The Great Replacement


“Every now and then, every time we have a conference, every time we invite a speaker, they [the media] always come with the same accusations: This speaker supports the death penalty for homosexuals, this speaker supports the death penalty for this crime or this crime or that he is homophobic, that he subjugates women, etcetera. I always try to tell them that it is not that speaker that we are inviting who has these ‘extreme radical views,’ as you say. These are general views that every Muslim actually has.
Every Muslim believes in these things. Just because they are not telling you about it, or just because they are not out there in the media, doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in them.”


The BBC has always opposed telling the truth about Muslim immigration into Europe and the effects it is having upon society, indeed the BBC has deliberately acted to close down such discussions just as it countered the ‘Muslim Demographics’ video on Youtube with its own video as it didn’t like the conclusions that the Muslim Demographics video aired….that Muslims will take over Europe.

The Muslim Brotherhood has long predicted that France will become Muslim, they suggest within a generation, but they can wait.  Our own BBC goto Muslim expert, Mo Ansar predicts something similar…


Even the EU is prediciting massive and overwhelming immigration, the majority of whom will be Muslim….

Europe is ‘underestimating’ scale of migrant crisis and could be flooded by millions of Africans in ‘biblical exodus’ unless urgent action is taken says top official

The number of migrants crossing into Europe from Africa will be in the millions within five years unless urgent action is taken, a senior EU official has warned.

Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, has said the scale and severity of the migrant crisis is being underestimated and must be tackled urgently.

In an interview with Il Messagero newspaper, Mr Tajani said there would be an exodus ‘of biblical proportions that would be impossible to stop if we don’t confront the problem now’.

And now we have an Archbishop in France predicting a Muslim takeover by ‘demographics’…

‘Muslim believers say ‘one day this will all be ours’ and call it the Great Replacement’: French Archbishop says higher Muslim birth rate is changing the country

The Archbishop of Strasbourg has said Muslims in his country are aware their high birth rate will soon lead to a ‘Great Replacement’ of the French population….. ‘Muslim believers know very well that their birth rate is such that today, they call it … the Great Replacement, they tell you in a very calm, very positive way that, “one day all this, it will be ours”‘

Do you see the BBC reporting either of these statements or discussing them seriously other than to condemn the speakers as deluded or racists?

Why is the BBC promoting a religion that is clearly not a religion of peace but is in fact one based upon conquest and colonisation, its worshipped leader, Muhammed, was a warlord who happily slaughtered whole tribes personally cutting off heads and proclaimiing that his god will reward his followers with land, women, loot and riches if they fight for him in order to spread a religion that is anti-Semitic,, anti-Christian, misogynist, homophobic and highly oppressive and racist….the death penalty is frequently used for gays and those who wish to leave the religion.  Why would anyone in their right mind promote such an ideology as progressive and liberal?  Islam has nothing in common with Christianity other than a few stories it plagiarised in order to make Christians think it had something for them when Muhammed was looking for recruits.

As David Goodhart said:

The gulf between conservative Islam and secular liberal Britain is larger than with any comparable large group….for those of us who value an open, liberal society it is time to explain why it is superior to the alternatives.

He told us that…

Some claim that if people understood Islam more everything would be fine, they would be more tolerant, I think quite the contrary….the more they understand about it the more alien they would find it…authoritarian, collectivist, patriarchal, misogynist…..all sorts of things that Britain might have been 100 years ago but isn’t now.


Charles Moore:

Nothing has changed in 25 years to ease my concerns about Islam

It seemed to me that most Muslim leaders saw their role not in integrating Muslims in Britain, but in asserting difference and increasing their muscle. Many favoured sharia law trumping British law. They would not support Muslim membership of the Armed Forces if those forces were deployed against Muslim countries. They wanted it to be illegal to attack Islam, let alone denigrate its prophet; and they waged constant “lawfare” to try to silence their critics. They tended, I thought, to see the advance of their cause as a zero-sum game in which the authorities had to cede more ground (sometimes it is literally a matter of territory) to Muslims.

Boris Johnson:

To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia – fear of Islam – seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture – to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques – it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers. As the killer of Theo Van Gogh told his victim’s mother this week in a Dutch courtroom, he could not care for her, could not sympathise, because she was not a Muslim.

The trouble with this disgusting arrogance and condescension is that it is widely supported in Koranic texts, and we look in vain for the enlightened Islamic teachers and preachers who will begin the process of reform. What is going on in these mosques and madrasas? When is someone going to get 18th century on Islam’s medieval ass?

It is time that we started to insist that the Muslim Council of Great Britain, and all the preachers in all the mosques, extremist or moderate, began to acculturate themselves more closely to what we think of as British values. We can’t force it on them, but we should begin to demand change in a way that is both friendly and outspoken.


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24 Responses to The Great Replacement

  1. Fedup says:

    I suppose once the bus drivers son has finished being mayor of London he will be cast as a safe pair of Muslim hands to be PM . From then on I think we the anglos really will have lost . It will be another week of celebration on al beeb as they continue to re write our guilt ridden past .
    I feel I can’t even write what the remedy will be as it is too horrible to imagine .


    • StewGreen says:

      Yes I was suspecting the plan is that Sadiq and Brendan Cox put forward as the new leaders.


    • Nibor says:


      I like your posts but can’t understand the ‘ bus drivers son ‘ bit as I can’t see anything wrong with being a bus driver or son of one .
      I fact I’m trying to persuade some relatives , non car drivers and not in gainful employment , to go to their local garage or get down to London and get free training to drive a bus ( and thus a car) and earn some honest money .


      • Dave S says:

        Agreed, My sons are a bus driver’s sons. Drove Regent Vs in the 60s for Devon General and in those days very long hours and with a conductor. I really enjoyed it but then I have done many things and always enjoyed my work. Still do.
        Retirement is not for me.


        • chrisH says:

          Wouldn`t give the Muslims THAT tip-last thing we need is them deciding on a Summer Holiday to Paradise with a full load of passengers.


      • Fedup says:

        Thank you for the comment
        I just got fedup with hearing how this politician is the son of a bus driver. I also remember he featured fairly high up on the mp expenses scandal – cinema tv s and posh couches I think.

        I haven’t looked on google to see whether he – himself has ever had a real job. I like to do this for all politicians because I dispise those who became did their uni, became tea makers or staffers and after a couple of goes get a nice seat on the benches. Or – for the other side – did eton, ppe, intern / councillor and then a seat. No real life exposure.
        As a regular user of London buses I take my xxxl headgear off to drivers – although most are awful – accelerate brake accelerate – I couldn’t take the stress of traffic plus punters.

        It’s good to know a bit more about the background of politicians in the same way as al Beeb people – for instance – that the toady crew all went to grammars or public school but then want to pee on others strawberries as they say. Bet their kids don’t go to an ordinary comprehensive (declaration – no kids )


        • Nibor says:

          Fedup ,
          Absolutely agree .
          Listen to the Guardinistas saying we should have the high quality employment careers in the UK .

          What’s up with jobs ?


        • Cranmer says:

          Fedup – the ‘bus driver’s son’ malarkey is just to make Mr Khan appear to be an ordinary working class Londoner. However, wikipedia states his previous experience as a solicitor specialising in human rights, and chairman of Liberty (the human rights – for some – group, not the department store). So, pretty much the standard Blairite/Common Purpose background.


          • Fedup says:

            Cranmer – that was the point I was trying to make. Unfortunately though other people here thought I was having a go at bus drivers. Maybe I should be a bit more brutal in expression .

            Whenever some one put human rights and lawyer together you get ££££££££££££££ then they spout about justice.


  2. NCBBC says:

    The Islamic presence in Europe is foreign in every way – racial, cultural and religious. It needs be turned back.

    It has come about due to a serious lack of education, and ignorance of Islam by the political elite.

    Lets look at what we are up against. With Islam there will be no compromise. Not because of us, but Islam will not accept a compromise, unless they are losing. Every canonical text of Islam forbids an abiding peace with the Infidel. A compromise treaty (Hudna), can hold for a maximum ten years, with the specific purpose for Muslims to re-organise and re-arm, and start the war again. This will not end until Islam is victorious, and Sharia is established throughout Christendom – the long term goal of Islam, or it is pushed back out of Europe, as it was at the Gates of Vienna in 1684.

    These days Muslims don’t even have to wage war. All they have to do is to sit tight on Benefits, and let demography do the rest. Once Muslims are more then 30% of the population, its sharia legally, implemented by parliament. Goodbye Western civilisation. Lost due the stupendous ignorance of our political elite. No parallel in history of such blind stupidity.


  3. NCBBC says:

    Its amazing, Muslims are committing mass murder, mass rape, and even crucifixions of Christians, and if anyone points this out, is labelled a racist, Islamophobe, Xenophobe and what not, and who is making little Muslim girls lie awake in the night, for fear of lynch mobs. No one gives a damn for Christians who are the ones who are being murdered. So the more Muslims murder and rape, they become even more the victim class. This is the world that Leftys/BBCboids live in – a topsy turvy world of denial and deceit.

    But now that Trump, against all the odds, has won, what can only be termed a miraculous victory, the walls of PCness have come tumbling down. Not just that, Pres Trump realises what is at stake, and wants to affirm Russian, the old defender of Christendom, request for an alliance. His speech in Poland, from where hails Prince Sobieski, was a pointed reminder of his intentions. Poland, Hungary, and the rest of the Visigrad nations are with him.

    The Left/BBCboids realise it too. They have to bring down Pres Trump.

    What we maybe seeing is the strategic positioning of players and alliances , as happened prior to WWII.


    • Grant says:


      Perceptive post. I think that Putin and Trump are onside. Maybe Macron has his eyes open. Merkel is a waste of time. Poland and East Europe onside . China is with it . Just looks like some countries are out in the cold. That includes the UK. It is getting towards groundhog day !


    • Fedup says:

      It actually surprises me that al Beeb hasn’t raised the plight of the yazidis . I know that there aren’t many in the uk but the collective torture Isis are putting them through is beyond crimes against humanity. Selling them into sexual slavery via an app.


      • Grant says:


        They are christians. The BBC do not give a damn about christians. All they care about is their beloved muslims. Sick.


  4. chrisH says:

    I`ve no complaints-it`s what Muslims do and we allowed our leaders to bring them all over.
    We voted for it.
    And with the usual few heretics like Tommy, Ayaan, Douglas excepted…most of us assumed that religion was dead as the lefties told us.
    And despite all this, few of us even know why Islam does what it does-thank God for the good folk at this site who post up the Judeao-Christian warnings about what compromise ends up as.
    When our churches are worthy of persecuting, then we`ll finally be worth fighting.
    Until then, I`d study the Torah, the Writings and Prophets and then ask Jesus what to make of what you`ve read.
    Islam holds no fears, unless we`ve already died inside…seeing enough these days to give me hope that a few worms are turning. But the MSM won`t know that-so let them be the cheese in the trap eh?


  5. pertelote says:

    traitorous BBC…treasonable behaviour.. but look what happened to Goebbels in the end.


  6. MarkyMark says:

    We gave Anjem Choudary (preaching hate 1999-2016 & now in prison preaching) free speech to tell us what will happen, we didn’t listen …

    “… they may say one thing to you in front of CNN, but I can assure you behind your backs in every Masjid* (Mosque) and Community Centre. They are standing with their Muslim brothers and sisters saying ‘we hope the Americans and British are pushed out of countries and we can implement the Sharia’. This is an Islamic obligation for us to support our brothers around the world. Our land is one. Our War is one. Our Peace is one. Our honour is one.”
    Anjem Choudary / CNN / Oct 2010

    “Mr. Choudry, are you communicating with individuals in the United States and encouraging them in participating attacks of this sort?(Cargo Bombs from Yemen)” – presenter
    “Of course I am. I’m communicating with participants all around the World. As you know the internet makes the World a small place” – Anjem Choudary
    “…based upon your answer, I believe, and many prosecutors will listen to your answer, you violated US law, you deserve to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for the rest of you life.” – presenter

    “..we will dominate this country (UK) brother and implement the beauty and perfection of the Sharia justice of Islam.”
    Anjem Choudary


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Choudhury was the bloke who gave us the notion of Jihadi Seekers Allowance.
      Been taking the mickey out of us all for years, but got to say that he`d be better off out here than he is in prison.
      His case will be found to be dodgy i`m sure-hope he said something stupid to the Americans on CNN, so we can transfer him to the land of real justice.
      He`s a symptom of how soft and how ridiculous we`ve become-that such a blowhard can get onto Channel 4 at will until we canned him really ought to show how low and ineffective, how indifferent we`ve got along with out so called “law”.


  7. JimS says:

    I struggled to understand why any sane politician would want to import Islam into a country that was essentially free of it, (BBC line: Richard the Lionheart brought one back with him so the UK has always been Muslim!). The nearest equivalents I could think of were to import lots of Russians during the Cold War or rescue young German men from small craft in the channel during 1939-45.

    In fact those examples make some sense, these people might have been fleeing from their respective countries but with Muslims there can be no doubt. Yet our politicians invent the offensive, to Muslims, term moderate Muslim, (a bit like Brexit – ‘soft’ Brexit means no Brexit).

    My conclusion is that our institutions have been taken over by post-modernists who are essentially irrational and collectivists. They want to see nothing less than the destruction of Western civilisation, which owes its success to the study and application of science or reality. Islam is an excellent partner, however they are naive if they thing Islam will meekly hand over control to the post-modernist leaders.

    Unfortunately the post-modernists have been sucessful in taking over the language of debate and the definition of the ‘battleground’. They are the far-left and ‘good’, everyone else is just on the way to being national collectivists, fascists, the ‘far-right’. As a result all mainstream politicians huddle under the walls of the post-modernists citadel, they don’t want to enter, but they dread the insults from above so stay close, proving that they aren’t ‘far-right’ by turning on each other like wolves should they make a slip such as ‘woodpile-gate’.

    The only hope for our civilisation is for people and politicians to reject the irrational collectivists clap-trap, (32 ‘genders’ – good grief!) and to bring sanity back to our institutions. Unfortunately it is probably too late. The post-modernists are like idiots that live in tower blocks and keep a pack of American Pit Bull Terriers. We might eject these ‘tenants’ but their damn dogs have gone feral and will breed every two months.


    • Nibor says:

      Our institutions are contaminated by Gramscians who believe it or not , aren’t really that clever . Most don’t even realise they are Gramscians .


  8. Manxman says:

    They certainly know Antonio.


  9. MarkyMark says:

    “What’s the solution? If Muslim people are in the wrong and they are committing crimes… you know, no one is above the law.” – Stacey Dooley
    “If the law of the land is Islamic, we will respect the law of the land. If it’s not Islamic (the law) then the law of the land, and those who make them, can go to hell quite honestly.” – Anjhem Chordary
    “Oh my God!” – Stacey Dooley
    “Because Allah says in the Koran Q33v1 ‘Fear Allah, and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Is David Cameron a Muslim of a disbeliever? Guys?” – Anjhem Chordary
    “Disbeliever!” – mumbles crowd of 5 other Muslims
    “So you (a Muslim) can’t obey him. So he (David Cameron) can go to hell.” – Anjhem Chordary

    Non muslims destined to go to hell, British Police Go To Hell Muslim Extremists. [May 2013]
    “Stacey Dooley returns to her hometown of Luton, in the UK, to investigate Muslim extremists protesting the arrest of Mona Thorney, the wife of the Stockholm bomber.”

    Go put on some clothes.
    – Muslim women wearing black Burqa talks to Stacey, who is wearing a pretty summer dress

    Not matter how hard you try – Obama wins the 2014 Islamophobia Award


  10. Fedup says:

    For information

    An outfit called eCrater is selling Douglas Murray’s book the Death of Europe for £3.84 which is a lot cheaper than

    amazon. It includes a hard and electronic copy. I went for it. I have no financial interest in the company.