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Three white men were killed and another wounded when a black gunman opened fire in Fresno, California, in a suspected race attack, police have said. Kori Ali Muhammad shot 16 rounds in 90 seconds in the shooting spree on Tuesday, said Police Chief Jerry Dyer. He shouted “God is greatest” in Arabic when arrested but this was a hate crime not terrorism, Mr Dyer believed.

“God is greatest”???? — the BBC choose avoid saying what he ACTUALLY said..”Allahu Akbar” Sickening sanitisation. He was a Muslim killer.

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14 Responses to SANITISING ISLAM….

  1. Number 7 says:

    “He shouted “God is greatest” in Arabic when arrested but this was a hate crime not terrorism, Mr Dyer believed.”

    I never realised that the Yanks had such an understanding of semantic argument. However the use of such argument by the BBC is far too evident, DAILY.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Lord Hall is Akbar : for he is great
    P**s be taken by him


  3. NCBBC says:

    From a poster at Raedwald

    Invasion and a parable; the wolves run wild in the once protected pastures, because the shepherds have been poisoned, waylaid, pilloried, infiltrated and now nigh killed off.All thanks in large part to our very own Frankfurt school deconstructionists, we have been undone from within, and Western Christianity has been replaced by something ever so more malevolent, it’s an ersatz Christianity ie Marxism which preaches tolerance but is anything but. Devilry indeed, and when malignant devils like Soros and with his lifetime spent in aiding and deliberately spiking, destroying the Occident, what better ‘friend and allies’ than obliterating the nation state through mass immigration and a tribe of peoples indoctrinated, encouraged, funded by a Wahhabist dogma of filth out of the Arabian peninsula? Belief in a doubly poisonous miasma of lies, Marxism and Wahhabism put with, open door borders and mass immigration, we have entered the maelstrom delivered from a very black Hell, and here think on Antioch and Constantinople – and they haven’t altered on iota. It is a clusterfuck of such proportions, and it is so far gone and I don’t see a way out of this shit storm. No exit because, the enablers are our own government – the Westminster arseholes, and with social services, quangos and charities all dedicated to blitzing, our destruction – believe it. Plus, the final irony which will not be lost on the Medina Mullahs and NYC billionaires club – pissing themselves with laughter – through petro dollars or via UK taxes, we build and pay towards our own funeral pyre.A perfect shitstorm.


    • NCBBC says:

      It wont be long till our churches are burnt, and our vicars and priests, have their throats slit. Its already a reality across the channel. The French are only just beginning to wake up. Maybe its too late for the French, as they killed and then marginalised the church, nuns, monks and priests, in the demonic French Revolution they so adore.

      We are waybegone too. But at least we didn’t go the way of the French revolution and what followed, that destroyed the church, and the traditions of France that it represented.

      Germany too is in bad shape. Germany too has no moral and spiritual fibre except a vague doctrine of “Tolerance”. They have been so browbeaten that they are scared of even admitting that their young girls are being raped in the open, with German police looking on.

      A nation is gone beyond recall when it cannot protect its vulnerable and young women. It does not even merit saving. So I’m glad we are beyond the dictatorship of Germany.


      • Grant says:


        Barring miracles, Sweden and Germany are finished. Not sure about France. But Islam is winning all over Europe. Something has to snap .


        • NCBBC says:

          Mark Steyn

          The Global project is first about destruction.


        • TruthSeeker says:

          Snap, indeed.
          Patience, our patience.
          We must all vote UKIP.
          If a UKIP government is not elected, by elections must continue to occur until we do have a UKIP government.


        • Moodswing6 says:

          Grant when I do have conversations regarding the Muslim crises I am faced with them coming back at me using the numbers game. It’s only a few out of a billion. I try to explain what is already happening and how much more serious things will become as the number of Muslims rapidly increase. I try to explain that it doesn’t matter how many carry out attacks but that it’s the practice of Islam and their one book that the billion and a half follow and that book teaches hate, conquest and death but they just shake their heads and refuse to listen. Meanwhile Muslims continue their assault and after the latest Paris atrocity Macron comes out saying get used to it.
          They continue their assault we continue to crumble.


          • Grant says:


            It is what I call “Ostrich Syndrome “. They simply don’t want to believe it is happening. My approach is to ask them if they have read the Koran ? Of course, the answer is no. I say well read it and then we can discuss it. They never do. ” I just haven’t had time “. My reply ” Well you will have plenty of time in the future to read it … in Arabic “. They still don’t get it !


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    “After six exhausting years of bombings and privation, Londoners in the 1940s took great pride in themselves, were courteous and disciplined. Bomb sites were cleared, with the bricks neatly piled to one side and little make-shift gardens created.

    Perhaps the most impressive sight I came upon was when I emerged from the tube station at Piccadilly Circus. I found a little table with a pile of newspapers and a box of coins and notes with nobody in attendance. You take your newspaper, toss in your coin or put in your 10-shilling note and take your change. I took a deep breath – this was a truly civilised people.

    In the five decades since I first came to London, so much has changed. I remember enough of the past to regret the passing of that age when power and influence made London throb and hum and count for much more in the affairs of the world.

    Five decades ago, London was a grimy, sooty, bomb-scarred city, with less food, fewer cars, and deprived of the conveniences of the consumer society. But the people, then homogeneous, white, and Christians, were admirable, self-confident and courteous.

    From that well-mannered Britain to the yobs and football hooligans of the 1990s took only 40 years. I learned that civilised living does not come about naturally. There are other significant changes. Britain is now multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious. Churches are nearly empty on Sundays with many deconsecrated and converted into places of entertainment while some 500 mosques are filled to capacity on Fridays, the Muslim Sabbath.”

    – Lee Kuan Yew, “The Post-war Breaking of the British Civic Spirit”


  5. Moodswing6 says:

    I am listening to an episode of Hardtalk via World Service radio. Sarah Montague interviewing Russian EU ambassador, Vladimir Chizov. The interview style in this programme is nothing more than rude, aggressive and bullying which displays the talentless self important CBB staff at their vile best. Not even a minute in and she finishes her introduction with “Will Russia Promise not to divert democracy in Europe”? If I were Ambassador Chizov I would have walked out immediately. She continues talking about reports of computers being accessed in France from Russian sources but this is discounted when he says it’s possible to disguise the location making it look like it’s coming from some where else. This is not what she wants to hear and she counters with “You can follow, you can via technology follow where the attacks are coming from.” Next comes her golden moment. “What about the accusation of fake news being spread by Russia?” Naturally this isn’t the CBB’s accusation but it comes from the French side.
    This was a perfect opportunity to crush Montague to pieces, oh if only. She says “RT and Sputnik spread fake news on a daily basis. There picked up quoted and they influence democracy”. At this point at around 3 minutes in I switched off. Earlier on I had attempted to enquire about cancelling my license but during filling in details my session timed out. This latest dribble from hardtalk is all I needed to convince me that I don’t want or need the CBB in my life.


  6. Moodswing6 says:

    Sorry, I meant my post on Hardtalk to go into the open thread so it will seem out of place here. My excuses are I’m having one of my moodswings and or it’s the very early am hour.


    • Grant says:


      Depending on the interviewee, “Hardtalk” is sometimes “Softtalk “. If this was the Soviet era , he would have had an easy ride. When it comes to the BBC, I do not have moodswings. I am permanently angry.