The problem with the BBC


Anti-white, anti-British, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Tory, anti-open discussion and closed borders, anti-Trump, anti-Hindu, anti-Israel, anti-the right leaning press, anti-anyone who has any thought that does not conform to the BBC’s world view.

Just what is the problem with the BBC?

One symbol of that problem might be the fact that the BBC rushed out to employ James O’Brien, a man who doesn’t let the facts stand in the way of his bigotry and prejudices, a man who on closing in on someone who has views he holds in disdain treats them with contempt, demonisings them in short order…however get someone on whom he likes or is afraid to challenge due to colour or religion, even if he wanted to, and he shrivels up into a sad little husk….brave to tackle those he knows will get him lots of brownee points from his mates on the left but too afraid to criticise those whom he knows will have a social media army waiting to tear him apart if he should say a word out of line.

Douglas Murray in the Spectator examines O’Brien’s latest incompetence and bigotry….remind me again why the BBC employs him?…..

James O’Brien spreading ‘fake news’ via the BBC is a must-watch

The row about ‘fake news’ and the ‘crooked media’ appears to be ongoing.  And every time the BBC and other mainstream media mention it they present themselves solely as the victims of such phenomena.  So let us turn to just one edition of the BBC’s Newsnight.

On Wednesday of this week the programme was presented by James O’Brien.  Now in the first place Mr O’Brien is a strange choice to present this programme.  Not just because his awkward, cut-out, Lego man gait makes it obvious why he has made his career in radio, but because he is the sort of hyper-partisan figure who, if they came from the opposite political side, would never be hired by the BBC.

But back to Wednesday’s Newsnight. Just after a ‘Viewsnight’ slot given to Tariq Ramadan – dauphin of the Muslim Brotherhood – it was back to the studio for a discussion about President Trump with two guests down the line from Washington.

Here is how O’Brien introduced them: ‘Anne Gearan from the Washington Post and Asra Nomani who has written for outlets such as Breitbart and The Hill.’  To say that the way in which O’Brien introduced the latter was acidic is to understate matters.  Even on the Cathy Newman scale of ‘ostentatiously introducing someone as though they are a bad smell’ O’Brien excelled.  ‘Here’ – he was clearly saying – ‘is a really reputable woman.  And here, by comparison is a lowly, nuts-oid blogger lady who we can all interrupt and laugh at.’

Unfortunately for O’Brien, Nomani used her opening moments to politely correct the BBC’s introduction of her.  An introduction that had indeed been fake and crooked.  For as Nomani informed O’Brien, she is not just some broad who has ‘written for outlets such as Breitbart [lemony face] and The Hill [expectorate]’.  On the contrary, as she had to waste her opening moments explaining, not only has she never ‘written for Breitbart’, the more pertinent fact about her life is that she spent fifteen years at the Wall Street Journal.

So why did Newsnight’s James O’Brien – in a discussion about ‘fake news’ – spread false information about Nomani before he had even begun his first question?  Why did it not concern him that any fair-minded viewer might easily come away with the impression that O’Brien knew nothing about his guest and that he or someone else from the Newsnight team had simply spent the period before transmission lazily searching Google for the most hostile intro they could put together?  Might precisely this type of media ‘bias’ be one of the things that fuels the perception that the mainstream media are intent on bringing down everyone and everything associated not just with Trump but with any of the arguments he makes?

[Murray explains a lot more about Nomani’s background and then goes on…]

As I say – James O’Brien doesn’t know any of this, or doesn’t care about any of this.  He saw a woman he felt he could belittle and diminish as though she were calling in to one of his daytime phone-in shows.  O’Brien and Newsnight don’t need to ask why people are losing trust in mainstream media.  Programmes like theirs on Wednesday night – and their treatment of one guest in particular – are the reason.

Trouble is how many people actually know the BBC is lying to them nearly all the time?  Guido has recently been listing the left-wing activists that the BBC has brought on as just normal concerned citizens on various subjects….but how many people realise that the BBC has been a willing ‘trojan horse’ for Corbyn providing a platform for his activists to spread their propaganda?  The BBC has a long history of doing this but then again when it has two senior journalists openly shilling for Corbyn and telling their fellow colleagues not to print negative stories about him then what can we expect?  This of course applies not just to Corbyn but to Brexit as well when the BBC presents critics of Brexit as independent and impartial commentators when we know they are hardcore Remain campaigners…such as James Chapman….or even, remarkably George Osborne himself…never mind Ken Clarke, Patten and Heseltine who all seem to have new careers on the BBC.  And it goes without saying the same applies to Islam when known Islamists are constant ‘community spokesmen’ on the BBC and Tariq Ramadan, whose grandfather set up the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, is called a moderate, reforming Muslim…indeed as Murray points out he was on Newsnight last night.  Ramadan is an islamist…about time the BBC recognised him for what he is instead of giving credibility and authority to everything he says.  Then again they wouldn’t care…..if he was white he’d be a ‘Nazi’ but luckily for him he is not white…the BBC will always look the other way.







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  1. Oldspeaker says:

    “Just what is the problem with the BBC?” asks Alan, not enough time and words was my first reaction but on reflection there could be a very simple answer, the licence fee is the problem with the BBC. Scrap that and the rest could quickly fall in place, after all how many would willingly pay for leftist ‘progressive’ propaganda?


  2. Teddy Bear says:

    I had an email exchange with O’Brien back in 2006 long before he was involved with the BBC. But judging by his manner on LBC it was no surprise that the BBC would welcome him into their fold.

    The exchange with him is documented here. I’m fairly confident the person who registered on my website to defend him was also him.

    Typical left-wing ignorant mentality.


    • NCBBC says:

      Nice one Teddy B.

      JoB’s persistent anal insults would have tried the patience of Job.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Cheers NCBBC 🙂
        I don’t think he realised that his emails could or would be available for public view. Some time later I heard or read something where he said he would be avoiding email exchanges. I’m glad to know that I might have helped cause some ‘fear’ in him. He’s not happy unless he gets ‘the last word’.

        Shows the true ‘quality’ of BBC presenters t9409.gif


    • charmbrights says:

      O how I miss “Biased BBC” – nice to see you’re still around. (from Charmbrights)


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Cheers Charm 🙂 Great to see you still around too.
        I’m still ‘around’ – and keeping the site as an archive.
        I simply couldn’t see the point of documenting further BBC transgressions when there was more than enough already that should have put an end to them – if a government were truly interested in doing what was moral and ethical.
        But as we know – they’re not 🙁

        I’m waiting for those of us in the know to start discussing what can really be done about changing the status quo – before it gets violent, as all the indications seem to point to.


        • The General says:

          What I can’t understand is that we had a Conservative Government with,for some of the time, a healthy majority and another from 2010 up to the present and yet NOTHING has been done during these periods to ensure the BBC operates in anything like a balanced manner. From the News and Current Affairs programs to the so called ‘Comedy’ programs the Left wing bias is astounding with a succession of Left leaning Director Generals or those who will not regulate or correct the bias being appointed.


          • Grant says:

            The General,

            The so-called ” Conservatives ” are just slow motion socialists and cowards. Don’t expect anything positive from these wasters .


          • Teddy Bear says:

            What you write General shows the real state of affairs in this country.
            There will undoubtedly be some Conservatives who want to return to a society we once had and from there undo the damage that policies since Thatcher’s time has done – to give us a better way forward.

            Unfortunately it doesn’t fit the lefty narrative, which is what they use to gain power, and the vast majority of ‘Conservatives’ toe this line to achieve their status.

            Can’t see how this status quo is likely to change in and of its own volition – only getting worse.
            ‘Shit creek without a paddle’!


    • johnnythefish says:

      You are ignorant because you either choose to ignore the points that contradict your existing viewpoint, or are incapable of understanding them – you choose which. (Addressed to O’ Brien.)

      Well said TB. That is the Left in a nutshell, as we have discovered countless times ‘debating’ with trolls on here – they play the man, not the ball.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Thanks Johnny 🙂
        As you indicate, it’s these kind of exchanges that helps us better understand the mindset that force us to oppose them.
        They play the man and not the ball because they are truly incapable of the thought process – instead they adhere to the various mantras that ‘sound good’, if one is incapable of thinking it through.

        I am convinced that an inferiority complex, probably felt when they were young, is what prevented their natural development.


  3. Alex says:

    From Horatio Nelson to Jeremy Corbyn… need I say more about the appalling decline of this nation? I despair.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I too despair over what has happened in my lifetime to our country. I hold the BBC responsible as in my view they have been to key enabler that has given a platform to all of the anti British views which abound in the country today. By the way I think that even as late as the fifties Britain was still a homogeneous, peaceful and pleasant place to live. By the early sixties our economic performance was beginning to lag and from the mid sixties on we began an endless decline in our social outlook. I’m afraid the Tories were much too slow to recognise the Gramcien march through the institutions and even today seem to be at a total loss as to how to combat it. Even Lady Thatcher missed out on the chance to deal with the BBC. She may have put the unions in their proper place and got rid of some of the left’s vehicles but by leaving the BBC intact it was like pulling out a particularly nasty weed but leaving the root intact, it just sprouted again . Only a massive dose of the most powerful weed killer injected directly into the BBC will kill off this potentially fatal disease of anti British leftism and it may already be too late to save the country.


      • Alex says:

        Yes agreed. I mean how we can end up with the likes of Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn in parliament is frightening.


  4. Alicia Sinclair says:

    O Brian was the one who insulted and trashed Frank Lampard for his private life…why is he still on the radio?
    Classic Lefty creep.


  5. pertelote says:

    scum of the earth


  6. Fred Bloggs says:

    News24 10:25pm they said the migration into europe has dropped dramatically. They are talking about migrants across the Med, which is acknowledged to be 30% up on last year. How do they get away with it. Because the lying bastards have included the migration from Turkey for last year. The bBC dishonesty is beyond belief.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Mr. O’Brien seems just the bbc’s sort.

    Not all think this is a good thing.


  8. pertelote says:

    he is simply filth..a low-life of the lowest order.


  9. Nibor says:

    Heseltine and Clarke are described as ” big beasts ” by … The BBC . The BBC who decide who are the statesmen , the Wise Ones , the Solomons with inbuilt checks and balances to their deliberations .

    So great thinkers of our time are marginalised because they don’t fit the Beebs view of philosophy , economics or politics .


  10. Rick Bradford says:

    The modus operandi of the BBC, and the Left in general, is brilliantly elucidated by this article by Evan Sayet.

    A very short precis is: “The Right is trying to have a civilised debate. The Left is trying to win by any and all means.”


    • Doublethinker says:

      Good link and summary. For CNN read BBC and you the UK situation in a nutshell.


      • Wild says:

        There is lots of brilliant political writing (in English) on the conservative side these days, indeed there has been for many decades, but you would never know that if your sole source of information is our State imposed broadcaster.

        Blessed be Amazon and the Internet.

        On the BBC the same few Leftists crop up in every look at the papers, every current affairs discussion, every culture review. The same few opinions and phrases “nurses at foodbanks” “Brexit extremists”. The same few personality disorders: “I must talk over you in case people might hear your opinion” “How disgusting of you to disagree with me. ”

        The Left is, and has always been, totalitarian. It is an intellectually bankrupt political religion with correct Party thinking as their substitute for doing anything, thinking anything, creating anything, which engages with any reality other than their own feelings. It always has been. Even in the 1840’s Marx was talking absolute crap. Their enormous moral passion is dedicated to nothing (absolutely nothing) except their own vanity. With the Left always look what they do, not at what they say. It is bottomless greed and envy disguised as a moral crusade.

        The best technical definition of the Left I have ever come across is “Malignant Narcissism”. If you only watched the BBC you would think that is the only sort of person who exists in the world. We need to lift the BBC off its teat.


        • Payne by name says:

          I have to agree. I genuinely think I would despair if I thought I was the only person thinking this way. Thank god for YouTube to help me find the likes of Douglas Murray, Mark Steyn, Gavin McInnes, Tucker Carlson, Tommy Robinson and of course this particular website.


  11. NCBBC says:

    I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.


    • Doublethinker says:

      This writer thinks the Afgans are somehow worse than the rest of the migrants. He concludes that the reason the Afgans commit so many crimes is that they have a deep hatred of the West. Well I think that you can extend that analysis and generalisation to virtually all of the migrants who are in Europe. Indeed it seems that the evidence is growing to support he idea that the Muslim world as a whole has nothing but contempt for the West and wants to dominate us. The liberal left idiots are helping them accomplish this task quickly and efficiently.


  12. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The following is an example of how big the problem is – it is not confined to the BBC.

    I was reading a review and the reviewer was one Dr Nicola Ingram and she holds a Lectureship called “Education & Social Justice” at Lancaster University.

    This makes me think that if you check every single teaching post at British Universities you will see over time new posts have been created whose sole focus is to indoctrinate and spread the gospel of social justice warriorhood.


  13. JimS says:

    I sometimes ‘catch up’ with Nigel Farage’s programme, also on LBC, and his style is completely different to O’Brien’s. Farage usually makes his position plain on his lead stories but he also is open to opposing opinions, rarely interupting and allowing them space to be heard. There is no name calling. Farage certainly doesn’t come across as the same person ridiculed across the whole of the BBC’s output.

    Those ‘of a certain age’ will recall the ITV programme Opportunity Knocks, a ‘talent’ show. nearly every week some youngster would be announced as an impressionist and inevitably this would include a version of James Cagney. It was quite clear that these young hopefuls had never seen James Cagney, a film star ‘before their time’, but were copying an impression of Cagney. I feel that many on the BBC do the same regarding Farage – never seen/heard him but he is a racist, buffoon etc. because someone who said that last week on this show got applause from the socialist seals so I will ‘ring’ their Pavlovian bell again.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Exactly, and I have heard O’Brien make nasty remarks about Farage without saying his name.


  14. Guest Who says:

    The BBC have uncorked an interesting bottle:

    Presumably the viewing public can expect added editorial insights to Di and Jez’ aventure exceptionelle en France?

    “The radiant Ms. Abbott gibbered away like a broken record as the sullen Mr. Corbyn again refused to commit one or another like a spoiled senile brat”.


  15. Guest Who says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      “I’m just going to ignore the insults (victimhood), because it doesn’t really get us anywhere”- CNN Host
      It’s not about you. It’s about actually having journalism back on TV.” – Sebastian Gorka

      “The Hijab, pregnancy, lack of education are ways to stop this (freedom of thought), but imagine what will happen when 50% (105 million women in Turkey and Iran and Saudi Arabia) of the Islamist population drags Islam into the light.”
      Heard this in a different talk with Sebastian Gorka (sorry don’t have reference), he is such a clear and straight forward speaker.


  16. Up2snuff says:

    Alan: “Just what is the problem with the BBC?”

    This could be a very, very long Thread and probably should be up at the top of the web-site so that it can run for months. In the Thread itself it may also need some form of cataloguing!


  17. StewGreen says:

    J O’Brien claimed outrageously to be a man of integrity on the R4MediaShow a couple of weeks back when he appeared with Jon Snow.
    “Yes, I value integrity , which I know is an old fashioned value to many today”
    ..I nearly fell off my bike when he said that, as I though , what a lying bastard.


    • Doublethinker says:

      According to his own beliefs he is being sincere in his belief that he has integrity. The left believe in the absolute virtue of their own position. Therefore they also believe that given that their aims are pure the means employed to achieve those ends don’t matter. So lying , spewing out false news etc is OK because it is all in a good cause.


      • Grant says:

        Stew and DT,

        That is one reason they love muslims. They are on the same wavelength.


      • Manxman says:

        By any mean’s necessary, it is progressive mantra, i learnt it well 15 yrs ago when first getting into the climate none debate, coz everything was settled……….settled by any mean’s necessary actually, just not by science.


  18. NCBBC says:

    Wonder why such attacks are becoming common when they never existed some 30 years back.

    The criminals are male teenagers. Nothing more could be ascertained by the police or journalists as non-discrimination policies require that only blind persons can join the police until required quota is met.


    • PeterT says:

      Attacks on scooter riders by another scooter rider with a passenger have been happening for some time the aim being for the passenger to make off with the scooter of the victim. Often the attackers are armed with knives or hammers but the victims often fight back so maybe they’ve come up with the idea of using acid to disable the victim. It’s a very nasty thing to do whatever the reason and people convicted of acid attacks should receive extremely long prison sentences.



      • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

        The Probation Service, Prisons and the Courts and Justice system generally don’t seem up to the task of keeping law abiding people safe. An extremely long sentence nowadays is 10 years, out in five.

        For habitual violent criminals I favour a ‘Devil’s Island’ approach, and let them prey on each other. Failing that – a short solitary spell in a tiny windowless concrete coffin/dungeon, and keep them on the verge of starvation. Sod the rehabilitation angle, some people need proper punishment.


  19. Deborahanother says:

    Acid attacks in UK have been happening for some time among the Asian community , sort of ” honor ” attacks,usually against women and have therefore largely been ignored by the media.

    If these 5 attacks turn out to be non Asian, but against Asians then prepare for major vittue signalling from the BBC..I can just see V B gearing up for it.And James OBrien of course.


    • Wild Bill says:

      They were just discussing acid attacks on LBC after 1.00 pm, I just thought “it is bloody obvious why there is a rise in acid attacks, it is the rise in immigration from certain countries” but of course that would be the bigoted racist thing to say, just as everyone knows what is the cause of knife crime and shootings in our cities.


  20. Wild Bill says:

    Just watched the ‘Newsnight’ clip, Obrien was doing the same thing he always does on LBC, asking the speaker to come up with examples to back up their argument (which he knows confuses some people) and then butts in as they try to answer, what a scumbag he is.


  21. MarkyMark says:

    Acid Attacks in London 2009-2015 { foi request }

    2009 / 1
    2010 / 3
    2011/ 4
    2012 / 0
    2013 / 0
    2014 / 0
    2015 / 1
    Total: 9
    * 2015 is not a complete year, up to 30/09/2015

    Acid attack hospital admissions have almost doubled in last 10 years. Data obtained by the Guardian shows a worrying rise in assaults using corrosive substances, while many incidents still go unreported

    Hospital admissions for acid attacks, England
    Source: Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Health and Social Care Information Centre
    April-May 2015 18
    2014/15 = provisional 106
    2013/14 = 109
    2012/13 = 97
    2011/12 = 103
    20010/11 = 110
    2009/10 = 98
    2008/09 = 69
    2007/08 = 67
    2006/07 = 44
    2005/06 = 47

    FGM 5391 2016-2017

    ** sorry, more of a data dump than a response.


    • Edward says:

      This is a London issue so I would be interested is knowing who the culprits are. I suspect another cover up by the MSM. If not I will be happy to stand corrected.


  22. Cassandra says:



  23. maxincony says:

    Anti-white, anti-British, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Tory, anti-open discussion and closed borders, anti-Trump, anti-Hindu, anti-Israel, anti-the right leaning press, anti-anyone who has any thought that does not conform to the BBC’s world view…

    You forgot:

    Anti-chocolate-orange, anti-toilet-duck, anti-Pantone-colour-298 and anti-fluffy-little-kittens (UNLESS THEY’RE GAYERS).

    One symbol of that problem might be the fact that the BBC rushed out to employ James O’Brien…

    Strange I don’t seem to remember you bowing your G-string when the BBC rushed to employ Nick Ferrari to sit under Andrew Neil’s Tory syrup on “This Week” last month?

    Strange I don’t seem to remember you plucking your banjo when the BBC employed known Tory (and close personal friend of Boris Johnson), Jeremy Paxman as the main presenter of Newsnight FOR THE LAST 22 YEARS?

    Strange I don’t seem to remember you tugging away when Robbie Gibb (Editor of BBC Live Political Programmes) became Theresa May’s new communications chief?

    Or when James Harding (Head of BBC news, current affairs & best friend of George Osborne) was applying for the same job?

    All very strange isn’t It?

    You’re a clown, Alan.


    • Edward says:

      “Strange I don’t seem to remember you plucking your banjo when the BBC employed known Tory (and close personal friend of Boris Johnson), Jeremy Paxman as the main presenter of Newsnight FOR THE LAST 22 YEARS?”

      I doubt Paxman has always been a ‘personal friend’ of Johnson (22 YEARS?), don’t you? But your comment only goes to give Paxman unbiased credit where it is due. Unless you can give examples of Paxman pro-Tory bias.

      And you might not know this, but This Week is an upbeat antidote to serious politics – that’s why it follows Question Time! It’s a “go to bed smiling” programme with lots of humour and endless unintentional jokes from Dianne Abbott.


      • maxincony says:


        I doubt Paxman has always been a ‘personal friend’ of Johnson (22 YEARS?), don’t you?

        Nice bait and switch, Edward. Jeremy Paxman presented ‘Newsnight’ for 22 years.

        Jeremy Paxman supports the Tory Party.

        Which kind of ruins Alan’s & Vance’s endlessly self-pitying narrative that the BBC is stuffed full of left-wing marxists.

        Why does a blog supposedly about BBC-Bias make absolutely no mention of Robbie Gibb (BBC Politics) and James Harding (BBC News) being first and second choice for a leading role in the Tory Party?

        Why is that? Do you have an answer?

        I agree, that for the most part, Paxman did a good job of overcoming his own right-wing prejudices, But his interviews with Boris Johnson were appalling for their sycophancy.

        Had Paxman ridden off into the sunset on the back of a tandem driven by Ken Livingstone, this site would have prolapsed on the spot.

        It would be mentioned in every other post.

        And Alan & Vance would be sniffing each other’s fingers till they passed out.


    • Guest Who says:

      What is not strange at all is that if the suggestion is made that as the BBC seems to be failing in its professional and impartiality duties to the dissatisfaction of all sides, and the best solution is for it to go subscribtion to let the audience decide, suddenly the left have a fit of the vapours and insist dear Aunty needs to exist in perpetuity by compulsion.

      I am happy for the BBC to compete equally in a free market.

      Your’re what, Maxicony?


  24. Edward says:

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this:


    We are witnessing, this very day, the hoodwinking of an entire generation of young people into the hands of political opportunists who see the value in the weakness of the young malleable mind. No wonder they want to lower the voting age to 16! Why not go further to the age of 10? They could attend Political Sunday school.

    This is almost a new war! Fortunately, there are enough of us to protect the young from their own delusion, as long as we have the power.


  25. DownBoy says:

    Heseltine recently said that Brexit would be reversed because ever more young people are joining the electoral roll, replacing a dwindling pool of older leavers.
    Ah yes Michael, but the young gradually become older and wiser, so no advantage to you.


  26. Manxman says:

    Poor maximoany.
    The only marxist in town, a consensus of one.


  27. TonyR says:

    Has the BBC news bought up ‘You’ve been framed’? We’ve had the couple who ‘knocked each other out’ (we saw the still!) practising Dirty Dancing; today we have selfie-report of a woman who stole her stolen bike from the assumed thief. I know BBC reporters make it up, but the BBC be spending our licence fee money to buy personal and selfie clips to show in a News broadcast.