7 Responses to BIASED TO THE CORE….

  1. Fedup says:

    Grounds for deportation me thinks . The old tess may ‘enough is enough ‘ on Islamic terrorism seems hollow hollow . The days of these characters displaying pro Islamic anti British flags or signs must be gone . Long lock ups or deportations – derogate from inhuman rights leg too

    I wonder what part of the al BBC conduct code he breeches.


  2. Pounce says:

    The problem we have is that we have allowed Muslims to use the British sense of fair play in which to hoodwink the vast majority of the population that they can only be victims, that every cause they support merits ours too and that ( and here’s the clincher ) that any criminal or terrorist act carried out by a Muslim , can only have been carried out by somebody pretending to be a Muslim. You know, they aren’t real Muslims, or a Muslim would never do that,

    In this case we have a BBC worker brandishing a the flag of a terrorist org. Can you imagine the outcry if somebody from the bBC was caught doing likewise with a EDL /BNP/UKIP flag? Yet here we have silence. The same silence we saw in Rotherham , after 7/7 or even Manchester.


    • TruthSeeker says:

      “the British sense of fair play”
      We British also have a keen sense of humour.
      Take the flag off this cunt.
      Knot the ends of the flag together, wrap the flag round his evil Islamic neck.
      Tighten it with a suitable piece of English Oak until Allah calls.
      Put it on YouTube so we can all have a good belly laugh.
      Rinse and repeat until even the thick Muzzies get the message and fuck off whence they came.


  3. Pounce says:

    A quick check on Ali Alizadeh twitter site, shows he is very supportive of the Iranian government. Is that the actions of somebody who claims he faced persecution at the hands of the same Iranian government .i mean Hezballah is an Iranian puppet , who were used on the streets of Iran in which to violently clamp down on the student protests in 2009.
    I wonder if the home office are aware of this


  4. deegee says:

    Oh Ali has his explanation for his support for Hezbollah. The English comes from Facebook’s own translation from Farsi.

    I lodged a complaint with the BBC. Initially their response was:
    Thank you for getting in touch.

    I can confirm that the Ali Azadeh you are referring to is not employed by the BBC but, like many others, has on occasion appeared as an interviewee on BBC Persian news programmes.

    I hope the above clarifies matters and thank you once again for writing as you are correct – we do take the issue of our reporters and editorial staff personal social media accounts very seriously.

    However, and to my surprise they followed up with a second email:
    Thanks for contacting the BBC.

    This is an update to let you know that we had referred your complaint to the relevant people and regret that it may take a little longer before we can reply. Please do not contact us in the meantime.

    We will see how this turns out.