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Jeremy Corbyn said that he was bringing us a new politics, nicer, more polite, friendlier.  What we have got is in fact an outpouring of hate, abuse and threats, not to mention a rise in anti-Semitism.  The Left always uses the language of emotion and humanity to wrap up its appeal to the masses in offering us equality, fairness and justice for all.  The reality is that these fine words are just that, words.  Actions speak louder than words and when you look at what happens on the ground, from the earliest days of Socialism to now, it is more than apparent that the Left are quite prepared to sacrifice ‘The People’ in order to impose their dogma….which of course is good for those people…as time will tell they insist.

The BBC similarly wraps itself up in fine words about impartiality, honesty and accuracy combined with a liberal world view that it tries to impose upon us.  It cannot say the all too many things it would like to say on its own account, things that are slanderous, hateful, unpleasant, toxic, dangerous or poisonous.  It has developed several tricks to get around this such as bringing in people to vioce their ‘point of view’ thus distancing the BBC from their words, or using small, less well known websites to break stories that the upright, respected and august BBC could not touch…until someone else breaks them and then the BBC can report the ‘furore’ created afterwards….such was the way with Byline and John Whittingdale during Charter negotiations and Buzzfeed and the Trump very ‘dodgy dossier’.

Newsnight has introduced its own ‘points of view’ which seems to be used for expressing poisonous and highly questionable views with a ‘firewall’ between them and the BBC…despite the fact we know these are the BBC’s views…such as the attack on May or perhaps this piece of racist hate mongering…


Points of view appear on the website and on several other programmes…this morning we had one R4 giving us a lurid hatchet job on Trump….how unexpected from the sad old BBC…

“You can’t call him crazy, because it isn’t fair to crazy people”, writes Adam Gopnik.

“You can’t compare him to a four-year-old because four-year-old children are not in fact tyrannical or egotistical”.

Six months into Donald Trump’s presidency, Adam Gopnik searches – almost in vain – for a descriptive category to fit.

Trump is a new evil, new and frightening.  He’s crazy and childish, mad like King George, Nixon at his worst.  He’s a treasonous collaborator with dictatorial regimes, he’s a catastrophe for liberal and democratic values, a disaster.  He feeds off irrational resentment and tribal hatreds.

‘Irrational resentment and tribal hatreds’?  Seems it is the liberal lefties who have the monopoly on that…#duetotrump  #duetobrexit.

The BBC spreading bile, division and hatred without getting its hands dirty.



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  1. Simon Love says:

    If Trump is indeed guilty of anything, it’s being a rich, white male…


    • cromwell says:

      Yes i agree, I listened to this piece of rubbish this morning on R4 on a point of view, I was shocked by the vitriol and hate this man spouted. It is disgusting this is allowed to happen on a publicly funded broadcast organisation. What a disgrace, no respect whatever for the office of President of the United States of America.How i miss Alistar Cooke and his letter from America, what an intelligent man he was, sadly misse. I was listening and thought about President Clinton, all the scandels , money and sex about him, its as if it never happened. All i can think is that the snowflake generation are too young to know about the womanising and scandals that beset his Presidency.


      • Grant says:


        And the BBC said nothing about the corruption and all the scandals surrounding the odious Hillary. The BBC, a vile organisation and world leaders in Fake News.


    • charmbrights says:

      Just like Bliar, so why the different treatment?


      • chrisH says:

        Only the BBC would trawl the Tony Blair comments about the EU with a follow up on the dangers of “fake news”. Isn`t Blair himself the very embodiment of fake news and what happens when the herd follow the deluded? Like in Iraq 2002/3?
        Campbell?…David Kelly?
        Life`s too short to bother with the BBC-but even their own friends need to see that they`re fast becoming CNN . And we don`t need to pay for their lies either.


  2. Simon Love says:

    The black woman in this video above, seem to think that the most important problem in the UK, is the problem of racism. Considering that marauding gangs of young, British black men on mopeds think it’s now normal and acceptable to throw sulphuric acid at people in order to steal their mopeds, mobile phones etc, I would’ve thought the most important thing, is to re-introduce policing policies which actively target and monitor black criminals and black criminal suspects 24/7.

    It’s good Amber Rudd is considering mandatory life sentences for those who carry out acid attacks, assuming she actually follows through with it. Can we then expect people like the woman above bleating about acid attackers being unfairly picked on and targeted on the basis of their skin colour???


    • Banania says:

      Now that’s funny. Until I read this I had NO IDEA that the acid attacks were being carried out by any particular group rather than another. Who doesn’t want us to know?


  3. Simon Love says:

    I would say the extremely left wing BBC, is in TOTAL denial of the extremely high percentage of UK blacks involved in very nasty, gratuitously violent crimes which occur daily on Britain’s high streets. How this incredibly racist woman can conclude that blacks receive harsher prison sentences than their white counterparts, beggars belief. From what I’ve seen, the exact opposite is invariably the case, which merely encourages black people to think they can carry out criminal acts with impunity…

    The British Government need to abolish the TV license fee, asap…


  4. Oaknash says:

    Simon – I think Trumps greatest “crime ” in the eyes of the BBC is to tell the truth about the threat to our society from Islamic migration.
    These left wing bar stewards have for years been payed a great deal of money for being complicit in covering up the effects of this demographic shift in our population and its effects.. Suddenly Trump appears like the little boy in the Emperors New Clothes and shows these people up for the naked fools we all know them to be. He has exposed their lies for all to see. And the longer this goes on for the more people will wake up

    No I am afraid Trump will have to go – Fortunately the BBC will have very little say in this and therefore will just have to be content in whining every time Trump opens his mouth and concentrate on their normal day job which is undermining the very fabric, unity and culture of our society all in the name of political correctness.


    • Simon Love says:

      I disagree regarding the BBC being payed a great deal of money to cover up the negative impact islamisation has on the UK – I view them as misappropriating the funding they receive from the TV license fee, to spread their own vile, extreme left wing propaganda entirely of their own volition. This as I understand it, is the very basis for this website’s existence…


  5. Fedup says:

    That’s the reason I will not pay their licence tax. My conscience just won’t let me.

    As for Newsnight. Dead in the water. Their viewing numbers must be awful – thankfully.stopped watching years ago.
    When al Beeb start things like’ a point of view’ it signals that they don’t have enough stories to bring to the programme. This is probably because of the kind of ‘journalists’ they have who know that to get the coveted seat of the Today programme or read the news from an auto cue for £300k pa – they have to stick to the al Beeb party line.

    While writing this the speaking mouth journo in America was busily blaming Trump for bad railways in New York. Why that is on uk news is beyond me and blaming a president for the fact that New York has bad railways is a bit like blaming a PM when a tower block illegally populated by sub letters catches fire.


    • Wild says:

      Newsnight should have been the scrapped the moment it started promoting vile and wholly inaccurate child abuse smears. The fact it is still around shows just how low BBC journalistic standards are these days.


  6. Grant says:

    Never heard of this revolting woman but she is clearly a racist , similar to Rabbit. I thought we had anti-racism laws in UK. Why do these people never get prosecuted ?


    • cromwell says:

      grant…sorry pressed report by mistake….yes i keep thinking why do the racists who spout vile anti white comments are allowed to carry on when it is breaking the law, one rule for them and a more ridged rule for us


  7. NCBBC says:

    OT but this is going to cause division, scale 9 at the least

    LGBT Pride London: police attempt to remove ‘Allah is Gay’ placards for causing offence


    More here


    • Grant says:


      Funny , but some of the people in the photo look as if they may be muslims !


      • Zytate says:

        Grant they are homosexual ex Muslims. (I suppose the two cannot co-exist?)


        • Grant says:


          I agree, it is irreconcilable. But I have great respect for any gay muslims who ” come out “. They are risking their lives.


  8. NCBBC says:

    Huge fissures are opening in Britain. Its not just race , but something far more volatile. The potential for civil war is beginning to look a real possibility. Each community, particularly Muslims and LGBT, views they are right, and the other will have to submit. The police will be in the middle. I dont think they can cope.


    • Grant says:


      So many of the extremist groups are irreconcilable. I am happy for them to fight each other as long as the rest of us are not affected and taxpayers money is not wasted.


    • Pounce says:

      Can’t wait for civil war. Hopefully a lot of the dross (on bothsides) will get removed from the food chain.


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Many of the very vocal minority groups, by their very behaviour, constantly and openly display their hypocrisy.

      They almost all display the same attitude that everybody must be made to be more understanding and accepting of others and if they don’t then we’re going to kick their blank blank heads in to teach then a lesson.


  9. Pounce says:

    It never fails to amaze me how people still believe this shit that the UK is a evil racist place. Wouldn’t it be nice if all these people fucked off to a far better place in which to live in peace. Funny enough they don’t.


  10. Pounce says:

    Just submitted a complaint to the bBC regards their attempts in which to instigate a race war.


  11. Pounce says:

    Here is what the likes of the bBC promots with their constant racist agenda:
    Helpless Muslims, Victim of Far-Right Gangs in Britain
    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Far-right gang attacks against Muslims in Britain is increasing and Muslims living in the country are helpless to defend themselves, several media reports show. The far-right gangs use social media to propagate hatred ideas and British security officials say hate crimes directed at Muslims have increased nearly five-fold in the wake of several attacks in Britain blamed on extremists, AP reported. In the past three months, mosques across Britain have reported several attacks against worshippers and places of worship. A series of acid attacks have fuelled fears and sparked defiance among Britain’s Muslim communities, in what has been described as a rising trend at a time of increased Islamophobia.


    • Grant says:


      For fake news that almost outdoes the BBC !


      • Amounderness Lad says:

        Fake news indeed. There is nothing at all to support any claim that acid attacks are being carried out by any particular group, never mind mainly by right wing groups, or that Muslims are being specifically singled out as victims.

        In fact there seems to be no link at all between those committing the acid attacks and nothing at all to link the victims. To try and indicate there is is nothing but pure imagination and convenient political propaganda.


    • Joseph says:

      Well that’s interesting because, according to Douglas Murray, the Muslim women in the picture at the top of the article are Ahmadiyya Muslims, and we all know how highly they are regarded by Salafists and Wahhabists.

      If I never hear another, whiny Muslim compaint, it will be too soon.



  12. Manxman says:

    Well thats one way of viewing it all Pounce.

    There is another ofcourse, and that’s through the eyes of parent who has not long buried their half vapourised child in Manchester, and many more varying views .


  13. chrisH says:

    Thanks fot this Pounce.
    This a Turkish website?
    Utterly chilling how the BBC end up feeding the Muslim trolls of Turkey, Iran etc. THis is exactly the kind of lying, dissembling article what would get another white policeman killed, aother gay hipster maimed. Reading it was frightening-if I were a Muslim nutter in Ankara or Isfahan I`d be inclined to get over here on a plane and sort out the rest of us. Then throw acid in the faces of the Muslim women protesting Islamophobia attacks by the National Front as this picture likes to imply. They`re not meant to show their faces.
    The BBC needs to be done for incitement for this article if they in any way created it.


    • Grant says:


      I love Turkey and the Turks and lived there 2 years. I hate to see the destruction of that wonderful country by the bastard Erdogan and his fanatics. Everything that great genius , Ataturk, created is being destroyed . I don’t think I shall ever be going back. But I was lucky to have so many wonderful times there , when I was living there, and on many trips. And the marvellous hospitality and friendship of many Turkish friends. So sad about what is happening now.


  14. Pounce says:


  15. Pounce says:

    And the leftwing cock sucking bastards demand we take in hoards of intolerant Islamic immigrants fake asylum seekers as its the right thing to do


    • Grant says:


      And say nothing about the Genocide of christians. Lefties and Beeboids are total perverts. They have no humanity .