Urban Bungle


Craig at Is the BBC biased? [lol] points out this sceptical Tweet by Mark Urban concerning the Blair Bluff…Mark Urban clearly hasn’t got the corporate memo about keeping up the anti-Brexit barrage of lies, misinformation and scaremongering….on the carpet Monday morning…..


In fact there is evidence of the opposite [and we already know Merkel has said freedom of movement is sacrosanct] as Merkel doubles up on her love of the EU…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told voters on Saturday that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and France’s election of President Emmanuel Macron had changed her view on the bloc, adding it was worth fighting for a stronger Europe.

Many people in the past had taken the EU and its advantages for granted — such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to travel, said Merkel who grew up in communist East Germany.

“You don’t have all this in many parts of the world. And that’s why it is worth fighting for this Europe,” Merkel said.

“That’s why one of our election placards is saying: If Europe is stronger, then Germany will be stronger. This is directly related.”

Maybe she is ignoring reality…a stronger Germany is the last thing other EU countries might want…and the BBC also seems to ignore reality as it doesn’t seem to make much if anything of this…

Eurozone faces doom no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, warns top investment bank

The eurozone is likely to break up no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, one of the world’s biggest investment banks is warning.

A senior employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the single currency bloc has been gradually falling apart ever since it was formed almost 20 years ago.

Although several countries including Greece and Portugal received emergency bailouts during the financial crisis, richer countries like Germany have failed to redistribute wealth on a permanent basis to poorer countries in the eurozone.


Shame the BBC mainstream is still pushing out the Blair lie….Listening in the car the news bulletin headlined with the news that Blair said the EU would compromise on freedom of movement.  Now that’s just a lie.

Trust the BBC?  Never!  The BBC is one of those sources that you have to double check and cross-reference with at least one other news or information source…and usually you would be right to do so.

Speaking of  the BBC’s barrage of lies, misinformation and scaremongering…remember fanatical Remainer James Chapman and the ruckus he created with his claims about the ECJ and Euratom which all came from an interview the BBC set up between him and a Times [anti-Brexit] journalist which they ran with for days as proof of how complex, impossible, dangerous and disastrous Brexit would be?

Listening to R4 yesterday [buried at 07:20] and apparently it was all a mistake….no panic, no problem, people won’t being dying in the streets of cancer because we can’t get certain medicines #duetobrexit…turns out Euratom has nothing to do with this and that the only slight problem might be that the medicine will have to be checked through customs….so all the sacremongering about Euratom, death and Brexit was all a huge lie.  One the BBC [and of course Osborne in the Standard] ran with for days as headline news…only now after it has squeezed all it can out of the black propaganda does it admit it was all a lie.





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5 Responses to Urban Bungle

  1. Kaiser says:

    lol every time bliar opens is big fat lying f**cking gob the brexit vote goes up 1%

    keep talking quisling


  2. nofanofpoliticians says:

    I’m wondering how this willingness to compromise on freedom of movement sits with the EU taking legal action against Poland Hungary and others?

    I’m more inclined to follow their actions than believe the words.


  3. Manxman says:

    Tony Blair always reminds me of line in a film i watched about cockney drug runners abroad,…

    the line in the film ”did anyone order a khant cos theres one at the door”.

    Blair the man knocking on the door.


  4. Fedup says:

    The ‘four freedoms ‘ are fundamental to the constitution of the EU. Any suggestion of tweaking them is a lie. Cameron went and asked and got told where to go. Blair is just using tactics to weaken the views of the gullible in the run up to what he wants – another referendum so the Remainers win this time.


  5. charmbrights says:

    The only thing the remainers forgot at the last referendum was a possible need to miscount the votes. If there were a second referendum they wouldn’t forget it this time.

    On a different theme, how do the EU bigwigs expect to get unanimity of 27 disparate countries on ANY deal they may manage to make with Britain? Threat of invasion by Germany perhaps?