Well-done to the man who called in to Nicky Campbell and won his bet as he suggested that Theresa May, a vicar’s daughter, would not like to see mass debating on TV….cue dirty snigger and a non-plussed Campbell who moved rapidly on.

That was the comedic, and possibly intellectual, highlight of the day on the Beeb.

Campbell on form as usual as he asked a Tory MP ‘What lies will you be peddling today?’, almost on a  par with Eddie Mair who extraordinarily compared May calling an election with the ruthless Islamo-Fascist Erdogan who locks up all his critics, if not kills them, and who quite possibly set up a fake coup d’etat, and who rigged his own recent election in Turkey.

The BBC has got into its stride now and settled on a few attack themes, and it does seem to be ‘attack’ themes as it relentlessly targets May for criticism for calling the election.

The major one at present is that she has u-turned after saying she did not want to call an election…which of course is true but then so what?  Hardly a major concern that merits endless BBC dissection.  But the BBC has an agenda…this u-turn it tells us proves May cannot be trusted…funnily enough this is a line that Labour takes….

#Yvette2017 Underway: “We Can’t Believe A Single Word May Says”

[Have to say Labour must force Corbyn to resign immediately and slot in Cooper as leader…only real chance of saving the situation….the Telegraph explains why Corbyn cannot be he must resign ‘voluntarily’]

Despite such claims MPs backed May’s call for an election with only 13 voting against and the disgraceful SNP playing their usual games and abstaining….clearly these  MPs also think an election is a good and fitting idea not merely some cunning and devious plan by May…whatever contrasting things they may say in the TV studios for political advantage.  Billy Connolly said in the film ‘Mrs Brown’ that there are two seasons in Scotland, June and Winter…clearly for the SNP June will be the winter of their discontent.

The BBC is also peddling the idea that May is afraid to debate, again a Labour narrative….so afraid to debate that she is holding an election when she doesn’t have to and putting her case to the country.   Hardly afraid of debate and challenge.

Campbell came up with the thought that May called an election because she knew the economy, under her guidance, was going to crash and plunge us into recession by 2020 and thus having an election now avoided that problem which would not play well at a later election….a ‘good move’ he suggested sarcastically. When challenged that he was just recycling John McDonnell’s words from earlier in the day Campbell huffed that these were his own thoughts based upon expert anaysis by respected economists….presumably those who provide Labour with its lines to take…so once again the BBC is peddling a Labour narrative…we’re beginning to see a theme here aren’t we?

May is a political opportunist?  A Labour theme.

The voters did not vote to leave the Single Market.  Labour again, and the LibDems….never mind they voted to leave the EU which entails leaving the Single Market….but you won’t hear a BBC presenter questioning the narrative.

The polls show, the BBC keeps telling us, that the Public support Labour policies…it’s just Corbyn they don’t like…er…so how did the Tories get elected in 2015 with a majority when Miliband was leader?  Just the BBC peddling a pro-Labour line that’s pure nonsense.  And wasn’t it the BBC’s finest political pundits who told us in no uncertain terms that the era of a single party taking power was over for good?

And when we’re told that the ‘48%’ have no voice and are being ignored but just how would we accomodate them and their demands to stay in the EU?  The vote was to leave the EU so in what way could we then leave the EU but not leave the EU in order to keep the Remainders happy?  It’s impossible…but you won’t hear the BBC challenge the notion that the 48% must have their views and wishes catered for.

A less than ‘balanced’ day on the BBC…Lord Hall Hall must be ecstatic as he munches on his dinner and contemplates an EU sinecure and a retirement with, not just a gold plated BBC pension, but quite possibly a nice little earner on his retirement within the portals of the EU itself as a reward for services rendered should Brexit be derailed.




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42 Responses to Mayhem

  1. Richard Pinder says:

    The 48 percent voted against democracy, but the 52 percent voted for democracy.
    Many of the losers are intolerant of democracy, therefore, they regard the winners as dividing the nation by disagreeing with those who are intolerant of democracy.
    Those who are intolerant of democracy, like the BBC, need safe spaces from reality. Ignorance through BBC censorship and the European Union represent safe spaces for those who are intolerant of democracy.
    Islam is also intolerant of democracy, so is very much liked by these Remainers.


  2. Scroblene says:

    I find it unbelievable that bBeeb think that poking the Prime Minister with sneers of ‘u turns’ make her insincere, and that she’s ‘afraid of a TV debate’! TV debates are always farcical, mean nothing and are just another way for the lefties to squeal and shriek on taxpayer’s hard-earned cash.

    What on earth are they playing at, making childish statements which mean absolutely nothing; Theresa May decided to strengthen her hand on Brexit, it’s not rocket science, and when you have a useless crowd in opposition, it makes much more sense than having to let down the majority who voted to leave the corrupt EU.

    To quote ‘Brenda’, ‘Oh, not another BBC leftie opinion’…


    • Grant says:


      And the BBC are so stupid they do not realise that it will make not make any difference to which way people vote. But it makes Beeboids feel good. They are just teenagers playing with themselves.


  3. Englands Dreaming says:

    You can see how hand in glove the Beeb are in with Labour on this leading website article today
    Jeremy Corbyn vows to ‘change poll’s course’

    Where the Beeb are proudly telling us everything the great leader WILL say not has said.


    • Grant says:


      Was just about to post on that article. I love the “Corbyn vows to change election’s course “. Yes, Labour are going to lose even more seats than expected. But, you are right, it is so obvious that the BBC and Labour work together. But, the more publicity Corbyn gets, the better. He is the Tories’ greatest asset.


      • Heisenberg says:


        From the way the BBC website is shaping up over the last couple of days, it looks like it will be wall-to-wall Corbyn for the next 6 weeks. Good news as you say.


      • Swelter says:

        Lets hope we get lots of exposure for the mighty intellect that is Diane Abbot. They should let her have her own programme.


  4. Guest Who says:

    The BBC recently ditched their ‘Breaking News’ emails for a single daily digest one.

    Just got today’s, and guess what the top two are, in order?:



    By Justin Parkinson

    Don’t rule out Labour win, urges Corbyn

    It’s the first full day of campaigning, after Theresa May got her plan for a snap election through Parliament with ease. The leaders are setting out broad themes that we can expect to hear more of in the run up to 8 June.

    Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, behind in the polls, will use a speech later to say the result on 8 June isn’t a “foregone conclusion”. He’ll promise not to “play by the rules” and to take on the “powerful and the wealthy”. Meanwhile, Mrs May has promised “strong and stable” leadership and to “get on” with making Brexit work.

    With seven weeks still to go, here’s what you need to know about the election.


    Why is May reluctant to join TV debate?

    By Laura K

    As David Cameron learnt very quickly, front runners in any campaign have everything to lose in TV debates, and the underdogs have everything to gain. Downing Street knows it will take a certain amount of flak for the decision not to play ball. But Theresa May’s allies are willing to wear it, rather than broker the risk of taking part.

    Read full analysis >


    Interesting editorial twinset. Full analysis: Hail Labour, Boo May. Totally impartial.

    No wonder they feel it is all the country ‘needs to know’. This little outpost may however source information and education beyond W1A and Salford, if noting what they focus on and leave out.


    • Grant says:


      And they quote Corbyn first and May second. I suppose they think that is clever and subtle. Beeboids are morons.


  5. Englishtothecore says:

    We need to keep challenging that 48% figure that seems to be bandied about by Remainers as 48% of the population. It actually represents 48% of the electorate who turned out to vote, and 27.8% of the electorate never bothered to vote at all. So, about 65% of the electorate voted Leave, or didn’t vote as they were happy to go along with the majority decision or couldn’t give a stuff. The Remainers are 35% of the electorate, a clear minority if you ask me.


    • Expat John says:

      English…, you’re absolutely right, silence is assent so the 28.7 cannot complain.
      That is why you will never, ever hear that figure on the BBC.


  6. Demon says:

    The trouble with TV debates is that there were too many candidates in them. The Scottish and Welsh National Socialists should be restricted to debates in their own regions. After all what’s the point in having Krankie in a debate where well over 90% of us cannot vote for her party?

    BBC Scotland exists and that could hold a debate where Ruth Davison would wipe the floor with her, despite the BBC who would clearly ask questions that suit Krankie better than Davison. The same is true in Wales where “Wood by name and Wood by nature” could be easily out-debated on a Welsh only TV channel (Harlech? possibly).

    We could have a proper debate with May, Corbyn, Tiny Tim, the leader of UKIP and, at a push, maybe the Greens. However, May knows the television stations will slant the debates against her and make Labour talking points the “issues” – just like they did in the Presidential Debates in the USA against Trump. I still don’t trust her on Brexit but I do agree with her that this is just a circus that produces much heat but no light and should be ignored.


  7. Demon says:

    Speaking of Trump’s election, remember the BBC and its extremist allies always claiming that any attack on the criminally corrupt Clinton was sexist? We must do the same back to the BBC if they make any negative comment about May.

    I still don’t know if I’m going to vote Brexit or Conservative. My heart is with Brexit, at least until we have thrown off the last EU shackle, but if May makes the right promises about full Brexit then I may switch as that, for me, is the only issue that matters. All other issues will be dealt with once we are free and able to deal with things in the way that suits the UK. If May, however, softens on immigration, for instance, then it’s UKIP for me all the way.


  8. All Lives Matter says:

    Meanwhile, Blair is apparently wanting to campaign with the Lib Dems in order to try to prevent Brexit, but even Farron knows that Blair is a death knell to anyone he comes into contact with and has refused his services. The Europhiles are eating their own, and are resorting to increasingly desperate measures and ever-more impressive feats of mental gymnastics to convince themselves they’re in the right, yet somehow we’re supposed to think that the election weakens Brexit. When the government gets an increase of at least 30 seats it will make our exit from the EU even more straightforward.


    • Scroblene says:

      Surely anyone trying to get votes for Farrons ragged lot, will split the Labour vote, and not the Conservative vote, so the latter may well be getting even more seats than they’re bargaining for.

      I’m afraid UKIP will have to be seen as a group, when led by Nigel Farage, as a party which has actually done its job. I’d like to see some of the better UKIP names trying to get on Conservative lists, especially in swing constituencies, but then I’m only a humble Scrobs, and will probably be seen as barking mad…


    • Banania says:

      The more that Gina Miller gets involved, also, the better for us.


  9. yohodi says:

    Television debates are all about set up audiences and ratings, then endless fallout opinion and analysis programes.
    I’m no cheerleader for Saint Theresa, as my preferred vote would have been UKIP, but they are now a circus act, clowns in the main…I suppose the best outcome would be a majority Tory win, quick exit Brexit……and the dismantling of the BBC.
    ZZZZZ …Dream on..ZZZZZ


    • Guest Who says:

      Would be fun to invite all the puffed up TV pundits to a group event… Robinson, Burley, Humphrys, O’Brien, Boulton, etc.

      Massive studio with an impressive stage for them all.

      Row upon row of audience seating.

      Get them positioned early, then… nothing but a small monitor above an otherwise empty auditorium pointing at them with the words: ‘No one cares what you think’.


      • Scroblene says:

        Ha ha ha Guest! Marvellous thought!

        Just remember how all those names got it wrong at the last GE, Brexit and President Trump!

        I suppose they could all form a circle and play snap or something…


  10. shelly says:

    Yvette Bollocks should just be asked, over and over again, why did you do a U-turn on accepting “refugees” into your own home.

    As for T.V. debates, the only people that seem to want them are the T.V. journalists so that they can strut around looking important, and justifying their wages.

    I don’t know a single person who bothered to watch the last T.V. debate.


  11. Deborahanother says:

    I think if nothing else the public don’t see May as an out and out liar.She has always been firm and loyal to her leader David Cameron .Admittedly she didnt improve the immigration figures but had her hands tied.She could have been more upfront about it at the time.

    On the other hand she took on the police unions and managed to deport hate preachers against the odds.The BBC and Labour are not going to win peddling their dishonest Mrs May nonsense.

    I salute those who are managing to tune in to the BEEB today but I haven’t felt like it yet.More Lib Dem whinging I cannot stand.


    • Scroblene says:

      In the ‘old days’, Deborah, I’d be listening avidly to various regional progs in the car, as well as the earlier BBC and often enjoying the debating, when bias was really not happening! I could listen probably right up to the GE, and enjoy the fun.

      Now, after two days I’ve already turned off any TV and radio interest and get most of my news from a bit of Google, here definitely and Guido etc.

      There’s so much to do elsewhere at the moment, the two months TV tax I pay will be totally wasted; more’s the pity, as pensions paying for prats chatting annoys me too much, and I have to go and eat statins all day…

      By the way, if you use Google News, did you know that you can now vary the rags and BBC stuff that used to infest the headlines, and be more selective as to when they turn up! It’s not foolproof, and the Guardian still gets in on occasions, but not nearly as much as it used to. Same goes for the BBC, so first glimpses are much more pleasant!


  12. EnglandExpects says:

    Every day until June 8th, the BBC are not going to be unbiased in their election coverage , so we must all be prepared for that and not let it ruin our lives for 7 weeks! Given that there is no chance of labour avoiding a heavy defeat , the BBC’s bias cannot be motivated by a desire to influence the outcome. The bias is purely a reflection of the personal politics of BBC staff, pure and simple.
    Will a new conservative government do anything to change BBC culture after its victory? Well, the manifesto might surprise us, but my guess is no.
    What will the BBC do when the labour party is down to say 180 ish seats and a political realignment starts? If Corbyn doesn’t resign, then labour must split . If Corbyn resigns and is replaced by another left winger ( guaranteed given the membership changes since 2015 and the leadership election rules) then once more , labour will split . Who will the BBC support then ? Well it won’t be the conservatives ! So bias continues. Unless of course the conservatives do something about the BBC.


    • taffman says:

      “Unless of course the conservatives do something about the BBC.”
      I am not a Tory but find it absolutely amazing that the Tory government have not brought them to book ? Their MPs, agents and researchers must visit this site ?


      • Grant says:


        It is one of the mysteries of the universe. I have no explanation. If someone treated me the way the BBC treat the Tories, I would have more than just something to say. The BBC are insulting and taking the piss out of the Tories on a daily basis and the Tories just lap it up. Surely it can only be cowardice ?


        • taffman says:

          Perhaps they are afraid ? Or perhaps it serves their purpose, knowing the British public are fully aware of the blatent bias Al Beeb promulgates that the Great British public will do the opposite?
          Is there any another explanation ?


        • crist says:

          There is cowardice but also avarice. They fear the power of the BBC but also crave to see it wielded in their favour.


          • Grant says:


            Probably true, but can’t they see that it never will be ? Are they stupid ?


      • Oaknash says:

        They wont Taffman. The Tories need the overcritical BBC as much as the BBC need the License fee. It is perfect for getting the sympathy vote and looking embattled whilst in reality all they are doing is selling us down the river again on both Brexit and immigration (I also mentioned this on the May Day thread) . I am afraid Cameron is back – but this time dressing as a woman.

        I Think Dave is Theresa and Theresa is Dave!
        But the only ones who are getting confused are us!


        • taffman says:

          I must admit, I too am concerned about the way Brexit is going.
          When we cast our vote last year it was either ‘Remain a member of the European Union ‘ Or ‘Leave the European Union’.
          Not Hard Brexit, Medium Brexit, Half Brexit, Soft Brexit or Half baked Brexit. I smell a rat , it has all been fudged and Al Beeb has helped to do this with a smokescreen, in effect a charade played out by politicians of all colours?


          • Grant says:


            You may be right. But I think it is too late for the Europhiliacs to fudge it now. They may succeed in keeping the UK in the EU, but the EU will exact a terrible price. And we Leavers will not accept it. I think the Remainers are playing a dangerous game. To try and override the will of the people always ends in tears , as history proves.


            • taffman says:

              “To try and override the will of the people always ends in tears , as history proves.” This statement my apply to the EU before the UK. As we shall witness in the coming months ?


              • Grant says:


                I think the genie is out of the bottle !


              • taffman says:

                “To try and override the will of the people always ends in tears , as history proves.” This statement my apply to the EU before the UK. As we shall witness in the coming months ?

                Listening to the events happening in France this evening , perhaps sooner than later ?


            • Oaknash says:

              Grant – I think you have to remember that we are dealing with a bunch of cynical operators who have spent the last couple of decades manipulating us like this. They do not possess the imagination to think that they could be playing with fire. They rely peoples apathy and unwillingness to leave their 42 inch laser telly comfort zone and up to now this has succeeded exceedingly well.

              As I think the Welington once said – They came at us in the same old way and we shot them down in the same old way!
              Why should Theresa think things should be any different now?


          • Oaknash says:

            Taffy – I have thought about this a lot and I really do think that Theresa and the Tory establishment are using the white noise of the BBC and brexit opposition as an excuse to provide something that is a lot less than what we voted for.

            When she came to power and said brexit means brexit – with no further details – I thought at the time -Darling you have left yourself rather a lot of wriggle room. Surely this issue above all others is either black or white. Well apparently not.

            We know her heart has never been in it. We have seen a cabinet dominated by remain supporters, and as for controlling immigration, well we only need to look at her track record on that one. And why does the Government not clarify that there is no such a thing as “soft brexit” I think we know the answer to that one too.

            I heard or read today that with the election Theresa wanted to create “her own brexit” Well she is its called a sellout.


  13. Edward says:

    Corbyn will do far better than anyone is expecting. I don’t understand the idea that May has called a snap election to thwart the remainer’s attempts to block Brexit.

    I understand the difficulties she and her party are facing, but this is opening the doorway to Corbyn. This is exactly the same mistake everyone (myself excluded) made when they made an assumption that we would all vote to stay in the EU.

    Corbyn represents the same anti-establishment position that gave rise to Brexit and Trump. Yes, he’s a socialist, but so what? The only reason the Conservatives won the last election was because of they bribed us with the promise of an EU referendum.

    Let’s face it, I will not vote for Anna Soubry ever again! I will vote for anyone who is not Anna Soubry or Labour. Fuck ’em!