It’s perfectly obvious that the Conservatives led by Theresa May are going to record a historic victory in June. The only question is just how big will the majority be? This is bad news for the BBC and in typical form it will now spend the next six weeks trying to undermine May and prop up the useless Corbyn and Farron. I note that Laura Kuenssberg has already been sneering about May’s “broken promises” and assuring us that the polls “will narrow” before Election Day. The one thing that is certain is that if you look to the BBC for fair and balanced media coverage of the Election you won’t get it. I REALLY wish that Theresa May would include an election pledge to remove the BBC License Tax. That would surely be a vote winner!

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  1. Demon says:

    I don’t think the landslide is a foregone conclusion. All we have to go by are the polls and they are notorious for being wrong. I would even suspect that they are adding to the Conservative support numbers because they have always underestimated it previously.

    I suspect May will win with a very slightly increased majority, particularly as the alliance of the alt-left parties: – Labour, “Liberal” “Democrat”, Green and National Socialists of Scotland and Wales will gerrymander many constituencies to try and beat Conservative candidates. I could even see it going the other way which would have Corbyn PM by default. It doesn’t bear thinking about.


    • G.W.F. says:


      I have to agree with you. May is not a winner, she has no observable character, she has a record of dismal failure as a Home Secretary, a failure to deport terrorists, failed to reduce immigration, and lives in a fantasy world where Islam is a great religion of peace. People are not attracted to May and it won’t require the BBC to undermine her.
      Corbyn and the thugs that will be out on the streets disrupting political meetings will enable her election victory, but it won’t be a landslide.

      Listen to Nigel. You can’t trust Treezer


      • Dave S says:

        The enemies of freedom will even countenance a Tory defeat in order to stop Brexit. We know just how determind and powerful these people are and if May cannot deliver what they want which is a so called soft brexit then she will have to fall on her sword.
        Much depends on Marine le Pen. France is the real heart of the EU and she far more than the ineffectual May is the real threat. If Marine wins then what happens here no longer matters much.
        That said if the worse happens and brexit is overturned then this country will become ungovernable. It is already in a pre revolutionary state ( that is the fightback against the PC marxists ) and far more polarised than even the left will admit. It is the cities against the shires. The old against the brainwashed young and free men against bodysnatched would be slaves. it is not going to end well whatever happens now.


      • Grant says:

        Who is this useless interviewer ?

        Can’t stand Treezer , but all the other leaders are worse.


        • NCBBC says:

          Another clueless lefty newswoman.

          But if T May gets a big majority, unless she does something about the BBC, like abolishing the TV tax, or privatising BBC, she will be just another clueless politician.


        • Moodswing6 says:

          Grant I agree with you entirely. That smug bitch. When she says You’ve tried 7 times, it’s not just the words and the immediate put down it’s the tone, the inflection. Disgusting attitude from her and disgusting approach. When Nigel answers this she says REALLY! I’ve paused the clip at 16 seconds and as she says it her eyes close. She’s horrible. It’s not just Muslim terrorists whose UK citizenship should be taken away!


          • Payne by name says:

            She couldn’t help pulling the old classic ‘you’re good friend Marine Le Pen’. It’s so tiresomely predictable just like they used to do with ‘your good friend Trump/Putin etc’.


            • NCBBC says:

              I would like to see this Laura K interview Marine. Marine made short shrift of Stephen Sackur.

              If she becomes president, I hope she is not the disappointment that Trump is proving to be. On every front, Trump is caving in, so he is beginning to appear as large male Hillary.


          • Grant says:


            Spot on , smug, arrogant, rude and pig ignorant. I mean her, not you. Nigel , as usual, keeps his cool. One of the things they hate about him is that he does not get riled. He just swats them away like flies.


            • JohnW says:

              Nigel is Mr. Cool – of that there is no doubt. However, I fear that during this election circus he will be pushed to the limit by arrogant and bad-mannered BBC presenters and he will have an Ilie Nastase moment!


            • Moodswing6 says:

              Grant, have we met before? Must have, you seem to know me very well. Can’t stop laughing. Maybe I’ve interviewed you……


              • Grant says:


                Not sure. The only interviews I have had in the UK were job interviews !


                • Moodswing6 says:

                  Am I right in reading that you depart very soon and also that you are a Scot. I was born in Glasgow then at 9 was sent to the colonies. My father was pissed off that I didn’t take to football so he thought the Australians might make a swimmer out of me. Instead at my first lesson at the Bondi Beach baths I screamed in fear. Although I suspect the real reason for the move was that my brother and I travelled free. Mum and dad paid £20. Take care, safe travels. Hope we can still have a banter. Best wishes Mood.


        • Dave S says:

          She was really poor and deserves dismissal. Nigel had to treat her like an inattentive child.


      • MiserableNow says:

        Although I like Farage and enjoy hearing his views. I can’t get to the end of that video clip you posted due to the sneering , sarcastic tone coming from the empty headed duck pout bitch ‘ interviewing’ him.


    • barry69 says:

      Demon the last Poll had the Conservatives on 46% and Labour on 24% and it is well known they always always over estimate Labour and always underestimate the Conservatives.


    • vesnadog says:

      “I don’t think the landslide is a foregone conclusion”

      I agree! I can see the teenagers not old enough to vote in the GE this time round doing a 24/7 brain-storming attack on those parents who voted leave!

      If you will a Facebook, Twitter “momentum” long haired pretty female GROUPIE kind of online seduction of our teens inspired by fools who work at the BBC such as, Norton, Attenborough, Cox, etc, etc In a word: Remoaners!


      • JohnW says:

        Yes, I can see a coalition of the anarchist/left pulling out all the stops to get back at the Tories as a revenge for Brexit. There are a number of such groups forming all over Facebook (my eldest son subscribes to one) and the lunatic left will stop at nothing – just like the scum on the streets in the US – to undermine any government that is not far left. If May does not deliver an increased majority, I do believe the UK will become ungovernable, as that is what the far left want.


  2. Sluff says:

    More and more that shrill, hectoring, bitchy, tone of Laura Doomsberg makes me conclude she has been promoted way above her competence level.
    She would however have made a good fishwife, preparing herrings for those wooden barrels in Scotland in the early 20th century


  3. Simon Love says:

    Never count your chicks before they’re hatched, although with another 13 Labour MPs resigning in the last 24 hours, it is look a ‘bit’ tricky for Labour. If there’s one good thing Corbyn’s done, it’s telling Ms Sturgeon Labour wont be forming a coalition with the SNP…


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Not forming a coalition isn’t the same as not agreeing to vote together on implementing their similar far-Left fuckwit policy proposals, though, is it?

      Albert Steptoe Corbyn only said it because even his memory goes back as far as the 2015 GE when the Tories benefited from fears that MiniMiliMinor and Miz Krankie-Sturgeon would unite as the Titans of Chaos.


  4. Wild Bill says:

    I listened to radio Cumbria for a change at work this morning, even on that minor BBC station they were going on about “should we trust a PM who lied about calling an election”, it is everywhere. But then again if that is all they can come up with they must be clutching at straws.


  5. Grant says:


    It seems to me that a manifesto including abolition of the TV tax would not lose any votes. No-one is going to switch their vote just because of that. The mystery remains as to why the Tories support the BBC.


    • ToobiWan says:

      Abolishing the TV licence would not mean free TV, Grant. Lord Hall himself, in 2014, said that he would like to see the end of the present “arrangement” and have it replaced with a system where everyone pays, similar to the one used in Germany, where everyone pays, (not just the address) unless you are a “refugee”, whether they own a TV or not.


      • Grant says:


        Yes, I should have gone on to say that a manifesto should rule out any compulsory taxpayer funding.


      • NCBBC says:

        Referendum on TV tax or license?


      • Moodswing6 says:

        Lord Hall needs to be escorted out of the country where he can try for asylum. Dump him in Saudi Arabia, they are known for their warm hospitality.


        • JosF says:

          ord Hall needs to be escorted out of the country where he can try for asylum. Dump him in Saudi Arabia, they are known for their warm hospitality.

          Moodswing Its not just lord hall that needs to be escorted out of the country but everyone at the BBC who is on a salary of £50k or more, and being as beeboids are particular to islam I hear turkey is looking good at this time of yeat so all the beeboids who like and apologise for islam would be happy in turkey. or if turkey is not acceptable to the beeboids there are another 50 backwards islamic shitholes the beeboids can go to and the beeboids would fit in nicely at the islamic countries state owned broadcasters reckon beebiods would be a shoe in at Iran’s Press TV i mean Press TV gave gobby george galloway a job


  6. s.trubble says:

    The recent use of DJ Robinson in his sanctioned statement about the bBC “shaping” the news, in particular, Brexit was amply exemplified on Today, this morning.
    DJ “Montague?” harangued Grant Shapps 4 or 5 times to answer her specific question…
    which was , of course, rigged……….baldrick ( there’s no money left”) was the on board leftist……….

    The sole aim of Montague was to trap Shapps into supporting the latest numbnuttery vomiting from the mouth of IRA McDonnell regarding taxing the so called rich.

    This media are becoming a clear and present danger……ffs they’re dj’s and game show hosts……….why all the respect or at least compliance?

    Time someone told them to F*** Off.


  7. barry69 says:

    Laura Kuenssberg is a woman scorned because like all those self appointed experts who have a finger on the political pulse she never saw the Election coming.


  8. Pounce says:

    David Vance wrote:
    ” This is bad news for the BBC and in typical form it will now spend the next six weeks trying to undermine May and prop up the useless Corbyn “

    The bBC election website (from its inception) had this picture for its wallpaper until today:


    They have now replaced it with this picture:


    • Grant says:


      I am still not quite sure who they are supporting. Let me think about it and I shall get back to you.


    • KatieH says:

      that first picture is as if the lord himself or is it allah is looking down on jezza surrounded by his loon of a fanclub. I can see why the beeb liked it.


    • Helena Hand-Basket says:

      The upper picture of Corbyn reminds me strongly of old man Steptoe (the rag-and-bone man in the classic sitcom). I burst out laughing as I looked at it, picturing him begging his son:

      ‘Please vote for me, ‘arold! You owe it to me! I’m an old man!’


  9. G.W.F. says:

    I must have missed this photo of El Corbyn on the BBC election news



  10. JosF says:

    It is clear that both labour in its current form under the garden gnome corbyn and the fiberal-dimoprats under tiny tim farron have peoved themselve totally unfit for purpose as the prime minsters and parties of governmentin the UK much as I am unimpressed with Theresa May she is the the only real choice unless UKIP make a massive recovery if you dont want to live subjegated as part of the islamic union of europe. No doubt the BBC will be pushing for a labour/fib-dimoprat/socialist victory to further the cause of an european union and onwards to the islamic caliphate of europe. And anyone be it parties like the conservatives, UKIP etc or individuals the BBC will no doubt be doing its best to silence or ignore them While doing its best to confuse and mislead the sheeple as to freedom, civilizastion, democracy etc bad and the european union and islam good


  11. 60022Mallard says:

    Two points

    1. Guido had a nice picture yesterday of Laura K taking coffee with Seamus Milne.

    I wonder if she will be doing the same with all the parties’ similar representatives?

    2. Based on several comments on here it looks as though Brexit is off. The BBC may have lost the battle, but look like winning the war!


  12. G.W.F. says:

    Treezer keeps her commitment to foreign aid. Jolies for the bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.



  13. Pounce says:



  14. Payne by name says:

    It is tiring to hear the endless cries of U-turn. Maybe May just didn’t want to answer the question. Are we really going to be at a place where once a leader wins an election, a journalist asks a range of yes/no questions that ties their hands for the next 5 years?

    It’s clear that the GE will feature a huge amount of Brexit talk in it. Do people really think that May could have hinted at a GE if she hadn’t triggered A50? There would have been endless calls to postpone the triggering until after the GE.

    So she either had to lie or simply changed her mind. Either way, big deal. It isn’t the right of the media to know absolutely everything so that they can map out the future and start with the endless whinging earlier than they really need to.

    If you really want to talk about U-turns, why not bring up Jeremy Corbyn being a dedicated Brexiteer for 33 years before u-turning into a remainer before the referendum.


  15. Dave666 says:

    It only seems like 5 minutes ago they were moaning about May “not being elected”.Overlooking other historical events. Now they have a chance to vote this seems to be an issue which has just vanished from the scenery. Instead it has been replaced by the you can’t trust May line. Does anyone trust any politicians?


    • Grant says:


      Remember how Gordon the Moron was not elected then did not have the guts to call an election. I don’t remember much slagging from the Left then. They are hypocrites.


      • Restroom Mole says:


        Gordon B. fluffed his chance during his honeymoon. When the country had wised up to how crap he was, he was, in the immortal words of private Fraser, doomed.
        Perhaps Teresa M. has learnt from that?


    • Far Horizons says:

      Yes the wee krankie of the north was bitching for the past months that Teresa had no mandate to trigger article 50. Now that has changed to the worst political decision ever in calling a GE. Hopefully the SNP MPs get well shafted this time round as I think a lot of folk north of the border are sick of their MPs having no personal view points of their own and all act and vote as a single entity as directed by the Edinburgh Kremlin – might as well have just one MP and save the tax payers a fortune!


      • Grant says:


        You have summed up the SNP Fascism perfectly. Thank God , I am going home to a free Gambia next week. I love Scotland but the SNP are trying to destroy my country with their racist hatred and it makes me sick.


        • Lobster says:

          Grant – Can I wish you a safe and happy journey back to your family in Gambia and I hope you are able to continue to keep in touch and contribute to this site.
          Very best wishes from the sea bed! Lobster.


          • Grant says:


            Thank you so much. I shall be online by the end of next week . The connection is by underwater cable from Dakar, so it should be ok, so long as it is not attacked by Lobsters.

            By the way, the new President Adama Barrow has decriminalised homosexuality which was a criminal offence under Jammeh. Ironic as Jammeh had a BBC interest in boys !


        • Expat John says:

          Grant, have a safe trip back to freedom!
          Many moons ago (1977-1980) I moved from Wolverhampton to Scotland, to Dundee, and it remains the only country, city or town that I have ever lived in or visited where I have been subjected to racial abuse for being English. This, not from the majority of Scots, but from an already proto-facsist SNP.
          They are a disgrace to the Scots, and the Scots would be well rid of them.


          • Grant says:


            Thank you ! Foroyaa !! Freedom for Gambia !

            The SNP fascists are a disgrace. They shame my proud and decent country. They do not represent the real Scots. They wax and wane and I bet you their vote will go down in the General Election.


            • Oaknash says:

              Bon – Voyage Grant – I shall raise my glass of Tesco Everyday Blended Scotch to you for a good trip! (its all I have left!)


              • Grant says:


                Cheapskate ! Thanks , but I have not gone yet. My ticket booked, but trying to round up some Gambian exiles to get them on the same flight. Time for whips and cattle prods. Racist ? Moi ? It is going to be one hell of a party !


                • Oaknash says:

                  Oh well – Down the hatch it goes anyway!!!!!


                  • Grant says:


                    Slainte !


                    • joeadamsmith says:

                      Not a regular contributor here but now an expat in Lesvos. Best wishes on your trip back to freedom, Grant.

                      From the island of Sappho and ouzo.


                    • Grant says:


                      Below. For some reason it does not show “reply” . Many thanks. Should be warming up nicely where you are. A rear heat wave in Gambia just now, up to 40 C. Usually never gets above 30. No ouzo, but pastis is £3 a bottle. Luckily I stick to beer !


        • Soapbox says:


          I wish you well from Orkney. Enjoyed our occasional exchanges over the past. Good to hear that you’ll still be with us online though – lobsters permitting.

          I too despair about Scotland. The GE is really going to referendum hate all over again. There are no good things I have to say about Wee Krankie.

          Take care.


  16. Sinniberg says:

    Yes, the assault has started, infact true to form once the BBC had “gathered itself” after being caught in the snap election headlights they came out fighting for Labour.

    Three days and three smiling, Labour emblazoned photo headlines.

    Take note of the photos the BBC use in the run up to the election.

    Even today the news stories portray this:

    “Hammond hints tax pledge may be dropped” with a bland looking Richard Hammond and the White House(aka Donald Trump) in the background.


    “LibDems raise over £500,000″(with a smiling Tim Farron and supporters). Thankfully they’ve been panned in the HYS though.


    “Jeremy Corbyn visits Wales”.


    You’ll notice that all, or at least most, of the photos used for Labour and the LibDems contain smiling, happy, multi-cultural people in the background whereas the Conservatives are grey and bad.

    And where’s UKIP on the main BBC News page?. I haven’t seen a word about them yet.

    Coincidence?. I don’t think so. I seem to remember that during the previous General Election the BBC had to be forced and dragged to give UKIP coverage.


  17. Foscari says:

    I am not sure if “Mother Theresa” has not opened a Pandora’s Box in calling this 2ND
    REFERENDUM!!! Because believe me a fair proportion of the 48.1% who voted for Remain will
    think this is the case. THEN there are the millions of 18-30 year old’s who cried afterwards at what my generation had done to them, but were too busy gaping at their cell phones to be bothered to go out and vote Remain. A fair few of them might just go out and vote this time.
    Who are they going to vote for? Who are the still fervent remainers going to vote for?
    they will vote LIBERAL DEMOCRAT i’m afraid.
    It would not surprise me if the Lib Dems get back to their glory day’s of a few years ago and finishing up taking numerous seats from both Labour and The Conservatives. Anyway I have had a good bet at 11/2 for them to get more than 40 seats. WE better hope that enough of us Brexiteers go out to vote on June 8th. I wonders what’s on TV that evening?


    • Pounce says:

      I’m starting to become very suspicious of all this.
      Lets see, the PM is a remainer. She knows she has to follow the wish of the people. Yet she wants to keep the Uk in the EU. So dither, dither some more and then throw in a 2nd Election. Inform the people that a future British government will:
      Raise taxes
      Allow EU students to continue to use the Student loan system (even after the UK has left) when it is a known fact that as of 2016 £89million had not been paid after 12,134 students from European Union countries went missing after graduating from British universities.
      Continue to hand over £13 billion in foreign aid
      Say they will get rid of the triple lock
      Allow labour to say:
      They will increase the min wage
      reduce class sizes
      Keep the triple lock

      Its as if this Government is on a suicide mission, in which to ensure that they don’t get in. Then they can reverse Brexit . Expect a lot of MPs to get plumb jobs at the EU/ Charities ,if they get to fuck the people over. Me, I just hope a load of peaceful Muslims visit them uttering ‘Alah ackba’


      • Northern Dreamer says:

        My feelings exactly Pounce….I’ve already contacted my conservative MP and given him both barrels.


      • Foscari says:

        Pounce-I was apprehensive in actually writing what I really feel. BUT Niccolo Machiavelli comes to mind.


      • Moodswing6 says:

        Pounce you have described how I feel exactly. I tried to express this in the open thread but you have managed far better than I. There is a really deep deep down uncomfortable feeling in my bones about why at such a crucial time would Teresa May be announcing what seems to be the most ludicrous policy changes. Regardless of the outcome if Brexit goes ahead, the talks will be long and tedious resulting in a very watered down deal. We are screwed and we have been taken for fools yet again. I don’t feel that any of the choices are worth a vote now. I hate to admit it but I am seriously thinking of not voting at all.


  18. StewGreen says:

    5:30pm Switch on Bingo
    BBCNews Channel – Corbyn’s on the screen speaking about education in a long item
    – Then Live to Manchester where the reporter introduces Tim Farron on screen

    I guess I was just lucky


  19. Grant says:


    How can I decide whether to vote Labour or Lib Dem ?


  20. Edward says:

    “It’s perfectly obvious that the Conservatives led by Theresa May are going to record a historic victory in June.”

    Nope! David, you are so wrong, I hope you get the opportunity to say “I told you so”. But in this instance I have to insist that Labour (Corbyn) will push the result to the wire. Those who voted Tory last time did so to get the referendum. Now they have won their referendum, they will fall back in line with their allegiance. Corbyn has the opportunity to fill the gap that the working class Labour devotees have been hankering to fill.

    Just because the anti-establishment vote resulted in Brexit and Trump, the idea that the movement away from the political establishment is over – and that politics will resume ‘normal’ service – is naïve to the point of embarrassment.

    It’s all going to go tits up!


  21. Grant says:

    BBC website “Tories move to dampen tax hike fears “. Tories = Fear. BBC = Crap


  22. Guest Who says:

    They had me at “on @BBCOne”:

    Actually, no, they didn’t, silly me; no TVL.

    And looking at the comments not many others too.


  23. Sinniberg says:

    Hmmm, remember my post above about the use of photos?.



    • Guest Who says:

      Jasmine Lawerence head of picture editing too?

      The BBC can and will comb every frame in every second in every minute in every hour of footage to enhance the narrative.


  24. chrisH says:

    Don`t think that I can ever remember a time when an acting Prime Minister chose to clear the air and go to the country to seek a mandate for her biggest test set.
    To get us out of the E.U.
    It gets no bigger than THAT. Does it?

    And the medias response
    1) You surprised us all in the media(well we PRETEND you did so).
    2. You might not waste time in pointless “Head2Eds” with the likes of Kuennsberg and Robinson-and visit the chavs of Dudley, the drabs of Hitchin instead?
    3) You might now reduce the Barreb Farrons to a spunkstain on Dick Tavernes Kangapantz or Hatties Spanx…whilst stuffing old Man Corgyn into a corrugated tin box that will ensure that we`ll get to meet the Nations Traitors for ourselves(as opposed to having them spouting airily from the BBC and Sky etc).
    I myself think that they KNOW they`re being unpeeled by the day-the matting no longer anthing but bubblewrap, the padding falling out of the Jo Cox waddings( now touring the country in a ossuary, dead as Dippys Dickbone!).
    No-that the BBC did NOT want this election for fear of their being FURTHER shown to be poncing pimping nonces on the Left Wing of this f***in prison we find ourselves in? Well-shows how fearful and irrlevant they are.
    Their days are surely numbered-and a thumping victory for May and her(admittedly shit) Tories-a few seats for UKIP/Fish Finger Parties-and the filleting of Labour, the mayonnaising of the Dumlibbies..well that`ll be nice to see.
    Sorry to go off here-but just heard a few minutes of the “Now Show”!
    My urine is warming.


  25. [email protected] says:

    The BBC aren’t even pretending to be fair anymore in this election
    I did thibk however that von kuenssberg was a more centre than left wing reporter


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