The Red Dawn Chorus


Interesting to hear one of my concerns about the BBC’s manipulation of the news agenda confirmed today as the BBC interviewed a Tory supporter who said he would vote Tory as they’d provide that ‘strong and stable’ government…he then became embarrassed and apologised for using the phrase..before adding though that that is precisely what we do need.

The fact that he was embarrassed to use the phrase shows how powerful and intimidating the BBC’s brainwashing is.  As soon as the Tories came out with the phrase ‘strong and stable’ the BBC began to attack it, mocking and ridiculing it and its use…in a way that they have never once done for Labour’s ‘for the many not the few’…a phrase stolen from Blair and used by the LibDems in 2010….nor has the BBC raised an eyebrow to the repeated uses of the assertion that Labour policies are the result of a ‘democratic process’ or that Labour is a ‘democratic party’…repeated again and again in the same interviews.

The BBC knows Corbyn is seen as disorganised, weak and incoherent economically so they set out to destroy the Tory message that they represent the only alternative…providing in contrast a strong and stable government.

They seem to have done that successfully…I even heard a Tory minister have to laugh off using the phrase….it shows the power of the BBC to create that toxicity so fast and so widespread that people self-censor themselves now and hesitate to use the Tory slogan.

The BBC must be very pleased the cunning plan worked out so well.



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29 Responses to The Red Dawn Chorus

  1. Guest Who says:

    The BBC mocking people’s use of language is very… brave….


  2. Guest Who says:

    This is the BBC News:


    Why is Jeremy Corbyn such a hit with some of the UK’s hottest new music stars? #GE2017


    No, really, it actually is.


  3. ScottishCalvin says:

    For once we should embrace the BBC though!

    They’ve made Brexit the sole issue anyone cares about and thus encouraged 52% of the electorate towards the Conservatives/UKIP. I imagine some committee misguidedly thought they’d be able to nudge/police the populace towards a grand anti-Brexit coalition* come June

    My cartoon take on the election so far

    (*of the c**p)


    • foxcote7822 says:

      Aye they’ll be taking all the credit a few years down the line ..just like they are with the Rochdale child sex ring


      • ScottishCalvin says:

        If in four or five years the BBC put out some sort of programme that concluded that Brexit had been economically beneficial for the country as well as socially acceptable (aka lauded) then I’d almost be tempted to pay a license fee!


        • foxcote7822 says:

          The licence fee will probably be scrapped by then! but a good thought nevertheless …


    • lojolondon says:

      You make a very good point, Calvin – enjoying your videos too – good luck!


  4. Manxman says:

    They wont be around to re-write history in 5 yrs time, they will be broken up and pay-walled.
    They wont be publicly funded in less than 5 weeks time.
    She may not give us the Brexit we want, but she will cut the bbc’s head off first thing, you just watch, they cannot hurt her in her first year or so as they wither for 12/18 months as their 4 billion dries up.


  5. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    The influence the so-called bbc once had is waning. They are too arrogant to see it just yet, but one day it may get through their thick skulls.
    They ‘lost’ the 2015 GE, ‘lost’ the EU referendum, ‘lost’ the Trump presidency election, and they will ‘lose’ the 2017 GE.
    Lets just hope that after the GE, they are abolished forever.
    Mind you, with most of the broadcast media singing from the same hymnsheet, hopes for the future remain slim.
    One adores the memories of Dimblebores sick as a parrot face on several occasions, notable when the exit poll result came in on his 2015 GE programme, and the sunderland result appeared in the referendum.
    Oh the joy to see his sick expression.


    • GCooper says:

      I would like to be that optimistic, I really would. However, the day to day contact I have with people suggests to me that the majority still get their news from this polluted stream.

      I agree about the rest of the media, though. Take Sky, LBC and Classic FM as examples – can anyone really discern any difference in their Left-biased news output?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Realistically, where else is there to get broadcast news? I’m afraid the BBC is still my first port of call when checking up on what’s going on. The licence fee allows it to straddle UK broadcast media like the Colossus of Rhodes, meaning its output totally eclipses that of other broadcasters. There’s more to be found on the web, to be sure, but the BBC is still a huge presence and I tend to check their website then see what take others have on a story – frequently to find the BBC has been somewhat selective in its reporting.

        That huge media presence may partly explain why Sky & ITV follow the BBC lead (the sneer level the other night on ITV News regarding Trump’s claims of bad treatment eclipsed anything I’d seen on the BBC). But it seems to me that American media has the same problem without needing the BBC, so it’s not the whole story.


        • Amounderness Lad says:

          The only reason I listen to the bBBC News is for much the same reason my parents and grandparents used to listen to Lord Haw Haw.

          It is not to find out what is really happening either in Britain or in the rest of the World but, because once you have accepted it is nothing more than the bBBC’s propaganda version of what they would like to believe is happening, it becomes the best comedy output that the bBBC has produced in years.

          My immediate instinct after having listened to the bBBC’s output, especially if it is on a matter of some importance, is to check round as many other news outlets as possible, preferably those the bBBC scorn, mock or ridicule, to find out what the reality is.

          Just like with the bBBC of today the only people who believed Lord Haw Haw’s output were those who were desperate to believe it as being the truth even when all the facts and outcomes obviously said otherwise.


  6. Dave S says:

    We concentrate on the BBC’s bias but what is going to finish it off is the new technology. Why do you thnk they are so desperate for money from I Player ? It will buy them a little time but the only way the BBc can survive is to follow the Netflix/Skymodel . Why do they so hate Murdoch? Nothing to do with anything but the threat his model poses to the BBc.
    It is just Like British Leyland. A hotch potch of poor quality majority products with an occasional good one. Not enough to survive in 2017..Contrast this with Netflix.
    All the BBc has going for it is this crazy licence fee on owning a TV. It is not enough and they know it. They have more of a chance with radio but it is TV that chews up the money and is so very poor now.


    • GCooper says:

      I suspect you are right. Governments will be too timid to tackle the BBC but technology might catch the old lady napping.


  7. Guest Who says:

    The BBC daily summary continues to deliver comedy gold:


    By Justin Parkinson (assume no relation)

    Police ‘not properly vetted’

    Story detail

    They’re in place to ensure police are fit to serve, but a BBC investigation finds that thousands of officers haven’t undergone the latest background checks. A Freedom of Information request found that in one force – Northumbria – nine out of ten hadn’t been vetted in line with current policy.

    The checks, which can take several months, look at officers’ finances, employment history and family associations, and include a search for any convictions. The National Police Chiefs’ Council says forces are “working hard to reduce any backlog” .

    A few gems to savour.

    Firstly, this is the BBC getting excited about information provided by an FOI. This being the BBC that refuses to provide any information, on anything almost(settle back, Maxi) every time.

    And for the BBC to get excited at all, on vetting, when anything, from its output to internal workings, fell under the Trust, and now falls under the Trust’s retirement home OFCOM, meaning secret, redactions, etc, or at best a forgetful Pollard inquiry, is simply laughable.

    That said, the Youtube of a Rainbow Warrior Police Inspector in full his vis, no stab (below the best and above donut gut) vest and baseball beanie being interviewed by Susannah and Piers and having ZERO clue on the actual law of incarceration, was a concern.

    I wonder if he was one of those hapless beat bobbies who kept turning up in TVL videos not knowing if they had a right to even be there at all, but happy to be muscle for the Capita goons in jeans and a C&A hoodie.


  8. Shapster says:

    I don’t disagree in principle with comments on these boards about shutting down the BBC because of it’s nasty sneering left wing bias – it’s beyond a joke, utterly infuriating and patronising in the extreme.

    But in my mind I compare the BBC to a beautiful old house which has been wrenched from it’s owners control by filthy disrespectful squatters….no right to be there and no intention of caring for the building.
    In such an instance, the answer would not be to bulldoze the building but to smash the inhabitants to pieces instead.

    Isn’t there a way to keep what was once such a globally respected and loved organisation, restore it to it’s former unbiased self by kicking out the a$$holes who have crept in like a virus these last years? I would gladly pay my license fee to support such an organisation..


    • GCooper says:

      The problem with repopulating the BBC is that since further education became the property of Leftists, the people who might usually be expected to become useful broadcasters (not only journalists but broadcasters of all kinds) are very largely brainwashed. You would, in effect, end-up with more or less what we have now.

      While the same people also end-up working for Sky, LBC etc, none of those organisations has a monopoly and there is at least a chance that an alternative viewpoint might sneak in every now and then.

      Like you, I once cherished the BBC. Now, I would light the first match.


      • Shapster says:

        Sad to say that I have to agree with you GC and all the others who explained to me how wrong I was in my previous comment! The left wing rot has crept in so deep that to set about consciously changing the BBC culture would be impossible…a shut down is the only way.

        Realistically though, a switching off of the lights at the Beeb isn’t looking likely, or even a serious shake up so I’m taking some comfort from the emerging idea that conservative thought – the pragmatic world view typical of most posters on this site – is beginning to take hold amongst the young. Paul Joseph Watson explains it with enjoyable vitriol in his rant on YouTube: conservatism is the new cool.
        How sweet it will be to see up coming generations tire of the leftist [email protected] we presently endure and bit by bit force common sense to prevail.


    • Heisenberg says:

      Shapster, I do have sympathy for your view as I also loved the BBC once upon a time. But if this restoration of the BBC were ever going to take place it needed to happen at least 20 years ago. Before the notorious Question Time two days after 9/11, and before the Kate Adey report of the American bombing of Tripoli which told the story entirely from Gadaffi’s point of view. It has been allowed to become so rotten to the core that it is beyond redemption.


  9. JosF says:


    Sorry Shapster……. but here in the real real world the concept of state owned propaganda outlets like the BBC is a concept that should have been strangled at birth, The BBC became obsolete back in 1955 when we got ITV, The BBC became even further obsolete in the 1960’s with the advent of the likes of Radio Caroline, Radio London, Radio RNI etc along with Radio Luxemberg. In the 1970s I stuck with Radio Caroline and Radio Luxemberg, In the 1980s I stuck with the reborn Radio Caroline, and the New Radio Lazer 558 and the other commercial stations. The BBC was not only obsolete but had also become irrelevant with the dawning of multi-channel cable and sattelite. Now with the internet, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and similar giving us a myriad of choices the BBC is beyond irrelevance and long obsolete. Sorry but if the BBC was a house it is long overdue for the bulldozers………..And that is before you get to the joke that is the BBC news and current affairs along with the low grade journalism that pervades the BBC news and current affairs , And dont get me started on the BBC and its pro-EU, pro-rapeugee/imigrant, pro leftard, pro islam agenda. Nope but sorry its time to flatten the BBC and start again this time with the BBC encrypted like sattelite and cable and those who want the BBC in their lives will subscribe to the BBC and pay their subscriptions leaving the rest of us to get on with our lives. And an encrypted and paid for by subscription BBC will learn to live within its means just like the rest of us have to do.


    • Steve Jones says:


      I agree with you entirely. The BBC is left-wing Nirvana. They get paid very well, have a secure job and everyone is forced to fund them. Those most likely to suffer the consequences of not paying their bit are the poorest. That is about as pure a practical implementation of socialism in its most hypocritical form as you will ever find.


    • taffman says:

      Sorry, just like Maxincony, its a ‘busted flush’.
      You pay for it by subscription if you want it. Personally, I would do the kindest thing and ‘have it put down.’


  10. JosF says:

    Here is another little BBC gem I found on Twitter { A more reliable source of news than the BBC } apparently if you post inappropriate { I can just imagine what that means ie pointing out the truth and facts about the EU, leftards, islam, so-called refugees and similar }messages on BBC bulletin board then the BBC could report you to the authorities, your boss and similar. George Orwell worked for the BBC, The BBC is George Orwell’s 1984 running late. The BBC Big Brother is watching you. According to the BBC War is peace, Lies are truth and strength is friendship.


  11. CranbrookPhil says:

    I agree with Sharpster. I only listen to Radios 3 & 4. Radio 4 is very tedious most of the time & Radio 3 is excellent. What I do like in both is the lack of being barked at by over-enthusiastic presenters as one finds on radio stations everywhere else. Also the lack of advertising on the BBC , though the trails on Radio 4 are pretty annoying.

    My gripe is the left bias in the news & current affairs programmes which, as a public national broadcaster, should have absolutely no place. Biasedbbc is doing a great job of indicating how rife this is, & I applaud it for this, I have no desire for the BBC as such to be got rid of & be just left with unpleasant noisy commercial stations, which, by being independant can show as much bias as they like, we would therefore have no excuses to grumble about bias.