1. Fedup says:

    Al Beeb as decided to treat Jacob RM as a figure of fun to undermine his credibility and clarity of thought and speech. In a short interview on today the standard technical problem was used to interrupt him and then the hobby Robinson ( £250000? Or more ) asked him about the use of the longest word nonsense. So al Beeb game JRM a pat on the head and decided he is not a threat to their views anymore.


  2. Fedup says:

    Spotted that one G – I hope dumping the green nonsense is on the list of a decent government after Brexit. I will never accept that we know enough about the climate to be able to predict it.


  3. MarkyMark says:

    Man told bacon is evil. Eats bacon. Nothing happens. Man still believes bacon is evil.

    Does man believe drawing cartoons is evil?
    Does man believe being homosexual is evil?
    Does man believe books of fiction should be burnt?
    Does man believe kids dolls shouldn’t have faces?
    Does man believe Mecca should be closed to all non-Muslims?

    Does man believe only Muslims should slaughter animals under Halal which is positive employment discrimination?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Why don’t we all post similar photos showing chicken/lamb/beef on a plate and say we are insulted at being offered Halal meat in the supermarkets and restaurants. Lets see the response then from the media.


  4. G says:

    The EU leaders must be quite pleased, Australia is now infected with muslim terror –
    Now, they think, how will me bribe the Visegrad Four to share with the rest of Europe and experience the cultural benefits of muslim terrorism. Anyone for a stabbing or maybe a decapitation?


  5. pertelote says:


    more enrichment! From same website as “the bacon story” above referenced by MM – “something like this is very serious. I’m worried about my children going now.” said Mr. Ali – what, like to going to an Ariana Grande concert!
    I can see I’m going to be visiting this website again.


  6. MarkyMark says:

    I think my numbers up …youtube showing me adverts for “JIMAS Abu Muntasir – Terrorism Response” … “It’s an abuse of religious belief (terrorism by ISIS) and evil twisting of divine truth. (He promotes Islam to the end)”.


  7. StewGreen says:

    #MetroBubble Radio Woman’s Hour on at 10am
    “Melanin Millennials is an award-winning podcast created by Imrie Morgan and Satia Sa Dias.

    Their target audience is black British women, and they say they don’t hold back. They believe that British TV and radio doesn’t appeal to women like them, and they’re on a mission to do something about it.


  8. Up2snuff says:

    BBC R4 TODAY Programme from 6am – for three hours.

    All babies to be offered multi-vaccine jab from today. No mention of (i) risk, and (ii) cost to the NHS.

    All over age 60 recommended to be given Statins whether needed or not. Tiny mention of (i) risk but glossed over, and (ii) no mention of cost to the NHS.

    Now, remind me. Exactly how long did we have to endure endless reporting and emoting from BBC R4 N&CAs over the NHS being short of money last autumn, through the winter and into this spring?


    • Manxman says:

      They are creating another generation of lefties, its all legal, neuro- toxin’s, are the diffence between us [over 40] and them [under 40 ], the only difference between them is how badly the adult autistic type disorder effects them, whether it removes all or little cognitive logical rational processing.

      They permanently inhabit a netherland between adolescence and adulthood,……………kidulthood.


  9. StewGreen says:

    9pm BBC2 Is It Safe To Be Gay in The UK?
    “homophobic hate crime a daily occurrence and on the rise -but why”
    bet they don’t contemplate effect of immigration from non-tolerant cultures
    In the web report they give 4 examples, in one the attacker is a South African with African name.


    • GCooper says:

      I would have thought the greatest number of ‘hate crime’ (a ridiculous concept in any case) would be against people who admit to having voted to leave the EU.

      But I can’t see the BBC investigating that, can you? Not when they commit it daily.


  10. StewGreen says:

    This BBC facebook page is pretty much all SJW action rather than straight reporting


  11. StewGreen says:

    Arsenal owner launches Hunting and Shooting TV channel
    Normal media suspects shout outrage ‘sickeining to watch animals being shot”
    I wonder if channel is deliberately stirring to get free publicity.

    Doesn’t BBC often show lions ripping the heads off other animals etc. ?


  12. theisland says:

    Something we are all aware of, I’m sure.

    “The problem is exacerbated by a culture of political thought control under which soldiers and police officers are frightened to report suspicious behaviour for fear of being branded racist.”


  13. MarkyMark says:

    Time for the BBC to say how much Top Gear/Chris Evans cost the BBC Tax Payer – I was not interested in the program so would like a refund from my enforced BBC TV Tax please.

    ‘Panic’ forces up Top Gear budget: BBC now lavishing an extra £200,000 an episode on the show as bosses fear it will fail {dailymail mar2016}
    * Around £450,000 was spent when Jeremy Clarkson fronted the hit show
    * But up to £650,000 is apparently now being spent as Chris Evans presents

    “A lot of the money is going on the programme’s seven presenters. Mr Evans is being paid £3million over two-and-a-half years, partly funded by the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide.
    Meanwhile, former Friends star Matt Le Blanc is being paid £500,000 per series. (did he pay UK tax?)

    – Is Chris Evans still getting this pay even though the program failed? Is that why he is on £2.2m salary (paid by public under threat of prison)
    – Can I have a refund as I never watched this program and can the BBC say how much the Top Gear reboot cost them in the end?


    • lojolondon says:

      Oops – maybe I am a bit slow, but your comment made me think – guess that CE’s top Gear fees are on top of the ‘announced’ fees from last week?? Because Top Gear is produced by another company?


    • Guest Who says:

      Hey, ‘unique’ and ‘vital’ do not come cheap. Apparently.

      Lucky the funding model can adjust.


  14. StewGreen says:

    R4 4:30m The actress, Maxine Peak nominates her hero, a conservative capitalist.
    NOT not really
    “The actress, Maxine Peak nominates her working class hero, Ellen Wilkinson as a great life.
    Ellen is regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of British * RADICAL LEFT * politics.
    She joined the Communist party, met Lenin and Trotsky in Moscow
    and then went on to become one of the Labour Party’s youngest people entering parliament in 1924.”


  15. Guest Who says:


    Odd. Usually the BBC is keen to out scoop everyone.


  16. Guest Who says:


    Clearly the BBC is unique in many ways. Or not saying.


  17. Foscari says:

    I often think is this website just for folk like me,old paranoid fogies who think or know that the
    BBC is biased ,to say the least. During the day I watched on one of the SKY channels about 40 minutes
    of one , if not the favourite of all my musicals SOUTH PACIFIC and last night went to see
    42ND STREET in the West End, which originates from the 1933 musical.
    They brought back memories of watching these either at the cinema or in the case of
    42nd street on the TV with my parents in the late 1950’S. I actually said to a friend
    last night how my mum would of loved the show.
    I read a review of 42nd Street in the Guardian and in typical Guardian and BBC analysis
    the critic thought some of the songs by Harry Warren and lyricist Al Dubin were sexist. Oh for
    crying out loud!! I began to think would the BBC ever put on the film of 42nd Street or
    South Pacific again? As it happens Rogers +Hammerstein often covered racial prejudice or
    social prejudice in their musicals. South Pacific, The Sound of Music, The King and I, Carousel,
    Oklahoma. However in South Pacific there is a stereotype Polynesian main character by the
    name of BLOODY MARY, she sings one of Richard Rogers best songs Bali Hai.
    Can anyone remember the last time South Pacific was on the BBC? Ok it’s not as if it was
    the DAM BUSTERS with the black Labrador with a name rhyming with Digger. Heaven forbid if
    the BBC was to show this!! To be honest I am surprised they even show the 100 year commemoration
    of Passchendael. I would of thought there would of been too many indigenous Brits for their liking.
    No I don’t think we will see South Pacific or 42nd Street on the BBC again. Too politically incorrect for them.
    And the diversity is of the wrong kind , so far as they are concerned.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Heard a couple of camp classics on “Front Row” telling me that the latest Meatloaf, Dylan juke box musicals are fab and great-whereas The Spice Girl musical isn`t?
      They now like the Queen one and the Abba one, presumably because they were successful. They also like Carole Kings one and the Four Seasons one. My point?
      No originality, creativity whatsoever-just pimping a song book and tacking some kind of nonsense narrative to link the hits and get some money out of Broadway.
      Snobs, lazy and camp followers-not an original bone or spark of creativity in their bodies.
      Pays well though, and the Guardian and BBC critics can enjoy the kitsch and costumes.
      Think I prefer Soviet Realism to THIS patronising liberal guff.


      • Foscari says:

        Absolutely Alicia- I call them ” Karaoke Musicals. ” BUT 90% of the public like them
        much more than an original musical. The reason is simple ,they know the tunes from
        the Karaoke stuff.
        I remember friends telling me when the first saw ” Les Mis” ” not a memorable song in the show. ”
        And the irony of that is quite a few of the best tunes are very similar , I wont say plagiarized from
        songs ,or music from other musicals or opera.. The obvious one being ” Bring him home” which is
        the humming chorus from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly.But I better not get started on
        Andrew Lloyd Webber and Puccini. Wrong website! Biased BBC ? sorry for this,just replying to


    • BRISSLES says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Foscari. I saw it 3 times in the 80’s when it appeared in the west end, and will see this version for the second time in October. Its one helluva of a show !


  18. Dystopian says:

    JHB on Talk Radio is arguing a very good case that socialism doesn’t work giving Venezuela as one example. Discussion happening now.

    EDIT: discussion over. However now talking about robots taking over the world! Is that before or after the Muslims take it over?


    • Guest Who says:

      It is not that socialism ‘doesn’t work’; it is these days simply ‘alt. abled’.

      As in Finding Unpleasant Bits Are Repeating.


  19. MarkyMark says:

    German study shows fake news appetite with far-right blog
    “A fake news blog created by German university researchers found an eager audience among far-right sympathisers who shared racially charged stories. … That story reached 11,000 people within four days and was shared more than 150 times, German SWR radio reported. … free prostitutes for asylum seekers”

    Dear BBC, you still have your fake far left news on your website which removes a nasty migrant from the story, I think it is still misleading people from September 2015.

    Why not tell us how many people visited your BBC page and were taken in by the story?

    Chaos as police stop Hungary migrant train – Gavin Hewitt – BBC -Sep 2015 @53s | BBC story
    “… the a really distressing incident happened. A women who was carrying a small baby began crying for help (photo of lady carrying baby). One of her companions tried to help her (photo of man with women on track, riot police reaching towards them) Somehow there became a push and a shove with the police. She ended up on the railway lines (by the male refugee dragging her and the baby to the floor, but this is not reported by Gaving Hewitt @ BBC {youtube fullvideo}) with the riot police trying to pull her back, and this of course inflamed all the other people…”
    -Gavin Hewitt – Sep 2015

    BBC, can I suggest you tag the story as “FAKENEWS” and change the introduction to – “Male refugee forces pregnant women refugee holding child down onto a train track, police drag him away for her safety. Riot police then lift women with child off train track with tender arms.”


  20. StewGreen says:

    “Underage girl sodomized at the Emmaboda Festival
    Published 25 July 2017 kl 09.13
    INTERIOR. An underage girl reported that she had been violated during the Emmaboda Festival in Småland, Sweden on Monday. Police say that they are taking the incident very seriously, writes Aftonbladet.”
    The incident happened before the first band had played


    • Grant says:


      It is these men again. Muslims seem to have a thing about sodomy. Maybe that is one reason the BBC love them.


  21. StewGreen says:

    Sweden : BBC more or Less podcast : update on earlier story
    Many more boys than girls in Sweden due to so called refugees
    “123 boys for every 100 girls among 16 and 17-year-olds.”
    Item incluiudes a photo of “typical swedish children”
    They said it’s cos refugees are typically claiming to be under 18’s cos that puts you in a privileged category
    eg once accepted they have a right to bring in entire family
    The update said
    #1 The numbers won’t turn out that way, cos Sweden is enforcing the first country rule and expelling these seekers
    so figures will drop to 100/110
    #2 They claim the previous background level was 100/105 so it’s not a big leap
    #3 Sweden is cracking down and less migrants will come in future


  22. StewGreen says:

    Labour Councillor who is evangelical Christian starts sending out anti gay tweets



  23. StewGreen says:

    Mother in the news “Kathryn Smith beat and stamped her baby daughter Ayeeshia to death. ”
    is there something in the way a white woman would give her daughter an Islamic name ?
    “Aisha was married to Muhammad at the age of six or seven, “


  24. StewGreen says:

    Channel 4 say “we spent £1.5bn outside London in last years”
    ..and how much did they spend in London ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Typo Channel 4 say “we spent £1.5bn outside London in 10 last years”
      Its annual budget is about £1bn
      “2008 annual content budget of £598.6m ”
      so in 10 years it spends £6bn on content , so £1.5bn is just 25% of that
      So it spends 75% in London


  25. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Anybody else notice the prominence given by the BBC to the conviction of a Dane and some foreign named bloke in Britan for putting horsemeat in our Findus lasagnes back in 2013?
    This follows some conviction in 2013 of a Dutch bloke who managed to get Irish, Polish and Rumanian horses through Bulgaria and the Sinta/Roma into the foodchains so we in Britain could taste the delights of Shergar and Dobbin.
    Did I say “prominence”? You`ll know of course that the BBC said nothing.
    Juncker wouldn`t like this, and it`s hardly chlorine on chickenskins is it? Where are UKIP and Brexit types? We need our food chains back so the EU can`t allow this louche regime of food inspection ever again.
    This is NOT one the BBC etc are flagging up-I think that we should.
    It was a scandal-and typically ignored by Junckers Bunker scum in W12.


  26. StewGreen says:

    Nephew found laptop that filmed his uncle being ‘murdered by fake policeman in sex game’
    yet for 2 years police thought it was just a death from simple house fire.
    “an accident and that a fire had been sparked by a faulty light which may have fallen on to a bed.”

    That doesn’t sound like there was a proper investigation if you ask me. #PoliceFail


  27. StewGreen says:

    BBC R4 about 4:20pm Presenter says
    ” Do you think that if (Cameron’s) Big-Society scheme had worked , then we have avoided Brexit ?”
    (said on tone of voice that implied Brexit is a bad thing

    Baron Wei replied “yes the protest vote”
    .. You Metrobubble idiots Brexit was NOT a protest vote ..it was a logical vote.


    • Grant says:


      FFS. ” Big society “. What the hell did that mean ? These people are mentally deranged .


      • MarkyMark says:

        The Big Society Network was set up in 2010 in order “to generate, develop and showcase new ideas to help people to come together in their neighbourhoods to do good things.
        It was owned by a charity called The Society Network Foundation. During its first four years of existence the Big Society Network was funded with approximately £2 million of National Lottery funding and public-sector grants.

        In July 2014, a National Audit Office report criticised the way that money was allocated to and used by the network and The Independent newspaper claimed that and the Charity Commission had begun an investigation into alleged misuse of funds by the network.In 2014 the Big Society Network was put into administration owing money to the government (the tax payer in reality) and an application was made to the Charity Commission to have the organisation wound up.

        Only between 11% and 9% of respondents to a YouGov survey declared that the ‘Big Society will probably work’, while an overwhelming majority, between 68% and 73% of respondents, during the same time span, argued the opposite. In addition, a 2010 Ipsos-Mori poll found that 57% of respondents agreed that the Big Society was ‘just an excuse’ to save money by cutting public services.


      • MarkyMark says:

        See my comment – Big-Society scheme was never going to work so why bring it up? To make Cameron look good for something that never worked, but could have stopped Brexit even though it never worked?

        Even the yougov poll said 11% decalred ‘Big Society will probably work’ – before it even started. But hey, we are the Government and we know best on how to spend/waste your money!

        If only David Cameron had lowered Tampon VAT earlier, the EU would have looked excellent and then Brexit would never have happened.


  28. StewGreen says:

    R4 3:30pm Making History
    They had an item about ” the Charter of the Forest which was made law 800 years ago in 1217.”
    and suddenly up pops The Eco-Advocate: Professor Nicholas Robinson talking about the danger of Climate change
    He heads ‘International Union for Conservation of Nature’


    • StewGreen says:

      They also had a long segment about where the old Bolsheviks used to meet in London
      Charlotte St (strangely near to Channel 4 ‘s original building)
      And in Whitechapel
      Lenin, Trotsky Stalin and Shirley Williams Mum ! met


  29. charmbrights says:

    To change the subject but not the deceit.

    Has anyone else noticed that when a politician at local or sometimes even national level is being shown on screen giving their views their name and position is usally given. However only sometimes is their political allegiance shown. Is this perhaps their choice, or is it only shown if they are in a BBC approved party, or giving a BBC approved view?


  30. Fedup says:

    Avoiding albeeb I watch PBS America. It’s been running a series about Clinton. I watched it with perspective on how Trump won against Hilary . And how, previously , bush won against al gore. And doing that you do a kind of counter factual of ‘what if’ 9.11 hasn’t had happened and all of the subsequent events would have been different.

    I remember the day before 9/11 was a nice day and we seemed to be going into a happier better world. Waste of thought I guess.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage.We are the custodians of life’s meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.

      “A Universe Not Made For Us (Carl Sagan on religion)” – Carl Sagan


      • chrisH says:

        Enjoyed this, but think he`s wrong.
        God and Jesus as revealed in the Gospels and in Jewish scripture is reasoned and very logical. There is no contradiction. Science asks the “how” questions”, whereas religion asks the “why” questions.
        The likes of Newton and Einstein were religious people, as far as I`m concerned, Faraday and Martin Luther King too. Walesa and Solzhenitsyn.
        Faith and conviction compel the best at times, there is a “social justice” within that makes our best reason, test and create something beautiful for God.
        Sagan seems keen on showing “beauty” in his pictures and images-there surely is no scientific basis for beauty, let alone thankfulness is there, unless they are God add ons ?
        I feel really sorry for people who no longer have the vocabulary or need to get theological backing for their positions, especially when it comes to what islam is doing and how secular humanism and Marxist materialism have given a mirage of meaning and purpose.
        Far easier to belive in God and act accordingly-and if that`s not possible, then respect and be ready to argue your faith led opponents.
        Dawkins has no answers which is why the BBC likes his like.
        Islam at least makes room for a version of Jesus, and beileves in virgin births and miracles for him-more than most so called “Christian” demonimations!


  31. Fedup says:

    Not albeeb

    Went to see Dunkirk. Got taken in by the hype. It’s not a great film but the cast is British and no yanks. The 1955 version in black and white is more emotionally engaging despite all the cgi thrown at the 2017 version. Don’t think there will be many oscars for this one. Others will think differently – the pictures was full .


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I believe there is no CGI in “Dunkirk”. The director is old school and does not like it. He also shoots on to film rather than digital.

      I have heard criticism of the film, but I think its heart is in the right place.


    • Clare says:

      I don’t think many yanks will be turning up to see it either, if these comments following Mark Steyn’s review are anything to go by:

      John Wilson • Jul 30, 2017 at 09:50
      I saw this movie Friday night hoping to get some perspective on how the British feel about the event. I was hoping to see heroism.What I saw was a small movie about small men.I wondered aloud to my wife if the film maker was projecting his own cowardice onto historic events. The most vivid picture was of the men in the beached boat trying to sacrifice each other to the German target practice. In my idealized world, I see British soldiers of 1940 all willing to take one for the team. As an American, I’ll have to wait to see what my British friends have to say about the movie.

      John Wilson John Wilson • Jul 30, 2017 at 10:44
      I forgot to mention that I did see 3 heroes: the Moonstone captain, the 2nd pilot, and the port master when he stayed for the French. I had hoped to see a movie chock full o’ heroes. I guess I’m an anachronism looking for heroes in a world content with survival. Funny thing that: when you’re content with survival, it never works out.

      “Small men”? No heroes? Implication of cowardice? I could fall out very seriously with this fool. He should stick to Batman films.

      Mark Steyn’s review is quite good although I don’t generally give a stuff about film reviews.


  32. Sluff says:

    Snowflake alert.
    On bBBC London first headline story.
    A family called Pike. Mother goes on holiday to Turkey with no travel insurance. Has heart attack and is in a serious condition.
    Shock. Horror. The European Health Insurance Card does not apply to Turkey. Truly amazing. Not. So they are having to spend their own money on the healthcare of the lady.
    The Beeb obviously want me to feel how unfair this is. It is after all their chosen first item
    My problem is that I am not a snowflake so perhaps the family in question should have tumbled that Turkey is not in the EU and that travel insurance might have been a good idea.
    The bBBC clearly think otherwise. #Justicefor…..somebodyorother.


  33. Thoughtful says:

    An interesting piece on the iPM on Radio 4 about the failed state of Venezuela.

    They talk about the fact that the USA (note when they approve it’s the USA and not ‘Trump’?) has condemned the arrest of political opponents followed by the EU, although they don’t seem quite sure that the leader denounced as a criminal actually is so.

    They talk about the oil riches of the country, and that it was one of the richest countries in the world, and how the noble Ugo shavezzzzzzz used that wealth in the pursuit of social justice and ‘equality’ (whatever that means). They failed to mention that Venezuela continues to be run by Socialists and they have brought it to its knees. Instead they blame the falling price of oil and never once did they mention Socialism at all.


  34. DownBoy says:

    Eddie Mair the reasonably well renumerated public servant was on hand earlier this evening to read some words which explain why Venezuela is a dangerous basket case society. Apparently they were the richest country in S America thanks to oil wealth and then they elected a government which lowered inequality and improved the social programmes.
    Then what happened was the oil price went down and now there is chaos.
    Seriously who writes this cr*p? Leon Trotsky??


    • Kaiser says:

      ha ha stoopid socialists just like the scottish nazi party betting everything on a volatile commodity


  35. Sluff says:

    After the hoo haa of the bBBC top salaries the more gullible in society go back to sleep and forget to consider those many other public sector institutions for whom telephone number salaries for the ‘in crowd’ are just an expected way of life.
    Take for instance Haringey Council. There the deputy CEO, one Tracie Evans is getting by on £153,000 , who appears to be also acting as Chief Finance Officer,

    Click to access senior_salaries_gt_50k.pdf

    Can this be the same Tracie Evans,who, according to the Tottenham Journal, while working as Haringey Council’s Chief Operating Officer, was reprimanded for forging her co-director’s signature on some company accounts back in 2011 or 12?


    Imagine the furore at the bBBC if that had happened in the private sector and the employee continued to work in a senior position. But I suppose in the London socialist republics, anything goes.


    • Scroblene says:

      They all move around, don’t they Sluff.

      Two years max in a cushy number, then straight into another place with a huge increase and much enlarged pension.

      When I want to do something more interesting than watch paint dry, I’ll tot up the salaries of the sorry top lot in Kent County Council. Most of them do exactly bugger all.


  36. G.W.F. says:

    Attack on a mosque in Afghanistan. Probably Asians, men with psychological problems, or the far right.




    • Number 7 says:

      Sunni v. Shiite.
      Plus ca change.

      As an OT aside, I was planning to name a lunatic speed boat ‘Shiite Hawk’ – sources say(c. BBC) this would refer to a desert eagle (nothing to do with US firearm).

      Needless to say it was VETOED by Mrs 7.



  37. BRISSLES says:

    A new day, and I hope I don’t have to listen anymore about how breastfeeding at home and in public should be spoken of in schools ! Dear God, what IS it about this generation of lactating mothers that they want to expose themselves in public anyway ? Previous generations made sure their babies were fed before they went out, and if the occasion arose to feed baby whilst out, they went off in private to do the deed. We’re told that the likes of me has the problem of seeing babies fed in public – well, actually yes I do have a problem with that. Would I want to see a baby have its nappy changed in public while I’m having lunch ? er no; do we see toddlers have their bottoms wiped whilst having a coffee? er, no. There are certain functions in life that are not for public consumption, and rightly so. When in Japan recently I was in a coffee shop, and it wasn’t until it was pointed out, but a young lady having coffee with her friends was feeding her baby at the same time. The baby was happily feeding under a specially designed cover-up. Splendid idea and everyone was happy. Shame those mums claiming ‘their rights’ don’t have a little more decorum in this country. Rant over.


    • Wild Bill says:

      My wife breastfed our three and I totally agree with you.
      We were to tight to buy formula milk.


    • Number 7 says:

      Good rant.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Brissles, as a mere mortal could you please advise me of the age when a baby should be weaned. My personal and familial (younger siblings) memory is a bit dim at present. I thought it was at about one year of age.

      If it is around twelve months, then that would completely negate this so-called ‘initiative’.

      I agree with No.7. You are quite right in your rant.


  38. Manxman says:

    Gorka making Sukhar look like the amateur he is.

    Sukhar really looking complete clown on russia colusion, on Hardtalk.

    Gorka wouldnt let him keep shifting the goal-posts, so Sukhar got nasty, and was ;ut in his place for that aswell.
    These beeboids really do believe they can talk or treat anyone just how they like, they think people fear them that much.


  39. Lover of Truth says:

    Just a general moan about something that’s continually driving me mad… the overuse & misuse of the word CLEARLY + variations. Do all media types get trained by the same people… tell them it’s clear etc & they will think of themselves as dim if they think it isn’t clear. PLEASE drop it.


  40. GCooper says:

    Yet another major reshuffle of the channels on Freeview today. I read somewhere (here, perhaps?) that Freeview was brought about to suit the BBC. If that is true it is yet another reason to despise the organisation.

    Every time the channels are rearranged I hope there will be something worth watching but there never is. Where I am watching today, they don’t even broadcast BBC Four in HD, which is a measure of how amateurish and crass the BBC is. The one channel which would really benefit from HD for its art, nature and faux science programmes and it’s not shown in high quality. They reserve that for Eastenders.

    It cost a lot of money to establish Freeview (both public and private, given the new equipment people had to buy) and yet it is still complete rubbish. Endless repeats, recycled American bilge, pornography, +1 channels for the dwindling handful that still watch live TV, shopping channels for the deranged… all to protect the BBC’s poll tax.

    What a mess British broadcasting is. And we all know who is to blame.