40 Responses to Ooops Apocalypse

  1. The General says:

    You stupid woman !!!!


  2. G says:

    Oh dear! Oh dear! what a shambles. This is where consistently bad Governmental management shows up in a critical unconcealed way. No hiding it now.
    My verdict? Five short points (for what they’re worth):
    1. More than 622,000 names added to the Electoral Roll in the last 24 hours. 3 million names registered since the election was called – 2.5 million definite Labour Party members, probably more voting Labour – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/election-uk-turnout-voters-registration-labour-tories-record-numbers-a7777931.html
    Is this the Bliar legacy taking hold? It will be remembered that Bliar opened up the gates to the UK for anybody and everybody to take up residence on the belief that they would all vote Labour. Has that ‘loading the scales’ policy finally come to fruition?
    2. Almost certainly most of those registering will be of foreign extract. Mozzies would particularly welcome a Labour control or heavy influence so their own long term plan for domination would remain unimpeded.
    3. If the recent terrorism had any effect on the election results, it favoured Corbyn. I imagine that his supporters see Corbyn as being possible to obtain an amnesty from terrorist groups in view of this close and supportive connections with them.
    4. If foregoing assumptions are correct, we can entirely forget the Brexit we want and kiss goodbye to any hope of controlling immigration.
    5. The average UK dolt is far more obtuse than I already discredit them for being.


  3. Yob says:

    What gets me, is that in three weeks time Mays own boundary changes would have come into effect, and that would have given the Tories a majority with these exact election figures….

    That…Is beyond parody…


  4. Jerry Owen says:

    This whole campaign was about Brexit. May didn’t have to call it, but it was clear that a ‘soft’ Brexit was not on the cards due to the referendum result. How to thwart it?.. call an election, and throw it. This is exactly what the tories did as it is essentially a ‘remain’ party as are all the others ( UKIP aside ). In public the pretence was that Brexit wasn’t an issue as A50 had been signed but the reality is that it was very much just below the radar of the establishment mindset. Don’t forget that the BBC still talks about ‘if we leave the EU’ they clearly knew what we didn’t.
    Having gifted labour extra seats it paves the way for compromise which is what the political and media elites have been whingeing on about since the referendum.
    We will now be given a second referendum in due course and ‘remain’ will probably win having the scent of blood whilst the ‘leavers’ have had the wind knocked out of their sails.
    Brexit could never be allowed to win as the EU would be finished. What is truly despicable about this whole general election and referendum saga is the way that the political and media elites have pitted young against old, may they all rot in hell!


    • The General says:

      The students have been mobilized. The genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in. I was in Bristol yesterday and groups of aggressive students were going around student properties getting their fellow students out of bed to usher them to the Polling Stations. Add this to the voter fraud of Tower Hamlets etc. and the future looks bleak for the Tories.


      • Wild Bill says:

        Nah the next lot in September will have forgotten about all this and will be getting pissed and staying in bed all day, missing lectures etc.


    • Thoughtful says:

      This whole campaign was about Brexit

      Unfortunately that was one of DisMay’s beliefs and she got so side tracked she never talked about it.

      The idiots, who ran this campaign, probably Nick Timothy who decided that it would be a good idea to attack their own supporters in the manifesto are to blame. DisMay was warned the pair of advisors were likely to do her enormous harm, but being DisMay, she refused to listen.

      Well now she’s going to be forced to listen or she won’t be heading the government for very long. She will for once have to listen to back benchers and to the DUP.

      I expect that it won’t be very long before there’s a vote of no confidence and DisMay will be gone.


  5. gaxvil says:

    Didn’t May realise or nobody point out: Going into an election you have to offer something voters might want? Inducements, bribes – call it what you will ……….. something!


    • Yob says:

      With her negative and authoritarian campaign, how on earth could she appeal to undecided voters? It’s just a wonder the Tory vote held up as well as it did.


    • Grant says:


      Treezer never had anything to offer anyone. My God, even John Major had something, not much, but something. Treezer has nothing. She must resign or be kicked out. The current situation today is ridiculous.


      • Yob says:

        Does anyone know what Theresa May actually believes in, because I have no idea.

        The Internet has seen the rapid rise of personality politics, and much as everyone on this site may dislike me for saying this, Momentum have played a blinder in tapping into that format. To me, all underdogs are open to change as they have nothing to lose if it goes tits up. Momentum have learned from Nigel Farage and Donald Trump, and how as starting out as rank “no hopers” they managed to manipulate the workings of the Internet and use it to their advantage…Theresa May did nothing other than run away and hide, arrogantly assuming that she couldn’t lose seats to Corbyn…Didn’t David Cameron do that on Brexit, and Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump?


        • Up2snuff says:

          Yob: Fairness, Grammar Schools and tax cuts.

          A winning manifesto might have been: Fairness, Technical Schools, University quality tests and tax reforms.


          • Yob says:

            May has just reverted to type. What she has done over this election campaign seems to be her tried and tested M.O…..Let’s go back to Brexit last year, where-by May came out on the “Remain” side of the fence.

            During the Brexit campaign May went to ground, while Cameron and Osborne were everywhere and anywhere. When Brexit won the day Cameron had to go. Yet May, who was on the losing side, eventually triumphed as the outright winner. Sound familiar to this years events?


        • gaxvil says:

          Grant / Yob,
          “Does anyone know what Theresa May actually believes in, because I have no idea.”
          That is the point. We can point to numerous Corbyn ideas but Theresa?
          Out of the mouth of babes ….My youngest: “Theresa looks like Hillary but with grey hair”. Thing is in many ways he’s right.
          BTW the word on the primary school yard, “UKIP would only let people in the country with peach coloured skin”. Who’s feed them this crap?


  6. Grandpa1940 says:

    As I wrote earlier :-

    To call an election with zero / zilch / nada planning, especially in these days of instant news / soshull meejah access / an informed electorate; was just catastrophic.

    To call an election because the polls told you that your lead was over twenty points was the action of a person whom has never even heard of Murphy’s Law.

    To call an election, and then to deliberately piss off the one large section of your firm supporters in the population by shovelling in a badly planned and even worse-presented attempt to grab some cash off them was just asking for someone; anyone: to point out that Scotland would be exempt from that same grab, was the action of someone who just thought it would be a great idea.

    To call an election, and again piss even more of your supporters of by telling them that they would have to fund their own decline into dementia / senility / dotage; but that funding would be delayed until they actually died was probably the act of a Corbyn supporter disguised as a Tory.

    To call an election, and then to release a Manifesto which has no affordability / no costings attached was either the work of a political neophyte; or the attitude of an arrogant and overwheening woman who just KNEW that she would get by on a slogan, and nothing, nothing else.

    To call an election, and watch as her main opposition leader, a pacifist, a Marxist, a friend of terrorists, a man who holds the absolute contempt of 80% of his own MPs, becoming almost majestic and composed; is the work of someone who really deserves to bloody lose!


    • Jerry Owen says:

      My wife’s mother ( or is my ‘partner’ the correct phrase!) said she couldn’t vote tory after May’s huge blunder. Millions of others will have thought likewise. May gifted Corbyn his extra seats.
      After Westminster Bridge, Manchester and Tower Bridge what exactly has she done to stop this carnage? Yup, after Tower Bridge she said ‘This can’t go on’ has she done anything … bugger all is all she has done.
      She is absolutely useless and has to go.


      • johnnythefish says:

        May would have been better off leaving it till after the election, but I still can’t understand why anyone would see it as a reason for voting in Corbyn, MacDonnell, Abbott and their Marxist crew, basically leaving the nation at the mercy of that juvenile, country-wrecking bunch of perpetual student protesters and anarchists called Momentum, as well as any terrorist group who is prepared to come and have a go.

        Social care funding has been kicked into the long grass for too long. Either everyone pays more tax, they introduce some kind of insurance scheme, or it comes out of inheritance. The last of those is what I’d have thought socialists would go for i.e. those who can afford it, pay. But Corbyn managed to turn it to his hypocritical advantage and the hapless May failed miserably to boot him into row Z. Maggie must be spinning.


    • joeadamsmith says:

      Which all implies that she called the election with the sole intention of not doing well………. ie, to prevent/water-down BREXIT


  7. Fred Bloggs says:

    3:30 news24 : Labour won the most seats in Scotland. Is that true? Well there was an interview with 4 Scots, 1 voted SNP the other 3 voted Labour.

    But you say, the tories came second and the SNP position collapsed, Labour come third. From the bBC you would not have known.


  8. MarkyMark says:

    O/T Watched the BBC News the other night and wondered why “Roy Larner” was not mentioned when news about the London attacks was on?

    So did this just now ….
    Search for “Roy Larner” on bbc.co.uk and get a single (1) result with a heading:
    “London attack: Romanian baker and Spanish banker among heroes” [08.06.2017]
    Goto page and get content with “A Millwall supporter and in my mind a proper hero and deserves our support and aid to help him on his recovery.”

    Search “Roy Larner” on google and get results from (note that something is missing? bbc!)
    PAGE 1: independent, thesun, theguardian, themetro, ok.co.uk, mirror, dailymail
    PAGE 2: dailystar, huffingtonpost, justgiving, youtube, au.news.yahoo.com, thisainthell.us, entertainmentdaily, si.com, twitter.com
    PAGE 3: change.org, facebook.com, imdb.com (N/A), 192.com (N/A), telegraph.com, ladbible.com,breitbart.com .. gave up looking

    First Entry in Google Search for “Roy Larner” is Independent.co.uk [08.06.2017]
    “I got stabbed and sliced eight times. They got me in my head, chest and both hands. There was blood everywhere.
    “They were saying, ‘Islam, Islam!’. I said again, ‘F*** you, I’m Millwall!’

    OK, now let’s try “Geoff Ho london attack” – and we find a bbc item on Page 3 / Fourth item down.

    BBC: “Islam” text x 0
    Independent: “Islam” text x 4
    Mirror: “Islam” text x 0
    The Sun: “Islam” text x 0

    Maybe I should start to record these, ready for the BBC, to say that for every piece of inadequate reporting that I supply with proof, they can give me £1 back from the TV license.

    Hope that helps!


  9. Grant says:

    Treezer stays calm like a sphinz. For God’s sake , woman, go and go now !


    • Grant says:

      As an amusing afterthought, my mum , who has early stage Alzheimer’s just said to me ” I wonder what she will do next “. LOL !


  10. Thoughtful says:

    One question that has arisen which has not been adequately addressed is whether she called the election because she could not rely on the Tory party to back her through the Brexit negotiations.

    If this is true then the party needs to take a serious look at the loyalty of some of its MPs and whether they need to be deselected. If an MP is prepared to throw the party into chaos because they cannot get their own way (and lets face it someone is always going to be disappointed) then the party is completely ungovernable and not fit to lead the country.

    Central Office needs to force its candidates to toe the party line whether they like it or not, because a loose canon which can cause so much damage is better off outside the tent.


    • Oaknash says:

      Thoughtful = I imagine it is too late to do this. I always thought May could never be trusted on brexit and unfortunately I was not disappointed.

      If she had truly wanted it to succeed why did she not threaten that petulant harridan Soudbry with de-selection if she didnt shut her poisonous mouth. Her electorate voted for brexit and I think excising this particular unwanted growth would have been a fairly low political risk.
      I am afraid representing May as a “strong and stable” politician was (as we can all now see) nothing more than a fantasy of her PR department. She surrounded herself mainly with people like herself – rich, unprincipled and out of touch with reality is it not any wonder the electorate smelt a rat.

      Maybe she should have offered our “sophisticated” electorate free stuff instead.


      • ToobiWan says:

        I wrote to Conservative Central Office, Johnson and Gove, regarding Soubry’s “performance” following the brexit result, Oak, never off the bloody news, talking the country down at every opportunity. For someone who was supposed to be Business Secratary, her doom mongering bordered on treasonous. I hold her solely resonsible for the large falls in both the pound and the markets. Never even got an acknowledgement from any of the swines.


        • Oaknash says:

          Toobi – I think this just shows how arrogant or how weak May truly is. She either didnt care or was too scared to kick this particular scold into touch.
          I thought brexit was pretty much doomed as soon as May was parachuted in by the Daily Mail and friends as the next Tory leader – despite having a woeful record as Home Sec and backing the remain horse in the referendum.

          How was this ever going to work – it wasnt.

          And now the rest of us who have “done are bit” have been let down by this self serving Vulcan.


          • ToobiWan says:

            Sisters are doing for it themselves, to quote Aretha, Oak, she was put where she is to exactly to do what she has done. Who the hell loses a 20 point lead and end up with a hung parliament? You do not draft a manifesto that pisses off large swathes of your core vote either or again was this all part of the plan? The manifestos author, D Nuttall, Bury North seems to have paid the price for doing so though. At least foxes can sleep soundly, for now.


            • Oaknash says:

              Toobi – As soon as she came out with her deliberately opaque brexit means brexit speech I knew where she was going. She had no vision as such, only the intention to stay in power as long as possible by offending no-one.
              It was obvious all along that her heart was never into delivering the electorates wishes – but only in serving her own ends. Totally disnonest in all ways

              I copied this post from someone on Breitbart who put it like this –

              Itinerant μολὼν λαβέ • 10 hours ago
              May and her ‘progressive’ Tory friends thought they could be New Labour and get away with it.
              Gay marriage, multikulti and lying on the behalf of Islam are not Conservative.
              May is a ‘progressive’, a globalist and a Remainer.

              Here’s Mozart’s Requiem in D minor, it seems fitting for the UK after these results.


              • ToobiWan says:

                She’s certainly offended more than a few now, Oak, what is of more concern though, she isn’t the only one in the Conservative party with the same mindset.
                I find Albino’s Adagio in G more, Oak 🙁


                • Oaknash says:

                  Toobi – I concur with your comment regarding the music. She doesnt deserve the grandeur of the Mozart requiem more the hopeless melancholy of the adagio as befits this hopeless failure.


  11. Payne by name says:

    I must confess to feeling pretty gutted at the whole affair.

    The left (and remaining right) can already sense that Brexit will now be a quivering, apologising mess of an affair where if it happens to go ahead will surely be a deliberately bad deal that makes many Brexiteers wish they had never bothered. We’ll be rolling over and taking it as hard as the EU wants to give it to us with a smile and a sycophantic ‘yes, of course we’ll pay an exorbitant exit fee’.

    The Europhile Tories like Ken Clarke will do everything they can to exert their power to force the leaders hand with endless threats of mutiny and rebellion.

    Our hoped for toughness on immigration and Islam and terror attacks will melt in the face of a resurgent loony left ‘love everyone’ mantra that will consign us to even greater immigration, forced tolerance of Islam unwillingness to integrate and a general dismantling of the backbone that I thought we were managing to rediscover.

    Our finances will get even worse than they already are as the Tories struggle to placate a demanding Labour opposition that had no ability to fund the ridiculous Christmas wish list that they promised everyone.

    Corbyn, and the unpleasant almost fascist side of the left, have won without the inconvenience of having to enact and carry out their delusional, ill-conceived plans. They can snipe from the sidelines, supported by their ever willing champion and sponsor the BBC, on every little issue that seeks a common sense resilience but will be answered with a placatory weakness.

    From feeling so proud of the British people in standing up to the relentless bullying and endless doom mongering of the referendum campaign and having the stones to say no to the EU, they have now melted to leave us with a crowd pleasing, virtue signalling shambles of a government.

    I know it sounds dramatic but I enjoy politics and the direction of our country is important to me. Yet I feel we’ve taken a ridiculous tumble and the realisation of it stings every time I forget about it and then suddenly return to it.


    • Oaknash says:

      Payne – I share your pain too – no honestly I do.
      Unfortunately our “yoof”s desire for free stuff and love and compassion for all – even if they want to kill you! (aided and abetted by the Quislingesque MSM and especially the BBC) has meant that common sense has taken a back seat to self indulgence.

      Unfortunately they have been led to believe that they can “have it all” . And as most of us oldies know this is utter bollocks. If you have it all someone has less. And the way things are going – they are the ones who will be having less in the future as more single minded and directed minorities in this country start to assert themselves.

      I am afraid the “yoof” have a lot to learn if they want to have any sort of future – Starting with “There is no such thing as a free lunch!” And swiftly followed by “taking responsibility for your actions”


  12. Thoughtful says:

    This should be a joke if it wasn’t for real.

    Apparently a homeless man was arrested on ‘Legsby Avenue’ (yes that really is its name) for the crime of ‘carrying a sharpened pencil in the vicinity of a Mosque’.

    No you did read read it right the first time, and not only was he arrested, but charged and dragged before the beak .

    The charges were dropped by the prosecution before a scheduled trial and dismissed

    Although the Police claimed he said he was going to stab someone with it he completely denies this.

    “The court heard that police had been alerted about a possible incident near the mosque and a policewomen arrived on the scene and saw Jones pull a pencil out of his pocket.

    He was alleged to have told her that he had it with him “so I can stab someone with it if I need to — I don’t mean you.”

    But Jones claimed: “I haven’t said anything like that. The mosque thing’s not true. I haven’t threatened her. I have not threatened to stab.”

    Prosecutor Andrew Vaughan told the court: “There is not enough evidence to show that he was the man at the mosque.”

    Deputy district judge Philip Houlden said that the whole purpose of having a pencil was “surely that it should actually have a sharp point” so that it could be used properly.



    • Oaknash says:

      Thoughtful – Lucky he wasnt carrying a sharpened pork sausage. It might have meant a custodial sentence and the possibility of dying behind bars. Frozen chipolatas could be deadly if dropped from 10,000 feet.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        (S)he should have played the Legsbyan GBTXYZ card; never fails. E.g. “I was afraid of a homophobic attack from some misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace, officer.”


  13. Deborahanother says:

    Well what a to do.
    I have never seen such a propaganda excercise for someone such as Corbyn across the whole media,not just the BBC.
    Yes it was a rubbish manifesto and Mrs Mays campaign was not great .But two terrorist attacks in the middle from people who state they have interfered with the election and its repeatedly pinned on Mrs May.Not the killers.

    Corbyn a life long terrorist sympathiser gets a free ride and rebranded as cuddly uncle Jezza with his free gifts to all.

    It really is all about Brexit .To be undermined at any cost to we the taxpayers. Mrs May wanted an increased majority to ensure smooth passage of the repeal bill without the likes of Gina Miller sticking her oar in .

    Tree cheers for the Scots and the Irish who came through .One thing I am optimistic about the Union is looking stronger and well represented in Parliament.

    Now the media is busily branding the DUP as terrorists.I feel like I’m in a parallel universe.

    And Corbyn did no better than Brown in 2010.


  14. matahari says:

    Maybe the irony is that May had in mind to lose seats so that we may get a fake brexit but now she may have to be a Tory because the real tories called DUP have the last say