What would Jesus do?



Have a look at these two videos from ‘Not a sheep’, the first showing what the BBC doesn’t want you to see and the second that closing down of the debate in action…



Nolan in the second video is having no truck with people who dare to ring his show and suggest we control immigration much more strictly.  When one guy suggested it was madness for people to bring migrants, completely unknown to them, into their own homes as some may be criminals, rapists or paedophiles [and so it has proven in some instances….not just in the home of course but nationwide across European countries], Nolan claimed he was labelling all refugees and immigrants that way…when clearly the caller was not.  Nolan later ‘explained’ it all to his listeners…but didn’t tell the truth, missing out the fact he had falsely accused the caller of labelling all migrants rapits and paedophiles….the BBC that labelled the whole of Britain a nastier more racist place #duetobrexit.  Nolan also tried to ask if the caller was a Christian, if he had any charity in him….which is a laugh….the BBC has spent years ‘hating on’ Christians and Christianity….the BBC only recently denouncing the DUP backward and unpleasant and extreme for their Christian based views on abortion and same sex marriage [in line with the Pope’s views]. That aside it is clear Nolan thinks that anyone who wants to control immigration is evil, immoral and incapable of showing compassion.  He naturally went straight for the ‘crying children’ ploy asking if the callers didn’t care about children.  Hmmm…most of the migrants are males of fighting age and not the women and children the BBC fills the screens with….and most of them are economic migrants.

It is remarkable how for someone running a ‘talk show’ Nolan doesn’t actually want to talk, or rather doesn’t want you to talk…if it’s not the approved language and thoughts.  More schlock than shock.

Nolan is precisely why I don’t listen to Nolan…bumptious, opinionated, sanctimonious and wrong.

But of course it is not just Nolan who peddles these sort of views, it is endemic across the BBC, it is institutionalised and ingrained, the orthodoxy.

Only a couple of days ago I posted about the BBC’s enlarged blindspot when it comes to Left-wing violence, hate and abuse, a blindspot behind which Muslim radicalism also dodges serious scrutiny from the BBC.  The Left are of course in a deadly embrace with Islamism and think that by working with the Islamists they can exploit the Muslim vote, the Far-Left wanting to use it to help them undermine and smash Western society….Iran should be a lesson for them…a similar alliance of Islamists and Left-wingers ended up with the Islamic Republic and the Left running for their lives.

The BBC are of course quite unconcerned about any of this and not at all concerned that Marxists who support terrorists and the fall of the British nation and society are in charge of the Labour Party and that they are in league with Islamist radicals….and that they could easily form the next government…not a problem?

What the BBC is very concerned about is the Far-Right.  Why I’m not sure, the Far-Right ones that are prepared to act out their prejudices are few and far between and have absolutely no traction in British society as a whole…..this is different to the Islamists whose opinions, values and beliefs are held by the majority of Muslims, those Muslims may not, though many do, condone the violence but they back the false narrative that creates the anger and radicalism that is behind the violence….as does the BBC of course….’British’ [not ‘Muslim] foreign policy, Zionism, Balfour, discrimination against Muslims etc.  Who should we be more concerned about?

This morning on the Today show [08:45ish] the BBC once again decided that the real threat is the Far-Right….a Far-Right that has become more vocal #duetobrexit.  Apparently Brexit, the idea of ‘Englishness’, wanting to control immigration, pride in your country, are all Far-Right ideas that have been taken up by the ‘hysterical press’ and UKIP as well as deluded voters.   So there you have it, the BBC once again trying to control the narrative by smearing anyone who wants to control immigration as akin to the BNP.

I think the BBC has more in common with the Nazis than UKIP or Brexit voters…the BBC using propaganda techniques honed and perfected by Goebbels in order to silence dissenters using fear, guilt and shame to do so.


H/T to whoever linked us to this…sorry I forget who it was…

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29 Responses to What would Jesus do?

  1. NCBBC says:

    Children – are these 30 year old children of unknown provenance.


    • Dystopian says:

      It’s a shame none of the callers thought to ask this blinkered idiot “what about our own children? Is their safety not paramount?”
      Did he mean the “children” with beards who were clearly not children?
      Typical lefty libtard idiot.
      If your opinion doesn’t match theirs then it shouldn’t be aired.
      What a prick.


  2. NCBBC says:

    What would Jesus do?

    Good question. The parable of the good Samaritan might give us a clue.

    1. The “good samaritan”does not take him to his own home, and lodges him for ever with his family. The “good samaritan” is mindful that over and above loving his foreign neighbour, he has a primary duty to his own family. The injured man he found could be a highwayman.

    2. He therefore takes the injured to an inn.

    3. He leavers some money for the innkeeper to look after the injured. He leaves some money to the innkeeper, and tells him that when he returns on the morrow, he will reimburse all costs.

    Note again – the “good samaritan” is not an idiot. He is smart. He won’t reimburse all costs until he sees that the innkeeper has done his good duty.

    1. From which I gather that refugees should be treated in a safe country, as near as possible to the country that is in a state of war.

    2. Huge amounts of money should not be given to UN, NGOs etc. Only a partial amount, until they have shown that they are doing the job they are supposed to.

    3. As for the migrants coming from Africa- they are not fleeing war but mismanagement and the resulting poverty. Huge amounts of aid has been freely given to Africa. All wasted in corruption. A good case can be made for the introduction of a UN caretaker authority in most African countries.

    Re: Afghan criminality — H/T to whoever linked us to this…sorry I forget who it was…

    It was moi.


    • Alan says:

      ah…many thanks!


    • DWBuxton says:

      To expect the UN to do anything about a problem such as this is pure pie in the sky and as useful as trying to stop the climate changing.


  3. Alicia Sinclair says:

    It`s far easier not to fuss over all this, and just see it all as a one-party state spouting off at state expense.
    If we are dim or dozy enough not to resist this monoculture-and we`ve known it since the seventies-then if my girls are in hijabs ten years hence?
    Then weren`t we complicit by paying for it and not warning the lefts media that we`d not stand for this endless tripe and lies for ever?
    Whether its Trump over in the USA or Brexit over here?
    It`s all Soros-led One World lies, softening us up for Islam once the money system collapses over debts and scandals based on electronic blips as opposed to making stuff.
    So Comrade Hitler never failed to use his media to tell us of the Jewish threat?
    Hold the front page!
    Thank God for the likes of Tucker, Lionel and sites like this and Not A Sheeps etc.
    MPs expenses?
    BBCs expenses? What will it take before we get the Eurohillaries dealt with?


  4. Fedup says:

    Alan ,
    I put a comment about the Today programme on the start the week bit but I would draw a breath ordinarily when comparing albeeb to goebbels and nazi propaganda . But sadly it really is heading that way .
    To spend time talking about a non existent right wing threat versus suicide bombs in Manchester and car/knife murders in London is truly a distortion of the awful situation we find ourselves in

    To compare some idiot driving from Cardiff to Islington in desperation is not the same. Humphreys was once quite a distinguished broadcaster in the field before albeeb got poisoned . Now it must be just for cash. He should do the same as that other smug beeboid – naughtie – and go wandering on an albeeb taxpayer expense account


  5. countryblues says:

    A hypothetical scenario : the whole population of Africa is encouraged to move to Europe (as they are), then the whole population of Europe (indigenous) moves to Africa. I’ll wager something fine could be made of that great continent.

    Q : Assuming we take all our modes of transport with us…in time, will thousands die trying to cross the Med. in the opposite direction?


    • MarkyMark says:

      countryblues – I like your thought experiment, I did the same with socialism …

      Why holiday in a socialist country – when you can live there! {biasedbbc link 19jun2017}
      We can do it! Let’s Move Forward! “Enough for the Many, Enough for the Few”.

      It seems to me that Labour have lost ([email protected]%) but act as though they have won and the Conservatives have won ([email protected]%) but are waiting to lose, rather than take power and getting on with it.

      So I suggest rather than this continuing this tiring political, we take this problem further a field. Venezuela is praised by some Labour Members as a socialist dream, along with Cuba, South Africa and China. So we do a ‘wealth transfer’ of people.

      All members of Labour Party with families (483,000 Labour Members March2017) can transfer to one of the countries that signs up for this great experiment….cont…


      • NCBBC says:

        The experiment was tried in the USSR and failed miserably. Lenin, Stalin etal killed twice as many people then Hitler – another socialist. 60 million killed in the The Great Socialist experiment of the USSR. But as they dont teach history these days, the young believe that Socialism is just wonderful.

        One thing that socialists are great in is population reduction. They do this with great efficiency.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      Ha you can’t shrug off the white man’s burden as easily as that. Of course they will follow wherever we go!


    • NCBBC says:

      We dont need to take our modes of transport. Far better to build with new tech and nature of AFRICA.

      But as you say, Europe will soon become Africa, and Africans will be streaming back to Africa screaming “colonisation”.


      • Manxman says:

        Africans will be streaming back to Africa screaming “colonisation”.

        I think” Allahu Akbar” more likely.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Sorry but I detest hot climates. I love this land the way it is (or was) a country in Africa would be a poor substitute.
      If I had to leave I would rather be heading for Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Alaska or Canada.


      • JimS says:

        One would almost think that people were naturally adapted to where they should live, pale skins in the North to gather every scrap of weak sunlight to make vitamin D, dark skins in the Middle to protect from all that UV.

        It has been said that an Englishman would lay a lawn wherever he lived. From what I’ve seen of the sun-tanned ‘Brummies’ they are all busy terraforming the place, ripping out gardens front and rear to provide courtyards for their fleets of German cars and for Granny to get her exercise, bent double, sweeping the yard with her bunch of twigs, (probably imported).


      • countryblues says:

        Sorry Lucy but, you can’t head for those countries because they’re going to be absolutely full up with people who all want to kill you 😉


  6. CranbrookPhil says:

    I have had the luxury of never having heard of this Stephen Nolan person. But listening to the clip I am utterly appalled by the way he treats people voicing quite legitimate fears. Unfortunately the people ringing in were not that great at eloquence & tended to get rather irate like someone in a pub argument. This Nolan should be set against someone who can really talk & show him up for the bigot he is. Problem is I suspect he would just cut them off in a cowardly way.


    • Manxman says:

      Yes it is an at distance debate technique most beta’s adopt, to madden obfuscate and demonise, they wouldn’t do it face to face, as your body language would regulate them, that or a smack in the mouth, that will be why they dont drink in pubs.

      I didnt sit with my back to a wall in pub’s,and drink out of a bottle in clubs because of Liberals


  7. Oaknash says:

    Nolan represents the typical left wing debating tactic of ignoring the general gist of what someone is trying to say and zeroing in on one minor facet of the argument to close down and “show up” his opponent as a bad human being. Its how for years these tossers have got away with filling our country up with migrants many of whom have no particular liking for us or our culture in a reckless and destructive attempt to gerrymander the electorate in their favour.

    Depressingly predictable.


    • AaronD says:

      Nolan’s shows are unlistenable tabloid radio underscored by a mile-wide seam of orthodox BBC correctness. Nolan himself has an awful tendency to wallow in the misery of his subjects while attempting to tease out ever more sordid revelations, and is never happier than when able to demonstrate his empathy by treating ‘victims’ in the most sickly sentimental manner. There’s something grubbily hypocritical about the whole experience. When people question his – or general BBC – bias , which happens on a fairly regular basis, he reacts with what appears to be genuinely outraged surprise at so ridiculous a suggestion, and always argues most vehemently that his caller is imagining things. He is the ideal BBC employee.


  8. The Sage says:

    The BBC is fond of referring to these people as refugees when in almost all cases they are not. Those coming across the Mediterranean are not refugees, but often Eritreans and the like. There is no war in Eritrea so what are these people seeking refuge from? Moreover, it is the duty (under UN charter) of any refugee to seek refuge in the first safe country and not to have a preferred far-off destination. By the way, Eritrea is working hard to push tourism. It’s a country worth visiting and has some wonderful Italian colonial architecture, etc and one of the world’s great train journeys from Massawa to Asmara.
    But we seem to give refugee status to just about anyone – those (Mo Farrar included) from autonomous Somaliland where not shot in anger has been fired in more than 20 years (then it only lasted a couple of days), Assad loyalist Awalites from Latakia in Syria and where there is no fighting and life goes on as normal.


  9. NCBBC says:

    The female guest in the interview was understandably nervous at the start, but once she had the measure of Nolan, Nolan closed the interview.


  10. NCBBC says:

    The BBC re-broadcast Islam and Science yesterday. Islam’s contribution to science is virtually nil. What they did was copy Byzantine achievements.

    After the fall of Byzantine, Islam reverted to what it is now. The transfer of the heritage of Greek “science” and mathematics was undertaken by the Byzantines, as they fled the massacres and genocide imposed by conquering Muslims in Byzantine. The Renaissance was not due to Arabs but to these fleeing Byzantines (Greeks by lineage)

    Now when is the BBC going to have Horizon programs on

    1. Christianity and Science
    2. Taoism and Science
    3. Buddhism and Science
    4. Hinduism and Science.

    Each of the above, particularly Christianity, have far far greater claim to contributions to science then Islam. Christianity could certainly clam inventing “science”, and the very idea what constitutes science.


  11. Nibor says:

    Nolan asks the classic style bifurcation question .