Looting the Bodies

Corbyn lies to Peston once again, and again and again…people not being found accomodation?


After the Battle of Waterloo the thousands of bodies that littered the battlefield were variously stripped of their clothing, their possessions, their valuables and their dignity by the local civilians…even their teeth were pulled out.

How familiar would it seem for those present to witness Labour’s villainy as its vultures descend upon the victims of the Grenfell fire to feed upon their troubles and misery, the loot this time not gold but political advantage as the carpetbagger Corbyn stands upon the coffins of the dead and uses them as a soapbox to peddle his class-war rhetoric.  Does the man who is happy to see British civilians blown to pieces or shot dead in the streets, the man who rages against the very security services that use shoot-to-kill in order to protect us, does such a man really have the slightest care for the people from Grenfell Tower?  Are they not just a useful currency to be ‘spent’ as part of his anti-Tory warchest as he and his far-left stormtroopers try to hijack the disaster for their own political ends?

Shame the BBC isn’t asking questions as the mob moves in…..the mob that forced the local town hall to close due to its invasion, violence and vandalism…just how helpful is that as the centre of operations is forced to shut?

Latest update – Saturday 17 June – 6:50pm

Kensington Town Hall has unfortunately been closed due to yesterday’s (Friday) incident.  However staff have been able to continue their work today from a number of other sites, including the Westway Sports Centre. Officers from other boroughs have also been helping staff.  We hope the Town Hall to reopen on Monday.

The BBC has played down the thuggishness of these protests and the fact that they are by Corbyn’s own brand of far-left Brownshirts.

Just look at this ‘report’ from the BBC that is sensationalising the fact that no one is at the Town Hall….but wait…the windows are all boarded up due to Corbyn’s street thugs smashing them….the place is closed as said above due to the violent acts of Corbyn’s useful idiots…the reporter makes no mention as to why the place is in lockdown or that operations go on elsewhere instead….the BBC spreading fake news as usual….

Silence: The scene at Kensington and Chelsea town hall

There were piles of donations but no one official in sight at Kensington and Chelsea town hall on Saturday afternoon, as Laura Trant reports.

This is the BBC continuing to paint a picture of a Council that doesn’t care, is in chaos and is failing the victims…when that just isn’t true….who does the BBC think set up the emergency relief centres?

Is the Far-Left violence and intimidation not a warning of what is to come if Corbyn gets anywhere near power as his street thugs and online activists threaten, bully and intimidate people and organisations who don’t comply with their world view?  Just look at what the Shadow Chancellor of all people was inciting the other day…essentially revolution to topple the government…

John McDonnell calls for one million protesters to take to the streets in bid to oust Theresa May

And yet the BBC, so keen to issue us ‘A Warning from history’ about the march of the Far-Right, almost totally ignores such very real, far more real than the Far-Right’s, threats from the Left….not as if the Grenfell residents want to be hijacked by Corbyn….

Grenfell community fear ‘Day of Rage’ protest could descend into riots as organisers threaten ‘class war’ 

The BBC isn’t really interested in the Grenfell residents though.  Like Corbyn it would seem its reporters are only  interested in making political hay whilst they can…hoping to topple May and undermine the capitalist system.

The BBC was giving a platform to all and any, so many of them obviously Far-Left activists out to smash ‘The System’ raging about austerity, neo-liberalism and greed…not to mention social cleansing….including it might be added a Labour MP…

Nicky Campbell shrugged off complaints that his programme was a political witch-hunt against May.  He told us that it was not politicisng the disaster, when of course he was doing so, and that the BBC ‘has a duty to listen and give a platform to the angry voices that don’t normally get heard.’.  Well first off these are the same old voices that always get heard on the BBC….voices of the far-left and if you’re musician, poet, writer or artist you’re an honoured guest whose  phone number is on speed-dial.  Second the BBC’s ‘duty’ to listen and give a platform to does not extend to the Right especially on subjects such as immigration, Islam and climate change…the BBC, if it does graciously extend an invitation, does so only with the view that you are the ‘enemy’ whose arguments are to be countered and opposed whereas the ‘angry’ Left are there to be explained and supported and consoled.

The BBC now is very interested in the ‘left-behind’ as represented by those in Grenfell Tower as it politicises the disaster and turns into into a morality play about the rich and the poor in line with Labour’s narrative.  The so-called ‘left-behind’ who voted for Brexit or Trump were derided and mocked as the ignorant, racist ‘deplorables’, but these new ‘left-behinders’, the residents of Grenfell house and their ilk, mostly ethnic minority, Muslim and immigrant, are now the standard-bearers of the new crusade against the rich and privileged.  This morning the Resolution Foundation took the opportunity to put out a report telling us how the rich have gotten richer and the poor not so much…the BBC of course reported this and then tagged on ‘Grenfell House’ telling us that this is what happens when the rich don’t care about the poor…never-mind £10 million that was just spent on the building and extensive consultations, contrary to what we are told, were held with the residents…

11 MAY 2016

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26 Responses to Looting the Bodies

  1. foxcote7822 says:

    The BBC is complicit in trying to bring the government down. and that my friends is called treason and for this alone it should be dealt with most severely!


    • Dave S says:

      This has been clear for some time but from the BBC/Progressive viewpoint any regime that does not accept their premises is illegitimate.
      There is nothing that the Tories can ever do that will be met with approval however slight. Nicky Campbell personifies the arrogant attitude perfectly in that he is not only unaware of his bias but actually thinks he is reasonable and fair.
      The BBC is rabble rousing and enabling the extreme left a space in which they can act and do so without fear.
      Whatever you think of Mrs May she has been subject to the vilest of abuse and without justification.
      She is not so thick skinned as Mr Trump or Victor Orban and it must hurt.
      Political discourse now is descending into mere abuse and it bodes ill for all of us. Even Tim Farron has had enough which tells us a lot.
      There are even those on here who resort to insults at the Tories at every opportunity and nearly always without any underlying facts or style.
      This fire is a dreadful tragedy but as always I suspect the reasons are many and sadly will include the human ability to cock things up .


    • Teddy Bear says:

      BBC bias, as well as the many other vile and twisted agendas in which they’re been shown to be involved, in blatant disregard for their charter, has been obvious and documented, both here and on other sites for many years now. It is understandable that the left wing parties like Labour welcome this bias, despite its insidious and immoral base. One would have hoped that the Tories definitely would have done something about it as it goes completely against their supposed ‘conservative’ beliefs. Instead their spineless response was to re-position themselves toward the left.
      They have nobody to blame for their predicament but themselves. Common sense and justice should have prevailed but it has been ‘swept under the carpet’ and appeasement and backsliding for nearly all what should be just and sensible issues is the movement of the time.
      They brought it on themselves – and continue to.


  2. Fedup says:

    Absolutely no doubt tha msm want a Corbyn brand government. That whole wish list in the manifesto paid for by the rich paying “a little bit more tax” to quote McDonald and company .

    There is no challenge. Few objective political journos and only one left on al beeb – and he’s not an albeeb employee .

    No – those who know what Corbyn really is will be unheard and labelled for dismissal .


  3. Jerry Owen says:

    If you cut through the hype of the MSM, you have a few basic questions to ask.
    1 Why was it deemed necessary to apply cladding to a building designed specifically without it?
    2 Why was it flammable?
    Thus -:
    3 Who gave the go ahead to use it.
    4 Did the building inspectors know it was not fire proof as they checked off the various stages?
    5 What actually caused the fire that could spread so quickly to the exterior and not be put out before reaching the exterior?
    ( Was it true that the fire was started by a fridge and the occupant packed three suitcases before raising the alarm ?)
    I cannot ( and I am no tory ) find any reason to lay any fault with national government, local government is clearly of issue here.

    As Alan so rightly pointed out as I did when the SWP were smashing up the council offices how the hell does this help matters, it clearly hindered them and for the BBC to allow the SWP to get away with this clear endangerment to operations is treasonous indeed.
    My hatred of the BBC seems to double in intensity with each passing day.
    Some may remember a month or so ago I complained to the BBC about their Indian reporter on the One Show ( one view ) saying with regards to the Grunwick printers strike in the late seventies .. that it was amazing that you ( Pakistanis ) were involved in leading this action ‘in 1970’s racist Britain’ (quote).
    They responded, and I kid ye not ‘she ( forget her name Guntha or something ) did not mean that Britain was racist in the 1970s and most people understood that’ ( paraphrase ).
    Clearly I did not accept their waffle, upon complaining again they simply replied ‘ we have nothing further to add to our previous response’. ( quote ).
    Charming eh? But what it does show is that the BBC is now very intrenched and does not accept any criticism.
    It really has to go now, not be reformed. It is vile.


    • Dave OMG says:

      1 Why was it deemed necessary to apply cladding to a building designed specifically without it?
      2 Why was it flammable?

      ^ i think both of the above can be explained via the usual enviro/eco/sustainability crap. Cladding for insulation, polyethylene filling because it was likely made from recycled plastic waste. Two feel good boxes ticked right there.


      • Beltane says:

        And how much of the concept can be laid directly at the wide open door of Ed Milliband’s environmental legislation?


        • Jagman84 says:

          It stems from a 2010 EU directive on thermal efficiency of Public buildings. i’d assume council/social housing would be encompassed.


        • CranbrookPhil says:

          Yes, Ed was partly to blame for the obligations to save energy, but the order originated in Brussels. The government since has had to follow EU guidelines on energy saving, which means putting insulation on tower blocks. I doubt that the longer fire retardant product would have made much difference.

          The figure of £5000 difference between the higher fire retardant specification cladding makes no sense to me. How many square metres of cladding would be needed to cover that building? Do the sums & the extra cost per unit panel would be pence. I know that building materials with higher specifications are never just a matter of pennies extra.


          • Roland Deschain says:

            EU orders don’t materialise out of thin air. They take many years of coming and going between governments first.

            Let me see now. Who would be in charge when a 2010 order was being negotiated? And what did they have to say about it as it made its way through the system?


      • Jerry Owen says:

        Dave OMG. You know I know we all know here.. but these are the questions that are not being discussed in the MSM for obvious reasons


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC jumps the shark. Well, again.

    Comments not going well. Again.


  5. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Saw a comment from some Council worker in Kensington that she had been locked into her dark and dangerous office on Friday, as those “protesters” took over.
    Power cut, assaults and very nasty.
    She herself had shown up to work after the fire, think she was from the block next door to Grenfell.
    So-a survivor of the fire itself heroically goes to work, only to get locked in a dark room with no power and howling lefties screaming outside her door. She did get out a couple of hours later, but what do they say to THAT?
    Nothing-the Cause is always sacred, if a few eggs get smashed then the left will still get its omelette


  6. JosF says:

    If more lives could have been prevented by any deficiencies in the Fire Brigade be it manpower to fight the fire, equipment, training etc then surely the inept sadiq khan and his boss the garden gnome corbyn should be answering questions here ???


  7. Nibor says:

    My elderly parents had their house burn down . No help from the state .

    My flat doesn’t have fire sprinklers , no help from the state .


  8. Pounce says:

    How the bBC supports the Mayor of London claims that the Grenfell Tower fire was a “preventable accident” caused by “years of neglect” by the local council and successive governments by giving it the full across the top of their news headlines treatment.
    Yet fails to point out that actually the person in overall charge of London is……..the Mayor of London.

    The bBC, playing party politics in which to allow The labour mayor of London to take the moral highground in yet another tragedy to have fallen on London during his watch.


  9. Nibor says:

    XXXXX needs social housing , and has been on the list for years . Xxxx has seen others jump the queue somehow and housed . Through no fault of their own the Q jumpers had a tragic event but most survived , but are now homeless .
    Who should now have priority for the next social house .?

    BBC please ask Jetemy ?


  10. Moodswing6 says:

    Screaming, anger, bitching and blame. This is what we’ve imported into our country. Muslims. If Grenfell tower residents were from UK stock (sorry but I’m not sure how to express this without being PC) but you get my meaning, I guarantee the reaction would be entirely different. I’m telling you the fire was started by a careless resident. Prove me wrong and I will humbly apologise.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Squeezing 17 people to a flat that is only meant for a family of four or five is negligence. Failure to look after the property. I rent my flat privately & there are legal obligations on the part of both tenants & the landlord in the tenancy agreement. It’s a two way street. The estate agent visits on a six-monthly basis to inspect the property. Putting people up who have no legal right to be in the country (criminals) must surely be an offence. It seems with social housing, anything goes.

      Overcrowding in London & Greater London is an issue that has been ignored by the government for far to long. It is one, if not THE root of most of the problems in the capital. And probably the underlying cause of the towering inferno event. The more people they cram onto these tiny islands, the worse things will get.


  11. Tabs says:

    Has anyone else noticed how the recent events and the action of Corbyn and his minions appears to be very similar to the Reichstag fire in Berlin 1933?

    Are we witnessing the rise of fascism in the UK?


  12. JimS says:

    I’ve been avoiding the BBC lately but I did see the Six o’clock news this Sunday evening.

    The reporting was surely close to slanderous, implying that the local authority was still doing nothing, almost as if it was washing its hands of the problem. Even neighbouring authorities had been ‘forced’ to act.

    Regardless of the political leanings of councillors the day-to-day operations I am sure are carried out by the same sorts of people that staff local authorities throughout the UK, by and large doing a good job within the time and resources that are available. Yet the media and the ‘locals’ seem to think that as well as doing the ‘day job’ the council must provide a suport team for each individual affected, at the same time avoiding physical assault from Jeremy’s storm troopers.

    I do think though that we are seeing a different people – these are not the ‘keep calm and carry on’ Londoners of old, this is more like the mass crowds of wailing women and gun-firing men of foreign parts.

    Later on I heard Money Box which usually concerns itself with financial matters concerning thousands of people yet surely we should only be talking about 120 households maxiumum here? How can the banks and insurance companies know who are genuine customers? Well they will all be rent-paying tenants won’t they and therfore known to the housing authority, or the BBC know something that it doesn’t want to tell us?


  13. petebogtrott says:

    Dont forget that liebore are the ones who ran the councils and the boards who looked after the flats. funny that dear old auntie doesn’t tell us. time to put the old dear to grass i think.


  14. Mice Height says:


  15. Moodswing6 says:

    The photo of this rather swish refurb in Grenfell Towers looks impressive. Down lights in the recent £10 million over hall, I doubt it. More likely this is a privately owned flat decked out to maximise rental return. There has been no mention of how many flats were privately owned. It’s only been referred to as a social housing block, when it’s well known that some flats are now in private ownership across all of these high rise blocks. Although finance can be hard to get it’s not impossible and wealthier individuals can just pay cash for what can be a relative bargain compared to similar properties in the area. One of the downfalls are the service charges. Social tenants don’t pay those so are oblivious as to how much these buildings cost to run, nor would they care.


  16. Blackwell says:

    ‘Looting the bodies’?

    One can always rely on Alan for reasoned and tasteful analysis.