She hid from Shahid?


Theresa May is being pilloried for not going in amongst the people and meeting the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze but why did she not pay such a public high profile visit?

We are told it was because she was advised not to go on security grounds….

On the BBC’s Question Time programme on Thursday, Conservative defence minister Tobias Ellwood, said there were “security reasons” why Mrs May had not met residents.

That may well be the case…let’s face it no terrorist is going to kill Corbyn…after all if he ever gets elected…..

But anyway why would there be a security risk?  We know the terrorism risk is severe and that this area had a high proportion of immigrants, many Muslim and many from the Middle East, including Syria.  Let’s say what the BBC thinks is unsayable…it is perfectly possible that one of those people may well have radical views and on coming into close contact with the Prime Minister of a country hated by the Jihadis might have a ‘sudden Jihad’ moment and decide to become a Shahid and martyr himself for the Cause.

Let’s be honest when you hear voices like this conspiracy theorist stirring up hate and anger you might think the threat may well be real, or become real as such people inflame the situation and mood and the irresponsible media, such as the BBC, sensationalise and blame by spreading false stories and information…..



So did May get security advice from the police or security services?  Why doesn’t the BBC ask?  And then ask why such advice would be deemed necessary.



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  1. Pounce says:

    Anybody else notice how all the protesters outside 10 Downing st don’t represent the people from Grenfrell Tower

    For a start they were peaceful, on Ken high st, Mob rules apply:

    Meanwhile with the terrorist supporter:

    If I was a reporter I’d be asking questions about all of the above. I mean what the hell are these people protesting outside the homeoffice for:


    • NCBBC says:

      This woman in the video,around 0.40, says that the burning of Grenfell Tower was “Revenge”. Revenge I suppose for Manchester and London terrorist attacks. This is what I posted a few days back. It shows the mindset of Muslims, as one guided by the principle of an eye-for-eye.

      Arab tribes, even before Islam, lived by the principle of even “two eyes for an eye”. In fact, they went one better, and took revenge for future acts of violence they knew would be visited on them sooner or later. Islam merely codified these traditions.

      Thus a vicious cycle of revenge and greater counter-revenge, was automatic in all societies that live by the ethos of an “eye for an eye”. In such societies, a civilized nation, that is one that lives by the rule of law, can never take birth.
      Now it is known, that Europe was inhabited by some of the fiercest tribes known in history ( Vandals, Vikings, Berserkers etc). We know from Roman historians that Rome faced its most fierce and ruthless enemies, not from Arab people, but from the north of Europe. The fall of Rome was not due to Arabs or Jews, but these same barbarians – mainly Germanic tribes.
      What happened soon after was nothing short of a miracle. Europe, in a very short period of time, in what is now known as the Dark ages, was imbued by an ethos that preached a diametrically opposite ethos never seen anywhere in the world before. This ethos is easily stated but hard to practice.
      1. Love your neighbour as yourself
      2. Love your enemies. Do good to those that hate you.
      3. Render unto Caesar things that belong to Caesar etc
      Slowly first, then increasingly quickly, the ever increasing vicious cycle of revenge and counter-revenge that was in Europe, became a virtuous cycle of letting the law takes its course.

      The problem we have now is that we have imported millions of tribal people who believe in an “eye for an eye”, into a society that does not subscribe to that ethos. And they will reduce our civilisation to the same backward, violent and barbaric society. The West will be gone even before Muslims are numerous enough take over.

      This is what immigration of Muslims into the West has done. It is unlikely that politicians, particularly Labour, will ever admit to this calamitous act of policy.


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        It seems to me that the leaders and the ruling elite used to need the English people. With globalisation they no longer need the English people – nowadays it is all about maximising your market and protecting your assets. Their active “laissez faire” policies have allowed the English culture to be taken over by “progressivism” and Islamism. They have taken over the BBC, the Universities, the Schools, the Law Courts, the Labour Party, the Police …


      • Moodswing6 says:

        NC, I’ve just arrived home and read your excellent post. It’s accurate, it’s chilling and so very relevant. The SJW are too stupid but the politicians are not. We do not have a future, it’s too late. The damage has been done.


        • Fedup says:

          Sad to say I think you’re right. Even if we are fortunate to get a full on brexit – no deal- there enough new commonwealth and Europeans in Blighty to fuck our future .

          If al beeb don’t manage to incite a riot this time then there will be another.

          And al beeb will press the ‘tories to blame because of cuts’ mantra. Don’t pay the licence tax.


    • Yob says:

      #GrenfellTower facts:

      Local Govt: Lab
      Planning Committee: Lab MP
      Mayor: Lab
      Built under: Lab



      • Up2snuff says:

        Yob, that doesn’t tie in with what I remember. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has always been under Conservative control. It is true that the design of GT was an old Labour, mass housing programme design but it was approved and built under a Conservative Government and Local Authority. There may have been Labour Mayors in the Borough but if I recall correctly, under the old Borough system, political Parties more or less took it in turns to provide a Mayor, usually one with some years of service to the Council.

        Interestingly, GF Newman’s The Corrupted (fictional drama), in its last series covered the Royal Borough, its Local Authority, Councillors, planning corruption and a major fire at some length. While I think Newman distorted and added his own agenda to history to try to score Party political points, it was based on a measure of real–life events.


  2. Alex says:

    Far-Left wing hobnail-boot-wearing social justice warriors, aided by the Ministry of Truth BBC, are trying all out to turn this terrible tragedy and disaster into a class war; they’re also venting their anger at losing the elections – the left simply cannot accept democratic outcomes, so they resort to the very ideology they claim to protest against: fascism. And, what better way to manipulate and take advantage of people’s emotions than using a tragedy (and a complicit media i.e. BBC) for political purposes. They really are scum. We’ve had baby Owen and Silly Allen wielding pitchforks for the revolution…. and left-wing shaman James O’Brien has uttered sacred visions from the hearth of LBC. It’s only a matter of time until that bitch Gary Lineker preaches a sermon for the masses from his twitter pultpit. In much of the footage I have seen of the growing motley crews mobbing the sweets, the evidence points to soap-starved dreadlock-haired leftie filth trying to cause as much trouble as possible. Corbyn’s class war is beginning.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Alex, sadly so true.

      Which makes May’s behaviour and that of the Cabinet all the more inexplicable as well as delinquent. They have handed Labour and its supporters and LeftMob all the high ground. It is so very reminiscient of 2007 and 2008.

      Labour and Gordon Brown did not believe anything could be wrong at Northern Rock after all that growth & inflation and the Abolishing of Boom and Bust so they did nothing to support a sound Bank faced with ‘a run’. They also didn’t listen to the local people who knew about the sub-prime loans. Echoes of KCTMO?

      Gordon Brown also completely forgot recent economic history and the mid-1970s bank crash and the late-1980s cause of the property crash although he did remember the latter was an unprecedented Tory event and was determined to avoid the same thing. He also completely forgot about his own last Budget – in 2007 – which had scheduled a doubling of the rate of Income Tax on the low paid for the tax year 2008/09. (Amazingly similar to Phil Hammond’s Budgetary amnesia in March 2017!) He was also seemingly unaware of what had been and was then happening in the world economy – food inflation and rising oil price.

      Gordon Brown did not do what was necessary (take back control of interest rates & raise them, support NRBS, cancel the Income Tax increase and reduce other taxes to meet & offset the rising oil price while increasing the top rate of Income Tax) and the net result was more British banks in trouble, their eventual failure, rescue and recession. All this visited on the whole nation.

      Another PM paralysed by fear?


      What will be visited on all of us now? Mass disorder? Economy sliding into recession?


  3. Bill Bobbs says:

    And let’s not forget that this Sunday we have Khan’s Nurenburg rally in the form of the Anti-Semitic hate-fest known as al-Quds. Just two weeks after he called for unity after the London Bridge terror attack. I guess different rules apply to Corbyn’s ‘friends’:


  4. Pounce says:

    No wonder the protests took over London on Friday. All the bobbies were at the bBC:
    That picture is from last night


    • Pounce says:

      Sorry meant to say this evening


    • Expat John says:

      The state using its cannon-fodder to protect itself and its ministry of truth.


    • Guest Who says:


      • Foscari says:

        Realhansard- The Socialist Worker. Trotskyist and Fifth Columnists have been in control at the BBC for years.
        They are now just brazen enough through their mouthpieces the presenters and reporters to now let us know exactly what THEY think.
        The terrible fire tragedy is a disaster in London ,one of which I have n ever seen before. It appears that
        the fire regulations were beyond belief for a skyscraper block of flats. I just hope that the
        enquiry brings out all of the facts, and we are honestly told how it started.
        I expect we will never be able to know of the complete death toll. There are thousands upon thousands
        of illegal immigrants in London . I just hope that there were not scores of them living in these flats.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi Pounce, interesting picture. Have the police finally come to their senses and cordoned off the BBC as a crime site?


  5. Cranmer says:

    Alex, we need all the laughs we can get in these grim times. Your comment ‘…left-wing shaman James O’Brien has uttered sacred visions from the hearth of LBC’ made me chuckle so thanks for that. Off now to watch some Laurel and Hardy (the original ones, I don’t mean Corbyn and Abbott) and get some more well needed laughs.


  6. Swelter says:

    I cannot remember when a tragedy was so quickly politicized . Not so long ago Corbyn would have been reviled for playing politics whilst the flames were still burning. The BBC and its fellow travellers are playing a very dangerous game with their rabble rousing grievance politics. Out of control mobs ain’t fussy who they go a sky camera man found out today.


  7. Mice Height says:

    Poor old Brendan Cocks, he was supposed to get all the attention and air time today.


  8. maxincony says:

    We know the terrorism risk is severe and that this area had a high proportion of immigrants, many Muslim and many from the Middle East

    Utterly pathetic, Alan.

    The Queen and Prince William were able to talk to survivors today. Are they less of a potential target?

    Theresa May has completely failed to provide any leadership after this tragedy. The weakness of character which emerged during the election campaign has been exposed into full view.

    And what do you do?


    You’re a clown, Alan.


    • taffman says:

      I post here because I think that Al Beeb is biased.
      Why do you post here, Have you any evidence of bias ?
      What motivates you?
      Do you think Al Beeb is biased ?


      • maxincony says:


        I post here because I think that Al Beeb is biased.

        You think this blog is about the BBC? How quaint.


    • Pounce says:

      But did they have political,agitators organising protests. ( note he only says peaceful in which to allow him from getting nicked, but we all know what he is saying)

      He’s throwing another protest tomorrow at 2pm. We are in the city tomorrow and if I see him, I will ensure he eats through a straw for a few months. Mrs won’t like it, but I’m sure the father in law will.


      • maxincony says:


        We are in the city tomorrow and if I see him, I will ensure he eats through a straw for a few months. Mrs won’t like it, but I’m sure the father in law will.”

        Like father like son.


      • Kaiser says:

        so lets get this right

        burnam the scouse manc arse leftie wants to ban angry brits from taking to the streets to save the police trouble expense and man power

        but the jones mcdonnell corbyn and the bbc et al would love angry foreigners to take to the street and waste police time and money


      • vesnadog says:

        Just found out that this child commentator Owen Jones is gay! Now there’s a surprise!

        No wonder the BBC keeps inviting him to comment!


        • Guest Who says:

          He is currently organising a riot at No.10, the little tinker. Hope one of his mate Paul’s imperial guard don’t drop a fire exentiguisher on him from the top of a tall building.

          These guys are utterly mental.


      • Jo says:

        “We are in the city tomorrow and if I see him, I will ensure he eats through a straw for a few months.”

        Violence is never the answer to anything.



        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          Jo “Violence is never the answer to anything

          If you catch a man in the process of strangling or raping your mother, or your wife, or your daughter – what would you do?


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Err maxincony I seem to recall that our government tells that out threat of a terrorist attack is ‘severe’ I think you will find Alan heard it from the horse mouth… unless of course you know better!


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Theresa May did not cover herself in glory in the way she handled the 8 Jun 2017 election. Some say she is a bit out of touch and too aloof to get herself a popular following – unlike Corbyn – who has garnered himself a popular following amongst the younger generation of voters. It is possible that this younger generation of voters, who voted overwhelmingly in favour for Labour, could see Corbyn become PM in five years time. Of course five years is a long time in politics – but the demographics are in his favour.

      ps Maxincony – are you a supporter of Corbyn?


    • Up2snuff says:

      maxi, you appear to be very good at only reading part of a post.

      Go down to the foot of Alan’s header post. Please then go and ask Emily Maitlis why she did not address the security question to the PM instead of hectoring her in mid-sentence. Please then come back to us with Emily’s reply. Thanks.


  9. NCBBC says:

    The PM has to listen to her security chiefs. She also has to listen to her cabinet.If she is killed by a Jihadi, then it will create a crisis of such magnitude that the nation will be fractured. The only people to profit in the confusion will be Muslims, and other
    people who want to destroy the very nature of Britain.

    And aside, Brexit talks will come to a standstill. Maybe even reversed.


    • Up2snuff says:

      NCBBC, sorry, got to disagree. Theresa May is not irreplaceable. PMs as well as other politicians are two a penny. She knows that. Her security people know that. It is her job to go out there and be at risk. If she doesn’t want that then she shouldn’t have ‘taken on the job she wanted all her life’.

      The possible ‘triumph’ for an Islamic assassination of the PM is unlikely to provoke a backlash here and only temporary satisfaction and kudos in the Muslim world.

      If anything, it might provide a measure of relief for and sympathy toward the Conservatives at a time when both are in very short supply.

      Boris Johnson really should have been first on the scene anyway. Where was he? Abroad? Far out of London? Come to that, where was the defeated candidate for Mayor of London and recently re-elected MP, Zac Goldsmith? Another one noticeably absent or did the media deliberately miss his visit?

      I am not a Conservative Party member (or member of any Party for that matter) but those who are, are in my view right to be very angry with the Party hierarchy. That Conservative hierarchy have let London and the country down very badly over this. They have made a very bad situation far worse.


  10. Pounce says:

    What the bBC is currently reporting
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to Prime Minister Theresa May urging that the public inquiry she announced on Friday be empowered to consider all the steps “that were, or were not, taken leading up to and contributing to this most terrible incident”.

    Mr Corbyn also calls for “generosity and compassion” in relation to funeral expenses and for ensuring victims’ relatives living outside the UK be allowed to travel to attend funerals and take part in the inquiry.


    • Kaiser says:

      “relatives living outside the UK be allowed to travel to attend funerals and take part in the inquiry”

      ha ha ha thats another 5000 dosser living here forever then


      • Steve Jones says:

        It would be better to re-patriate the bodies. That way all of their relatives can attend the funeral.


    • chrisH says:

      I think of Corbyn as the local bar drunk after hours, offering to buy everything and anything from the local students union, pay all the public sector wasters and boozehounds with fenced money from-well, he`s not saying. But the press scoopers, wannabe hacks and public school,rebels have finished their Homeopathic Golf courses…abd Corbyns tab at the bar seems still to be good.
      Meanwhile rumour is that his third wife is at home heating a fish finger over a Winter Of Discontent blagged candle, kids went to Harrow but grandkids seem to be farmed out in Bradford and Luton. But hey-the Student Prince is STILL offering his wifes empty handbag to Abdul for a taxi fare.

      The above idea started with my wife…she`s my Yoko One you know!


    • NCBBC says:

      All of a sudden there will be tens of thousands of relatives of the victims, most of them liars, who once in the UK, on taxpayers money, will vanish.

      Curbyn will lead to the demise of the UK .


  11. Pounce says:

    I wonder why the BBC didn’t make a huge song about this, they do when one of their own gets arrested or god forbid killed.


    • vesnadog says:

      Did you notice the Socialist Workers (children of posh parents) stood directly behind the BBC news crew while holding-up their socialist workers banners! It was all well orchestrated by those highly educated anti-sanity, pro-pot, no need to be on the dole protestors!


    • chrisH says:

      Jeremy Corbyn can run over the foot of the BBCs own cameraman, and still get away with it.
      As opposed to Grayling getting fitted up by a Guardian cyclist. for opening a car door and knocking our lefty off his bike.
      Imagine Billy Bragg is already writing Horst-Wessel type tributes for the new martyrs of the evil Tory State as we speak.


  12. Oaknash says:

    Pounce – If he is an MSM cameraman the BBC would consider it “friendly fire” only

    As regarding May visiting Grenfell Towers – With the whole issue being turned into a vote Jeremy political football by the SWP and friends (including the BBC). I reckon whatever May had done with regard to talking to the “residents” would have been ripped apart by the MSM either way.

    I hold no candle for her and consider brexit now teeters on a knife edge owing to her inaction and political cowardice but it is also obvious that this whole disaster has been cynically hijacked by the left (including the BBC) who now see their chance to topple the Government.


    • chrisH says:

      Noted that May was pilloried not only for “taking personal advice from her security detail”-and doing what they said.
      But she also pissed off the media because she said that the emergency services would not want her under their feet, as well as not wanting photos or cameras as she visited patients for confidentiality reasons and hospital protocols. Apparently feeding the media with honey pieces, money shots (and the inevitable backlash for being a piece of useless Tory scum in all cases anyway) matters more than victims, MI5,Met, fire services etc.
      The media is one big fat honey monster-time to put it on a diet.
      May cares enough not to make gain off this tragedy-the BBC and Labours Ultrascum only see it as the next step forward.
      Time to fight.


    • Beltane says:

      I can only agree with your assessment of Mrs May, but it’s important not to forget that the initial cowardice – together with a total abrogation of responsibility and a craven resignation which directly created the current situation – belongs entirely to D. Cameron Esq.


  13. matahari says:

    It is not the PM job to hug people. That is for religion and for the blairite version of monarchy. The BBC is only tring to stop brexit at all costs


  14. Edward says:

    When you’re thrown into a game you cannot win, you will inevitably lose. That’s what happened to Theresa May in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

    The hypocrisy here is that the media – especially the BBC – have focused news coverage on spokespeople for the emergency services, including the Fire Brigades Union (who blamed the fire on government cuts!) and off-duty medical workers so quick to throw themselves in front of the cameras, you’d think Theresa May would be applauded for speaking to them first.

    The emergency services always provide an excellent response and act heroically, but I’m afraid we’re being emotionally blackmailed into worshipping those who work for them. It’s a shame the BBC and others cannot do the same for the armed forces.

    The opportunistic rush to grab the limelight on the back of a national disaster is abhorrent yet far too predictable in these days of Facebook and Twitter. It’s like an elaborate selfie!

    There will be riots, no doubt; an excuse to vent anger in the form of violence because it gives scumbags an excuse to smash shop windows and steal shiny goods. For others it will be a doorway into someone else’s misery, to involve themselves in something that has nothing to do with them, to make themselves victims too.

    They are pathetic!


    • NCBBC says:

      Are the emergency services working as volunteers? If not, they are doing their job. Only of they act beyond the call of duty, that a person deserves praise. The BBC though is using the disaster to make political points.

      I cannot understand why we have to have a state funded broadcaster along the line of Radio Moscow and Pravda.


      • Edward says:

        I could go on and on about the contrasts between the real world and the false world the BBC portrays.

        You only need to watch a few episodes of Bargain Hunt or daytime BBC TV in general to see how the public sector is elevated to the heights of moral authority far above that of us mere mortals.

        How is it that we have self-professed ‘retired teachers’; ‘retired policemen’; ‘retired nurses’; ‘retired doctors’; ‘retired councillors’, but no such thing as retired cleaners; retired engineers; retired plumbers; retired binmen; retired managers…

        It’s as if we’re obliged to give the former group a pat on the back and a big thank you, whereas we are too ashamed to admit being a retired cleaner, etc. As if cleaners are not as important!


        • Wild says:

          You have to remember that middle class socialists are 1) Snobs 2) Lazy 3) Greedy. They are snobs because they are obsessed by status – they really hate it if somebody is above them, and they love having menials below them in order to tell them what they should think. They are lazy because they have enormous self-entitlement. They resent anybody having more than them, but lack the energy or talent to do anything about it, and instead talk about their desire for a more equal society, by which they mean money taken away and redistributed to middle class public sector workers (on nice tax funded pensions) such as themselves, because they are so deserving. They are greedy because of the other two – they are desperate for status but think it should come by right. They see themselves as aristocrats, and despise the middle classes – hence their self-hatred.


          • Expat John says:

            100% accurate. Wild, you sum up the middle-class public sector perfectly – just throw in a bit of virtue signalling, and bringing up your children as SJWs with a massively developed sense of personal entitlement, and you have it nailed.
            Those of us who actually generate wealth – you know, taxable profits and all that capitalist, exploitative nonsense that actually pays for these idiots – well, we’re just racist scum who shouldn’t have a vote.


    • Diane-abbotts-penis says:

      I don’t think hero worship of the Armed Forces is a particularly good idea, and I’ve served.

      At the end of the day, it’s a volunteer job, and whilst they don’t deserve some of the stuff handed out over the years (such as being persecuted for ‘war crimes’) I don’t believe members (or former members) of the armed forces should deserve special privelege. They are, after all, citizens who have chosen to put on a uniform; nothing more nothing less.


      • Edward says:



        • Up2snuff says:

          Dap, special respect might be a better desciption for what ordinary people give them. One notch above the unarmed services, because they deliberately go to face foes that may take their life. Then the unarmed emergency services come next because sadly, things go wrong or people attack them and they lose their lives, too.

          It should be remembered that Theresa May has deliberately handed the high ground to a political opponent by either taking the advice offered by her security advisor or for some other reason.

          Now all of you, who complain about the complaints about her, ask what a member of the armed forces would be called in the same situation? Or what would the taxpayer be thinking of a policeman who refused to go after a criminal, or a firefighter who refused to enter a burning building, or an ambulance man who refused to help an elderly person hit by a rock, while the stone throwing riot is in progress?

          Have you got it now?


      • Jo says:

        IMO it depends on what you mean by “special privelege”.

        Volunteers or not, they’re likely to be called upon to do what other people are too afraid to do. In my book, that counts for something.

        People appear to be claiming special privileges for all sorts of reasons these days. Putting yourself in harm’s way appears to me to be one of the better ones.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Amazing what you can learn when you venture beyond the BBC and MSM…

    Top rated comment especially interesting.

    If incorrect one is sure the free and open system will see it debated.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      Astonishing if correct. Firstly per se. Secondly because we haven’t heard about it from a media outlet with a bigger audience than the Speccie.


    • Jo says:

      Interesting. However, I’m not sure about:

      “the decision not to spend a paltry £138k on fitting sprinklers again KCTMO.”

      This must have been for the stairwells. I don’t believe that fitting sprinklers in every flat would cost so little.

      As I mentioned somewhere else, in an upmarket Berkeley Homes development in Woolwich Arsenal, only their open plan flats have sprinkler systems. I have never been in a flat that has them.


  16. chrisH says:

    Is it me, or did I sense just a hint that the BBC know that they went too far yesterday? This mornings 8am headlines were not the “glorious Rhodes Must Fall” type of gloating. But a kiss assing suck up about how the Queen(Gawd, bless you granny) felt that she had to give us airy words about it all being a bit unpleasant in the land. Codespeak for -be carefull Lord Haw Haw.
    For days now, the BBC have only been gloating provoking and using the hapless May as the picador before the Big Bull rescues us all for Green Islamic Labour, back under that Eurovision flag once more.
    Today was different-can only guess because even the thickest Oxbridge deviant must know what happened to Ceausescu when his supporters turned on him, live on telly in 1989.
    And our Cologne chums were close to the BBC yesterday, i`d imagine.
    Jon Snow still on his chaise longue with a lavender sachet under his flaring nostrils now, after getting shouted at on Thursday live on telly?
    National emergency, conference calls and regroupings in the pod quad.
    They had better tread carefully. They may not like the DUP, but they`re creating Ulster 1968 with their sectarian grief appropriation. Anybody REALLY grieving tends not to get death certificates by kicking in the local council glass doors…and are too upset to go on marches, to talk and be seen by the cameras.
    Or maybe the BBC agitprop media forkers of the beehive have all pissed off to the country pile to do drugs-and let the good rebellion start once more on Monday.
    You know-see how much power they have to mould the plebs, groom the evils and terrify our progressive, cluless liberal elite?
    Until the women are in burkas, and women like May are hounded out by boors like Watson, McClusky and McDonnell. If that`s not misogynist bullying then what is? Even John Major wasn`t treated llike this…after Sarah Palin and Mrs Thatcher, the progressives have a real problem with women unless they`re Clintons beards or Krankies.


  17. Jerry Owen says:

    Catch 22 !


  18. Jerry Owen says:

    When the ‘right’ protest it is making ‘political capital’
    When the ‘left’ protest it is ‘justified concern’
    I watched the semi terrorist SWP ( believe me I know ) with their hastily fresh of the print banners ( hence they were black and white ) hindering the council by blocking the entrance and trying to enter the council offices. If you had one shred, one iota of civility toward the dead you would not be doing this. This is simply the left here doing as the left is doing in America .. trying to topple a democratically elected government. We live in truly frightening times Watch Mark Steyn’s latest post on YTube we will be witnessing the murder of ‘right wing’ politicians very soon that is where we are headed. The islamists love beheadings the left are just getting there the odious Griffin creature holding up a fake decapitated Donald Trump, they will be there very soon doing the real thing such is their unhinged mentality.
    Why was the SWP and the ‘organiser’ who was also SWP and various disgruntled ethnics given twenty minutes of prime time SKY news coverage to spew obvious garbage about a tragedy we have no idea of the origination of ?

    Why is it that after Westminster Bridge Tower Bridge and Manchester it is candles and hashtags, yet it should be anger and violence at Grenfell tower block, a clue of course is the ethnicity of the victims.
    We will be witnessing daily vitriolic attacks on the tory governemt on a daily basis now just as the POTUS of America is, the fascist left are out of the asylum and being aided and abetted by the MSM.


    • Oaknash says:

      Jerry I have mixed feelings about all this regarding the flack that Theresa May is getting at the moment.

      Over the last few years as Home Sec I am sure she has been complicit in the hounding of campaigners like Tommy Robinson and more recently she must have been fully aware that the Home Office through their policing have allowed Hope not Hate/Antifa to use violence/the threat of violence to disrupt any demonstrations against the current Government policies which seem to favour and protect the the Islamic community – pretty much no matter what they do.

      All these lefty “protesters” who have pretty much been given a free run over the last few years have been emboldened by this and are now turning on May, who in my opinion has been the primary person who has given them so much licence in the first place. She has also allowed the BBC free run to promulgate all its lies about the anti Islam protests and push its pro migration agenda.

      Unfortunately because of the implications for our society with mob rule – This means I will have to support May enough at least so she can use the police to force these arseholes back to the sewers whence they arose from.

      But I do wonder at a time where she is slowly having her back forced against a wall, whether she has enough imagination to have a “Et tu Brute” moment regarding these protesters and our “World Class Broadcaster”

      No apologies about my attempt at latin – I went to a Comprehensive school and no Uni!


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        You’re spot on Oak.
        Taking it a step further, I wonder when their pets will turn on labour.
        As they are ‘only’ about 5% at the moment, say about three million voters meaning about five million votes, labour is a useful tool for them but, as May has ignored the violent left who are now turning on her, it’s only a matter of time before they turn on labour and instead of having a labour mp in somewhere like Rotherham we get an Islamic mp.


        • Fedup says:

          Oak and Emmanuel ,
          Agree- although my read is a clash between sharia Islam and a proper lefty government with Corbyn or mcdonald in charge . Religion v non believers . Not a happy end. They’ll have bought it on themselves – and us. With the al beeb as one of their tools.


  19. EnglandExpects says:

    The SWP and fellow travellers like Corbyn and McDonnell have been around for decades. They aren’t really democrats, that’s far too bourgeois for Marxists and Trotskyists. They want extra parliamentary routes to power , civil disorder and a breakdown of government . If only the fools who voted for them on 8 June understood their Lenin and the 1917 Russian revolution.
    What’s different in the UK now is 24 hr rolling news, primarily operated by BBC and Sky. For their own reasons they are feeding into the Marxist agenda, stoking up discontent, feelings of victimhood and persecuting a PM who is doing her job correctly, even if she is not fashionably touchy feely.
    In addition you have social media which I think is a disaster and an unanticipated and highly destructive excrescence of the internet. It encourages bad behaviour , thoughtless opinions and worse, a channel to the masses that Marxists never had before . The Government is going to have to wake up fast or they will all be Kerenskys. Marxists will gain power either through the next GE or through civil disorder and government break down. In the immigrants they have to use a Marxist term, a reserve army they never had before. Remember we have a few thousand extreme lefties but 4-6 million immigrants, and facing them we have a politically correct police force and at most 78,000 troops.


    • Wild says:

      They are taught about Lenin and the Bolshevik coup, but in the version they are taught it was a triumph (only to be brought down by evil [capitalist] Brits and Yanks). Did you see the hammer and sickle posters a primary school got their children to make. Yes really.


  20. Jeff says:

    Most of the previous posts have said pretty much what I have been observing and said it a lot better than I can.
    What began as an unspeakably appalling tragedy has quickly and cynically been used for the most base political advantage. As far as the mob are concerned it’s got the lot; race, poverty, social exclusion and now a tragedy.
    I’m no fan of Theresa May, but the vilification of the pm is insane. At the moment she can’t do a thing right. I don’t think Theresa is a hug and kisses type; neither am I, but that doesn’t mean she’s the reincarnation of Satan.
    if she doesn’t turn up to comfort the bereaved she’s a heartless Tory and when she does she screamed at and called names.
    Corbyn arrives with his mob, is filmed hugging a few black women, blames the disaster on “Tory cuts” pisses off and lets the BBC, The Guardian and The Mirror do the rest.
    The victims of this horror are being corralled by the boot boys of Momentum and their understandable grief and anger has been hijacked by the likes of the SWP.
    That ghastly little fraud, Lily Allen, even turned up for a photo shoot! She told a salivating Beeb hack that the tragedy was a metaphor for the Tory government. WTF!!
    Yesterday I caught some of the Jeremy Vine show. He really is the typical, simpering white liberal in a permanent state of angst and apology for his racial identity. Jesus, what a creep! He interviewed some loud mouthed, thuggish rapper who demanded the immediate removal of Mrs May as prime minister and Corbyn to be given the keys to Downing Street. He told Vine that he and his louts were going to take to the streets; “expect a riot.”
    I understand that there are going to be “protests” in London over the weekend. Momentum, SWP, Black Lives Matter, the usual unsavoury bunch of violent, semi literate scum bags.
    Now, we’re all adults here and I think we know what “protests” really means. Full scale rioting and rampaging, statues defaced, buildings attacked, police assaulted and chants of “Tory scum.”
    If I was the Home Secretary I would put troops on the streets until this has subsided.
    And I wouldn’t be issuing them with rubber bullets…


  21. Deborah says:

    I am really not sure what is going on today – not only the BBC but even the Daily Mail are after the Prime Minister – I may not like her but she did win, not only the election, but also the ‘Popular Vote’ – Corbyn and his acolytes cannot claim that either. The socialist political writer for the Jewish Chonicle is claiming that ‘senior sources at Westminster’ are claiming ‘it might be worth giving Corbyn a chance. Have they all forgotten why the majority of people voted Conservative? We do not want a Prime Minister who thinks it is OK to requisition (illegally) properties to house people from Lord–knows-where; who consorts with terrorists; who encourages anti-Semitism; whose policies would cause interest rates to rise instantly and leave people unable to pay for their own homes and which would mean most young people would never afford university, the only people would would be getting increases in pay would be those employed with government but with decreased tax revenues, we would be stuffed.
    Who is driving this push to overthrow a legally elected government?


  22. Adam83 says:

    May has invited some of them to Downing Street.

    I hope it is not the Socialist Worker rabble, but actual residents, otherwise she has lost her mind


  23. Oaknash says:

    I think it is time some of these bourgeois revolutionary types at the press and the BBC should start being careful about what they wish for.

    I think if by a combination of circumstance and manipulation Comrade Jezz does find himself in power – I can see a situation where everyones favourite bearded Trot could soon find himself outmaneuvered with either a real or metaphorical ice axe in the back of his head and someone infinitely less middle class friendly taking over.


  24. Framer says:

    Remember the London riots of a year or two back. The middle class trendies went quiet even when long sentences were meted out.
    The anarchy came too close.


    • Oaknash says:

      Actually Framer that is a bloody good point. These onanists love nothing better than waxing lyrical about reverlooshon, anarkey and eeeekwality until the the brick smashes through the window or Annabelle comes home from University with her make up smudged and her blouse ripped. Then suddenly it will be DIAL 999 – Officer I would like to report a crime – BASTARDS!


      • Expat John says:

        Absolutely! Up the revolution!

        Hang on, you don’t mean you want to requisition OUR house?
        Where the F is Rotherham, anyway?
        Cologne? Don’t you wear that?
        Increase taxes! Yeah! No, not OURS!
        Annabelle, what’s wrong with that nice banker chap?

        Gotta go now, I’m needed at the Town Hall – some of the trash actually think we work for them, idiots, white-van driving patriotic union-flag waving taxpayers – bastards, the lot of ’em.


  25. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Sadly, Mrs May is failed as a politican IMHO.
    Not personal, feel sorry for her.
    But she`s got nothing to work with in that party of hers.
    Her predecessor binned Gove and Paterson when they got anywhere near to the heart of their briefs in Education and Environment.
    Davis could have been good, and Rees Mogg is a great mind.
    There are a few others like Bridgen, Philip Davies and Dominic Raab. But few others.
    Lawson, Tebbit, Ridley had brains and courage, knew what the Left were up to.
    Maggie could not have survived without them-and(unlike May) she had a burning conviction that managing decline and letting liberal academics set your policies was no option in 1975 etc.
    I`d write a begging letter to Nigel Farage if I were her, He`d do Brexit standing on his head, leaving her the space and time to get back on her feet, poor thing.


    • Oaknash says:

      Nice thought Alicia about the Farage letter – but unfortunately Theresa has a PHD in delusion and doesnt need any help because Jeremy told her she is doing ok.


    • Expat John says:

      Davis. Now.