21 Responses to FAKE NEWS…

  1. G.W.F. says:

    This will go viral




  2. Mice Height says:

    Investigative journalism meets fake journalism –



    • chrisH says:

      Be great to see this one run.
      Saw a clip of it on the 10 O Clock News and could smell the fat rat. How could you miss it?
      The lead mullah with the red rsoe who hogged the camera looked like an extra out of Bowies “Ashes to Ashes” video-Steve Strange meets Fleagle from The Banana Splits, Half expected a whirling dervish dance.
      Good old Noel Gallagher eh?…bet the whole Grief Thief Appropriation Unit at Peel Towers were DESPERATE to get Oasis back together for f***in Wonderwall!
      Jon Snow on Channel 4 was sent to the Court of Liam to arrange it-a Livingston-Stanley moment for our Age!
      But no Noel-good lad!
      As for Mancs “culturally appropriating” previous scouse bands who could write a tune and hold a note-well, Noel is innocent today.


      • charmbrights says:

        And the police were colluding. Did you notice that the “protestors” were the OTHER side of the “do not cross” ribbon?


    • Payne by name says:

      Amazing that if you go onto Katie Hopkins Twitter feed, you can’t see the video as it’s been pulled.

      Have to go on YouTube to track it down.


  3. NCBBC says:

    Justin Welby on religious illiteracy.

    Justin Welby states that the vast majority of Muslims wish to live in a tolerant society.


    First, time and again, Muslims have indicated in polls, that they wish to see Sharia imposed in the UK.

    Second, tolerance like peace and “Innocents”, have different meanings to Muslims. All apply to Muslims only. Christians, Jews and all non-Muslims are in Dar al-Harb – House of war. No mercy for them. They are not innocent just by being Kuffa.

    Its Justin Welby who shows religious illiteracy. He is a good man but giving succour to the enemy in time of war is not a good thing. He assumes that different cultures are essentially the same.

    And its this type of blindness that has so compromised our spiritual values. Its spiritual values that under gird the political foundations of any country.


    • chrisH says:

      “Justin Welby on religious illiteracy” eh?
      We now have a church-wide problem where the last of the biblical knowledge is going, going gone.
      Feel very much like something out of Animal Farm talking to Boxer, wondering where the hell it all went so wrong.
      Jesus said it-clear the house of evil spirits without knowing what you`re doing, you`ll get seven more that are even worse for each one gone. No point asking Justin, who`ll only have highlighted the bit about “God loving a cheerful giver”.
      Thankfully, God is doing His bit without any recourse to the Blessed Churches of Elvis , who has left the buildings .
      S`called prophecy…but don`t tell them eh?
      “Some people won`t be told you know, they have to learn the hard way”
      (New Church of Elvis-Tokyo Storm Warning 1989)


    • Demon says:

      “Justin Welby ….. is a good man”. Are you sure?


    • Lover of Truth says:

      Justin Welby & the CoE are remote from the biblical Jesus. They promote a social gospel.


      • Cranmer says:

        What most people in western Europe, particularly Britain, don’t understand is that to much of the rest of the world, religion is not some optional hobby for people who like traditions, or some sort of polite moral philosophy with a light dusting of metaphysics. It is absolute life or death to them; they believe the survival and well being of themselves, their families, crops, businesses etc all depend on it, and a literal belief in eternal damnation means they take it all very seriously. We have not really had belief like that in the west since the middle ages. It lived on as a race-memory until the late nineteenth century but now has utterly gone. It is belief like this that drives people to kill in the name of their God, not sit politely with bishops discussing food banks and gay marriage.


        • GCooper says:

          It is, however, a characteristic of the two most populous Abrahamic faiths. Pagans certainly fought one another, but rarely used religion as the excuse.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Not so sure about that either, GC. The animist faiths out East, I think, did. The pagan faiths of Biblical times certainly did. Pagan faiths in America before European settlers arrived, IIRC, were often at each others throats in the name of religion, not many of the native American tribes were peaceable. Same in Africa? Similar would be true in northern Europe, I think. Some Scandinavian and German tribes were noted for their pagan fierceness, driven by their gods.

            St Alphege, for example, was not chanted to death by Bhuddist monks on a round the world mission. Even the Romans with their ‘gods in charge and in tow’, IIRC, were given pause by their attempts to subdue the Germanic tribes. Not many people groups made the Romans shiver in their boots.

            One testimony of an increasingly Christian village in Papua New Guineau stated – in effect, I paraphrase – that it was great to be at peace with neighbouring villages that were also becoming Christianised. Until they responded to the Gospel brought by missionaries, they were in constant fear of attack from neighbouring villages AND then having to later respond in a similar way as required ‘by their spirits’. That change has happened recently, at the end of 20th century and during the start of this one. So it still goes on today.

            Islam is not really a true Abrahamic or Abramic faith. That’s a relatively modern huggy-interfaith-we-are-all-in-this-together misreading & misunderstanding (post-Reformation) of Genesis and of the ethnic make-up of the Middle East.

            The two true Abramic faiths are, I would have thought, characterised by their peacefulness.

            (PS. My post underneath @ 7.37pm has been misplaced by site software – it was a reply to Lover of Truth @ 2.35pm)


      • Up2snuff says:

        Shouldn’t be that way. He’s ex-Holy Trinity Brompton (as a congregant) starting around the time Sandy Millar commenced his ministry there.

        Listening to Archbishop Welby this morning (as well as Cressida Dick) it was fairly obvious that both were speaking from a ‘common script for times such as these’ although I doubt that Justin Welby really intended to come out with his ‘all religions the same’ howler.


        • NCBBC says:

          I feel I have to give Justin Welby leeway, as the CoE has to play by Establishment rules. Particularly the ABC.


  4. Swelter says:

    Hopkins doesn’t always call it right but I admire her courage to challenge the Left at every chance she gets.


    • Moodswing6 says:

      Swelter no politician or media commentator ever call it right however for me personally Katie, Tommy and Nigel not only get it right they hit bullseye.


  5. JosF says:

    Sorry BBC [and CNN] but this faked muslim sympathy demo is just the latest episode in the decades long list of BBC fake news, half truths or outright propaganda that we know the BBC passes of as facts that are to be found in the BBC news and current affairs departments see Brexit and President Trump for starters. Nothing new here, its just the BBC [along with Al-Guardian, The blog that is the independant and the rest of the UK’s useful idiot MSM] pushing the pro islam aganda to make the muslim vermin look good, brought to you for just £147 a year for your BBC viewing tax. Sorry BBC and the rest of the UK’s lying dying MSM but not all of us are buying your pro islam agenda anymore. We have the internet, alt media, smartphones, multichannel cable and satellite to access for real news and also our brains and memories to analyze what we see and here nowadays and we no longer need the BBC and the rest of the irrelivent MSM anymore. Also BBC many of us no longer fund the BBC anymore either.


    • Oaknash says:


      Taqiyya in action?

      Just to add some fuel to the fire it. It appears that the Bohraa islamic sect were given first dibs over everyone else when it came to laying flowers. I suppose that the Emir of London is currently a little bit rattled that some of the adherents of the “Religion of Peace” have jumped the starting gun before Sharia May and friends have let enough reinforcements in, so that they can properly assert themselves nationally.

      Good to see our Quisling C of E religious leaders showing solidarity with the religion of Peace – pity they were not so interested in protesting about the wholesale destruction of Christians and Christianity across the middle East – I guess the photo opps are not so good

      Must be a bit frustrating for Beria Rudd and Theresa the Appeaser as they both seem more at home plotting against the likes of Tommy Robinson, Breitbart and normal concerned Englishmen. Rather than looking at the Muslim community. Still lets chuck a few more candles and teddies around and it will be back to business as usual, the snowflakes will just love it – hashtags and tears! – until the next time.

      I guess its all just part and parcel of living in a big City.


      • JosF says:


        I guess its all just part and parcel of living in a big City.

        Hmmm, They dont seem to have a problem with islamic thugery in places like Tokyo, Though I think it might have something to do with Tokyo and Japan having a near zero muslim infestation


  6. NISA says:


    The BBC must be betting that May will not be in a powerful position come Friday