Mind the pay gap


Have to laugh if this is true…the oh so politically correct BBC that lectures everyone else on equality, fairness and diversity is itself once again caught out…after having been ageist, sexist and racist before….from the Telegraph:

The BBC will this week publish the salaries of its highest earners, which, according to insiders, will reveal a stark gender pay gap.

The list of the top-paid stars will have “astounding omissions” that will expose the fact that women are not being paid as much as men in the same jobs, sources claim.

They warn the revelations will be “very embarrassing” for the corporation.

Government sources say Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, is preparing to challenge the BBC, as she “cares deeply” about pay disparity.

Two Tory select committee chairmen has also expressed concern over what the list would reveal and vowed to take BBC bosses to task over disparities.

Somewhat concerned that the government is willing to go to war over this but not the BBC’s blatant anti-Brexit black propaganda that it pumps out with a flagrant and shameless disregard as to its duty to be impartial and balanced.



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11 Responses to Mind the pay gap

  1. wronged says:

    I agree with you, Alan.

    ‘Government sources say Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, is preparing to challenge the BBC, as she “cares deeply” about pay disparity.’

    Yet Bradley doesn’t give a monkeys about how Left wing and biased the BBC is!

    Supporting Murdoch’s takeover could have given the Right a voice in broadcasting.

    Useless, completely useless.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Excellent post. Tories willing to challenge the BBC on an issue they, the Tories, can be on the PC side of the argument but duck anything else. Pathetic bunch of spineless creatures they are.


  2. Beltane says:

    Yes, well, of course their idea of adjusting disparity will be to push the lower salaries up, rather than bringing the lot down to a level commensurate with actual workloads and worth – say, for instance, compared to just about anyone in the real world.
    That phrase ‘the going rate’ has always had one ‘e’ too many.


    • NCBBC says:

      The work Alan and David do on this site is worth at least as much as Laura K gets, who probably leaves the hard work to others.

      A political editor getting £300,000 pa for opinions that almost everyone has? Amazing.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Well I frequently do not share her leftist , standard BBC views. In fact I seldom agree with her analysis nor that of the rest of the bloated anti British BBC ‘news’ department . You would think that in a democracy the state funded broadcaster would reflect a wide spectrum of political views . Bbut not the BBC, they are one hundred percent right on liberal left Globalists.


  3. NCBBC says:

    The BBC has always been pro-EU. So too a majority of Tory MPs. Now why would the Tories shoot themselves in the foot by bringing the BBC to heel.


  4. Manxman says:

    Tory virtue signalling twat’s, they wont cut the mens pay, they will just waste more on talent-less tick-box Nadia’s


  5. Deborahanother says:

    As far as I’m concerned they are all overpaid when its tax payers money. Most of the so called celebrities are a turn off for a large chunk of the population .Yet I wonder if people realise their telly tax is paying the extorbitant salaries.

    Karen Bradley should turn her attention to the unfairness of paying” stars ” a fortune while sending enforcement officers to poor people to get the cash out of them. It really is a scandal that people seem to brush over.Especially with May going on about the “only just managing.”

    Lets hope the Telegraph makes the link very clear.


  6. Scroblene says:

    Plus the over-generous pensions they’ll all get later on – probably around 10% of the TV tax is being paid to the likes of Jon Snow.

    Disgraceful mis-appropriation of public money to an inadequate state broadcaster.


  7. Sluff says:

    Quite clever.
    By focussing only on the pay gaps, they hope we won’t notice the huge pay amounts.
    Telephone number salaries irrespective of actual talent. Pay for fitting multicultural quotas. Pay to read an autocue. Pay to ask people ‘how do you feel’.

    Pay for being useless. Well I’m sure readers of this site will not be brainwashed but clearly the bBBC expect that the unthinking mass audience will be more easily bamboozled.


    • Ozfan says:


      Exactly right. This is simply news management. They are trying to distract from the disgracefully large salaries by diverting onto a secondary issue.