Carry on doctor

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The new Doctor Who is female…

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Scotty will be gutted….and next the new Sherlock Holmes…

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  1. Fedup says:

    Clever move for al beeb. She’ll do a few episodes then leave for artistic reasons so that it will soften punters up for a black or Asian Doctor Who .

    I suppose the Dr Who brand is one of al beebs sources of cash now that it killed Top Gear so it must be shown to succeed over time .


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      I can’t wait for them to do a Cinderella Pantomime with a big, butch heavyweight all in wrestler as Cinders. How about Little Red Riding Hood? There nothing to say that LRH has to be female. There must be hundreds of examples where a male could play a non-gender specific characters, always played by a female, where a male could play the part.

      Anybody think the bBBC will be making any changes like that in the near future. If you do, I recommend you don’t hold your breath waiting. With the bBBC, and other such ludicrously fanatical PC propagandists, it only ever works in one direction. Strange that, isn’t it.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Nope they already killed the export market for Doctor Who when Stephen Leftie Moffat decided to introduce openly homosexual characters to the show, which he claimed were aliens and one was giving the other the kiss of life. Other countries didn’t accept his lies and now will not buy the series.

      So that’s the entire Muslim word they’ve managed to offend, plus most of Africa, Christian and Muslim, the Caribbean, and South America !

      If someone not from the loonie left did that they would be up in arms! The double standards of Fascism laid bare for all to see.

      And it’s all made possible by the ‘unique way the BBC is funded’ not having to give a stuff about those who are forced to pay for it want to watch, nor the viewing figures either.


    • NCBBC says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have a transgender Snow White or Cinderella? Just think, a real 6′ 6″ Muslim guy who just believes that she is the one to take out the Big Bad wolf. And BTW, why must the wolf have to be “big bad”, and then butchered. He could well be a misunderstood Climate Change/ Social Justice warrior. Anti-Trump and all that.

      Now if one really wants to make a “killing” at the Box office- how about Trump in the role of the Big Bad wolf?


    • jip says:

      Coming soon:

      Queen and country chronicling Queen Elisabeth’s II reign, with the Queen played by Anjem Choudery, and Prince Philip played by Jo Brand…


  2. TrickCyclist says:

    Just seen Lizo Mzimba on the 10.00 News informing us that the casting of “strong, female characters has been a successful strategy” for sf/fantasy in recent years, citing Star Wars and Game of Thrones as examples.
    Never seen GoT but Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the last SW film I will ever pay to see, not because of its female protagonist but because it was terrible and put the series on an irredeemable trajectory. One of my favourite comments about the film was by an imdb poster (I only rely on non-professional critics these days) who said that in 20-30 years time maybe it will be Rey (The film’s girl lead; you have to have seen the ending to appreciate this) standing on a hill, saying to a new apprentice Jedi: “I have failed – it’s up to you now, little Mohammed!”
    Anyway, Dr. Who – are the Beeb secretly embarrassed by the series and this is just the latest step to hasten its demise? Make it unpopular enough and few people will complain when it ends – the original Star Trek was famously saved from cancellation by a fan letter-writing campaign. I believe a lot of Who fans weren’t happy with many of the decisions of John Nathan-Turner (The original Who’s last producer) and the series vanished for 15 years. I suppose it’s been a money-spinner for the Beeb – not that they need to worry about that.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I gave up on Dr Who a few years ago, so I can’t say I particularly care now. As a metaphor for the BBC’s decline into irrelevancy, however, it’s a fascinating study. The Doctor has always been male and to make him (her? it?) female is completely contrary to the integrity of the character as understood over 50 years by the fan base. Yet the BBC is determined to make what it presumably sees as an important statement of equality even to the possible detriment of one of its flagship shows. It is more important to the BBC that it signal its “progressive” credentials.

      Time will tell, if you’ll excuse the pun. I just don’t think the fanbase will find it credible and that viewing figures, after an initial spike out of curiosity, will drop off a cliff. The Doctor will shortly become male again (black, naturally) but by then the damage done will be terminal and the series will be “rested”.

      I do have one thought that I can’t quite shake, try as I might. When the Doctor turned into David Tennant, it was established that a hand lost shortly after regeneration will regrow. Will the same happen with the Doctor’s winky?


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      It would appear that John Nathan-Turner, who was openly gay, used his position to prey on underage male teenage fans. But I’m sure that can’t be true, after all such behaviour would never happen at the bBBC, would it. I’m sure if the bBBC had known they would surely have made sure it didn’t keep occurring, after all didn’t they always deal harshly with people behaving in such a manner with underage children?

      in his period in the 1980s Dr Who story lines started to tend towards an unspoken anti-Tory, anti-Thatcher line. I suspected at the time that it was happening but thought I could be wrong. It seems I wasn’t because in the recent past those suspicions were confirmed by one of the main characters of that period during an interview.

      Yes folks, the bBBC was just as full of Leftist Propaganda back then as it is now, even if it wasn’t quite as blatant as it is currently.


      • TrickCyclist says:

        Blimey, does that explain the presence of poor old Adric?
        As for the anti-Thatcher stance, yeah, Sylvester McCoy wasn’t it? Well, we had the “working class” Doctor with Ecclestone so I’m sure not one of us is surprised by this announcement, but why should “strong female” sci-fi characters still be a cause for such celebration/self-congratulation? There hasn’t been any shortage of them in the past – Alien, Star Trek, even Blake’s 7 had a few – who could forget Jacqueline Pearce’s Servalan? Oh, silly me, it’s because it represents the emasculation of a once-beloved male character.
        Speaking of Blake’s 7, remember the episode where a post-apocalyptic planet had split into male and female societies? The men on the surface had regressed to a Dark Ages while the women underground had all the surviving technology and ruled with the aid of a pain-causing device. Avon overcame the pain and the female leader with a comment that went something like, “It’s good! But it’s not good enough! In the end, men will always be the stronger!”
        I await the remake.


      • vesnadog says:

        “Yes folks, the bBBC was just as full of Leftist Propaganda back then as it is now, even if it wasn’t quite as blatant as it is currently.”

        Not as blatant!?

        Now that the flood-gates have been opened you just watch the Pink Tolerance Brigade go to work attacking the fragile minds of our children! I can see Dr Who having to be broadcast after 9:PM as it brings in more filth and unease amongst most viewers! Last time I watch Dr Who was in the early 80s!

        We must always remind ourselves that every message we post on here and elsewhere we are very likely to be monitored by The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) – so watch out guys!


    • Amounderness Lad says:

      Yes, there are many Sci-Fi films and TV series with strong female roles and, indeed, with strong female main characters. That being the case why play pathetic PC games with the Dr Who character which has been male since the series first started over fifty year ago. If it ain’t bust don’t fix it obviously means absolutely nothing. They just have to tinker and mess like children who pull things to pieces to see how the work until they destroy them beyond repair. If they really want a Sci-Fi series with a strong female as the main character why don’t they try to put both their collective brain cells together and create such a series, or is that beyond their artistic capabilities?


  3. StewGreen says:

    This is an equal opportunity country
    … On an individual level people are free to make their own choices.
    However that does not mean that when you sit back and look at a large group, that the demographics are spread equally.
    eg I was an air heritage event today
    – Toddlers activity tent : every single volunteer teaching 5-6 year olds to make paper things etc : was female
    – Private plane and gliders : every single one of the pilots and self-build plane-makers was male
    … There was one air balloon and the co-owner was a knowledgeable woman
    – The model air plane club demo … they were all male
    – The history room ..the volunteers were split down the middle.
    See, for what ever reason when people exercise their free choices, the demographics don’t spread equally
    It’s not that “Males are more likely to be X ” and “females are more likely to be Y”
    It’s a quite different thing
    That when you have a group of X “more are likely to be males”
    eg in a group of people who have spend 3,000 hours building a plane more are likely to be male.
    eg in a group of people who have the patience to deal with small children more are likely to be female


    • StewGreen says:

      “I won’t put my son/daughter in this kindergarden until half the carers are male”
      … do you think Liberals will be saying that tomorrow ?

      No, they’l all be taking their kids to kindergardens where all of the carers are female.
      and won’t raise an eyebrow about it.


      • Wild Bill says:

        Some women parents think that men can’t be trusted in nurseries and infant schools, a man who wants to work in a school must have something wrong with him, according to some parents.


    • Deborah says:

      Give young children plasticine and most boys make guns and girls make flowers or teacups. I once asked a male to female transgender because I was genuinely interested what they had done in those circumstances as a child about this but no answer was the stern reply.


      • NCBBC says:

        If you give plastic flowers to boys, they will find a way to make them camouflaged bows and arrows.


  4. Dover Sentry says:

    “”Whittaker, 35, said it was “overwhelming, as a feminist” to become the next Doctor””

    Conversely, would it be overwhelming as a Doctor to become a feminist? We may never care…


  5. Deborahanother says:

    I think Dr Who is not long for this world. It has been losing viewers over the last few years and cannot be too long before it gets the chop. Male ,female or black Dr Who wont save it only stretch out its demise.They have been running out of ideas for some time.A bit like the EU…..


    • NCBBC says:

      I think Jeremy Clarke will make an excellent Dr Who. He might even resurrect a dying series.

      I can imagine a Ferrari intergalactic time bender. The Hamster in a skirt can be his sidekick, while Mr Slow can be a real Dalek.


  6. Cassandra says:

    I am now so confused, is The Doctor now a Time Lady (as opposed to a Time Lord) or a Time Trannie?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I am now so confused, is The Doctor now a Time Lady (as opposed to a Time Lord) or a Time Trannie?
      No, just Time Expired.


  7. Cassandra says:





  8. Helena Hand-Basket says:

    Dr Who’s first day as a woman had been a disaster. First he had blundered into the Tardis gents through habit, causing a messy misfire by startled users of the urinals. Still more embarrassing had been his subsequent emergence from the ladies, unaware that his skirt was caught up in his frilly pink panties. The daleks – watching on screen – would never take him seriously now, he realised gloomily.

    It was all the fault of the daleks’ new secret weapon, of course. ‘Emasculate! Emasculate!’ were the last words he’d heard before waking up as Dr Whovia, complete with stiletto heels and lash-building mascara.

    It was a difficult transition for a Time Lord of advanced years. Why did he suddenly feel the urge to watch ‘Strictly come Dancing’ instead of the cup final? His beloved old poster of Jane Fonda in ‘Barbarella’ no longer stirred the usual excitement. On the plus side, though, he had suddenly noticed a rugged sex appeal about Michael Portillo that had previously eluded him. Memories flooded back of his handsome young Scottish assistant, Jamie. Wow – why had he never thought to get it on with that highland hottie?

    As night fell, despair set in. How was he supposed to sleep with a couple of soggy melons attached to his chest? What idiot had fitted him with a B cup when he obviously needed a C? Why did he feel so tense? Hands shaking, he reached for a cocktail of Baileys and Valium.

    As he slept – dreaming of Jamie – the forces of Davros moved in for the kill.


    Seriously, though, this casting is a disaster. I gave up watching Dr Who some years ago when it became too PC. It’s so sad to see a programme I grew up with go downhill like this, though.


  9. Grumbler says:

    At least the Tardis will get a good clean.


    • Guest Who says:

      Silly. That will still be handled by the off books cleaners at below minimum wage. Or K9 riding a Dyson.


  10. Oaknash says:

    Helena – I was quite dissapointed that Fatbot didnt get the gig. I was quite looking forward to maybe a change of image – maybe even slightly coquettish – and a short skirt and a bit of lippy – Phwoarrrrrr!

    But seriously she could have travelled the galaxy and time righting wrongs – like closing down private schools on different planets (except of course the one she sent her son to). The only problem as I see it even taking into account the remarkable expanding interior of the Tardis – is would there be enough room for a full supply of doughnuts or similair.

    Maybe a change of title to Dr Who – ate all the buns would also be called for!


  11. Swelter says:

    The next logical step in this lunacy is Transgender Cyber men or perhaps just Cyber women or Gay pride Daleks who will be portrayed as victims naturally.. Its just carrying on the old Leftist agenda /propaganda dressed up as entertainment ploy .


  12. G.W.F. says:

    As a time travelling feminist Dr Who might go back to the time of a guy called the prophet and stop him from sexually abusing little girls.
    Now that would be a story


    • Guest Who says:

      Reckon she may be headed back to 1922 to have a wee word about pay gaps?



  13. Demon says:

    Lots of fun with this, but Swelter the BBC beat you to making the cybermen and women out to be victims. That was in an episode either with Tennant or Smith where the cybermen were all for caring and understanding, and were victims of course.

    Like most on here I gave up a few years ago when the plots were becoming too tangled to be logical, and political correctness oozed out of every pore of the programme like the slime that accompanied an earlier incarnation of this once great show.

    Of course the cybermen could lend the doctor a pair of their sparkly, silver shoes that would go so well with a nice spangly cape.


  14. Manxman says:

    BBC love doctor who, it means they can permanently live in 1984.
    2 generations brought up on startrek, one was ours and we enjoyed the sci-fi, the next generation theirs, and they enjoyed the startrek documentaries of universal peace and love, especially the kicking of bad guy ass and cracking of a few heads to achieve the love.


  15. Foscari says:

    All this nonsense about Dr Who? I am just waiting for a 6PM newsreader wearing a
    burqa or somebody from the West Indian community reading the news in Patois.
    I don’t expect we will have to wait long before either Claire Balding
    or some woman that has played football is presenting ” Match of the Day.” Gary
    Lineker’s days must be numbered!


  16. Dave S says:

    All irrelevant.The BBC knows it can no longer compete with Netflix, Amazon and Sky. Desperate stuff now from the useless BBC.
    Compare and contrast Game of Thrones. I wonder which has the bigger audience of under 30s?


  17. Kaiser says:

    forth coming script leaked



  18. countryblues says:

    The last time I watched the programme William Hartnell was the Doctor…has it changed much?

    Now a female Doctor eh? I’ve seen Jodie W. in several plays and she always struck me as insipid…perhaps she was acting that way?


  19. NCBBC says:

    I wonder if tennis authorities are ready when a transgendered male decides to play in the Women’s championships.


  20. All Lives Matter says:

    I have no problem in principle with a female Who. I do have a problem with the fact that the shows writer is a ‘progressive’ lefty who’s already said that his dream is for both Who and his or her accomplice to be BAME. Tokenism and ‘positive’ discrimination are not justified, they’re used as a shield for establishment twats to make themselves think they’re social luminaries while essentially punishing people for being born the wrong way and rewarding others based on skin colour, gender, and religion – the very thing they claim they oppose. Look at the backlash towards Prston on Sunday advertising an internship which essentially read “whites need not apply.” It’s not only unfair on whites, but it’s condescending and ultimately damaging to ethnic minorities who may very well be great for the job but will always be questioned (and question themselves) as to whether they got the job on merit or because it ticked a box for a smug white man using them as ideological bullets.

    Jodie Whitaker could well be an excellent Doctor Who, just as Idris Elba could make a great James Bond, and there’s no real boundary within the stories to prevent them from getting the roles. After all, part of the character in both cases is that they change with time and are essentially different people with each incarnation. However, you know that at least in the case of the former it will be used to push a dead, discredited message and the left’s not interested in the merits of either actor, only their identities. That’s what I resent and what needs to be opposed.


    • Joseph says:

      “just as Idris Elba could make a great James Bond, and there’s no real boundary within the stories to prevent them from getting the roles”

      Don’t agree at all. Bond is white by probability (the books describe his background) in the same way that a British WW1 soldier would be white, and by convention. If somebody wants a black secret agent, then he or she should create one. They won’t, of course, because it requires effort, and probability of success would be low. Easier to muscle in on an established success.

      Can’t see it happening anyway. Bond films are expected to sell worldwide in countries that expect a white British (perceived rightly or wrongly as English) Bond, and couldn’t care less about PC bullshit. That’s why certain American actors were rejected in the first place.

      In any case, why are we talking about a black Bond at all? Why is it always black, never Far Eastern, never Jewish, never anything else except, perhaps, Muslim? It has nothing to do with suitability for the role, and everything to do with promoting blackness for its own sake. It’s invariably a one-way street.


      • Zelazek says:

        Sorry to go off the point a bit, but I always thought it was a huge mistake to reject Lewis Collins (“Bodie” in The Professionals) for the role of Bond. “Too aggressive”, apparently.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Sorry, but Idris Elba is me. Even though I is white.


    • SteveHovis says:

      “I have no problem in principle with a female Who.”

      “Jodie Whitaker could well be an excellent Doctor Who, just as Idris Elba could make a great James Bond, and there’s no real boundary within the stories to prevent them from getting the roles. After all, part of the character in both cases is that they change with time and are essentially different people with each incarnation.”

      Utter nonsense and ultimately an unhelpful and unneeded concession towards the forces of cultural Marxism. I’ve heard this line before that because these are fictional characters they are granted special license to be able to trans mutate into practically anything over time depending on the trends of the era happen to be. However, there’s always a failure to mention that, fictional or not, these creations – be it their ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc. – are still products of the civilization that gave rise to them. There can be tampering around here and there within reason, but playing around with major aforementioned staples is just one step away from getting supposed historical dramas and butchering them beyond recognition (granted, this happened a lot way back when when historical epics had a predominately Caucasian cast. The rebuttal to that one though is that back in those days there weren’t the pool of ethnic actors out there to take said roles.).

      In fact, I think there would be a hell of a stink if you got Batman or Superman and simply removed their capes / cloaks or changed their background stories for crying out loud, let alone messing around with their gender or ethnicity for no other reason than to participate in the wretchedness of identity politics. Besides, agenda is agenda whatever way you cut it, and popular culture and its ensemble of fictional characters are very much at the forefront of the propaganda vehicle of today. Being principally okay with something simply because it belongs to something that is “fictional” is just as wrong as rewriting history itself. It’s dishonest and shows that even amongst the more strong minded those repugnant seeds of cultural Marxism have bared some fruit, be it a bad batch of little significance.

      And one final point. If it’s okay to tamper with these characters in such fundamental ways simply because of the ideological whims of its current crop of “caretakers”, would it be okay if Mr T from the A-Team or Shaft had their ethnicity changed because of some would-be modern trends of a let to materialize zeitgeist? Can the character Blade, Uhura from Star Trek or Morpheus from The Matrix be altered? Can you imagine the outrage! They changed the ethnicity of Thor in the comic book series and Marvel are still bleeding from that decision (and rightly so too).

      Here’s a better idea. Create brand new characters instead of piggybacking on established pillars of popular culture. No one is a winner from this (except the evil cultural Marxists and their useful idiots) and escapism ceases to be such. As Mark Steyn says, when everything becomes political increasingly living your life becomes impossible.

      No, this is something people shouldn’t be principally okay with because when you make such an allowance more will follow until sooner or later your principle will reach the point of no return. It’s all agenda.


  21. Payne by name says:

    It seems strange that when the BBC are announcing Doctor Who being a woman that they would then features so prominently on their homepage, the ‘controversy’ of the actress playing Jasmine from the live action Aladdin not being of Persian/Arabic heritage.

    Surely, they are signalling that all boundaries are off now. Doctor Who can be a woman, so surely Jasmine doesn’t have to be Arabic. Hell, they’ve cast Will Smith to play the genie so surely race and gender are now irrelevant.

    However, the Beed can’t help but give publicity to the virtue signalling tweets of those claiming outrage that Jasmine is not going to be Arabic. Strange that they, and the left, aren’t using the same language against those people as they did against those criticising Dr Who or the last Ghostbusters film.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      The last Disney live-action remake, Beauty and the Beast, featured a cast dominated by British actors despite the story being set in, I presume, pre-revolutionary France. Isn’t pretending to be someone you’re not basically the definition of acting?


      • SteveHovis says:

        “The last Disney live-action remake, Beauty and the Beast, featured a cast dominated by British actors despite the story being set in, I presume, pre-revolutionary France. Isn’t pretending to be someone you’re not basically the definition of acting?”

        Are you really inciting the latest Beauty and the Beast live action film to bring credence to this nonsense? By the way, they’re not pretending, they’re lying. Actors and actresses are nothing more than professional liars. Says it all.


        • TrickCyclist says:

          Sorry if I wasn’t being clear.
          Payne’s post was partly about complaints that a British-Indian actress has been cast as Princess Jasmine rather than someone with Arabic heritage. In the BBC report that he refers to it’s even suggested that Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall might have been considered for the part (because she is of middle eastern descent), despite the rather obvious handicap that she appears to have no acting experience.
          I was just trying to make the point that actors don’t have to be the ethnicity/nationality that they portray – they just have to do a passable job of pretending.
          Like: Art Malik as an Arab terrorist in True Lies, Jason Scott Lee as an Eskimo in Map of the Human Heart, Keanu Reeves as a British Victorian in Dracula . . . Ah sh*t, I just blew my argument didn’t I?


  22. Lucy Pevensey says:

    This is the alien cube & it’s all about mind -control.



    You couldn’t have a better story line. It literally writes itself.

    All we need is for The Doctor to regenerate into a pig.


  23. Flexdream says:

    The problem with Dr Who is not the gender/race/species/age/shoe size of the leading actor. It’s the preachy agitprop that infests the story line that killed the show for me. I’ve given up on it and unless it’s improved since I’d rather watch Star Trek episodes I’ve not seen before any time.

    That said, I’m not surprised Al Beeba has selected a young, pretty, white bird. Up the sisterhood.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      “The Archers” was at it again this evening. Increasingly tiresome Jill Archer, who has a voice like a partially-muted fog horn at the best of times, is opposed to the opening of some posh new restaurant, run by a couple of celebrity sisters who waste lots of food (allegedly). She is trying to whip up a protest in and around Ambridge, with support from GM-crop-trasher Kirsty and other more ‘progressive’ elements in (presumably Tory) Borsetshire. The evil Brian Aldridge (almost certainly a Tory if not actually … say it softly … UKIP) and his long-suffering wife Jenny-darling have got their names on the list for an opening night dinner there. Fog horn and her little army of caring compassionate Trots are not amused – will they ‘picket out’ the restaurant along the lines of other great class struggles such as Saltley Coke Depot and Orgreave? Watch this space.


  24. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Just a complete non-story. Who gives a damn about Doctor Who, except for the usual BBC clones who also form a guard over “Strictly”…”Bake Off” or other media false flags. All designed to salute if only to remind the BBC that they exist and we care about their drama or contests.
    Media incestuous nothing burgers, does ANYBODY care about Top Gear…really?
    If its a BBC actress lady, she`ll be gender compliant and flexible anyway.
    Would have been braver to make Doctor Who a dog, and then have it the pet of an Iranian.


    • Guest Who says:

      Looking at BBC Facebook, the several thousand kids they employ to cut and paste stuff there would be twiddling their thumbs without this world-shattering event.

      BBC Newsbeat seems to be covering BBC Trending covering BBC Newsbeat as liked by Today Programme.

      It is possible the W1A time space continuum may have disappeared up its own fundament.


  25. Beeb Brother says:

    I hate how they have to shoehorn their politics into everything. I agree with Milo that on the whole people probably do not want female super heroes, which is why so many such movies have bombed at the box office. People want to be entertained, not told what to think.

    The leader of every main political party in this country is a woman; so is the head of the met; we have just had a black president. They don’t need to keep shoving this progressive stuff down our throats.

    Artists should be free from the strait jacket of political correctness. Imagine if Shakespeare were around now and tried to get a commission from the BBC?

    The History Plays: Far too jingoistic and ‘far right.’ No chance with any of them. If Will showed them a draft for his greatest speeches it would be to no avail. Band of brothers? Too sexist. Close the wall up with our English dead? You must include other nationalities! This royal throne of kings, this sceptyr’d isle? How dare you love England, you far right lunatic!

    Romeo and Juliette: Too ‘heteronormative.’

    Hamlet: Misogynistic, portrays mental health too rawly and all that revenge and murder is far too scary for snowflakes.Executives would demand a rewrite where instead off his uncle killing his father, his uncle commits a micro-aggression to the king and Hamlet ponders whether he should report him for a hate crime.

    Macbeth: Portrays Scots as aggressive and women as devious. Rewritten so the wicked witches are kind social workers and Macbeth is English instead.


  26. Pat..original says:

    Couple of comments (male) on Radio Devon this morning hoping the Tardis did not have a clutch or a SatNav. They then carried the theme further by recommending suggestions for a female James Bond – Joanna Lumley, Carol Vorderman or Daniel Craig’s wife. Have to say it was one of their more entertaining shows.


  27. NCBBC says:

    What do we want?

    Jeremy Clarkson as Dr Who. The Hamster as his side kick, and Mr Slow as the Lord of the Daleks.

    When do want it – after they get rid of the TV tax.


  28. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Oh big yawn, like the storylines in recent years, casting a woman, give me strength, It’s all so tediously predictable and ‘safe’ isn’t it?

    If the BBC really wanted to be avant garde and radical they should have cast a middle aged, white guy as the new Doctor, preferably someone with a home counties accent who is politely none too keen on the EU and political correctness, you know someone with a bit of old school class and a British stiff upper lip… like that Farage fellow. Now that really would have put the cat amongst the pigeons and got some attention.


  29. Zelazek says:

    It’s a bit silly for the BBC to claim that women are “breaking the glass ceiling” with this. That statement is wrong on so many levels.

    There is no such thing as a glass ceiling. Because there is more variability in the IQ scores of men – there are more male geniuses as well as more male idiots – men are going to predominate in the very top jobs. I read somewhere that there are five times more men than women with an IQ of 130 and ten times more with an IQ of 145. If the smartest women weren’t making it to the top, then I would admit that there was a problem. But they are. In small numbers. But that is what we would expect given the IQ scores.


  30. PJFW01 says:

    If they also have female villains, it’ll be fair enough, but we all know that won’t happen.


  31. Cassandra says:

    Doctor Who isn’t the only alien that the BBC is thrusting down our throats in the name of ‘diversity’, take the latest cookery programme for example. You might discover who it is if you read The Guardian review about it…

    “Nadiya Hussain, Bake Off winner and darling of the nation, has her own show. She is touring the country, starting with the home counties. Finding out, trying out, having a go, knocking up a little something for the people she meets along the way.”

    Darling of the nation.

    Even The Guardian readers feel uncomfortable with the latest propaganda offering from the BBC…

    “How is it that three of the first four comments on a TV review page need to be moderated – another example of modern Britain?”

    I’m really looking forward to Nadia’s famous Pork and Bean Cassoulet, and who can forget her classic Pea and Ham Soup?


  32. Cassandra says:

    Doctor Who isn’t the only alien that the BBC is thrusting down our throats in the name of ‘diversity’, take the latest cookery programme for example. You might discover who it is if you read The Guardian review about it…

    “Nadiya Hussain, Bake Off winner and darling of the nation, has her own show. She is touring the country, starting with the home counties. Finding out, trying out, having a go, knocking up a little something for the people she meets along the way.”

    Darling of the nation.

    Even The Guardian readers feel uncomfortable with the latest propaganda offering from the BBC…

    “How is it that three of the first four comments on a TV review page need to be moderated – another example of modern Britain?”

    I’m really looking forward to Nadia’s famous Pork and Bean Cassoulet, and who can forget her classic Pea and Ham Soup?


  33. Minion says:

    Did hear that AlBeeb wants more diversity in its programs, can’t wait until we have a transgender left wing muslim cross dressing dwarf as the next doctor, aided by a six foot six ,twenty stone fairy named Sheila ,,,


    • Cranmer says:

      I suspect the Beeb are working flat out on a way to get a Muslim assistant into Dr Who!

      I gave up watching the programme years ago. For me the show really ended with the close of the Davison era, which in itself was a sort of epilogue to the golden age of Pertwee and Baker. When Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy came along the programme was trying hard to get itself axed.

      Some of the earlier Ecclestone/Tennant stories of the reboot were ok, but then it just descended into an Islington gay-mafia love-in. Dr Who is now akin to the NHS for the BBC. They keep pushing it and saying ‘see, see how great we are, see what we can achieve as a nation, and it’s nothing to do with slavery or colonialism’. Yet its glory days are long gone.


  34. Lucy Pevensey says:



  35. Nibor says:

    Will the Tardis ever land ? I mean , it takes ages for a woman to exit a junction onto a main road . Will the female Dr Who wait until all the planes have landed at Heathrow before descending ?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Will she be able to reverse in time? And did number 12 remember to put the toilet seat down?


  36. Dystopian says:

    Interesting. Yesterday a female doctor who and today announcement that advertisers are to be banned from portraying “stereotype” male and female roles in domestic situations.
    Yet another assault on the traditional British family unit and way of life.
    Yet who are the most likely ‘british’ people to suggest that women should stay at home and not be allowed to work as it is against their ‘religious values’?


  37. Dystopian says:

    I’m wondering if the Tardis will now have faux leopard skin seat covers and fluffy dice


  38. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Who`s going to park the Tardis in the supermarket car park I wonder?
    Let`s hope that Jodie gets as much money as Peter Capaldi.
    I for one can`t do enough to pay the BBC “talent” what they`re worth.
    Why does Roy Walker pretend to be Sir Tony Hall?