Cherchez la femme


Snow – “Yo man, I caught your set at Glasto, epic brother, stone cold, I dig your act dude, the way you stuck it to those Tory squares was rad.”

Corbyn – “Respect Jon, respect, the way you don’t stand for no Tory jive is badass cuz.”

Woman – “You’re 69 and you’re 68, you’re both privileged, you work for a state owned broadcaster and you’ve been an MP since 1983, you’ve not antiestablishment, you are establishment, grow the fuck up.”


Looking at the irreverent and highly amusing comments about Jon Snow on Guido and I saw this….



The BBC usually tries to hide such facts and always manages to find a ‘refugee’ woman and a child to photograph instead, except not always…….sometimes ‘all men’ must be highlighted and condemned not hidden……especially when JK Rowling speaks out…’s very bad…bigly..

A group of men standing around a desk: it is not the typical image that goes viral online.

The photograph in question was taken on US President Donald Trump’s first day in the Oval Office on Monday, when he signed a ban on federal money going to international groups that perform or provide information on abortions.

“Men making decisions about women’s bodies” was a much-repeated phrase on Twitter, as it was shared hundreds of thousands of times, including by author JK Rowling.

US President Donald Trump signing executive orders in the Oval Office


Macro Macron story



May’s refusal to join the TV circus debate with the various other party leaders was the BBC’s top story for, well, forever just about.  It was big news.

Contrast the story that the BBC’s latest hero, Macron, has refused to do a Q&A because his thought processes are too complex…

“complex thought process lends itself badly to the game of question-and-answer with journalists”

Frontpage news on the BBC?…or not…how about ‘world news’….emm….nope….Europe?….aah yes……a small story tucked away on that page…. can you spot it…the fact that Junckers doesn’t own a mobile phone is bigger news….


What does hit the BBC frontpage?  The apparently favourable reaction to Macron’s official portrait…’s a ‘must see’….

The BBC gives it a favourable press…compare that with how it reported Trump and Melania’s portraits….sneering and carping nonsense…

For Prof Nicole Dahmen from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, “Melania Trump’s first official portrait embodies the excessive wealth and reality star celebrity of the Trump White House”.

She believes this photograph moves the administration “even further from the truth and substance of middle America”.

Many people have discussed the kinds of digital manipulation the image may have undergone.

“The obvious airbrushing in the photo can also be seen as a parallel to the Trump administration’s use of lies and ‘alternative facts’,” says Prof Dahmen.

“The portrait is a construction of reality – not actual reality.”


Iron clad news


So the BBC says it has discovered documents that show Grenfell Tower’s proposed cladding was changed from Zinc to aluminium…the BBC are sensationalising this and hyping the suggestion that this caused the fire disaster at the tower because the aluminium cladding was less fire retardant than the zinc…or was it?

The BBC have given us three different versions of just how fire retardant the two claddings were…one is that the zinc cladding was more fire retardant…two, that they were in fact the same…and three no comment other than to say zinc was replaced by aluminium.

Documents show the zinc cladding originally proposed was replaced with an aluminium type, which was less fire resistant, saving nearly £300,000.

The cladding is thought to have contributed to the spread of the fire that killed at least 80 people.

Oh but hang on…..

Despite their differences, both types of cladding have the same official fire rating.

How can one be less fire resistant and yet have the same fire rating?  Anyone  who was going to use the panels would go by the fire rating….so they would judge there was no extra fire risk changing to aluminium…so there’s in fact no story here of ‘guilt’.

The zinc panels, if they come from the same people who make the aluminium panels, apparently ‘Reynobond’, would have a fire resistant core…

ZCM Only Available with FR Core The melting point for the titanium zinc alloy used in ZCM is 418 C (784 F). Therefore, ACM [sic…ZCM?] is only available with our “FR” fire-resistant core. This is necessary in order to pass ASTM E84 Steiner Tunnel Tests for flame spread and smoke generated. With the extra security of the FR Core, ZCM passes most common building code requirements.

What the BBC are insinuating is that the change was a piece of reckless money saving that was implemented regardless of risk…and yet that is pure supposition as they do not know the decision process nor how those who made the decision understood the fire standards….as the BBC admits the two panels have the same fire rating….how would someone making that decision know any different?

The BBC tells us, as it has for days, that the cladding has failed the recent government tests…

Police investigating the disaster have said the tower’s cladding has subsequently failed safety tests.

….but doesn’t tell us that the tests are more stringent than the ones that were necessary to pass building regulations…..which presumably the cladding did originally pass.

The BBC are being extremely irresponsible in hyping and sensationalising this story in the way it does knowing full well that its nuances, such as the fire ratings, will pass most people by, certainly those with an axe to grind, and that in such an emotive and angry atmosphere this could lead to that anger being exploited by the various hard-left groups hijacking this issue working to start riots and disturbances.



Holier than thou

Pope Francis calls abortion ‘horrendous crime’ and ‘very grave sin’


The blessed Frau Merkel has voted against same-sex marriage….but the BBC does not think she is backward and unpleasant as they do the DUP…in fact they think that ‘she will go down in history as the Chancellor who made it possible’ [to have same sex marriage]…despite voting against it.  Gotta love the BBC.

Oh look…the DUP are against abortion, as are Sinn Fein and indeed most of Ireland…..and yet it is the DUP who get the abuse…today Emma Barnett wanted to know how a Tory could contemplate an alliance with such party as the  DUP which is clearly beyond the civilised pale...and yet…

A 2008 parliamentary move to extend the 1967 act to Northern Ireland was blocked by then-Leader of the Commons Harriet Harman. At the time the government said it feared the existing UK abortion laws could have been threatened in the House of Lords as a result had the vote passed. But there was speculation that the Labour government had struck a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to leave the abortion laws intact in return for their support for its plans to detain terrorism suspects without charge for 42 days.

Oh look again!!!…

Pope Francis calls abortion ‘horrendous crime’ and ‘very grave sin’

Often faulted by critics as not being sufficiently clear when it comes to the Church’s negative judgment on abortion, Pope Francis on Sunday couldn’t have been more firm in calling it a “very grave sin” and a “horrendous crime.”

“I was thinking on the attitude of sending the kids back before they’re born, this horrendous crime, they send them back because it’s better like that, because it’s more comfortable, it’s a great responsibility- a very grave sin,” Francis said.

And what about same-sex marriage Popey old fellow?

Pope Francis offers hope to divorced Catholics, says no to gay marriage

Whhhaaaat?  The Pope is against gay marriage and abortion and craps in the woods….no utter condemnation, vilification and demonisation from the BBC?

Just what is it about the Loyalist DUP that the BBC hates so much?  Maybe if they killed as many innocent men, women and children like Sinn Fein’s brothers in arms, the IRA, did the BBC would celebrate the DUP as they do the IRA or indeed Muslim terrorists [no doubt also against gay marriage and abortion] whom the BBC declare will one day, in that rewritten BBC history where Merkel is a gay marriage heroine, are to be thought of in the same light as Churchill, Mandela and Ghandi with their revolutionary thinking and courageous and bold stand against an oppressive western liberal mentality that er…forces them to accept gay marriage and abortions!


What is the right punishment for blasphemy? Tweet with what you think using the hashtag


The BBC also targeted George Bush and Trump for their stance on abortion….kind of forming a pattern here…right-wing, conservative and you oppose abortion…evil, backward and unpleasant…..left-wing and oppose abortion?….you’re conflicted, you want to change but are trapped by custom, tradition and a system set against you…and whatever…you’re left-wing and we at the BBC will support you whatever.

The BBC loves this guy….despite his ‘social conservatism’……

‘I’d like to write a piece for the Mail making the left-wing case against abortion, or a piece on why marriage should be a Labour value, and not just a Conservative one. My own unabashed social conservatism on such issues derives from my Islamic faith.’

What a difference 3 years makes





That Big Shining Lie



Islamic terrorism, radicalisation, extremism?  Nothing to do with Islam.  All to do with Western foreign policy and domestic issues such as Islamophobia, discrimination, marginalisation, joblessness, alienation and disaffection within the Muslim community.

Newsnight should know better as it uses a Muslim journalist to tell us her thoughts on why people join ISIS.  Funnily enough she tells us it has nothing to do with her religion, it is all to do with Western foreign policy and our society’s failure to make Muslims feel welcome.

Newsnight does not ask what it is about Western society that Muslims find difficulty in coping with…but it clearly insinuated that it is our, the non-Muslims’, fault.  So why does ‘foreign policy’ so upset Muslims?….Newsnight doesn’t ask because to do so would show that this radicalisation is based upon Muslim ‘racism’ and supremacy…ie Western countries are non-Muslim therefore Islam and Muslims are under attack if those Western countries intervene in ‘Muslim’ countries….Muslims are obliged by their religion to defend Islam…thus they are doing their religious duty by joining ISIS….thus it has all to do with Religion and ‘racism’ of Muslims who identify first as Muslim and, maybe, only later as ‘British’.   Their loyalty is to Islam…no wonder Newsnight avoids the issue.

Once again the BBC blames the West for what is a ‘Muslim’ issue created by a religious ideology that, as Mohammed said, wants to see Islam reign supreme.  Politicians and Media need to start waking up to that fact and that there are people out there who fully intend for that to happen whether by force of arms or force of demographics.




That Old Productivity Puzzle


The BBC has spent the last 7 years chuntering on about the ‘productivity puzzle’…it just couldn’t work out why British firms were so unproductive despite the answer being fairly obvious as employment zoomed on ever upwards and wages stagnated.  The BBC’s attack on productivity was of course part of its campaign against austerity which it wanted to blame for what it saw as economic sloth.

so what is the basic reason for lack of productivity?  Mass immigration  of cheap labour into Britain that meant firms didn’t ave to invest in upskilling their workfore or in new technology.  Newsnight admits this…but manages to avoid the word immigration throughout a 5 minute interview…

Wages could be higher, productivity could be higher…and of course, unsaid, queues for housing, the NHS, schools and services could be much shorter….if we didn’t have so much immigration….

Once again the BBC damages Britain


The BBC has set its hat at destroying Brexit and undermining the British side’s negotiations whilst promoting the EU’s but the BBC damages British interests and democracy in so many other ways, in particular by its arrogant presumption that it knows what is best for the country and that politicians must follow its prescriptions, or else.  Just one small example is how it treats the prospective Trump state visit to Britain…the BBC’s default position is that this is a bad thing, it shouldn’t happen…how many times have you heard a BBC presenter harangue a Tory minister demanding to know why Trump is being allowed into the country?

Now Trump has decided to head to France first, maybe instead of.

Who can blame him…and a bit of a triumph for Macron despite his differences with Trump.  Once again the BBC helps to pull us down.



Anus Horriblis


John Simpson, the Liberator of Kabul, has had a bad year, the worst of his life he tells us.  Not sure why after all terrorism has been worse under the IRA, the economy is purring along nicely whatever the BBC tells us, industrial strife is limited despite Corbyn and Co’s attempts to bring the country to a grinding halt and their ‘day of rage’ turned out to be a couple of hundred useful idiots rather than the million the shadow chancellor wanted to  storm Downing Street with.  Trump’s in the White House but that could hardly impinge upon Simpson’s world to any great extent.  Maybe it’s that mortally wounded Prime Minister…is she?  That’s the BBC narrative as they want to see her deposed in order to trigger another election but she seemed pretty much in control during PMQs and who is there to replace her?  She may well survive however many times the BBC brings on Ken Clarke, Phillip Hammond or Michael Heseltine to undermine her…If I was May I’d sack Remainer Hammond and show who is boss and put the frighteners on the rest…he has consistently tried to stitch her up…maybe even his budget cock-up was deliberate and meant to embarrass her…how could he not know that the Tories had promised not to raise taxes?

Back to Simpson….so that leaves what?  Brexit?  If that is why he has had a bad year, the worst of his life, then we can safely assume he is a Remainer whatever he tries to spin.  Typically he portrays Brexit as a disaster, a leap in the dark…and yet he has no idea what tying ourselves to the EU would bring…it is as much a leap in the dark as Brexit as the EU economy and structure remain unstable, mass migration brings political and eventually military conflict, and internal differences within the EU cause potentially huge ruptures.

Simpson is disingenuous when he says…

I was taken completely by surprise at the end of last week when a comment I jotted down received thousands of Likes and retweets. “It’s a year since Jo Cox was murdered,” I wrote: “the worst year for Britain in my lifetime. We badly need a return to Jo’s concept of moderation now.”  Fairly anodyne, you would have thought, but it seems to have touched a nerve.

Simpson must know that ‘Jo Cox’ plus some worthy if pretty meaningless sentiments will grab attention and result in a flood of ‘Princess Di’ emoting.

He goes on…

If any further evidence of neuroticism is needed, there is the longing that people have to be enfolded in the arms of a comforting authority figure.

Only to say….

It’s a bad sign when countries feel that they need an individual to sort them out. It’s because of its system, based on openness, inclusiveness and the rule of law, that Britain has grown strong and wealthy. Jo Cox said in her maiden speech in June 2015: “While we celebrate our diversity, what surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

For someone who despises ‘cult figures’ rising up to save the nation he seems more than ready to hold up Jo Cox as the ‘mother of the nation’ whose every word, value and belief we must live by.  Let’s be honest, however nice she was, she was a left-wing MP whose politicial philosophy was made up of easy to say, emotive, lazy, liberal-crowd pleasing sentiments about immigrants, asylum seekers and war.  Hardly the stuff of legend….it’s the same stuff Corbyn has been peddling for decades and the BBC has filled the airwaves with.

Simpson tells us of his other worry…

There’s a newly hysterical tone in British society, which had always seemed so reassuringly reliable and sensible. The crowd that stormed Kensington Town Hall as though it were the Bastille or the Winter Palace mistook a man in a suit for a Tory councillor and beat him up. It transpired that he was an outside contractor who had spent much of the week helping the Grenfell Tower victims.

Above all, what was until recently the world’s fifth-largest economy has suddenly found itself on the edge of a trapdoor in the dark. “Back to the Thirties”, some people are saying.

Who has whipped up that ‘hysterical tone’?  The BBC has done all it can to portray Britain as broken and divided after Brexit, a nation that has become ‘nastier and more racist’ #duetobrexit, as well as promoting the splitting up of the UK with uncritical platforms given to Strugeon to spout her spiel about democracy and the will of the Scottish people…despite the SNP riding roughshod over democracy and the Brexit referendum not being regional but a British vote…and the Scots voted to stay in Britain.

Who else has helped to whip up that ‘hysterical tone’?  Corbyn and his stormtroopers…when the BBC talks about a return to the thirties it means the rise of the Far-Right but it is in fact the rise of Corbyn and his street thugs who most resemble a return to the thirties with both online abuse and intimidation and actual street violence and threats to Corbyn’s opponents…never mind the leader, the shadow Chancellor and the shadow Home Secretary all have records that would suggest they are unfit for Office in light of their willingness to cheerlead for murder and terrorism.  And we won’t mention the anti-Semitism.

Simpson ends with this..

We’ve never had more need of calmness than now.

I suggest he calm down and then have a word with his colleagues who seem to be doing all they can to destabilise and undermine May, cause another election and to thwart Brexit….the result of which might be far worse than whatever Simpson thinks Brexit might bring.  And another election with Corbyn possibly slipping into No10 would be something that Putin could only dream of.  No need to hack an election when you have the BBC doing the work for you.



Inflating Inflation


The BBC is scaremongering hard about inflation and the dread ‘cost of living’ rise that we are supposedly suffering under #duetobrexit.

Trouble is inflation is not much above the average and it’s been much higher as a standard in the past…


The average rate of inflation has been 2.58% since 1989……

Consumer prices in the United Kingdom increased 2.9 percent year-on-year in May of 2017, higher than 2.7 percent in April and above market expectations of 2.7 percent. It is the biggest inflation rate since June of 2013, driven by cost of games, toys, holidays abroad, food, clothing and electricity. Inflation Rate in the United Kingdom averaged 2.58 percent from 1989 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 8.50 percent in April of 1991 and a record low of -0.10 percent in April of 2015.

So how is it now that the BBC is being so alarmist about inflation?….it is rising from a record and very unusual low to more the norm..and yet the BBC is claiming the economy is about to go into reverse as consumers panic and stop buying things due to the ‘high’ inflation.  This is pure anti-Brexit black propaganda from the BBC.

When inflation was falling to that low the BBC was telling us what a problem low inflation is….all change now…’high’ inflation is the problem.

The BBC paradoxically has for years been keen for interest rates to rise, always pressing their guests to say when they should happen.  There is nothing more likely to ruin the ‘consumer’s’ day than an interest rate rise as their mortage rates go up and they end up paying huge amounts more per month for what is essentially a central banker’s whim…and note….the consumer spending is optional, a mortgage rise is not…pay up or you’re homeless….if that isn’t just another form of inflation then what is?  Seems a daft way to curb consumer spending by making them penniless or even homeless….what’s better…spending on goods and services and enjoying those or just handing the money over to the bankers? Either way it is spending.


Keep taking the pills Jeremy

Gotta laugh at Corbyn.  May thought she would have a majority before the election, Corbyn thinks he has one after it and that he is actually the PM.

Corbyn caught out in another lie as he denies telling Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis that he would scrap Trident as soon as he was PM….can we trust a word this man says?  The same man who lied about shoot-to-kill and then lied to Peston in an interview about this whole episode claiming he was talking about the 1980s when it was clear he was saying shoot-to-kill would be a problem for him even in a Paris attack type situation.   The BBC Trust got that entirely wrong.

Emma Barnett did raise the issue when interviewing a Labour MP today but it seems to be missing from the BBC website…how can that be?  Surely a major issue for Labour and yet the BBC news website doesn’t report this latest twist especially as it ‘confirms’ suspicions about Corbyn’s likely position should he ever manage to get into No10.

If it had been May it would have been frontpage news just as all her ‘u-turns’ were…and just as Corbyn’s own massive u-turns on his principles that he had held for decades but suddenly ditched for the election went unmentioned.

Note how the BBC plays down McDonnell’s ‘Murder’ comment and in fact gives it credibility by constantly repeating his words without criticism whilst suggesting his narrative was correct.

Note also how the BBC makes nothing at all of the tide of abuse, intimidation , threats, fake news and misinformation flooding out from Corbyn supporters.  This is the BBC that was obsessed with unearthing ‘fake news’ and presented itself as the gold standard against which you could judge all other news or information….of course the fake news the BBC was intent on unearthing and exposing was  ‘right-wing’ fake news.  Corbyn’s supporters can rest easy in their beds, no BBC internet guardians will be reporting them to their bosses….despite having the number for Labour HQ.



Hurry up and die you stupid Brexiteers


The British Social Attitudes survey has been released and the BBC quickly reported its highlights this morning on the radio…people want to pay more tax [so supporting Corbyn’s narrative] and more people are accepting of same-sex marriages [sotake that you bigoted dinosaurs of the DUP!].

What didn’t I hear?

76% of people said the UK should leave the EU or that if it stays the EU’s powers should be reduced, up from 65% in 2015

Strange omission by the BBC…one of the most pressing issues and surely one that we need to know what the public think as the Remainders keep telling us we don’t know…and the voters don’t know what they voted for….but now we do know…76% want to leave the EU.

As usual the BBC tries to spin this as the ‘highly educated’, and you’re supposed to interpret that as the ‘more intelligent’ than the less educated which just isn’t true, and the young all wanting to remain…

The research – carried out in the months after last year’s EU referendum – suggested that views on immigration had become more polarised, with the young and highly educated more likely to believe that immigration was good for the economy, while older people and non-graduates were more likely to say it was bad.

Curiously the BBC didn’t report the last figures that suggested the vast majority wanted to get in with Brexit and that included many of those who voted Remain.

New poll suggests more than two thirds of people ‘now support Brexit’

A total of 68 per cent of respondents would like to see Britain withdraw from the EU, the latest YouGov figures show. 

Some 45 per cent said they were Eurosceptics, while 22 per cent said they wanted the Government to ignore June’s election result. 

A total of 23 per cent – described as “Re-Leavers” – said that they voted Remain last year, but now believe the government has a duty to carry out the will of the British people.


Is it coincidence that the BBC keeps dodging making such information highly visible?  Could it be that such data undermines their narrative that there has been a massive flip-flop and no one wants Brexit now?  Certainly that’s what the BBC propaganda machine is trying to engineer as it pumps out a continuous stream of doom-laden stories about the economy and the negotiations…most false or the BBC’s own unique interpretation of the facts.



That…er…’Muslim Ban’


Remember that Muslim ban that Trump was supposed to have introduced despite most Muslim countries being free to send their citizens to the US and that the countries chosen for the ban were picked out as countries of concern by the Obama administration….now just a ‘travel ban’….

Big win for Trump and his travel ban

Although the Supreme Court left parts of the lower-court-ordered suspension of his travel ban intact, and agreed to consider the merits of the case in October, a considerable portion of it can now go into effect.

The path to entry into the US for immigrants and refugees from the affected nations, if they don’t have existing ties to the US – either through family, schools or employment – just became considerably harder.

Unlike the lower court judges, the Supreme Court justices set aside concerns that the travel ban amounted to unconstitutional religious discrimination by focusing exclusively on countries with majority Muslim population.

They paid no heed to Mr Trump’s sometimes controversial statements and tweets or comments by his surrogates and staffers as to the motivation behind the immigration measures.

Instead it was all about the justices’ interpretations of current law and an affirmation of presidential authority.

Like the BBC’s elusive choice of wording…the court ‘set aside concerns’ that the travel ban was religiously based…that suggests they just ignored the issue…but that’s not likely is it?  The reality is that the ban was not a ban on Muslims because they were ‘Muslim’ and the court recognised this.  The Left’s big lie has been caught out and the politicisation of the lower courts revealed.

You get the impression Zurcher is choking on his words as he typed his report.   Months of BBC reporting shown to be bollocks.  Can we have a refund?