Brexit of Mass Destruction

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What did Chilcott say about Blair?  He wasn’t being entirely honest with people, not being ‘straight with the nation’.  Seems things and people haven’t changed as Blair tells one of the biggest lies of his career and the BBC, knowing it is a whopper, gives him headline space and the top spot on the Today show.  Go figure.

Blair, according to the BBC headline, and note there are no quote marks to qualify his statement, says the EU is prepared to dump freedom of movement…

Tony Blair says EU could be flexible over movement

The BBC knows, everyone knows, that is not going to happen, freedom of movement is a core principle of the EU project designed as it is to smash the nation states and national loyalties in order to create a servile population of ‘EU citizens’ subservient to and beholden to the unelected grandees of the EU superstate regime.

Blair even admit this as he says the principle of freedom of movement will actually remain…what he has on offer is a tinkering around the edges, maybe some give on what benefits migrants might have or the right to move if you have a job or not…and yet aren’t these conditions already in place?  So a huge bit of hype that the EU is going to dump fredom of movement but drill down ever so slightly and you find it’s complete nonsense, a headline grabbing bit of trickery…and the BBC gives him the headline and prominence he wanted knowing that it will sow the seeds of doubt about Brexit regardless of the truth.  Blatantly a spoiler designed to confuse and muddy the waters.  If the EU is clever it will play along offering up ‘hope’ of such a deal knowing it will never happen…Trust the EU? About as much as I trust T. Blair [or indeed David Davis who seems to be all too willing to ‘compromise’ with the EU…ie be a doormat]…the EU that makes people vote again and again until the ‘right’ result is reached, the EU that changes the rules of the game if they don’t suit and that if a treaty is voted out will just rename the treaty and introduce it under some other legislation.

You might ask then why the huge fanfare for his claims, why does the BBC give him so much airtime and the huge prominence to his words when they are meaningless piffle?  Where is the scorn his claims deserve?

Nick Robinson interviewed him on the primetime spot of 08:10 asking if he was an optimist or delusional but generally seemed to go through the motions asking obvious questions and telling Blair that Merkel and Co had said freedom of movement was non-negotiable and yet there was a lack of real fire, no spirited, tough, uncompromising questions that would have nailed Blair’s blather for the lie it was….not instantly challenging him on the point that actually gave the lie to his claim when he said the principle of freedom of movement remained and not objecting at all to Blair’s refusal to tell us who he had spoken to and what exactly had been said.  What we got from Blair was hot air, ‘he said, she said…trust me, would I lie to you?

Blair has been given top billing for one of the hugest lies of the Brexit debate and yet no serious inquisition from the BBC, the same BBC that relentlessly chased after the Leave campaign for the £350m statement on the side of the bus and still keep up the attack on that…but Blair telling a massive lie?  Not bothered anywhere near as much.

The BBC will give this a gentle probing but that is it, they know that the game is to get out there the message that Brexit is going to be a disaster and that all bad publicity is good publicity however it comes packaged and to ‘interview’ Blair in a pretence of challenging him actually gives him a huge platform to peddle the Remain campaign’s propaganda as he did this morning running through all the usual scare stories.

I would say let’s have Andrew Neil put Blair on the rack but judging by his last performance I’d have my doubts as he shut Farage down and insisted the debate on Brexit is over which it clearly isn’t as the Remain camp continue to fight on and are committed to making the process ‘hellish’…..

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33 Responses to Brexit of Mass Destruction

  1. haleys comet says:

    He has a hot line to GOD!!!
    The knees on his trousers must be worn out by now!
    Hearing voices are to Tony?


    • Fedup says:

      Thank you for posting that 12 minutes. Well worth the listen. Thank god for Brillo who almost kept it as a discussion.
      Why they keep trundling out a failed politician like Balls is beyond me. You can see he just treats it as a sport now and can use public exposure for charging more for after dinner speeches.

      Lot of talk of Brexit time scale. I just can’t see negotiation being completed before march 2019 so hopefully we will get out without agreement , no bills, complete control of our country again.


  2. quisquose says:

    Good article here:

    Did anybody else hear the Nick Robinson interview with Frank Field at about 7:13 this morning? Frank Field was quite annoyed because he said that he thought he had been asked to talk about Blair, and instead was being led to discuss his Leave position alongside the fact that he was also a strong advocate for EU reform.

    Frank Field wanted to stay on subject, that if the EU was serious about reform and wanted to communicate that to the people of the UK then the last person they would choose is Tony Blair given the distrust the people now have for him.

    The BBC, in headlining with the Blair ‘story’ and in their interview with Field, are quite obviously the ones trying to create support for the EU and the idea of reform. The BBC are quite transparently trying to place doubt in the minds of Leave supporters like Field who would initially have preferred EU reform.

    The BBC are playing a quite despicable game here.


    • Beltane says:

      I think that 7.13am might be an influencing factor. Just like Newswatch they tuck the contentious stuff away when the audience is lowest – but they show it of course, so that proves they’re impartial. Full of tricks, aren’t they?


    • Fedup says:

      Mr Field has always been one of the few Labour politicians worth listening too. My respect for him grew when Blair told him to go away and think the unthinkable (on using taxpayers money for welfare) and then sacked him when he did just that. (IDS suffered in the same way).

      The Toady presenters much prefer the shouty stuff than considered views expressed by Mr. Field.

      As for Blair – you need to remember he only cares about one thing – himself – then couple this with his original job – as a barrister – a person who sells their mouth for a brief .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Poor old Frank sounded rather older and more tired than he did during the EU Referendum campaign. He increased his majority in the last Election. Dastardly BBC trying to take advantage of him. So glad he showed them up.

      He is, to my conservative mind, one of the great unsung heroes of British politics.

      I hope this latest ‘intervention’ (although that is too kind a word) from Blair will backfire and have the opposite effect. That’s my prayer. We must not, we cannot, go back to Egypt!


  3. haleys comet says:

    In football parlance did the BBC get a “bung” for playing the EU anthem at the Proms last night!!!
    “Ode to Joy”
    EU not a bundle of joy!!!!
    Rotten to the core!!


    • Grant says:


      I think the BBC is part-funded by the EU anyway. Really just a bribe to guarantee BBC support, not that they need to pay the BBC anyway.


      • john in cheshire says:

        I’m surprised it isn’t illegal for the far-left bbc to receive money from a foreign person or body, for whatever purpose.


      • JosF says:


        £22 million in grants from the EUSSR to the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation since 2007 from what I hear, That £22 million has bought a lot of pro-EU propaganda on the BBC, Wonder if there is anything in the BBC charter or the UK legislation process to say the BBC has done wrong in accepting EU backhanders to push pro-EU propaganda ??


  4. Zelazek says:

    Blair doesn’t get it. Let me explain it to him as simply as possible. We voted LEAVE. That means OUT. Completely OUT. The EU, the customs union, the single market, the whole damn thing. We want absolutely nothing more to do with any of it. We don’t care about your private conversations with other traitors to the people of Europe. You’re not even forthcoming about who you talked with or what exactly was said! And you expect us to trust you! I would sooner marry Heather Mills than trust a word you say. Just disappear, Tony, and enjoy your wealth and thank your lucky stars you’re not on trial in The Hague.


    • Grant says:


      Spot on !


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      The eu is a dead parrot.


      • Old Goat says:

        And like that dead parrot, the only reason it stays on the perch is because it is nailed there. Is there anyone with a claw hammer who has the nerve to remove it?


      • Up2snuff says:

        EG, the EU is not like a dead parrot!

        A dead parrot has some colour. A dead parrot has some elegance. A dead parrot is soft and graceful although it will still have your finger off with its beak given a bit of help and half a chance.

        A dead parrot can run up the curtains and go and sing with the choir eternal!

        The EU is a grey, monolithic, hard, bureaucratic, song-less and soul-less monster.

        We have got to get out.

        Just for our future sanity if nothing else, although I think prosperity will eventually follow.


  5. MarkHPoe says:

    Nick Robinson’s sychophantic ‘interview’ with Tony Blair this morning should leave no one in any doubt of the BBC’s anti-Brexit bias. No mention was made of the millions who voted for sovereignty and absolute control of our own laws – of which free movement is but one manifestation.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Tony “For the Many Saudi/China Contracts, Not the Few UK Businesses” Blair.

      Somebody ask him where he’s been since the Chilcot report?

      Why now? Who he knows that gave him his knowledge on EU/Brexit free movement flexibility – Merkel? Juncker?
      An example where EU have been flexible on free movement? Poland? Did he travel to 27 governments to get a consensus?

      Can we just have an interview where questions are asked for answers with why. Rather than ‘I feel that ….’


    • john in cheshire says:

      I wish one interviewer would ask Mr Beliar why he destroyed his expenses records before he left office.


      • Al Shubtill says:

        Why does anyone in this country give a damn what this most hated and hate filled creature has to say on any subject, at anytime and anywhere?

        He is one of the worst prime ministers we have ever had, whose tenure saw some of the most damaging policies imaginable implemented; to the eternal detriment of our country and its people.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        I suppose it’s like a murderer getting rid of the gun so that it cannot be used to convict him.


  6. Deborahanother says:

    The more Blair appears the more I want to leave .A proven liar ,one thing we all know as does he,the EU cannot change.
    He gave away a large chunk of our rebate for CAP reform.Nothing happened.No reform because the French wouldnt stand for it .
    Of course he has a hot line to the BBC his champagne guzzling supporters.


  7. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Sky news in Sheffield.
    They are very happy (Sky) with Blair.
    The outside broadcast shows 3 different people saying they would now change to vote remain (and one old dear who said she would still leave)
    I wonder how many they had to interview to get 3 to show they wanted to change to remain now.
    Did they ask 50 people before they found 3 to change, maybe 100.
    Maybe they were remainers anyway but just said they would now vote remain.

    If the politicians deceive the voters, as well as killing democracy they will be starting a bloody civil war.
    Who do they think they are.

    You lot in Westminster. Do as you are told, it’s not about what you want it’s what was democratically decided by those you are SUPPOSED to represent.


    • Fedup says:

      I don’t think albeeb will be doing any documentaries comparing the lead up the the English Civil war and Brexit do you?


  8. Fedup says:

    I listened to Blair – still as amoral as ever. He is obviously interested in personal advantage for himself and his family at the expense of the British people.

    What really concerns me with al Beeb is that they give him a voice. This was the politician ( not man ) who sent British forces into action on a lie – ill equipped – and then left while Blighty was still at war. And got away with it. No forgetting the open border approach he and that fool Brown took during their long years in power.


    • Grant says:


      Agreed. Blair is poison. Scum.


      • Fedup says:

        Grant – think his real problem is lack of empathy and separation from reality for probably the whole of his adult life. I suppose his kids are being prepared for a safe seat .


        • Grant says:


          And the total selfishness and vanity. I can’t stand Gordon Brown, but he has some redeeming features. Blair has none.


  9. Oaknash says:

    I tend to see Tony Blair more in the context of an untreated syphilis infection. He iritates the hell out of you then goes away for a bit and just when you are feeling a bit low – up he pops again but this time worse and ten times more irritating than before. And not only that – he is ten times more infectious..

    It is tempting to pigeon hole this messianic charlatan as a slightly batty sad figure who like an ageing pop star cannot come to terms with his own ageing and falling celerity status but the fact that he has been wheeled out to spout this latest EU falsehood would confirm that he still has some credibility with those (such as our snowflakes) who have little memory because they were cossetted kids when Cool Tony was strutting his “cool brittania” bollox (and also quietly opening the immigration floodgates back in the 1990s)

    I think because this con artist obviously appeals to some peoples propensity to delude themselves that somehow this arrogant, busted, globalist organisation is willing to negotiate. The running sore – aka the Blair creature needs to be vigorously denounced as the two faced, lying hypocrite he so obviously is – especially when referring to the EU.

    Not surprised that the BBC as immoral as ever is giving this twat publicity – My enemies (the british people) enemy is my friend!


  10. wronged says:

    I can honestly say that from my first sighting of a young Tony Blair that I considered him to appear ungenuine as a person. Couldn’t ever trust the bloke. I found him to be fake but intelligent. I often felt like a lone voice in my dislike of him, even amongst many Tories.
    Funny how these days so many people all claim to have had the same view as me at the time. They all deny what they used to think.
    People are such liars when it suits.


  11. theisland says: