Interesting to observe the BBC swing in the breeze trying to santise Corbyn’s long association with IRA supporters. Yesterday, on Ridge on Sunday over on Sky, Corbyn was afforded FIVE opportunities to unequivocally condemn IRA terrorism. He refused and instead went on to talk about “loyalist bombs” and “British army murders”. The Cornbyn line repeated in this article the BBC published makes much of Corbyn’s alleged contribution to the Peace Process. Isn’t it ODD how the BBC managed to overlook the view of Unionists and constitutional Nationalists…

Corbyn is an IRA supporter and a fantasist but the BBC has embarked on its own virtue cleansing programme to make him seem a kindly and benign figure.

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  1. foxcote7822 says:

    The only members of the army Jeremy talked to wore black balaclavas and fired Ak47s who murdered innocent men women and children


  2. Rob in Cheshire says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is the epitome of a useful idiot. Sinn Fein IRA would have despised him, even as they found him useful in the furtherance of their cause.


    • ID says:

      Benn and Corbyn supported the IRA because they all saw the conflict in Northern Ireland from a classic Marxist “anti-imperialist, anti-coloniast struggle” point of view. The British state was, of course, the enemy and oppressor. The Hackney Hippo’s unpleasant remarks about the British state all flow from the shared Marxist ideology. Whatever happened to innocent British citizens, or even Dutch citizens caught in the crossfire as the IRA’s activities extended to murdering British troops in Europe, would be of no concern to them. I read this analysis of the political situation in Northern Ireland many times in the Pravda in the 70s. A bourgeois concept like loyalty to Britain is entirely alien to people of this type. I was quite surprised some years ago when Mo Mowlam voted for Winston Churchil in a BBC Briton of the Century poll as the party line was always that Churchill was a “war monger and imperialist” By “party line” I mean, of course, the line adopted straight from Moscow, repeated often in the Soviet press.


      • taffman says:

        The IRA planted bombs to kill , to kill anyone including civilians and babies . Terrorists .
        Simples .
        British troops were peace keepers .


  3. TruthSeeker says:

    Who did Labour have advising them until recently?
    Seumas Milne.
    A real Paddy lover with a proper Paddy name. A real Marxist who has a picture of Uncle Joe on the wall. A real Leninist who not only does not condemn mass murder, but offers “you cannot make an omelette . . .” justifications.

    Digression, Wikipedia. Remember Wikipedia?
    Wikipedia with its unbreakable “pillars”.

    One of which is its purported “Neutral Point of View” NPOV.
    I have wasted days on various “talk” pages, explaining to fanatical Wikipedians that this NPOV is philosophical nonsense. That having a NPOV is having a point of view which not neutral.

    Not that Wikipedia practises what it preaches, it contines to push its own NPOV, anti Christianity, pro Islam, anti Western, Marxist bilge, whenever, and wherever it can. With a holier than thou superior attitude which is totally unjustified.

    Wikipedia talk pages are full of its policy of assuming good faith in editors.
    Even though hortatory statements about this good faith abound in lala Wikiland, in reality the editors have no intention of acting in good faith, are determined that the pre-determined party voice shall be the only one allowed the light of day.

    Wikipedia has many articles on Conspiracy theories.
    Which articles continue to denounce Conspiracy theories to avoid them being investigated by its readers.
    Whilst Wikipedia takes an active part in the real conspiracy, mentioned above.

    From Wikipedia last week.
    “Wikimedia 2030. Discuss 5 main topics and help plan the future of our movement.”
    “Our Movement”, Uncle Joe would have ensured everybody applauded.

    The BBBC spellchecker is not working.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      And-as you`ll know Truth Seeker-Seamus Milneis the son of former BBC Director General Alastair Milne-a big noise in getting Channel 4 off the ground I think too( or was that Jeremy Isaacs?). Too many Jeremys and Alastairs back then too, so it seems


  4. Englands Dreaming says:

    Corbyn is sometimes compared to Michael Foot, this is grossly unfair on Foot; although I disagreed strongly with Foot’s political views he was, compared to Corbyn, a descent and honourable man. Corbyn wanted peace so much for Northern Ireland, that he voted against the NI Anglo Irish peace agreement. A vile man.


  5. Guest Who says:

    All political campaigning has been paused which, depending on activist (and, bizarrely, elected leadership) logic, either plays into the hands of a PM who did not tweet ‘thoughts and prayers’ soon enough to match Corbyn’s reaction times, is something else to get used to, or won’t change anything. Well, except the progress of an election.

    The people of the country, and especially the children, deserve better than the tip-toeing, opportunistic minnows of the current politico media establishment.

    Speaking of Jeremy, and the BBC, the timing of this latest atrocity, and its manner, and its target, already appears to be creating serious dilemmas of what to mention, what to decry, and what not.

    Maybe Mishal Husain has a chart of what is for the best?


  6. Payne by name says:

    It is amazing. I’m sure in one of the previous GE’s seeing reports of Cameron holding or being associated with an anti Mandela placard from his early youth but with Corbyn nobody in the MSM wants to look into his past.

    He was the definition of ‘loony left’ from the 80’s and should be ripe for criticism and mockery. But ultimately he aligned himself with an organisation that believed in violence against innocents to achieve their aims. Hell, they even tried to assassinate the democratically elected of this country and he still didn’t think that made the IRA too toxic for him to be associated with.

    What possible insight could Corbyn have about the Manchester attack given he doesn’t like condoning terrorist groups committing bomb attacks.


  7. ScottishCalvin says:

    My cartoon for the week on this very topic, sadly a few days earlier than I’d like, following today’s news