So, another Islamist attack in Paris. One Police officer dead, others injured. How will the BBC cover this given that France prepares to go to the polls? Well, I listened to BBC Radio 4 Today this morning and they were speculating that this terror attack might well bring extra votes to…..Francois Fillon! Yup, despite the fact he is just another part of the bland cowered French establishment the goold old BBC reckons voters may flock to him rather than…Marine Le Pen!!! Incredible bias. They can barely say her name without blurting out “far-right” – and I caught a profile of her the other evening on the BBC News and they used – yup – footage of Hitler. Ken Livingstone would be proud of them.

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  1. EnglandExpects says:

    Frank Gardiner’s counsel of dispair on TV news. France has 10,000 Muslims on its watch list, Britain has 3,000. You can’t watch them all, he says. ( even the ones you’ve jailed for 15 years then released). Of course the Emir has already told us regarding London that Muslim terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city . So that’s it then , accept it, put up more bollards and keep letting Muslims into Europe. Await our fate with a good supply of candle lights?
    To top it all, the BBC interviews someone who sees it all as a deprivation problem. And naturally Fillon, a corrupt member of the old guard who has let North Africa ghettoise France, will benefit from this latest jihadism example at the election says the BBC.


    • Up2snuff says:

      EE: “So that’s it then , accept it, put up more bollards and keep letting Muslims into Europe. Await our fate with a good supply of candle lights?”

      Don’t forget the cuddly toy and holding hands for the camera in a peace vigil or ‘tribute’. The dead really appreciate that.


      • boohanna says:


        The piano, don’t forget the piano….. Just imagine….Do read the comments.


        • Grant says:

          It is all selfish, self-indulgent, self-serving, pointless crap. And it just encourages more terrorism because the terrorists can see how weak and pathetic these people are.


          • boohanna says:

            Yup. Oddly enough I keep getting the following mental image…. Imagine that!


            • Grant says:


              Can’t bear to watch, especially at lambing time here.


              • boohanna says:

                Yes, it is quite awful actually…particularly when one considers the implications at the human level.

                The Islamic state even made a video actually in a slaughterhouse with humans being slaughtered. I find it odd how such things simply aren’t commented on in the MSM. Almost as if it might conflict with some narrative or other?

                I’m sure it got a decent number of likes too from some…


        • chrisH says:

          Still though.
          Let`s hear no more about the death of religion. Pray for Paris, Berlin,Stockholm, Berlin…they`ve all had a hashtag of prayers have they not?
          Jesus on the Mainline indeed-just put a hashtag on your fucket list aspiration des jours , and you TOO could be on the end of this Pianists Finger as he noodles his Lennon, lemons his nodules or what have you.


          • Blackwell says:

            Of course the perpetrators probably said a prayer too before embarking on their slaughter. It appears that quite often their god was listening.


          • Grant says:


            Quite right. A total waste of time which changes nothing.


  2. Simon Love says:

    God, I hope they vote Le Penn. If not then France is FINISHED!!!


    • joeadamsmith says:

      She’ll most likely win round one…….. Then the whole of the Establishment will gang up on her…..


  3. Grant says:

    One of the many things that I do not understand about Dhimmis is would they let someone steal their own home and family ? Because that is what will happen.


  4. ID says:

    Even France 24 was speculating that the 600!! known returnees from Syria might be contributing to heightened big beard activities in France. Apparently, what is needed is the “steely resolve” of Fillon and the “vast experience” of Hollande to save the day. We’ve had “strategic patience” from Obama. Now we have “strategic somnambulism” from the French zombies.


    • chrisH says:

      A fellow word mangler ID!
      Like this very much, keep em coming!
      We Stanley Unwins of the Keyboards are todays poets and comics.
      “Big Beard”…excellent…takes us from Frank Dobson to Abu Hamza!
      Don`t forget what Anna Lind said about IS/Brexxxitt!
      The need to be “more mildly agressive” apparently!!!
      And NO raised eyebrows, not even a brief check in the dictionary. Total Bark!
      “Leading From Behind”…THAT was a good `un too!


  5. Kaiser says:

    when and if the french decide to give a fuck, i will start to give a fuck for them

    the coming vote should answer the question


  6. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I would like to ask multi culti dhimmis if they would like to live in an islamic state? If the answer is “no”, then I would ask them why they are in favour of mass islamic immigration, because by the inevitable process of demographic change, that is what they will end up with.

    If you live in a state which is 51% muslim (actually, less in practice), then you live in an islamic state. Are the dhimmis too stupid or brainwashed to see this?


    • Grant says:


      If they want to live in an Islamic State they can go and live in one. I would be delighted. In answer to your question, yes.


  7. JosF says:

    If you live in a state which is 51% muslim (actually, less in practice), then you live in an islamic state. Are the dhimmis too stupid or brainwashed to see this?

    Yes they really are that stupid because the BBC and Al-Guardian told them that if they opposed islam they would be racist if they did. Also those like me who come from communities who have dealt with the truth of islam, And who tried to inform people about the truth of islam from a historical point of view or from personal expirence are in the eyes of the BBC and Al-Guardian are one step up from the Waffen SS as facts about islam never entered the bubbleverse that the BBC and Al-Guardian inhabit. Wonder when it is too late and they are being fitted up for their burkas and circumision and FGM will they wake up when the reality of islam and their mindless defence of islam hits them like a Locomotive…….Unfortunately it appears that for leftards, luvvies, beeboids and guardianistas I doubt it, But right up to the last minute of freedom and civilization the leftards, luvvies, beeboids and guardianistas will deride the canaries in the coal mine like me and other on this site and elseware and ostrich like continue to bury their heads in the sands of diversity, multicultualism and anti-racism what race is islam again, Meanwhile hear in the real world can only carry on pointing out the lies and delusions of the BBC and its pro EU and pro islam agenda in the hope that enough of us will wake up and fight back


  8. Fred Basset says:

    Well I only managed five minutes of the Daily Politics today as it was JoCo and not Brillo. If this was not bad enough one of her guests was Zoe Williams of the Guardian who unfortunately is a regular on DP. Whilst discussing the situation in Paris she couldn’t even bring herself to say the name Marine Le Pen but did manage to say fascist a few times at which point I grabbed the remote to hit the off button, muttering an expletive at the same time.


  9. Beeb Brother says:

    Maybe when the country has gone full caliphate, one intrepid Beeb journalist will escape to the US and produce a chilling documentary about what happened.

    The Lefties: A Warning from History.


    • Deborahanother says:

      The problem is ,the BEEB will luxuriate in it .It will give them a chance to virtue signal wearing their scarves and Burkas.I can just see Vitoria Derbyshie in the full garb. Its going to take a real war to sort out the BEEB and then probably they would side with the Caliphate.


  10. chrisH says:

    Can`t imagine that anybody has yet to work out that all the BBC care about are “The Polls, the Numbers and The Pop Charts” in regard of the Frog Foreskins and skinners.
    Not the grieving relatives and family, colleagues of the dead policeman.
    Still though-only a few hours where the media couldn`t go shopping and noncing down the Champs Elysee. Seems the French are getting good at mopping blood up quickly, and creating Corden Sanitaries [C.S] for Jenny Hill and Christine Ochkrentz to muse over.
    As the poor copper exists only the BBCs meme in order to prevent any of that Le Pen unpeasantness from getting a vote for her. This Flics death will only count if it`s a Jo Cox-type of confexion for Macron or suchlike.
    The BBC make me heave.Hope to G-d that Le pen trounces them.
    RIP to yet another of the thin blue line-this is an international issue now isn`t it?