The Tyranny of the Left


Niall Ferguson writes in the Sunday Times that Trump, bad as he is, is not the tyrant America should fear.  So who is the real tyrant?

The modern American left…[it] thirsts to get rid of one of the most fundamental protections that the constitution enshrines: free speech.

He goes on to list the Left’s often violent attempts to silence those whose opinions they don’t want to hear and don’t want anyone else to hear.  Ferguson then illustrates the convoluted thinking and warped rationalisation to excuse such crimes…a New York Universty professor writing in the NYT [of course] tells us that..

The idea of freedom of speech does not mean a blanket permission to say anything anybody thinks….freedom of expression is not an unchanging absolute…it requires the vigilant and continuing examination of its parameters.

The good professor thought that if anyone had their feelings hurt by anything said then that cannot be allowed…apparently we must balance the right to free speech with the obligation to be all inclusive….if free speech, however truthful, means a negative view of certain communities with the result that that community feels that it cannot fully express its own culture and beliefs then we must keep quiet and not criticise those cultures and beliefs even if they are in direct contravention of the legal and cultural practices of the nation this community has embedded itself within.

Ferguson says ‘If the criteria for censorship is that nobody’s feelings can be hurt, then we are finished as a society’.

He finishes with this…

Mark my words, while I can still publish them with impunity: the real tyrants, when they come, will be for diversity (except of opinion) and against hate speech (except their own).

I’ve got news for him…the real tyranny is already here…and it’s the BBC, the BBC that does not concern itself one little jot with this massive threat to free speech but instead fills the airwaves with far fetched fantasies about the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Want to speak freely about Islam, immigration, climate change or the EU?  Not on the BBC.

The BBC is keen on shutting down and denouncing those who utter hate speech and yet this is the BBC which calls Nigel Farage a Nazi and labels UKIP voters as Far Right and racists, the BBC which labels Leave voters as violent racist little englanders….or mad as Rod Liddle reveals...

A senior BBC apparatchik said to me: ‘What you have to understand, Rod, is that these people are all mad.’

The BBC which dismisses all white people as racist, all white men as ‘male, pale and stale’….needing to be replaced by black or brown faces.  The BBC is one of the biggest, most divisive and dangerous purveyors of hate speech in the country….Vince Cable aside it would seem.

It’s not just the left-wing media or the academics who work hard to police our thoughts, it is the police themselves…here defining what they consider ‘Islamophobia’ to be….a rather open, catch-all definition:

An Islamaphobic Incident is “Any incident that is perceived by the victim or any other person to be due to a persons religion (of Islam)”.

An Islamaphobic Crime is any Islamaphobic Incident that constitutes a criminal offence.

And here is the ultimate definition they probably work to as a final reference…..extraordinarily wide ranging and wrong……it comes in a report done in conjunction with the Met. Police…..



Essentially say anything about Islam and you’re heading to the slammer regardless of its truth…for instance the first definition is one that is central to Islam itself…Islam is one single religion [Hence the separate Shias and Ahmadis are not considered Muslim], the Koran is unchangeable and timeless…Islam cannot be ‘reformed’…Tariq Ramadan is a fraud pulling the wool over gullible liberal eyes who are all too eager to believe.  And yet say that and you will apparently get your collar felt.  As for the rest….seems a pretty good description of Islam rather than Islamophobia.

Be afraid, very afraid.  They’re coming for you.






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10 Responses to The Tyranny of the Left

  1. Fedup says:

    Freedom of speech is something I do envy about the Americans . We did have it once . Section 5a of the Public Order Act took it away . The origin of hate crime / speech .
    The concept about someone being upset being more important than free speech is an interesting one and really hasn’t been thought through . It’s a bit like the desperate al beeb need to have non white faces on the screen when the country is still largely white – boosted by a million Poles . It’s meant to make people included . What tosh .

    It makes me feel excluded from my own country . Al beeb would dismiss me as racist but unfortunately for al beeb it’s more complicated than that.


    • Dadad says:

      Freedom of speech means that I have the right to tell you things you don’t want to hear.


  2. Grant says:

    That definition of Islam seems pretty accurate to me. Surely to hold these beliefs is just to recognise reality ?


  3. NCBBC says:

    The agenda of the left, BBC among them, has always been world government. In living memory, attempts to build such an attempt resulted in the most horrific deaths of some 150 million people, in the space of a few decades. The EU is another attempt at world government. Hence Open Borders, and continued expansion of EU, and the BBC’s total support for both.

    The BBC is at this moment in time, anti-nation, and therefore anti-Britain. In the view of the BBC, their goal is righteous, much like the Christian Kingdom of God on earth. In such a kingdom, there will be no rich or poor ( with the exception of the elite), therefore criticism of the BBC by definition has to be evil. For how can anyone in their right minds oppose immigration of the poor to the richer part of the world? Borders have to be dismantled, in which case a world government will have to be established. Climate Change agreement was an initial protocol to establish a one world energy policy, which would then have been levered to control the economy of the world. Like many a Leftist policy, and in this case quite literally, the Devil was in the detail.

    All of this has been trashed by Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump. In the Left’s view, one would have been bad enough- there was hope of salvage if Clinton has been elected. But two – its inconceivable. So the Left is now engaged in a mission to undo both. They have no choice – they will fight tooth and nail, disobey the law and constitution, as they are doing in America with sanctuary cities, and threaten blockade and economic war against the UK. Too, organised violence has always been part of Marxism.

    Given the catastrophe the Left created in the 20th century, upwards of 150 million dead, and twice that number at the least, affected by the it, it seems only right that people who espouse Marxism should be declared insane and locked up – these people are infinitely more dangerous then psychotics and lunatics. It may not be obvious that the Left are truly dangerous, as they appear to be well meaning, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    “Men have forgotten God” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn


  4. NCBBC says:

    Nigel Farage in a speech in America
    “The one thing I’ve learned is that good conservative values have to be fought for and defended zealously at all time. We face huge enemies with the establishment and the media… and the biggest enemy of all that we face are those that are within in our ranks, those that masquerade as conservatives but actually follow liberal agendas,” Farage said.
    “Those on the hard left of political are plain, blooming, nasty, people,” he remarked.

    Well worth listening


    • Fedup says:


      It’s an irony that someone like mr Farage , an MEP to take the EU ( out tax) money and use it to extract us from the EU is priceless.

      It shows how the value of parliament – both houses – has diminished despite the increase in numbers and cost. 800 plus peers and 600 plus MPs – 1400 of them and more

      I wish mr f could get involved in a real right wing government some time soon instead a bloody social democrat sham which we suffer at the moment. Then al Beeb would be toast!


  5. Richard Pinder says:

    As far as I can remember, my teenage years where marred by my selfish obsession with worrying about my feelings being hurt by anything said that I did not like. I realised that Maturity comes with not selfishly worrying about what people think about you.

    The self obsessed selfish Snowflake generation may or may not mature by the time they reach forty. Or if they are politically principled in their beliefs, they would commit suicide on their 30 birthday.

    But the banning of free speech in African nations, was because the President thought that if he had his feelings hurt by anything said, then that cannot be allowed.

    The Tories could turn the left-wing Hate Speech laws on their head and arrest those who support Hate Speech laws who have produced verbal evident of hatred of the Tories.

    Britain used to be famous for free speech at Speakers Corner. But immigration from primitive cultures that do not have free speech means that the laws have changed. My understanding is that the police arrest the speaker if the speaker causes people listening, to turn violent.
    So all anyone or any organisation needs to do is pay for some thugs to turn violent at Speaker Corner. And the police will arrest the Speaker.


  6. Manxman says:

    ”Niall Ferguson writes in the Sunday Times that Trump, bad as he is, is not the tyrant America should fear.”

    Sounds like a wanker to me, i have no admiration for him ”eventually” seeing the blindingly obvious, and has been obvious for in excess of decade.

    ”As bad as trump is” … Trump is really the only hope the west has of surviving progressive Islam, Trumps America will be where all the assholes like Niall will flee to as the only safe haven over the next decade, as what they created starts to consume their parts of London, poor dumb bastards.

    Plus Trump hasnt done anything bad by Americans, nothing, nil, zilch, Most Americans are already benefiting from his presidency, the numbers dont lie in this case…………but but but russia and his approval ratings…………….. they simply come up with a percentage they want,……..say 40%, then survey 70% democrats and 30% other to be sure, the left’s motto by any means necessary.


  7. Alicia Sinclair says:

    How stupid and self-blinding are the Runnymede Trust then?
    Their eight components af “Islamophobia” are pretty much what Islam itself claims for itself-only it`s “superior” to the west.
    All we need to know is that the lame term “Islamophobia” was an engineered synthetic construct used as a way of shutting down any criticism at the UN. Agreed by the OIS cartel in 2002 or such, and -ever since-has been adopted by the craven self loathing west and its useful idiots.
    When I hear the word, I know I`m in the presence of a dhimmi…when I hear “xenophobia” I know the EU have written their thoughts for them.
    Orwell would have a field day with this obvious self-identifying language of liberal elites in meltdown.


  8. Lucy Pevensey says:

    It just goes back to the simple & obvious again. Islamophobia laws are nothing other than the introduction of Sharia blasphemy laws. If we allow this we are submitting to Allah. In other words we are giving the Jihadists exactly what they want. Whether it’s bought with Arab oil or driven by the sword of the prophet’s followers the result is the same. Submission.