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  1. JosF says:

    As I dont fund or watch the Biased Broadcasting Corporation anymore does anybody know how the BBC covered President Trump’s enthusiastic reception by the Poles, Or should I imagine how the BBC covered it [if the BBC covered it] given the anti President Trump bias that the BBC has


    • Lobster says:

      No doubt they will have played it down. Marxism for the BBC is an aspiration, but for the Poles it’s a very harsh memory.


      • NCBBC says:

        East European countries hate Marxism/communism/socialism with a hatred that would be inexplicable unless one knew the history of these countries under communism.

        Hungary has museum detailing the gross evil of communism, not unlike Yad Vashem.


      • Amounderness Lad says:

        Ah, the enthusiasm with which Trump was greeted by the people of Poland was explained away by claiming that the Polish governing party had bussed thousands of their ignorant peasant supporters from the rural backwaters to the location to make Trump look good.

        Of course if the speech had been made in a city where decent, intelligent and socially well adjusted people lived the reception given to Trump would have been completely different.

        So there, just accept that the only people who support Trump are disgusting, uneducated, out of touch country bumpkins who are too stupid to keep up with modern social trends and still haven’t developed beyond the Dark Ages.

        Naturally you are expected to believe that the lowlifes who rioted at the G20 and tried to destroy Hamburg completely were all really decent, well educated, modern, forward looking people concerned for the welfare of the poor, downtrodden masses and the future of the whole world.

        Yes, as usual the bBBC managed to turn good into bad and evil into saintly because doing otherwise and telling the truth, rather than their own particular version of Fake News, doesn’t comply with their own one sided political agenda.

        Yes, the bBBC did their best to explain Trump’s Polish Triumph as a carefully orchestrated, Kremlin Style propaganda exercise whilst dismissing the real Kremlin Style anti-West, anti-Capitalist propaganda exercise with the usual orchestrated mob violence, arson and looting as nothing more than a group of concerned, morally motivated people trying to improve the lot of all the poor and deprived people on earth.

        Yes, the normal bBBC, carefully presented, complete reversal of reality to suit the version they want you to believe.


  2. Deborahanother says:

    I don’t watch either although they did show the speech live.I watched on Fox. I never watch the BBC spin.BBC commentators only have one way of looking at things.Trump/Brexit. = Bad.

    I thought President Trump had a fantastic summit and is his own man.Not for him the Groupthink of the EU.The so called divisions are because Trump is not dancing to their tune or the medias tune,and he doesnt care…I love him for that.

    Melania is a true asset ,having been born in an Eastern European country during communism so she is no trophy wife .She speaks 5 languages which is some thing the BBCs feminists should be ecstatic about .A female seated next to Putin able to communicate with him in a common language .Whats not to like, feminists ?


    • MartinW says:

      I agree that President Trump had a good summit, and also gave a rather good (and very well received) speech the day before in Poland. Also that Melania Trump is an asset. However, I am doubtful whether she should have been seated around the table with G20 heads of state / government. Perhaps Trump should take advice about that.


    • NCBBC says:

      Pres Trump had a good summit simply because European leaders know that without America they have no defence. If push came to shove with Russia, or sending back Muslim invaders, only the USA can “persuade” Pakistan to take back its rapists. Only the USA can “persuade” Saudi Arabia to shove it. He has already warned Saudi Arabia in Riyadh of all places. The fuss going on in the Gulf with Qatar, is quite likely the aftermath.

      The group photograph showed this. Pres Trump, deliberately or otherwise, stood at the right (BBC puts it Far-right), rather then at the centre, which is where the POTUS normally stands. Chanc. Merkel was unaware of this, but Pres Macron was alert, realizing quickly that Europe cannot sideline the POTUS, without pissing off a lot of Americans, Congress and Senate.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      “Melania is a true asset”
      She is so elegant isn’t she? And I love that she is multilingual. IMO she is out-smoothing all the First Ladies that have gone before her. I wish her every success.


  3. Manxman says:

    Despite that, Her looks.


  4. NCBBC says:

    The downside of American withdrawal from the fraud of AGW, is that to make up for American monetary contributions, largest among Western nations, we will have to pay more.

    This means more stealth taxes via our electricity bills. We pay $18 per head per year, while Germany pays around $12 per person.


    • sanitycheck2 says:

      In the UK, over 50% of the electricity bill is due to the green agenda.

      Many years ago, the BBC, on Hardtalk, interviewed the outgoing head of Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE), or out going financial director (I cannot remember which), and he explained how the electricity bill is made up. He advised that the electricity bill is made up of three components. First, the cost of supply which accounts for 50% of the bill. Second infrastructure upgrades which is essentially the installation of windfarms and coupling these to the grid (and may include STOR balancing but he did not mention that). This accounts for 25% of the bill. Third, green energy taxes, green energy deals, (eg. help with insulation and double glazing), and assistance to those in fuel poverty. This is 25% of the bill. Of course and ironically, many people are in fuel poverty only because the cost of electricity is double that which it ought to be but for the green agenda.

      The second and third components which account for 50% of the bill total, are entirely due to the green agenda. But it is worse than that.

      The cost of supply which accounts for 50% of the bill is more expensive due to green policies, namely the carbon tax that is imposed upon fossil fuel generation thereby putting up the cost of that form of supply, and the high strike rate that is paid to windfarms/solar putting up the costs of that form of supply, and of course the payments that are made to windfarms when they do not produce energy. Thus without the green agenda the cost of supply could probably be reduced by 10 to 15%.

      The upshot of this is that if your electricity bill is say £450 p.a, then but for the green agenda it would likely be around £210 p.a

      Everyone in the UK with regard to electricity alone is paying about £200 pa for the green agenda. He did mention that the position with respect to gas (SSE is a dual energy supplier) was not as stark and perhaps only about 10 to 15% of the gas bill is brought about by the green agenda.

      So don’t be fooled. you are probably paying over £300 pa because of green policies on energy bills.

      Unless the UK switches to fracking and begins to exploit its reserves of frackable gas, our already high energy bills s are likely to double over the next 7 years.

      The US is sensible. Cheap, plentiful and reliable energy is the key to a thriving economy. Europe will suffer greatly over the next 15 years unless it quickly changes tack.


      • StewGreen says:

        @sanitycheck2 I don’t know about your maths
        but you committed a V important fallacy : assuming electric price rises only hit your leccy bill.
        No, they hit everything you buy cos every service or product has an electricity bit within it.
        Your pint is not just brown you are paying for green froth on top of it.


      • lojolondon says:

        The US was not sensible under Obummer. The US has become very sensible under Trump. Trump embracing cheap energy is going to improve the entire world’s economy, with the exception of the Middle East where he will halve their revenues. Two birds with one stone.


      • vesnadog says:

        “The US is sensible. Cheap, plentiful and reliable energy is the key to a thriving”

        I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again – the UK will one day revert back to coal!

        We have a huge continent of the stuff under the Atlantic ocean!


        • JosF says:


          I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again – the UK will one day revert back to coal!

          We have a huge continent of the stuff under the Atlantic ocean!

          And we could scrap the subsidies wasted on wind and solar and put the money into Fusion Nuclear Energy instead


  5. Wild says:

    I thought it was Ivanka who was photographed sitting at the G20 leaders table, not Melania.


    • Guest Who says:

      Oops, fat fingers. Sorry.

      Actually it was Katty Kay. They all look alike. Apparently.


  6. Manxman says:

    Trying it for size, Donald is the start of a dynasty, one that will surpass the Kennedys, and the traitorous Bush lineage.

    Clintons are history, who supports Chelsey anyway; i’m a Hoop’s man.


    • Old Goat says:

      Potentially a great President. He has the wit, the humour, the knowledge, the stamina, and the nerve to do well. I hope he does, over the next eight years. I hope the animosity largely melts away, and that others have the courage to follow his example – we need a vocal strength of numbers, and iron-willed leaders, rather than the paper tigers we’re stuck with at the moment.


      • NCBBC says:

        Lets hope MSM like CNN, MSNBC etc fall into the pits they dig for Trump.


      • The General says:

        When did the animosity towards Republican Presidents EVER melt away ? According to the Left Wing Media they were all stupid fools apart from Nixon who was a nasty crook.


    • sanitycheck2 says:

      I am a Trump fan, as I suspect that many on this site are.

      However, I consider that the US is very sensible having a two term policy and this should, in my opinion, extend to the family (or at any rate to spouses and the next generation of that family). I am unconvinced that Political Dynasties are a good thing, and I consider that the system should discourage this so that there is government by the people for the people.


      • NCBBC says:


        Agreed. There is something fishy about a political dynasty in a modern democracy. If such a dynasty ever came about, then marrying into it will become popular.
        Not good.


        • Loobyloo says:

          Agree and for that reason, Michelle Obama and Hillieary shouldn’t be considered.


  7. Manxman says:

    You know it makes sense, brave man that marries a woman that can sue him in 5 languages.


  8. john in cheshire says:

    The far-left bbc, more vomit inducing than an emetic.


  9. chrisH says:

    “Despite divisions”.
    In two words, you`ve got the very groupthink that really upsets the thick liberal media.
    They themselves-because they`re unthinking cretinous sheep-are distraught if they imagine themselves to be independent,autonomous or creative.
    That is NOT the beehive, the groupthink the “shtep in time”.
    The BBC were mortified that Cameron might not get his croissants, let alone get an evening meal with Junker after we voted to leave last June. They also took pictures of Mrs May looking alone before the Hamburg summit.
    But noted no film of her at the top table with Xi and Trump a few minutes later. This IS the BBC after all-and like Tass, the pictures and images are all that is wanted.

    Trump is his own man, his own great nation behind him-well the REAL patriots anyway.
    No wonder the BBC quake in fear.

    As for Mrs Trump?
    Well SHE has more right to sit at the top table in comparison to bloody Juncker.
    Last time I looked the E.U were NOT a country….so why the hell are they given a seat at the G20?
    Come on Mrs May get back into the ring will ya?
    Where`s Ted Malloch?…come one Donald, we need him!


  10. Dave S says:

    The President’s speech in Poland will prove to be far more important than we can see at present. At least in my opinion.
    I interpret it as follows and it goes without saying that the MSM ( BBC axis of idiocy) was way out of it’s depth .
    Firstly President Trump made it clear that he was determind to support the Visegrad countries come what may and so was warning Putin that this was a real red line. I have no doubt that Putin understands now that any Russian expansion West is out of the question. Perhaps he never really thought it was but with Western Europe so very weak it was worth a try.
    Secondly there was no declaration of war on the Islamic world. This was a left wing MSM fantasy. The President just made it clear the any support for terrorist activity had to cease and cease immediately. The message seems to have gone home.
    Thirdly and most importantly he seemed to be warning the Western Europe governing class that it had no right to abandon it’s culture and citizens in pursuit of an insane progressive agenda based on the cultural marxist lunacy that currently has gripped our intelligentsia and most of our media/academic elites.
    That the civilisation we have created is the finest the world has yet seen and will only fall if it is destroyed from within. No wonder they hate him so ( the Western elites)
    It was also a speech for the rest of the world and for his own people.
    From now on we have a real ally in this cultural war for the West. Most of us here chose our side long ago. The BBC is on the other side as are most of our elites. Give them no consideration and no quarter from now on.
    I do not know who wrote that speech but whoever it was deserves our thanks .
    I hope all at the Guardian and the BBC loathed every single word.


    • NCBBC says:

      Thirdly and most importantly he seemed to be warning the Western Europe governing class that it had no right to abandon it’s culture and citizens in pursuit of an insane progressive agenda based on the cultural marxist lunacy that currently has gripped our intelligentsia and most of our media/academic elites.

      Which is what it is. But the media are informing the public that it as a warning to Russia and N Korea. In other words, Pres Trump is responding to the allegations of Russian meddling in US elections.

      See, the MSM is so important that it forced the POTUS to change his position.


  11. Manxman says:

    You brought the hairs up on my nipples david, as did the speech, that was a fine post, i think it was a dagger to the collectivist’s heart, a message as you say to Putin, and the Saudis their knuckles rapped, there can be no logical criticism of the speech that was the clever bit, its construction, the lefties will not reference it anymore and know they are now officially the 5th column within.

    He will not alter the message, anyone who followed him prior to the election knows what he is about.

    The medias dumb Donald portrayal smashed to bits by 36 minutes of pure logical sense, 36 minutes and they have nothing to criticise, without showing themselves as the enemy within ha ha, job done Bigly………this is how he is going to destroy the MSM eventually by making more and more people around the world realise they are part of the enemy within their greatest weapon.


  12. Oaknash says:

    BBC – Hits back!
    After Trumps brutally honest and effective speech about the will to defend Western Values (which will hurt the BBC as it does not believe in them)
    BBC- Now very excited and in licking its lips in anticipation this morning about the latest “revelation” that Trumps son had a meeting with a Russian lawyer who was attached to Putin who had some “dirt” on Hilary.

    And do you know what – If I had been Trump – I would have been curious to find out what this information was too. This is why Trump was elected – he reacts acts like any normal sane human rather than an over PR schooled, professional political automaton. With Trump what you see is what you get, warts and all. I suspect little attempt was made to hide this meeting as most normal people in the same situation would also have wanted to find out about this “information. What was he expected to do ring Hilary and tell her! If the boot had been on the other foot I am sure Hilary would have sent a representative too – but just done it in a more clandestine manner.

    The fact that that the BBC/MSM hate him so – is as far as I am concerned proof that he is doing things right. I suspect he and probably most of the US electorate think the same. He is a breath of fresh air and certainly is unafraid of telling it as it is. Despite the all the MSM bitching I expect Trump wont give a toss one way or another.

    It seems to me the rules of the game are – If you represent the left wing/progressive/now establishment viewpoint you can pretty much say and do what you want and only the most cursory investigation is undertaken into your motivations and actions. If however you represent something at variance to the “establishment” viewpoint no stone will be left unturned to find some dirt on you and if they dont find anything then they will just make something up anyway eg “Pissgate”

    What a pity (thanks to the BBC and friends) that in this country we still seem to be addicted to style over substance. Maybe one day when the current crop of snowflakes grow up things may be different – but as things stand at the moment I think it will be a long wait.

    But then again this may never happen . Our snowflakes have been bought up on a diet rich in butter, unicorns and Jeremy Corbyn and I suspect nothing short of war will ever be able to break this addiction.
    Lets hope it does not come to that.


  13. taffman says:

    Now they are really scraping the barrel.
    Despite Brexit the only supermarket contact they could find to get a quote from was a has-been and we get this………………
    Drip drip …
    “The EU also guarantees free trade across the continent and Mr King – who supported Remain – said this frictionless movement kept food prices down.”
    Note the main point – “who supported remian”.


    • NCBBC says:

      Food prices are very likely to go down, as food will come in from all over the world. We will get better quality food at lower prices because of competition. This is why capitalism works, and works well.

      I’m surprised that the boss of Sainsbury thinks that a closed market system works better then an open market system.


  14. Dover Sentry says:

    Amazing how the BBC fawned lovingly over a black First Lady but despises the subsequent white one.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Even though she’s drop-dead gorgeous! I think they don’t like that her Slovenian ethnicity spoils their “Trump -is -a-racist” narrative. Best not to highlight her too much.


      • The General says:

        No, nothing wrong with her ethnicity (despite being white) its because she is not size 16+.


  15. Oaknash says:

    I suspect the BBC would only be OK with the 1st lady – if she declared she was confused about her gender/sexual orientation.
    They have always given Ruth Davidson a much easier ride than May – I wonder why?


  16. Manxman says:

    Read a comment about the meedya and Trump, quite funny,…


    Trump walks on water, Fox News and accompanying picture.

    Trump cannot swim BBC Newz, and accompanying picture.