Suicide isn’t painless


Too late BBC, way, way too late…..the government, has spent years trying to suppress the EDL and Tommy Robinson using various methods such as setting the UAF on them and blaming the subsequent violence on the EDL, false flag attacks on Muslims blamed on the EDL, misinformation spread by a willing and compliant media, the BBC especially, that maligned and demonised the EDL, and of course legal ‘Jihad’ against Tommy Robinson, the police licenced to harass him and frequent arrests and court cases imposed upon him as well as what might be seen as an attempt to have him killed in prison by placing him in a wing dominated by extremist Muslims.

The problem with Tommy Robinson?  He was telling the truth…and we all know in this day and age of suppression of the truth about Islam and immigration and the EU telling the truth is a revolutonary act.

Robinson was set on his course as creator and leader of the EDL by Muslim ‘protests’ in Luton insulting and abusing British troops returning from Afghanistan.

The police and government were completely unconcerned about their protest and the burning of poppies.  Such complacency had consequences.  The Tories placed Warsi at the head of their party, even now they are to use her to give advice to a government counter-radicalisation group….Warsi is an Islamist who works to undermine the counter-terror effort….other known extremists are similarly employed or allowed to continue in government positions despite having been caught making extremist comments.  Ironically the BBC is now trying to point the finger of blame at the government…the problem with that?  The BBC was utterly complicit in that inaction and the wilful silence as we all watched the rise of Islamic supremacy in the UK and across Europe.  The BBC worked to silence those who criticised that rising dominance of Islam calling them racists, paranoid and Islamophobes….Robinson was said to be ‘polluting’ the publics’ mind and he was only ever invited onto the BBC in order to attack him.

Seems things have changed, at least on the realisation that we need to counter the extremist narrative, as the BBC lays the blame squarely at the government’s door for terror… self-knowledge about its own role in inciting radicalisation…as said before Jeremy Bowen’s latest series is nothing less than a puff for the terrorist narrative blaming all the ills of the Middle East on the West and essentially saying there is a war on Islam.

Here’s the BBC’s wake-up call [abridged]…..

The extreme, aggressive ideology of al-Muhajiroun became clear. It was a message of defiance, of hate. No compromise.

For them Islam was at war with the West.

New laws ban the glorification of terrorism and there’ve been many more successful prosecutions over the past decade.

The fact that al-Muhajiroun was allowed to recruit in towns across the UK for years, largely unfettered by the state, is part of the picture.

[But] this raises a huge question for the British state – was the threat posed by radicals linked to al-Muhajiroun underestimated for years?

“We’ve been far too tolerant of al-Muhajiroun,” says Kemp. Their use of abusive language and threats was not tackled, he suggests.

“It was a major failure and we’ve seen the consequences – we’ve seen Lee Rigby [murdered] by a follower of al-Muhajiroun, we’ve seen numerous attacks around the world.”

So why was more not done? This was ideological extremism and the leaders of the network, like Anjem Choudary, were always careful to stay, just, on the right side of the law so they could not be arrested.

Based on the last two decades of various governments failing to get on top of the problem of radicalisation, Richard Kemp remains worried. “I’m not sure that there is a political courage or the political will.”

What they will not say is that the views of the ‘extremists’ are endemic in the Muslim community as a whole…they may not support or want to carry out violent attacks but they have the same beliefs…that the West is at war with Islam and that it is Western interference in the Middle East that has caused all the problems there, and of course Israel…as said the same narrative the BBC peddles that feeds the ‘anger’ that recruits the stream of Jihadists.

How will the government deal with that and with the innate drive to make Islam the supreme ideology in Europe?


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  1. Fedup says:

    We are at or near a tipping point where, due the tendency of immagrants to reproduce at a higher rate than the indigenous population , a good few boroughs and councils areas are becoming ethnic minority majorities ( forgive the twisting). Soon real political power will lie in their hands unless something is done soon .

    My fear though, is that because MSM pumps out pro immigration propaganda we will lose our cause and country along the way.

    We are like the frog in the water as it gradually heats up til the hot water kills us.


  2. G.W.F. says:

    The video clearly shows the alliance between the radical Moslem Mayor of London and the Quisling Prime Minister. She cannot be that stupid; she is on the other side. Remember, she was Home Secretary when they tried to get Tommy Robinson murdered in prison.
    We might start by replacing this woman. Can the Tory Party stand up and do their duty?i


  3. EnglandExpects says:

    Tommy Robinson represents the working class reaction to the Muslim invasion of Europe in general and the UK in particular. He is far from perfect but I find his victimisation by the establishment to be chilling. At the other end of the spectrum, Douglas Murray voices similar fears to a more educated middle class audience. Despite the sheer scale of the invasion, there are precious few voices like Robinson or Murray. Apart from harassment and intimidation by the state there is always the threat of violence from Muslim extremists. This threat is real . Today Colonel Richard Kemp, a respected figure in intelligence, states that the 23000 Muslim associated with extremism is only the tip of the iceberg. With some 4 million muslims in the U.K. I’m not suprised that far more than 23000 are working against us in various ways. No wonder that few people will speak out against our betrayal by those who rule us. It could kill you.
    The media continue to portray those who oppose the Muslim invasion as racists or ill educated fools. Media stories are always pro Muslim and never ask the difficult questions . The rush of humanity across the Mediterranean was reported on by C 4 tonight but they only see it as a humanitarian crisis. Yes it is but if we go no further in our analysis, then the takeover of Europe by muslims will become a fact. What is an acceptable number of muslims in the U.K.? 4 million, 8 million, 18 million, 50 million? Is there really no limit to the mass immigration we should allow? What value our culture and futures? Or will our culture always come second to the need to put muslims first? If so we are finished.


  4. Wild says:

    The people who are in favour of unlimited immigration are the same sort of people (they like call themselves progressives) who in a different generation were sympathetic to the other side in the Cold War. They want to destroy us. They want our enemies to succeed.

    Most European intellectuals in that generation were either Pro-Stalin or Pro-Hitler. The one thing they agreed upon was their hatred of England. Free markets! Freedom of speech! Reducing the power of the State. It is everything they are against.

    The EU is built over the grave of Fascism. Germany is still spiritually a very sick country. So is most of Europe. I heard somebody point out the other day that if you want to understand Sweden you need to realise that Swedish people subconsciously feel guilty about how they behaved in the Second World War. You can multiply that example across Europe.

    In the negotiation the EU (supported by the BBC) want to get as much money as it can from us, in return for as much control over us that they can possibly get over us. But it is not simply envy, that we have something they want to destroy, that there are still bits of it that are not yet destroyed. Nor is it simply corrupt European politicians (is there any other sort?) Europe is sick, and not only financially. Trump realizes this, which is why they hate him with so much passion. They hate the American free society (and always have) almost as much as they hate the UK, because they see the cultural continuities.

    Now we are getting control over our laws again, our own democracy, our own Parliament, we can do something about it; which is why the BBC is going into overdrive trying to resist it. Did you used to think that the BBC were to the Left of Tony Blair but not extreme Left? Well the Labour Party has elected an authentic Stalinist, and the BBC cannot get enough of him.

    The Stalinist Brecht said if the people don’t vote the right way change the people. They are just doing that, and who is to say the strategy is not working. There is a Muslim mayor in London. In Bradford Labour Party meetings are enthusiastically anti-Semitic. Do the BBC even report that? They started by burning books, now they are blowing up people. There is a historian of the Left called Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn who suggested that if you want to understand the Left, to understand its motivations, read De Sade. De Sade wanted the streets of Paris to run with blood, and they did, and it is running again, and it is the same people who are responsible, they even call themselves by the same name, progressives.

    Progress to what? To hell.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Stupidity on all sides can be fought when we ask for the definition of the words used.

      Free Education” – Free? Do you mean available to everyone rather than without cost or payment. Because someone will have to pay by taxes or effort.
      For the Many, Not the Few” – who are the few you’re excluding in this statement, who are the Many and who are the Few? Please give some examples from all the political parties and ordinary people.
      Enough is Enough” – what is enough and if it happens again will it be “More than Enough”? Has there been enough freedom of expression on the Internet – is that what this applies to?
      Stop the War” – do you mean all wars including those by other Nations, how can you get them to stop ‘wanting’ war? Here I am thinking of North Korea who train their children to hate all except North Korea to the point where the state controls all TV and rewrite maps of the world.
      Do you think those who didn’t vote should be included in the final EU Referendum Result?” – if so does this apply – “Leave the EU” + “Happy Either Way” @65% “Remain in the EU” @35%
      Strong and Stable” – weak and unstable is the alternative, by strong do you mean a majority and stable means inflexible?
      More Diversity” – when is enough? Is more 50% or 99%? Which of these sounds better? “Gradual Diversity ala Douglas Murray” vs “Disruptive Diversity ala Merkel”

      The following is clear language, but seems to have been forgotten in the fog of words.

      “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether. … So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade.”
      Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference – in full / 06.10.2015


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        “to the point where the state controls all TV and rewrite maps of the world”

        Are you sure that’s N Korea? It sounds like our Aunty Beeby!


  5. soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

    Been a while since I posted (work) but reading nearly every post. Wild and MarkyMark – very solid posts.

    I’m working with a German colleague right now setting up a contract. He’s a super intelligent businessman but seems to have somehow fallen under the spell of the MSM and assumes that we will not be able to trade following Brexit. We are losing our collective capability to exercise critical thought when we subcontract our understanding of the world to a third party like the BBC. Take a step back and the BS is obvious, yet those who would follow the Marxists down the rabbit hole of economic and cultural suicide seem unable to grasp it.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Thanks for the praise. I will admit that it’s only been since Brexit that I have taken any interest in the political side of the world, much like your business friend I thought that it had no consequence to my own life but now I see it as a tsunami gathering momentum in the distance, that will have a great impact on society and our children.

      Without an informed society we cannot make informed choices – it’s as simple as that.

      For anyone wanting to look at the world from a different view I would recommend Christopher Hitchens on religion and the importance of language and fighting totalitarian regimes/ideas, Carl Sagan for science and being skeptical, Thomas Sowell for an easy to understand view of economics and unintended consequences. Then onto Douglas Murray to see how Europe is transforming away from the culture we are all part of today. These guys all have youtube videos and loved to debate without shouting, Mr. Sowell has a nice chuckle when he laughs at his own jokes.

      But of all the authors I have read it would be George Orwell that has inspired me the most. His news articles are excellent and the trick is to read them and think out aloud, “Does this apply to today or tomorrow?”. That way you can bring his ideas into the present and test them.

      I will leave you with these free links, I have no association with the site:
      Why Socialists Don’t Believe In Fun
      Orwell Articles
      “Nearly all creators of Utopia have resembled the man who has toothache, and therefore thinks happiness consists in not having toothache. They wanted to produce a perfect society by an endless continuation of something that had only been valuable because it was temporary. The wider course would be to say that there are certain lines along which humanity must move, the grand strategy is mapped out, but detailed prophecy is not our business. Whoever tries to imagine perfection simply reveals his own emptiness.”
      – George Orwell – Tribune, December 20, 1943


      • Fedup says:

        Thanks Marky-
        I’ve read all you suggest except Sowell so will add him to the reading list .

        Popular Alternative thinkers in print seem few and far between . Is it censorship , the market or me??


        • MarkyMark says:

          Nice to know you’ve read similar stuff Fedup – but can I suggest you store some youtube links to pass onto to other people for quick introductions, suggesting books in this new media world just won’t work I’m afraid. I’ve handed out enlightened books to friends before and only one has read part of one – but a video link of 5 mins and then suggest a book might be better option in this modern video orientated world – no one has time anymore.

          I really do think people don’t want to be interested in the real world with so many forms of entertainment available. I believe (might be wrong) that the real world is more interesting than the fictional worlds we have made up. The following applies to all countries, not just the USA …

          “.. we reached for the stars. Acted like men. We aspired to intelligence and didn’t belittle it, it didn’t make us feel inferior. We didn’t identify ourselves by who we voted for in the last election. And we … we didn’t scare so easy. We were able to be all these things and do all these things because we were informed. By great men.”
          [Search – “Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.”@3:58]


  6. wronged says:

    ‘He’s a super intelligent businessman…………..and assumes that we will not be able to trade following Brexit’

    Are you quite sure that he’s a super intelligent businessman ?


    • soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

      Well in all other respects yes – intelligent and successful in business, a complex technology business in a competitive global marketplace. But that is the point, he’s not an idiot and yet has fallen for the universal EU mantra.

      I don’t mean that he literally thinks that trade will be impossible but rather that the competitive advantage possible today between two EU countries selling to a world market will evaporate. Such is the power of the fear mongering media.


      • GCooper says:

        I can understand a BBC reporter thinking that as they are unlikely to have ever sold anything to anyone (well, the odd illegal substance, perhaps). But is he too young to have done business before the EU octopus took over?

        And how does he think countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Japan manage?


        • soyelcaminodelfuturo says:

          Oh the irony – we are working on selling a technology developed jointly in the UK and Taiwan, with French engineers, to a global marketplace. The EU couldn’t be less relevant! He’s about 50 I’d guess. And regularly sells outside of the EU. It’s not objectivity driving his opinion, it is media driven angst, unfounded fear and speculation.


          • Wild says:

            In other words “brainwashing”. To coin a phrase “Enough is enough”.

            Time to get our Country back.


          • GCooper says:

            As he’s a German you probably have to factor in the enormous conservatism (small ‘c’) of Germans and the pressure on them to conform. Questioning the authority of the media and of German politicians isn’t easy.


  7. Spider says:

    Having left Britain four months ago now, I am very saddened by recent events.
    I worked in the police in London training the public and police about the terrorist threat and how to deal with it.
    We have been well aware for years about what is going on, but to openly voice what everyone is thinking would be career suicide. I was always amazed by the general publics ambivalence and utter lack of awareness.
    I am afraid that the future for for London is not a good one. The riots of the past few decades will pale in comparison to what will come, unless some very difficult decisions are made soon. Clamping down on the internet will have very little impact, too little too late. If I were religious I would pray, but what for I don’t know?


    • Wild says:

      Massively reduce Muslim (indeed all Third World) emigration into this Country would be a start. Make it clear that if immigrants are lucky enough to be allowed to live in this Country (why would devout Muslims who despise the West want to live in an anti-Muslim Country anyway? If you are a devout Christian would you want to live in Saudi Arabia?) they not only have to live in accordance with Western laws they also have to live in accordance with Western values. Stop pretending that all cultures are equal. Stop pretending that there isn’t an immigration crisis. Prevent all immigrants from getting any benefits, especially for simply producing children. Arrest for treason and expel from the Country all of those for whom evidence can be provided that they are actively supporting acts of terror.

      Scrap the License Fee, and lift the entire public sector bloated and intolerant Leftist establishment off its taxpayer funded teat.


      • NCBBC says:

        Reducing immigration, particularly of Muslims is far too late. That boat sailed a long time ago.

        Now its Separation only. And for that one needs justification. What sort? Good question.

        The other is to implement full Sharia right now, while we still have the chance to reverse it, and remove this existential threat. Much later, and it will be well nigh impossible short of a Bosnia type civil war.


      • soyelcaminodelfuturo says:



  8. Deborahanother says:

    Even if we massively reduce immigration we will still be out bred . When Muslims can have four wives and we the indigenous tax payers are funding it ,we have no chance.Polygomy is against British law but they get round it by marrying under sharia and benefits support their households.And as Mrs May said there is nothing about Sharia that is incompatible with British values. We are being led by donkeys.

    Those of us that have mortgages or high rents and not supported by benefits simply cannot afford to have as many children if any .Add to this the oversupply of cheap labour keeping wages down and we really are stuffed.

    I know its been said many times though not on the BBC ,Enoch Powell was correct in his analogy of the future after mass immigration.

    Its very depressing to think what the future will be for our children and their children.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Adam vs Muhammed – “Even if we massively reduce immigration we will still be out bred.” – Deborahanother

      Have a look where your name is going – up or down in the UK baby name charts (1996 – 2015): (16th to 38th) (108th to 12th) (63rd to 1st) (127th to 161st)

      “A growth in minority faith communities, particularly Muslims – the percentage of
      people in all the other main non-Christian religions except the Jewish
      population grew, with the number of Muslims growing most, by 72% (from 2.8%
      to 4.5% of the population or 1.6 million up to 2.8 million), illustrated below. …. The majority of Muslims in the UK belong to the Sunni denomination (Saudi Arabia) … Immigration is undoubtedly a key factor influencing many of the demographic changes we are seeing in our population today and the scale and pace of change has increased in recent years.”

      If only we actual acted on the results of the surveys, rather than dismissing them, terrorism(58) and NHS(59) one percentage point away, so nearly on the same worry level!

      “In the same survey (The Guardian by Opinion Research in 2015), terrorism (58%) and immigration (53%) were among the top three issues that people were personally worried about – behind the NHS (59%) and above the economy (46%), cuts to local services (44%), and crime/law and order (43%).”

      The Casey Review / A review into opportunity and integration / Dame Louise Casey DBE CB – Dec 2016


      • G.W.F. says:

        “Even if we massively reduce immigration we will still be out bred.” – Deborahanother

        Many drugs are tested on animals first. If successful – as Super lorin is – then it could be applied to humans.
        How to apply it may raise ethical concerns, but there are meat products which only people of certain faiths eat,and it could be administered in them

        Just sayin’


        • GCooper says:

          I think this is already being used for the treatment of SJWs.


        • pertelote says:

          >GWF..see where you’re coming from ..”there are meat products which only people of certain faiths eat,and it could be administered in them” say.

          ..but m8.. wouldn’t that be easiest to administer in the one meat product that “we” eat and “they” don’t? (oink oink!)

          ..given your “statement” above..go think about it & plz don’t give anybody ideas eh!
          According to you would that be in the veggie Samosas then?.. I love a vegetable Samosa btw..
          Seriously GWF?


  9. Mice Height says:

    The police ignore dozens of threats like this towards him every day.
    If a white was to make a similar Tweet towards a Mohammedan, then their door would’ve been kicked in at 4am.
    *At time of writing, still not so much as a confirmation of complaint from Coventry Police.


    • NameNotNumber says:

      Advice from Coventry Police:
      KEYS. Do you always make sure they aren’t visible from the outside of your home? It’s just one way to prevent unwanted visitors in your home.

      Too late for the UK I’m afraid.


  10. Kaiser says:

    Do look back in anger

    Rachid Redouane, one of the terrorists which slaughtered innocent people on London Bridge, entered Britain using a false name and date of birth.

    Southwark coroner’s court heard he gave the immigration service the false alias Rachid Elkhdar and said he was five years younger – but authorities haven’t yet revealed when he arrived in the UK.

    The Moroccan-born terrorist was shot dead in Borough Market after attacking pub-goers with a knife. Anti-terror police believed he and his accomplices were wearing suicide vests, which they later discovered were fake.

    Journalists were only told of the inquest 20 minutes after it started, following a cock-up in the office leading to the notification going out late. A recording was later sent to reporters.