling us it wasn’t EU money as it was money that came back to us anyway being spent on projects in the UK…hmmm…like farm subsidies?  So it’s not EU money…or is it?  Depends of course what the BBC is trying to sell us.

Following the plug for rewilding we had a bit of alarmism that farming would collapse, farmers out of jobs and the countryside and environment destroyed if we Brexited.

We even had a programme about the rise of the beard in current fashion…now how uncontroversial could that be?  The BBC however can always find an angle…men who grow beards are looking back to a safe past in current times of trouble and uncertainty [code for Brexit…and ‘Trump’]…they even managed to lever in ‘Islam’ into the discussion…not that Muslims suddenly growing beards was a sign of anything.  They managed to find a Muslim who said he was just too lazy to shave or just liked a beard…very little to do with religion.  Now that’s just untrue….why does the BBC not mention that after 9/11 Muslims suddenly became more devout and as part of that began growing out their beards as well as dressing the apart…including women in headscarves and veils?

Even in death you can be a soldier for the EU as Martin Roth, the former head of London’s Victoria & Albert museum, was recruited, posthumously, for the cause, as we were told by Today that he was very upset at the rising ‘nationalism’ and was keen on cultural collaboration overcoming geopolitical concerns.  Oddly one of those cultural collaborations of the V&A is with China…hardly the EU….just how on earth did the V&A manage to organise such a thing outside the safe confines of the EU?  And of course there is nothing nationalist about China.

How will we survive let alone thrive out in the cold?



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  1. Richard Pinder says:

    No, Harrabin is a well known moron to scientists under BBC Censorship in high IQ organisations. EU legislation has increased fuel prices, prices of products imported from the Commonwealth and the rest of the World, decreased efficiency and productivity with its subsidies and free movement policies and decreased innovation by taxation and ideological interference in Universities. I think Moronbatty wants to bring back Wolves to Britain, and then presumably Mammoths, and then Dinosaurs.

    But talking of BBC Censorship, European Union funding and Islam

    Another Censored Film The BBC Does Not Want You to See

    The film that no one in the European Union is legally allowed to see has become the source of a major scandal, and its creators the targets of unprecedented smear and hate campaigns from Germany’s public broadcasters. The television documentary, “Chosen and Excluded – the Hate for Jews in Europe”, will be shown in the United States for one night only, on August 9. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles announced that it would screen the film after the German and French networks tried “to bury the documentary, before it could contaminate the viewing public with the truth,” according to the Centre’s Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper. “It is a film that needs to be viewed by anyone concerned about anti-Semitism and anyone concerned about the democratic future of Europe. It is a truth-telling, and ‘PC’-busting documentary”, he said.
    The truth is that in today’s Europe, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the truth. ARTE had commissioned the film with the support of the WDR, but is now seeking to hide it. The film is not about anti-Semitism among neo-Nazis, but about its acceptance by the, mainstream mass media, politicians, left wingers, Muslim “Palestine” activists, rappers and church organizations. 
    The filmmakers dug deep into European Union funded NGO’s and exposed the false media narrative by fact checking whether the charges against Israel had any basis in reality. And there weren’t any. When they exposed the lies, they exposed the mainstream medias false narrative. It found that Anti-Semitism in Europe does not come from fringe groups. It primarily comes from left-wing liberals, “That is one of the key messages of our film” said, Joachim Schroeder.

    The George Soros funded, Human Rights Watch, is the NGO most quoted and promoted by the BBC in its reports, PR releases, campaigns and statements about Israel. This neutral-sounding ‘human rights group’ has become the establishments most prominent anti-Israel campaigning NGO. The anti-Semitism in this organisation has even caused its founder, and now, Founding Chair Emeritus, Robert L. Bernstein, to publicly join the group’s critics.


    • vesnadog says:

      Watch for this on the high street soon;


      Only the above permitted to shop during office hours so white Anglo Saxon citizens please stay at home if you know what’s good for ya.


  2. Richard Pinder says:

    Talking of George Soros funded organisations, the BBC and investigations for a Judicial Review into violations of BBC Charter obligations.

    The BBC depends on a left-wing Mainstream Media gatekeeper called the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” which just happens to be funded by George Soros.
    Just like the censorship of Climate science, scientists and scientific debate the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” is censoring most of the information leaked to it in the Mossack Fonseca database. In fact the Guardian has actually said that “much of the leaked material will remain private“. In Britain, only the Guardian and the BBC have access to the database.
    The “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” seems to have been set up by the establishment as a way of controlling the Mainstream media through censorship. Instead of having independent investigative journalists supplying the information directly to publication, this media gatekeeper organisation uses BBC and Guardian journalists such as Roger Harrabin, as scientifically uneducated useful idiots. The BBC told Mensa members that it had no scientific investigative journalists for investigating Climate science issues.
    The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), is closely associated with the BBC to the extent that it is named by the BBC as a ‘partner organisation’. Despite its high-flown internationalist title, the ICIJ has a deeply biased agenda which, for example, pushes climate change alarmism. Further, it is funded partly by George Soros, who is strongly pro-EU, along with a raft of left-leaning foundations whose agendas are politically partisan. Lord Hall uses this loony left-wing organisation as an excuse not to appoint the BBC,s own scientific investigative journalists, who then would be unable to violate impartiality rules without legal consequences for the BBC, and its Management, in a Judicial review.

    The above information comes from last year, but secrecy means that I have no idea when this Judicial Review is to start.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Were we all as smart as the BBC, and such as Amol, or Polly….


    The next BBC ‘What the papers say’ seems assured. Or rather, is ‘likely’, sources close to the BBC suggest.


    • All Lives Matter says:

      Just another attempt by the liberal intelligencia to tarnish all leave voters as idiots. Never mind that the majority of these leave voters are working class folks who live with the reality of the consequences of the EU, whilst most of these ‘educated’ remainers are naive bubble-dwelling cosmopolitan elitists taught from a Marxist curriculum, who in many cases have never ever set foot outside the UK except to visit the safest suburbs of other gentrified cities.


      • Grant says:

        All lives,

        They should all have to spend a month with an African family in Africa in a compound with no electricity, running water , mosquito nets or repellent and share the family’s food. With a bit of luck they would enjoy it so much they would never come back. Or maybe not even survive .


    • Dave S says:

      Educated or what? Indoctrinated more likely. The dream of tyrants down the ages a perfectly well behaved and compliant people. That is most of our educators and educated nowadays.
      Oscar Wilde castigated those made stupid by education long ago. Nothing much changes except today there is a definite campaign to give the so called educated class the right to decide our futures.
      If they truly were educated and understood the world then maybe there is a point. But they are not and anyway the strength of our society is that we all have an equal right to a vote and in more enlightened days the right to free speech.


    • vesnadog says:

      Who. Hi.

      That article you linked us to. Personally I know many a blue collar worker and they ain’t has dumb or ignorant as that Independent article suggests! In the end. It will all come back to haunt the people who are mocking the council estate tenants.


      • Guest Who says:

        Vesnadog. Of course. And has come back to haunt all the smarties at the Indy or agree with it, thousandfold.

        As is often shared and worth repeating, ‘going to uni’ or even getting ‘a degree’ does not really set anyone apart and certainly not above anyone else on common sense or smarts or leadership ability, as evidenced by most gobby examples of those who write and propagate such tripe.

        Polly Toynbee went to Oxford and Diane Abbott went to Cambridge.

        Amol Rajan was similarly blessed with academic opportunity and worked at the Independent before pursuing more lucrative interests at the national money pit.

        I rest my case.

        Long may they and their groupies persist. Preferably on someone else’s tab though.


        • NCBBC says:

          For atleast a decade, university education in the UK has been so degraded, that it is far better not to go to university.


          • Clare says:

            I think it depends on what you study.

            I don’t think we should descend into a “fancy book learnin” mentality.


            • Fedup says:

              It not about albeeb but I studied for a law degree – part time for 4 years. The place I studied was a poly when I started and was a ‘uni’ when I finished ( 2:1 very proud) but talking to lecturers ( the non marxists ) we agreed the quality of education declined even in those Years.
              I went on to study for a Masters ( 2 years part time ) at a top uni college and in comparison is was hell. Conclusion – university education has been degraded. Partly, I think , because of the calibre of those actually commencing courses. I know it’s a sweeping generalisation but that’s my anecdote.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The problem is the definition of the word “educated”.
      A typical example is Roger Harrabin who is scientifically uneducated, which is obviously a universal aspect of University educated types at the BBC. So it seems with all other subjects outside of Art, Drama, Languages, Humanities and Philosophy, such as Economics and the Political Governance of the European Union and the Commonwealth.

      Also intelligent people either do not need to go to University, or if they do, they are in and out in a flash. From my experience, the lefties in Universities are unemployable, with exceptions such as the BBC (see above), so they can be studying Leisure bases subjects for up to twenty years, then either become Lecturers or Administrators. In the eighties the idiots even gave me full access to a Honeywell computer, on the back of finding out that I taught myself how to program a ZX81 computer at home.

      Also everyone I know who is educated in aspects of Atmospheric Physics, Solar Astronomy and Meteorology, are all both Climate sceptics and Brexit supporters. Even all the left-wing ones such as Labour MP’s with scientific qualifications and the scientifically qualified brother of Jeremy Corbyn.

      So as long as people are educated in the relevant subject, they should be a Climate sceptic if they have been educated in science, and a Brexit supporter if they have been educated in Political Governance.

      The Independent Newspapers definition of “Educated” would be relating to the Blair snowflake generation of low IQ Middle-Class people who go to University for more than six years, to study subjects that retain ignorance such as Art, Drama, Languages, Humanities, Philosophy and Environmental studies.


      • TigerOC says:

        In the majority of instances graduates are not “educated” in the general knowledge sense. Most graduates with genuine degrees are highly specialised in a specific area.
        They don’t necessarily have common sense. Some of my colleagues went into academia (medical arena) but I would not let them near a patient because they are a danger to the public.
        We had a “school of journalism” (note lower case) at my institution and with respect they were a joke in the academic sense. This was not a school but a brain washing unit that turned out replica drones of the lecturers.


    • Guest Who says:

      Amol ‘liked’ this, no doubt with impartiality in his DNA:


      • Grant says:

        James Chapman ( no , me neither ) is clearly a very brave boy. Or just another empty Lefty hater ?


  4. All Lives Matter says:

    Even the world athletics championships isn’t immune to this. When Gatlin won the 100m and was booed, Michael Johnson compared it to Brexit and Trump saying that people reacted out of anger and would now have to face the repercussions of it. So booing a runner as a pantomime villain is comparable to leaving the EU or electing a president? Gabby Logan then tried to push Johnson to comment further on the situation in America as he didn’t actually mention Trump by name, and to his credit Johnson refused to go any further into it, but it was still infuriating that political talk was shoehorned into sports coverage, and even moreso that Johnson wasn’t in any way challenged over what he said.


  5. Deborahanother says:

    It is in everything they are producing .As I posted elsewhere ,last nights Holby City had the farmer patient who blamed all his problems on Bexit. Fine in itself but there is never any counter argument except of the nasty racist Anglo Saxon kind.


  6. Fedup says:

    Over on the ‘is the BBC biased?’ Website there is an interesting description of the behaviour of sandford and sweeney – not a comedy double act – but serious al Beeb journos who covered the death of a polish man in Harlow last year. At the time the msm declared the death a Brexit fuelled hate crime which became THE TRUTH. Even the stupid constabulary imported polish coppers to patrol the mean streets of Harlow.

    Well the trial ended with the conviction of some kids for manslaugher. The motivation was not Brexit or racism. Booze and Essex yobs. The point is that al Beeb did not publicise the outcome of the trial anyway similar to the band wagon Brexit hate crime narrative that is now THE TRUTH even though it was a LIE ( I don’t usually do capitals but this one deserved it. Sorry if I was shouting .. )


  7. Oaknash says:

    Most of the time this shit is so relentless and mainstream now, I dont even bother commenting.. Was listening to Toady yesterday. They were doing a report on tourist congestion on the Isle of Sky. All very important I am sure -They finished the report with saying of course “This will all get worse due to Brexit and the fall in the pound” No other explanation was offered – I expect whichever editor/”journo” wrote that report was probably creaming themselves with satisfaction managing to shoehorn in that little line .

    I can just imagine some bearded liberal prigg in Islington nodding sagely like Pavlov’s dog at that little gem whilst tucking into his macrobiotic fairtrade granola. The word tossers does not do them justice.


    • Charlie Martel says:

      Oak – If we’re talking Pavlov, then the liberal prig was probably salivating as well as nodding 🙂


    • vesnadog says:

      “They finished the report with saying of course “This will all get worse due to Brexit and the fall in the pound”

      Reminds me of a live interview Victoria Derbyshire did this morning on her TV show with a mom living on the island of Guam. It started out with VD doing the speaking then when she had finished this mom was very angry at her. She said something like: Again the BBC are getting the facts wrong – you and FOX! I couldn’t quite catch the details as I was leaving the room. VD – Silent!


  8. Oaknash says:

    Quite likely Charlie – When you are a libtard the BBC bell cannot be ignored!


  9. chrisH says:

    Noted Evan Davis last night somehow trying to imply that Junckers air miles and vast expenses as he flew to Rome was not such a big deal.
    And the woman whose organisation found this out agreed-no worse than May going to visit Trump.
    I won`t begin to give reasons why these comparisons are odious…why we pay for May to represent us-but none of us agreed to pay for Juncker.
    John Redwood was hardly let say anything-typical BBC Newsnight crap.
    And when the investigators won`t want to give the Brexit lobby ANY leeway to “exploit” this…be denying Juncker rips us off like the rest of the EU…then we`re in Rotherham territory.
    Where bending and fiddling the “news” to protect the Greater Cultures of Islam and Remaining is the only aim of serving us this shit on the BBC “News”.