Lessons learned?


Labour believes education should
be free, and we will restore this
principle. No one should be put off
educating themselves for lack of
money or through fear of debt.
There is a real fear that students
are being priced out of university
Labour will reintroduce maintenance
grants for university students, and we
will abolish university tuition fees.
University tuition is free in many
northern European countries, and
under a Labour government it will
be free here too.



From the BBC…

Labour’s plan sends a strong political signal to young voters.

It’s a direct appeal to younger voters – with surveys suggesting that students are more likely to vote Labour.

Facebook and grime artists didn’t swing the vote Corbyn’s way…his great big shining lie about tuition fees did as he conned the young voters with promises of pot loads of cash.  He bought their vote and then screwed them.

Clegg paid a huge price….will Corbyn?  Not if the BBC have anything go do with it…so far there has been absolutely no BBC backlash, no inquisition into Corbyn’s betrayal and u-turn, no interrogation, no holding feet to the fire…just an amiable chat with Marr…and remarkably a similarly amiable chat about McDonnell’s claim that politicians murdered the Grenfell victims….no serious challenge to his claim…after all murder is a legal term not a useful political term as it is used by McDonnell to stir up anger and, he hopes, riotous ‘days of rage’.

Now Labour is claiming that its statements about tuition fees were mere ambitions…a nice to have.  Not true.  Its manifesto made clear this was something that would happen under Labour…and the BBC certainly thought so as it indicates these were Labour pledges and promises.

Where is the BBC ‘day of rage’?  If this had been May she would have been torn to shreds by now…but Corbyn?  The BBC aren’t interested.  May was vilified for her u-turn on social care during the election….and, considering what happened to Clegg, Corbyn makes a huge, huge u-turn on a crucial issue and yet…nothing from the BBC, nothing serious.

Corbyn has utterly betrayed the young voters who trusted him and voted for him……the BBC seems entirely uninterested in them now…how different from before the election when the ‘youth’ vote was being urged to get out there and participate by the BBC….knowing of course that they would be likely to vote for Corbyn.

From the BBC pre-election:

tuition fee protest

Labour is promising to scrap the system of university tuition fees


Labour tuition fees promise: Students this year ‘would not pay’

Labour says it will bring forward its pledge to scrap tuition fees to include students starting university in England this autumn if it wins the election.

The party also says students part-way through their courses would not have to pay for the remaining years.


General election 2017: All or nothing for Labour on tuition fees

Scrapping tuition fees in England is the biggest and most expensive proposal in Labour’s £25bn worth of pledges for education.

Instead of fees rising to £9,250 per year in the autumn, Jeremy Corbyn is proposing a complete handbrake turn in saying that university tuition should not cost students anything.

This is Labour going for an all-or-nothing approach – asserting free education as a fundamental principle – and creating the starkest choice in university policy for two decades.

It’s a direct appeal to younger voters – with surveys suggesting that students are more likely to vote Labour.

It makes the pitch that no-one should be deterred from university because of the cost or fear of debt.




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10 Responses to Lessons learned?

  1. Scroblene says:

    The new ‘young’ voters, some even as young as the arrivals from Calais, won’t be thinking a lot about Labour’s ‘promises’ at all!

    They’re all out in Magaluf on Ma and Pa’s money, having a ball, or maybe two, and planning gap years, or maybe a new third-hand Corsa, to get them to the nearest gigs on Ma and Pa’s insurance.

    Then it’s back to the Atlas – so old-fashioned – , to plan a trip to see the ‘real’ world for a year, all on Ma and Pa’s money.

    Then who knows, an offer of a job out of the blue with car, pension, and all through connections to people who know Ma and Pa’s money.

    Ha ha ha! Reality will kick in as soon as they realise how Corbyn was just a wanker, which by then will be just a little too late…

    Anyone want to buy a slightly dented third-hand Corsa…?


  2. Fedup says:

    I don’t think the kids quite realise that labour has moved this promise to an aspiration because some one – probably Diane Abbot – got a fag packet, did some numbers and realised their promise would cost £100 billion .
    It is clear that the next election will be won on promises of more money ? More benefits , less tax – whatever it takes to win. The money tree can work for both political views. ( thankfully libs and greens don’t count ).


  3. chrisH says:

    I do wonder when-if-the True Patriots of this country will ever think through the fundamentals.
    Like the NHS, the schools are weaponised by the left-which is why they are “free”. Of course they don`t come without the highest costs to the rest of us, but that will never be factored in by the Left and their idiot slipstream kite fliers in the liberal tory rump of pubic lice…sorry public life.
    Keith Joseph was a good thinker, but failed to follow through on education vouchers. We certainly need to regain the high ground on why schools-compulsory lefty terror centres for kids at their most malleable-are forced on the rest of us.
    I myself suggest scorn, sarcasm mockery and comedy to begin the culture wars we are abjectly losing at the minute.
    Like Brexit-if the left and the beautiful people aren`t howling at my views, then I`m a compromising suckup.
    But for now-education is NOT schooling -and the serried rows of lefties and moderate people need to know that their taxes are used to fund the deepest of deep states-and we are paying a terrible cost for letting the state groom, massage and fiddle about in our kiddies minds.
    Time to take down these twin towers of health and education…before we`re buried in the rubble.
    Fumnnily enough-the Left have no idea on any of this-house slave muppets….at least the right still think on a good day.


    • Fedup says:

      Problem is though Chris – if the. Education system has been perverted since the 1960s and the NHS / benefits system is a long way from Beveridge – how do we fix it?


      • EnglandExpects says:

        We need a new Thatcher to take on the public sector that was left untouched in the 1980s and is now a festering swamp of Corbynism. Smash unions in teaching and health. Privatise delivery of health even if it’s kept free to those who can’t pay . Privatise the BBC. End the 50 per cent target for those going to university. Radically cut welfare benefits that encourage large families notably Muslim ones and give accommodation in central London to immigrants such as Ethiopian taxi drivers.
        No politician in sight who will take this on. Not enough appetite for it in the electorate . Do we need the chaos of a labour government first as in the 1970s?


        • Kaiser says:

          yes we probably do, though a seventies labour government would seem pragmatic and reasonable compared to the raving ranting madness of our current lefties .

          I fear a nasty dose of jezbollas socialism marxism is coming,

          we will all suffer, it will be horrible,

          whether we can ever recover is a different question?


  4. Wild says:

    The BBC endlessly point out (like a stuck record) that the promise to abolish tuition fees is nonsense, because the numbers don’t stack up; because of other spending commitments and high government borrowing. They are also like a dog with a bone attacking the claim that the Grenfell tower fire was murder, and go on and on and on about Momentum thuggery and intolerance. I wish the BBC would give it a rest. If only they would find time to mention the damaging effects of Brexit , or the benefits of high taxation, or how marvelous and underpaid public sector workers are, slaving away for the community with not a thought for themselves.


  5. wronged says:

    ‘ McDonnell’s claim that politicians murdered the Grenfell victims’
    Wild and Alan.

    Could someone ask McDonnell this question.

    So does that mean that Labour Boroughs who used the same inflammable materials on their high rise buildings are attempted murderers? Camden (Keir Starmer) and Hackney (Abbott) and Tottenham (Lammy) for example.

    Mcdonnell’s own own Borough of Hayes has a few dodgy high rise buildings so you need to get yourself arrested Mr McDonnell, as does and Islington

    Islington. Yes, I now I’m beginning to agree with you John McDonnell, lets have the MP for Islington arrested for attempted murder whoever he is!


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Personally I`d put the following in the dock at this early stage
      1. Those from Harold Wilson and Ted Heaths area who thought that high rises without fire escapes were a good idea….just a telling off there
      2. Those in the mid 80s who gradually allowed the EU to set fire standards, and replacing UK standards in the process…that ought to trap a fair few like Ken Livingston who knew nothing about this, but had plenty of our money via the poll tax.
      3. Blairs government -and Prescott in particular-who separated management of the high rises from Council accountability using quangos and housing association structures.
      4. The European Union and the Green Party for their loss of any perspective, preferring flammable hydrocarbons to CFCs , eco-pretentious cladding to REAL non flammable alternatives.
      5. Recent “management ” that turned blind eyes to overcrowding, abuse of the asylum process, traffickers and subletting sharks who benefitted from the extra crowded accommodation…start with the Home Office and work down.
      Not heard a peep from the Greens, Labours class of the Blair era or the EU have we?
      And the BBC aren`t asking are they?


      • Dadad says:


        The responsibility of the EU for Grenfell has been ignored until now. You’re spot on with your comments.

        Please read euferendum .com on this topic; if you haven’t done so already.