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‘Deluded!’ Jeremy Corbyn mocked for claiming election victory – ‘He thinks he’s WON’

The Labour leader shocked many by starting an interview with Sky News by saying: “We have been elected to…”

He continued by outlining his plans for a Labour government and admitted he was ready to form a coalition with fellow Westminster parties.

He then reiterated “it’s pretty clear” Labour won the election.

Corbyn suggested that because labour had increased its share of the vote and the Tories had dropped seats he had in essence won the election….Abbott doing the count?

On that basis the LibDems should be the governing party as their percentage increase in seats far outstrips Labours…and indeed the Scottish Conservatives must be in power in Scotland….in fact judging by the Scottish Conservative vote they should run the whole UK…hmmm….not a bad idea having Ruth Davidson in charge….come the next leadership election?

Speaking of which…

Ruth Davidson prime minister Conservative leade

Ruth Davidson and Scotland saved the Tories: Britons call for Ruth Davidson to oust May





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15 Responses to Mr Bombastic…ready to serve

  1. gb123 says:

    Using that logic (Abbotology), Zac Goldsmith with a 100% increase in the vote share won by a country mile and 45 votes!


  2. Manxman says:

    Is he doing the same as the American election winners the democratic left, and trying to stir up rioting with his ”We won a great victory today”, stuff, ” i was elected today” etc etc.


  3. All Lives Matter says:

    The election where everybody lost. The Tories stay in but need to be propped up by the DUP, who will almost certainly have to compromise on their desires as well. Labour make gains but are still miles behind and are now definitely stuck with Corbyn. Lib Dems make small gains but are still regarded as a joke, and rightly so, with Clegg’s defeat being the final nail in their coffin. The Greens make no progress and come across as both anti-democratic and delusional of their status as they claim they’ll try to unseat the government within their one MP in a safe seat. UKIP are a mess and sadly a bit of an irrelevance since Farage left, in fact he was pretty much the only reason anyone liked them to begin with. The SNP lose seats not just to Labour but to the previously-detested (in Scotland) conservatives, a damning indictment of Sturgeon’s endless obsession with ‘independence’ from Britain so they can stay subservient to the EU.

    In short, this was a total mess for everyone. The only good news is that Philip Davies was reelected and people didn’t fall for the misandry of the risible “Women’s Equality” party, a complete oxymoron.


  4. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    I am reminded of the late, great Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn (briefly the Second Viscount Stansgate, until 1963).

    Having come within a proverbial gnat’s crotchet of defeating Denis “Eyebrows” Healey for the Labour Deputy leadership in the early 80s, only to see some opponents leave to form the SDP, he said angrily to the BBC:

    “Well, speaking as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party – as of course I now can do, Denis Healey’s ENTIRE majority having defected to the SDP – … … … …”

    ‘Delusional’ doesn’t nearly do it justice.


  5. Pounce says:

    Meanwhile the Muslims of the UK, who supported by the likes of Corbyn and the bBC in which to promote their victimhood (Muslims can only be victims, they will be given more rights, Those Muslims who murder are not actually Muslims, Palestine to be recognised by Labour etc..) status at the hands of the jew are creaming out from the top of the their minarets that Muslims won the day for Allah


    So much for that so called Jewish lobby that Muslims in the UK keep screaming about. A lobby which the bBC has taken a lot of time and effort in promoting.


  6. Payne by name says:

    Ruth might have done well in Scotland (for which I applaud her) but she was a pretty ardent Remainer and hence choosing her would only push us further away from it happening.


  7. chrisH says:

    Old enough to remember Alexander Haig thinking that he was the US President , after Reagan got shot in 1981.
    How the Lefties laughed at his pretensions-still a byword for delusions of being the Man At the Top.
    Spitting Image dined out on for quite a while. Now Corbyn does the same-and the Left seem to think that (given their expectations of this muppet) it would be somehow wrong to remind him that
    a) He`s brought Labour back to its 2010 level-when Brown was regarded as a disastrous loser, squandering all that “The Party” had achieved those last thirteen years.
    b) He got Labour a rise in seats of 13%…May only lost 4% of hers, whcih is hardly “catastrophic”
    c) Davison in Scotland imrpoved Tory seats thirteen fold or such…yet this isn`t rated, since it only gets the Conservatives back into power-wrong miracle I guess.
    Hope the DUP lead the useless Tories into digging up McGuinness and burying the TV License in his worthless grave…one Belfast pothole that ought to be concreted over pronto.
    Hope Paisley Jnr learned a thing or two re Christian responses to Islamic type of evil in the Old Testament-could do us a lot of good here, he`d have taken no lip from IS.


  8. Deborahanother says:

    Ruth did a fantastic job but as a Remainer I don’t want her as leader.One of Mrs Mays problems is she was for remain and many don’t trust her motives.I think she is totally sincere in wanting to carry out the people wishes but others don’t.

    If there is to be a new leader someone who was for Leave like Gove would be better for me.

    The BBC yesterday were disgraceful in carrying on as though Corbyn had a chance of forming a government .Their man lost .

    He may have enthused the yoof vote this time but as they realise they didnt win and aren’t getting the free stuff they will move on . Patience is not their best feature.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Morning all. I start the day with a couple of quotes (not BBC ones… actual quotes)I felt were on point:

    The lefties lost the election..
    The lefties then celebrated all night because they didn’t lose the election as badly as expected..
    And now the lefties are throwing tantrums, crying, protesting and starting petitions…
    because they lost the election??”

    “No talk of Russian interference in the UK election. No accusations of misogyny against those who failed to vote for the female candidate. No concern about fake news warping people’s minds. No demands for a second vote. It’s almost as if the chattering classes only question the legitimacy of an election when it doesn’t go their way.”

    Brendan O’Neill

    For me it is that Mrs May and government of all the talents only just won over a man and team that the BBC is doing everything in its power to convince the public won… against the mess that is Mrs. May. But still didn’t.


  10. gb123 says:

    I have found where Jeremy Corbyn is getting his logic from.

    “The information was correct, but the interpretation was not,”
    Iraqi Information Minister : Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf aka “Baghdad Bob”


  11. JosF says:


    jeremy the garden gnome did not have to go to Baghdad for his “interpretation of his information” all the garden gnome had to do was one of two things

    #1 Stand in fornt of a mirror and open his mouth
    #2 Go and talk to his home secertary diane flabbopotumus

    Either way jeremy the garden gnome would have gotten all the shit opps logic he could need


  12. Cranmer says:

    I have seen on social media a picture of one of those gable-ends in Belfast with loyalist terrorist slogans etc on it, complete with a DUP logo and picture of its leader ‘painted’ on the wall. I use Photoshop every day for work and it is obviously a fake – but try telling that to the Snowflakes posting ‘OMG this is awful’ etc in the comments. They see what they want to see.