C4’s Jon Snow met with an angry reaction as he showed up to report on the London fire…

“Right, you didn’t come here when people were telling you that the building was unsafe! That is not ‘newsworthy’.

“You come here when people die. Why?”

Not surprising really as you might well ask where have the media been all these years?  You have to be pretty sure the residents of these flats, the resident’s association, contacted the media when they were trying to get work done…what response did they get?  Only now after this massive fire do they get any attention…and somewhat an irony that the media, the BBC itself, keeps mentioning the fire at Lakanal House in 2009 and the subsequent inquest outcome in 2013 but where was any wideranging investigation into other potential death trap blocks of flats?  It’s a bit late now raging at politicians for complacency when those who supposedly ‘hold power to account’ failed to do so themselves on the same issues.

The BBC is here to help it wants to assure the residents….better late than never…


So who comes out well in all of this?  The emergency services of course, but also the locals and those who came from wider afield who rushed to help and volunteered themselves, their time and possessions to help the victims of the fire.

The politicians are decidedly also rans as they either, as in May’s case make a huge error in not visiting the victims firstly because it is the right thing to do and second because she must know that Corbyn will milk this for every drop of political advantage he can, he will, and has, visited the people with what may be sincere sentiments but the reality is that his visit is 90% political grandstanding for the TV cameras weaponising the deaths of people in the fire even before the building has stopped burning.

Labour has shamelessly exploited the deaths from the start well before even the initial cause of the fire is known let alone the reasons for the rapid spread of the fire.  Ken Livingstone was on the BBC early Wednesday claiming the fire was the result of cutbacks to the fire service and he was rapidly followed by Harriet Harman who didn’t let good judgement, sentiment or respect for the dead get in the way of her immediate politicisation of the fire, appearing repeatedly on the BBC to blame cuts to council spending for the fire [which the council denies…having just spent £10 million on the building].  The BBC has been happy to provide endless opportunities for Labour to come on and make such political statements even knowing and encouraging them to do so as they did with David Lammy who was invited onto the Today show to talk about the fire and anyone he knew who might be caught up in it and then jumping deliberately to the political as they asked him for ‘political’ comment….which we got in a very intense angry set of remarks that those responsible should be locked up and its corporate manslaughter…obviously we do not need an inquiry into this fire…Lammy, and his Labour colleagues, have already decided what went wrong and who is to blame.

Corbyn presents himself as a new politician with a new approach to politics, an ethical politician.  But he’s not.  In fact he’s worse than the old lot precisely because he presents himself as ethical and sincere but is in fact just as dishonest and ‘political’ as they are.  Look at how he lied about his beliefs about the EU.  A long term critic of the EU he suddenly became a soft supporter or someone who wouldn’t commit either way in order to try and win both Leave and Remain votes by confusing them about Labour’s stance.  Then there’s ‘terrorism’…a long term supporter of this approach to politics he suddenly discarded decades of cheerleading for the murderers when it was politically expedient to do so, not only abandoning lifelong principles for short term political gain but prepared to tell huge lies about the causes of terrorism and misleading the public on the government’s response. He s a man who blatantly lied on TV in an interview with Peston as he lied about his stance on shoot-to-kill claiming he had only said he opposed it in the 1980’s…that was a lie…he had stated quite clearly he opposed it in the present day even in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.  Now he launches a highly political attack on the government in what is an indecently short time as the emergency services are still searching for bodies and the facts about the causes of the fire are very obviously still unknown..and yet he and his Labour colleagues are filling the airwaves with accusations and conclusions that are solely intended to portray this as the government’s fault…never mind that Labour ignored the issues themselves….from the Grenfell Action Group 2015

It was incumbent on the Labour opposition to raise this issue with the Council and at least try to create some kind of stir. To our horror she responded:

“The Labour Group would need strong evidence to request a further investigation of the TMO, particularly given the stream of favourable monitoring reports that have gone to the Council on the TMO’s performance since Memoli (see latest attached). I am afraid largely anecdotal dissatisfaction on the Hornet would not be sufficient evidence.”

We were appalled by this dismissive response, not least because it misrepresented and minimised what we believe Cllr Blakeman and her colleagues already know to be widespread and deep dissatisfaction and distrust of the TMO among their constituents.

Ultimately one has to wonder why the Labour opposition would fear to challenge the utterly discredited and despised TMO. Even the dogs in the street know that the TMO is rotten to the core.

The BBC doesn’t come off so well either as it passes grand and very premature judgement upon all it surveys….as with Labour without knowing any of the facts.  Almost immediately as news of the fire broke the BBC was trying to invent a narrative and cast blame, often having to be smacked down by guests who had to remind them that the facts were completely unknown and judgements could not be passed.  The BBC gave Labour massive airtime whilst the government got almost nothing….was that the government’s fault or the BBC shutting them out?….I didn’t hear a word from May and the government on Wednesday at all….all we got was Harriet Harman moving from BBC studio to BBC studio spreading  her lies and inflammatory comments as she went.

I heard Chris Warburton trying to whip up some anger amongst residents suggesting they were ignored because of their race and class. I thought this may be a slip in the heat of the moment but no, it’s a line the BBC seem to be taking…..

London fire: ‘The working class aren’t being listened to’

Again, as said many times, the BBC suddenly supports an issue that it normally scorns and dismisses when it suits its own narrative…in this case the poor and disadvantaged being ignored and put upon by the rich, powerful and elite.

Odd how the same BBC is happy to malign this same class of people as uneducated racists when they vote for Brexit….for years and years the BBC was more than happy them to ignore and dismiss their worries about immigration and the EU and to blame them for an almost mythical rise on ‘hate crime’ turning Britain into a ‘nastier and more racist place’….apparently.

Suddenly now though the BBC wants to hear their voices, to listen to their concerns and to fight on their behalf against the serried ranks of corporate, elitist and government vested interests that oppress and impoverish them.

Oh…maybe you didn’t know…the fire was a revenge attack by white supremacist Islamophobes on Muslims…blowback, a racist backlash against innocent Muslims…Reporter just nods and says ‘OK’…..

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73 Responses to Shameless

  1. Oaknash says:

    I have barely listened to the radio the last couple of days as I have found it nauseating to the extreme.

    The BBC in particular (like most of the MSM) have undertaken their usual job of

    1 Reducing this whole incident into some over the top emotional/tragic death porn with all the images of weeping/mourning and anger at the way the people have been let down by the uncaring authorities (partly true)

    2 Stage two is now pushing the pro labour agenda yet again – its the torries init.

    Probably Nigel Farrages fault as well – Lets ask Brendan!

    Whilst I am sure there are a few “guilty parties out there” on this. This is exactly what the BBC did with the migrant issue – they massively over simplified the whole issue and then looked for “simple solutions” and scapegoats which in reality were only partially true or completely missed the mark, but fulfilled their left wing agenda.

    I suppose this is what you get when you have a state funded broadcaster that is more interested in pushing an agenda then telling the truth.

    I do however wonder whether normal people are starting to get a sense of this judging by the heckling of journalists and politicians at the site.

    I suppose all this emoting is symptomatic of the society that the media has created (with the complicity of weak politicians) where emoting takes precedent every time to dealing with an issue and trying to solve a crisis practically. Of course those who have lost love ones are allowed to to mourn and be angry – but the rest of us should be looking for solutions – not more emoting.

    God knows how we would have coped with the blitz if it happened today. Oh yes I do it would be fighting the Germans with teddies and hashtags.



  2. lojolondon says:

    Media struggling to mention that EU rules on insulating buildings drove the council to clad the building….. no requirement for the cladding to be fire-proof though! Will the Biased BBC ever mention that the EU-mandated cladding enabled the fire to bypass all other safety and fire-retarding efforts?


    • Mice Height says:

      Just waiting for Karoline Mukas to come out with something along the lines of –
      “We’re quite confident that the deaths of a couple of hundred humans will offset the C02 emissions from the fire itself”


    • Jerry Owen says:

      Do you have a source for your information?


  3. lojolondon says:

    Media very fast to say that Muslims may have been awake so raised the alarm ‘and saved lives’ – but not a word mentioned about the Suhoor meal – which means during Ramadan, Muslims cook at 1am and is the very likely cause of the fire in the first place. Brainless MSM is repeating the “Exploding fridge” theory, for heaven’s sake!!!


    • Oaknash says:

      LJ – I suspect we never will find out if the suhoor meal was the cause of the fire after all us dhimmis have to protect the reputation of the states favoured minority.
      But at the end of the day I dont really see that as the main point of this – people will eat whenever the fancy takes them – and thats ok.
      What worries me is this over emotional, heart on the sleeve, touchy feely response to anything out of the ordinairy. Every one is made to feel responsible and guilty about any unfortunate events it is almost as if we have become like rabbits paralysed in headlights of an oncoming car – all common sense goes out of the window. As we all know “shit sometimes just happens” and wailing and lighting candles doesnt solve anything except satisfying your inner three year old.
      As I said earlier God help us – If as a society we ever have to cope with a real national disaster. The MSM seems to have reduced us to being more akin to a kindergarden full of crying toddlers than a fully functioning society.


      • Charlie Martel says:

        Yes Oak. And that sentimentalising tendency is at its most dangerous when it dictates foreign policy.
        Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria… beebistan gleefully showing dead babies… “Something must be done”. So in go our troops or bombs and we make the situation worse, then pay the price in migration and terrorism. NO, something must not always be done. Let the maniacs slaughter each other, unless our national interest is demonstrably involved.


      • Old Goat says:

        Ripe for Islamification by stealth, or by any other means. It seems to be working, doesn’t it? The UN must be very pleased with themselves.


      • lojolondon says:

        Your correct – we may never know, or it will never be made public knowledge – but the scenario is that many people – many probably illegal – crammed into many flats. It just takes one person cooking suhoor on a gas bottle in the bedroom. The probability is definitely there, it is sad, but it is true.


        • Tom_Kenny says:

          Lojolondon – your post has nothing to do with BBC bias and lets this site down.

          “Many probably illegal” = pure supposition.

          “Cooking suhoor” or anything else. London is a 24 hour city: people cook all sorts of meals at all times of the day and night.

          “The probability is definitely there”. At this stage there are endless possibilities. The important issue is less how a fire broke out in one apartment (which will always happen from time to time) and more how the fire rapidly spread throughout the building with many occupants trapped inside, likely much more to do with building design, materials, standards enforcement and evacuation procedures which a number of residents had been campaigning to improve.

          This site has an important role. Please let’s not give the opposition easy opportunities to mis-characterise its posters as right wing obsessives, making it easier for them to dismiss what we have to say.


          • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

            I agree Tom, however I think the point made is that these angles will NEVER remotely be considered or reported. If there is any culpability that is not the Tories/UKIP/Evil Capitalists, expect obfuscation on an industrial scale.


          • Manxman says:

            Yeah, wouldnt want to upset anyone would we, i dont think you get it m8, WE express our view on what THEY say, and if our view of their view upsets anyone, then frankly fuckem.

            WE need to vent, and that need will stay aslong as the open in your face treachery persists.


          • Andy S. says:

            If you haven’t had any experience with Third World Muslim tenants then your criticism is irrelevant, Tom. The fact is many Muslims from Africa cook on open fires during Ramadan. In Sheffield in the early 1990s the Council demolished a 60s block of flats and built new homes on the site. Unfortunately, these weren’t intended for local people on the housing list. All the houses were given to Somalian ‘refugees’ which turned the estate into a ghetto. Not long after, the council was forced to replace many kitchens in these new homes because the tenants used the sinks as open fired barbecues. Some even dug fire pits in the living rooms. The drains also had to be unblocked on a regular basis because of all the cooking oil poured down sewage grates which hardened and caused blockages. I’d be willing to bet the drainage system around Grenfell Towers had to be unblocked on a regular basis as well. It’s also credible to suspect many of the flats had been sublet, probably to illegal immigrants. We know there are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in this country, probably a couple of million. Where do you think undocumented aliens live? They certainly aren’t living on the street alongside the thousands of homeless ex-servicemen. One has to wonder how much electricity used was actually paid for in this tower block as many of the meters would have been by-passed if the experience of other councils housing Third Worlders is anything to go by. It’s always best to have a healthy dose of scepticism and cynicism when dealing with a political hot potato. Someone once said – Ambrose Bierce I believe – that cynicism is the art of seeing things as they really are. That still holds true, even more so in these days of establishment lies and deceit.


            • Wild says:

              I am guessing most BBC journalists don’t have much experience of living in culturally enriched council flats, which of course doesn’t stop them lecturing everybody else about what to think, indeed refusing to broadcast anything which does not accord with what they want you to think. Money taken from people who earn less than they do in order to pay themselves to tell you how much they care about the poor is their idea of money well spent. Just don’t ask people if they want a choice about where they want to spend their money. I mean the BBC is so unbiased, expect a prison sentence if you do not pay them.


            • Tom_Kenny says:

              Andy S. –

              “In Sheffield in the early 1990s” i.e. 25+ years ago.

              “I’d be willing to bet…”

              “It’s also credible to suspect… probably… probably…”

              “One has to wonder…”

              Not exactly an open and shut case you’re making, is it?

              (Oh and spare us the Christmas cracker quotations: “Ambrose Bierce I believe”. Pretty safe bet, as that’s what Google believes too. But whoever said it, that’s not what cynicism actually means, and either way it has no bearing on the cause, consequences or BBC’s reporting of the Grenfell Inferno.)


              • Andy S. says:

                Ambrose Bierce – ” The Devil’s Dictionary “. You should try reading it. Tom, have you had actual experience with the Somalian ‘community’? I have, twenty odd years of it. It continues to this day. I’ve been there, seen it, done it. If you are just an armchair leftie, living in a utopian fantasy world then your comments are worthless. I was trying to have a polite conversation but because I’ve related my experiences, which obviously you don’t like, then you resort to the leftie tactics of being patronising and contemptuously dismissive. The problems I related in my previous post are still relevant today, even though you wish it wasn’t so.


                • Tom_Kenny says:

                  I’ve not read “The Devil’s Dictionary” but it featured prominently in a book of quotations that I used to own. To my knowledge I’ve had no dealings with Somalians.

                  Armchair leftie? Libertarian and former UKIP activist! I’ve never voted Labour in the 30 years I’ve been entitled to vote.

                  Politely: I don’t think it’s fair to start attributing blame for Grenfell on anyone without evidence, which you cannot possibly have at this early stage.


        • Jagman84 says:

          I was half-expecting it to be a cannabis factory, judging from some of the locals that they interviewed. Or, in the BBC’s case, prompted to say the right thing for their agenda. Unfortunately for them, said locals were having none of it.


    • Up2snuff says:

      lojo, fire started just before 1pm but Muslims fasting for Ramadan eat after sunset and before dawn, neither of which come at 1am, even in June in London. They can and do make a midway meal but again that would have been later if halfway between dawn & dusk.


  4. Charlie Martel says:

    Corby boy blaming the Tory ‘cuts’ to council funding for Grenfell fire. If I didn’t know he was a saint – cos the beeb tells me so – I’d say that sounded like shameless political capitalising on a tragedy still fresh with the smell of burning bodies.
    Stinks dunnit?


  5. foxcote7822 says:

    The BBC’s coverage of the deaths of two serving soilders at Castle Martin ranges in Pembrokeshire are conspicuous by their absence “Our thoughts are not with the family’s​ and friends at this sad time.”!


  6. MarkyMark says:

    For the Many, But not Those Few. I want to know where the line is drawn in this shouty slogan? What is the definition of the few?

    Once that is drawn then we can see how many of the political class fall into the group of MANY and FEW. Is it owning MANY houses (5) like Keith Vaz ? Is it having MANY jobs (2) like George Osbourne did for while? Is it Theresa May* with her MANY pairs of shoes? Is it being caught with MANY expense claims?

    This “Many/Few” strap line should have been ripped to shreds on day one and then discussed.

    Comrades! En Marche! “On the Move”! Now ask where France is moving to as they sign in a president who replaces the French Anthem with “Ode to Joy” (She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine) . More vacuous and empty slogans – at least May tried to say what she wanted with “Strong and Stable”.
    Next time May should use slogans such as “Forever!”, “Free!”, “More!”, “Enough!”.


    • Guest Who says:

      That slogan is as dire it is redundant.

      The up, not the down?

      The left, not the right?

      Can’t wait to see the sudden BBC change of heart as Hattie’s Harpies spread into North London with their crowbars and righteous anger as half the BBC has decamped to the Cornwall second cottage for the long weekend.


  7. Guest Who says:

    BBC seems front and centre to fan the flames (tasteless, sorry) of ‘anger’.

    Hope the non flammable community are not living in fear. Or calls to #TellBarney are spiking.

    Their risible social media efforts are pure incitement. Endless screaming people, only kept in check by a Jez or VD hug, until John Macdonnell gets his Panzers ready, and Di and Emily have picked out which West Ken pad they fancy come the revolution. They may even set aside a room in the basement for a less grubby poor person, but the spares are for Yvette and Lily if they swing by on the way to W1A to declaim.

    May is an idiot. And a PR disaster. Not a great combination at the best of times, but especially when the likes of Lick Robinson is going full Paul Mason. And you never want to go full Paul Mason unless you live well outside the M25.

    The BBC has much to answer for. Lucky it has arranged another unique whereby it never has to.


    • Guest Who says:

      My BBC email has arrived from Justin:

      London fire: First victim named

      Mohammed Alhajali

      The grim task of finding out how many people died in the fire that engulfed a block of flats in west London continues. The first victim has been named as Syrian refugee Mohammed Alhajali (pictured), who was 23. His older brother, Omar, who managed to escape the building, told the BBC he had lost Mohammed on the way out.

      We will have all the latest updates on the aftermath of the fire on our live page.


      They do like their ‘live’ pages at such times. Not the most tasteful thing to trumpet. But at least there is Laura and her renowned ‘analysis’ of what really matters…


      Huge challenge of Grenfell will test fragile government

      There are layers of accountability here – the housing association, the developers, the council, the government – but few expect the political class will be covered in glory. And while the prime minister’s decision not to visit victims but fire crews and volunteers instead was made, Number 10 believes, for the right reasons, it may, in time, prove to be a miscalculation.

      Read full analysis >

      Priorities, BBC. Priorities.

      And Mrs. May, and party… sucking up to the BBC really paid off, didn’t it?


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC news is good only for mockery, distain, or both.

      I now spend most of my informational and educational time elsewhere sifting for the truth, unfiltered or shaped to suit the narrative.

      There are questions to answer, and many in governmentS need to be held to account. Not the selective party political opportunistic nonsense as practised by BBC rabble.

      On such as Guido I see actual historical timelines and facts nowhere to be seen on the BBC, as they whip up the latest tribal storm in the streets of London.


    • vesnadog says:

      “BBC seems front and centre to fan the flames ”

      And they plainly wanted to give the viewers the impression that the Tower was beginning to lean over on the later BBC News! Clearly the cameraman had positioned his lens to give that impression!


  8. Tabs says:

    More shameless BBC reporting here…
    London fire: Tower victims ‘may never be identified’

    Considering this report should be about the Police saying the bodies may never be identified the BBC have slipped in lots of political and pro immigration comments example of which are…

    The prime minister – who faced criticism for not meeting survivors of the tragedy…

    …the first victim of the fire was named as Syrian refugee Mohammed Alhajali, 23.

    In a statement, the Syria Solidarity Campaign said Mr Alhajali, a civil engineering student, had been in a flat…

    “Mohammed came to this country for safety and the UK failed to protect him…” the group said.

    A political row also erupted, after the prime minister made a private visit to the scene, where she spoke to London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton and members of the emergency services.
    However, unlike Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Mrs May was not seen to speak to families and residents.

    Labour MP Harriet Harman also criticised Mrs May

    Laura Kuenssberg: But this government is already so fragile, facing pressure on many fronts, the PM still reeling from the election result only a week ago.

    Edit: the article previously mentioned how the Syrian brothers were going to support the ‘Great British Get Together’ this weekend to celebrate the life of murdered Jo Cox. The BBC must have removed it as they have achieved their political points scoring quota already with the other comments.


  9. Fedup says:

    Toady watch

    Humphreys lost it this morning -turned interviewing into bullying. A government minister did a brilliant job Saijd Javid – in not turning on him. Javid held his ground. This type of thing is a game of blame. A lot of politicians – of whatever colour – would of thought about doing the ultimate, turning on the sainted interviewer and upping stumps.. As if getting any individual to resign makes a difference.
    Yes – it looks like some one screwed up and the consequences are awful . But the reason is a long way from determinationwhich does not suit al Beeb- Corp manslaughter – corruption – incompetence – laziness – cash… whatever

    I’m rationing my listening to al Beeb now as it is too much but I stayed with toady after this awful interrogation and found that humpreys has changed his tune to the nice elderly uncle act he does – like on mastermind . I think someone realised he d gone well over the line although he didn’t blame Brexit or accuse the government of starting the fire to get a Tory Majority next time.


  10. EnglandExpects says:

    I’m appalled by the way the BBC and a Sky have encouraged instant politicising of this tragedy. Rabble rousing by labour activists posing as ordinary members of the public in front of TV cameras,also by Harman, Lammy, Corbyn et al is beneath contempt.The latest example I have seen was a BBC Breakfast interview with ( yet another ) female fire officer who was also a trade union official. The discussion soon moved onto insinuations that traumatised firefighters might not be supported by their employer and that ‘cuts’ may be to blame for this. I assume that the long march of the left through the institutions long ago captured the Fire Brigade.
    The one thing that will never, ever be mentioned on MSM is that mass immigration has severely exacerbated the housing shortage and may well explain why the rate of demolition of these tower blocks and other ill designed social housing has not been faster. I would have given away all the wonderful diversity and cultural enrichment to see indigenous Britons housed better and for our kids to find it easier to get on the housing ladder.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Have to say, that look from VD as the Muslima ‘woz just sayin’…’

    A slight glimmer that she has opened Pandora’s Box and her family live nearby?


  12. Jerry Owen says:

    Just when I though the propaganda couldn’t get any worse .. along come Lily Allen… God help us!
    The filthy little bitch is claiming that she has been told that ‘off the record’ ( no source given ) that about 150 are dead, not even the authorities know yet . I am incapable of putting words here to show how absolutely disgusted I am at this piece of common leftwing S**t bucket waste of human space.


  13. Dystopian says:

    Full of immigrants, overcrowded, lots of money wasted, finally destroyed.
    Tower block – Country – go figure!


  14. Mice Height says:


  15. ID says:

    If a muslim terrorist atrocity occurs, the BBC are lining up experts, like Richard Barret, to tell us that
    The number of fatalities caused by x is far greater, than the death toll of said atrocity.
    Don’t worry.
    Yet no one is ssying
    The number of fatalities caused by x is far grester than the death toll of said inferno
    Don’t worry
    Anger and calls for the guilty to be punished are encouraged in the case of an event that could be an accident,
    yet anger and calls for the guilty to be punished are discouraged when mass murder is committed.
    In fact, ritual forgiveness from relatives of murder victims seems to be expected.
    Murder is really an act of god but an act of god is really murder.


    • Fedup says:

      Just risked putting on tv news – could only take 10 minutes. Queen visiting the League of Nations that is a former multicultural tower block. Instant criticism of PM. It’s like a ghoulish “it’s a knock out ” of contrived emotion. Yes people burnt and died. But this is far far too much. It’s repulsive now.

      On the upside for those anoraks like me who try to decode albeeb judgements. Which false emotion will win? The tower block or the dead lefty mp thing. . ? Will see if the bookies have odds.

      In the mean time I wonder what’s going on in the real world???


    • Tabs says:

      ID you have made a good point. Perhaps a BBC expert will tell us “we have much higher chance of being killed in an Islamic attack than we do than being killed in a fire”.


  16. Edward says:

    “Odd how the same BBC is happy to malign this same class of people as uneducated racists when they vote for Brexit….”

    Racism was always blamed on ‘ignorance’ of immigrants and their culture, but the areas of Britain that voted the strongest in favour of Brexit were those areas most affected by mass immigration. You cannot call that ignorance – more like over-exposure to immigrants and the damaging effects of large-scale immigration.


    • Lobster says:

      Edward – Exactly, in my view there is no better opinion than one which is founded in personal experience. Something that the chattering classes are unable to grasp.


  17. neil9327 says:

    The “Left” are turning this into another political Hillsborough.
    Three similarities:

    a) Heroes of the left harmed (ethnic minorities killed in the fire)
    Hillsborough: Liverpool fans killed.

    b) Acts of insensitivity by the right (May’s cold response)
    Hillsborough: Police chief blaming the fans as the cause

    c) Political vulnerability on the right (May’s bad election result)
    Hillsborough: Thatcher under pressure in 1989, with her resignation only months away


  18. Nibor says:

    If the tower blocks were built in the seventies , then that would be in the period of the lefty pro EEC Heath or Labour governments , and we had a long period of Labour government since then , with a coalition of BBC approved public schoolboys Cameron and Clegg government after .


  19. Guest Who says:

    BBC on Facebook just now spraying as much fuel around as it can tanker in:

    “This is a disgraceful insight into a society that isn’t just scarred by inequality, it’s defined by inequality.”
    Columnist Owen Jones says the #GrenfellTower tragedy wouldn’t have happened to rich people.

    If this is not the national broadcaster promoting civil unrest I cannot imagine what is. Lucky they have a get out of anything free card. Apparently.


    • Lobster says:

      If I remember correctly the Marchioness tragedy happened to “rich” people, but perhaps that’s different.


    • MarkyMark says:

      No matter how much money you throw at things, I’m sorry to say that tragedy can still happen.
      All you can do is reduce the risk and prepare your society to react in the best manner to survive.
      He is simplifying life by saying “…tragedy wouldn’t have happened to rich people.” – he is using words to divide people – how rich is he pray tell? What does he mean by rich? – is he a Few or a Many?

      Sorry Owen, a tragedy can happen to any of us rich or poor: “an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe.”

      A country with all the riches of the world … still has fires in skyscrapers …

      People who had all the money you could ever need … didn’t fair very well …

      You want to sharpen your mind then think on this for five minutes –
      “The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.” – Douglas Adams


    • richardofkent says:

      One point that no one has answered. Immigrants are more intelligent, harder working and richer than us. They pay taxes which are to the benefit of the country. This is what every “expert” and pro immigration media lovey tells us. So why do so many live in shite, social housing ?


      • Jagman84 says:

        Why? Because it’s still magnitudes better than the conditions from where they originated. And they do not have to do a stroke of work for the rest of their lives to get it and keep it.


  20. ObiWan says:

    In these cynical times it’s little wonder the BBC (and its fellow travellers CH4 and Sky News) have seized upon the Grenfell Tower tragedy with something akin to delight. So many boxes they can tick they hardly know where to begin. I knew from the moment the reporting began that this was going to turn into a political sh*t-show, courtesy of our virtue-signalling friends on the left. And so it has become.

    To retain my sanity I have therefore tuned out of all reporting of this incident.


    • MarkyMark says:

      I think (IMO) a major problem is that people think there is only one way to handle things. If Jeremy visits the hospital, distracts the doctors, nurses, security, cleaners and causes some pain elsewhere in the hospital who will know? What if the staff have to work an extra 2 hours (I made this figure up) to make up for missed appointments and bed rounds – who cares we all feel good and get to see smiles on the TV.

      Can someone point out the logistics of organising this feel good show for me when the hospital is being stretched to breaking point – babies will die was a headline in some papers prior to this?

      Reminds of watching the BBC News when they showed the official election photographer showing the pictures. Jeremy pushing child on swing big smile, May surround by unsmiling crowd, Jeremy with child and nurse in hospital wing, May in car park with crowd saying “Tories Out”.

      So – Mr Photographer – upload all your pictures then let ME see what I can find. May didn’t have the chance of bringing up a child (think she tried to have IVF) so is maybe not as comfortable with kids.
      May – move one point from “nice” to “nasty” column for not being comfortable near kids.
      Jeremy – move one point from “nasty” into “nice” column + 10 “nice” points for keeping Diane on, bless her.

      OK – get a dump of grievances (old posts) and send to BBC with headline –
      “We cannot go on like this. It’s not you, it’s me – I just don’t want to pay for this distorted reporting/lecturing any more. “


  21. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Maybe this could be the turning point for the Tories doing something about that bloody BBC.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Would make sense for May to control this now – what is the point in being a PM for the UK (GDP position 5th) if you can’t make people jump into action to do the right thing? Something along the lines of this needs to be said by Theresa May …

      “We have now pulled the records of all flats who have had the same tiles fitted and issued 100 health and safety officers to check all flat sprinklers in the London region – spreading nationwide by the end of the week. We will also find those responsible and in one months time I will stand in front for 10 Downing street to explain the findings checking all the processes involved from European Dictates and our own National policies.”
      “Any meaningful questions that don’t require speculation or shouting please?”

      See my previous post for more


      • Dogger Bank says:

        You do understand that that will never happen. The Government lost control of this the moment the TV crews got to the scene of the fire. This is bad for so many people, in so many different ways. For the PM not to meet the people most affected was an act so massively stupid that it’s hard to believe any politician would act in such a manner. Corbyn and his Marxist cohorts have milked this for all it is worth and tonight there will no doubt be riots and looting across the capital, fuelled by the MSM. I despair.


      • Up2snuff says:

        MM, too late, I’m afraid. Saw your other post.

        She cannot do that because she has set the Public Inquiry in train. That and ongoing due process now takes precedent over everything except help for the victims.


    • Fedup says:

      Sadly no . No change to al beeb in the foreseeable future. But I see things running like this – election within next 12 months . Corbyn far left government.pound and market crashes ( parity with euro) . Inflation shoots up together with unemployment.general taxation shoots up ‘a bit’ Labour coalition fails after year in power. We never leave EU and have to accept euro as currency as price to stay in. No wonder I don’t sleep well . Oh yeah – up goes al beeb licence tax


      • EnglandExpects says:

        The Tories are going to have to hunker down even possibly for the 5 year term. Corbyn may not last that long and his potential successors are not of the kindly uncle type. Secondly the Tories need time to build up a youth movement , a more activist supporter base in general and to master social media. Hate Momentum as much as you like, but it has to be copied other than its hate side, or it cannot be countered. The drip drip of its publicity , much of it fake news, is seeping into the consciousness of gullible older voters too. This is long haul stuff but it can be done .


  22. shavethechildren says:

    Surely the muslim woman positing that it was an arson revenge job for London Bridge, Manchester concert etc is guilty of Christianaphobia.


  23. Up2snuff says:

    Alan: “and he was rapidly followed by Harriet Harman who didn’t let good judgement, sentiment or respect for the dead get in the way of her immediate politicisation of the fire, appearing repeatedly on the BBC to blame cuts to council spending for the fire [which the council denies…having just spent £10 million on the building].”

    What has happened to Hattie?

    She used to be the pleasant, soft, kind face of Labour back in the ‘aggro’ years of the late 1970s and 1980s. She seems to have turned into a vicious Labour crone in her old age. I can picture her in her present state knitting, gurning and cheering, below the guillotine in Paris in 1793.

    I just hope the listeners and viewers who have seen and heard her this week, note not just what she said, but the way and the tone in which she said it.

    If Donald Trump is deplorable, Harriet Harman is becoming despicable.


  24. Adam83 says:

    How many of these people are on benefits


    • richardofkent says:

      It is social housing so I would say all of them are on benefits.


      • Kaiser says:

        when i awoke to the first day of the fire i was shocked and appalled

        but watching the screaming angry leftist and effnik rent a mobs and the stirring bbc and liebour trying to shift the blame (of a problem we dont yet know) )all the way up the chain to the government and pm has sickened me more

        empathy tank now empty


      • Lobster says:

        “It is social housing so I would say all of them are on benefits.”.
        I would think it would be impossible for any normal person not on benefits to afford the rents in that part of London.


    • Tom_Kenny says:

      How is that relevant?


  25. Alicia Sinclair says:

    The liberal media really need to watch themselves.
    Clearly Momentum and the Left are co-ordinating much of the synthetic rage , getting their people in to the cameras, and hounding elected officials etc.
    Classic doughnut tactics, used by SJW teams in America. And now it`s getting whipped up by the BBC etc.
    I say this because I saw Leadsoms interview live on Sky-now that I`ve seen it on ITV, I note a hack shouting at her “what do you say to these people?”
    He airily waved his Armani-suited arm round , and blow me if there`s not some crop headed Lafty eejit saying that “you need to visit some victimes, like Jeremy Corbyn does-he`s a good man”.
    He was NOT there-nor was he being invited to speak as it was going live on Sky. Remember this because I told my husband it was unusual to hear a Tory not getting yelled at by rent-a-mob. And turns out now that she WAS!
    This will not end well. Like Occupy, the Left need to lose painfully sometime soon, before we end up like Mark Duggans manor.
    Hope that Sky creep can claim a canape at his Holland Park soiree tomoorow night. Others might suffer because he`s doing this 24/7 to get the Tories out, the EU and Islam in.


    • Fedup says:

      If it wasn’t so pitiful it would be funny.
      Protesters marching on al Beeb HQ – complete with socialist workers placards .
      And the irony is that the £100000 p.a. Talking head could offer no reason for the
      Whys or wherefore.
      Fortunately for al Beeb the constabulary was protecting the propaganda ministry – sorry – I mean Broadcasting House.


  26. Guest Who says:

    And her a BBC fave too. Ingrate.

    Unless he didn’t mean them.


  27. Oaknash says:

    Its so lovely they care. What a pity Daddy didnt get his knighthood – no justice in the world!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Isn’t this one of those few rich people Mr. Owen was on about. Possibly in a fully equipped skyscraper with helicopter pad, just in case.

      What would Owen say to this guy who has probably paid to have all his sprinklers checked in all his personal properties (for the Many comrades ) immediately…no expense spared. Money is no object. Makes you wonder.


  28. Grant says:

    Have been offline and out of touch with the MSM for a few days now. Looks like my timing was perfect. Judging by the comments above it seems like the coverage of this tragedy has been more akin to pornography than news reporting.


  29. Oaknash says:

    Believe me Grant the BBC/MSM seem to have been going beyond the sick bag on this.

    The MSM and the BBC in particular have been stirring the shit/ verging on rabble rousing these last few days. Little comment from the Government. Maybe because Theresa herself has not been above using the rabble to attack Tommy Robinson and Co. And now it all appears to be blowing up in Theresas face.

    I almost wonder whether the common room trots at the BBC sense that this is their moment. In some strange Wolfy Smith Type parody where “the kidz” take control of what is “rightfully theirs ” and put Comrade Jezz on the throne”Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses – and I will give you all free stuff and pay for it tomorrow”

    I think in the long term that the “kidz” have got some harsh lessons to learn!