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The BBC continues its blitz against the social media platforms…this time it’s Google who have been, apparently, promoting fake news about the blessed Obama….just what made the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones choose ‘Obama’ as his chosen subject?  He could have chosen any number of subjects that revealed the same issue such as Greg’s Bakery or the UK flag in order to show how Google’s algorithms produce some peculiarities….but no, he picks something that is clearly at the forefront of his mind…The Obamessiah.

Google’s fake news Snippets

Over the weekend, I put a question to the Google Home speaker I’d brought back from the United States. “OK Google,” I said. “Is Obama planning a coup?”…. which resulted in a Snippets box describing “Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video”.

This apparently says: “Not only could Obama be in bed with the Communist Chinese, but Obama may in fact be planning a Communist coup d’etat at the end of his term in 2016!”

You’ll note that he ruins his own narrative by revealing that Google immediately under the ‘snippets box’ links to articles debunking the question…

Now, in these web searches, you see some context, not least in the links below the Snippets box, which provide rather different results.

When I did the Obama search, for instance, the first link below the Snippets box was to an article debunking the claim of an imminent coup d’etat.

…..however he continues regardless chastising Google for ‘fake news’….

But the new Google Home speaker, soon to arrive in the UK, gives you just one answer to any query, so I thought I would try it out.

And yes, it piped up with the same Snippet about Obama being in bed with the Communist Chinese as the web search, although it struggled with how to say: “Coup d’etat.”

Hmmm…Perhaps he should have entered the same question or similar into the BBC’s own archives…here’s the BBC’s Paul Wood coming up with a similar ‘fake news’ narrative [writing in the Spectator for distance and deniability]…that the ‘Establishment’ is out to dethrone or kill Trump…….

Will Donald Trump be assassinated, ousted in a coup or just impeached?

/Infowars /is a vehicle for Alex Jones, who told listeners to his radio
show to expect a military coup. Evidence for this included a tweet
calling for martial law by Rosie O’Donnell, a liberal TV personality who
has feuded with Trump in the past. ‘You heard this from me first,’ Jones
said. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, they’re nakedly saying they want to
overturn the election. They are prepping… saying we need a national
emergency to clear up if Trump is a Russian agent…They are planning to
put 50 million Americans in re-education camps. These people mean business.’

Funnily enough, I heard something similar at an impeccably liberal
cocktail party in Washington before the election. The crowd were
national security intellectuals. ‘If Trump is elected,’ said one of the
guests, ‘it will end in a military coup. Tanks on the White House lawn.’
He was the second person to tell me that at the party. Conversations in
Washington have taken on a hallucinatory quality. Impeachment — however
far-fetched an idea — is not the most outlandish possibility being
discussed in this town as the 45th president is sworn into office.

Not a deal of difference between that and Google’s snippet about Obama mounting a coup against Trump is there?  And yet Google is pilloried for producing ‘fake news’ despite being a mere search engine whilst one of the BBC’s journalists moonlighting at the Spectator gets away with the very same twaddle….and producing it as actual ‘news’.

The BBC was also happy to broadcast tales of a plot to mount a coup against Harold Wilson…’fake news’?…..

Wilson ‘plot’: The secret tapes

Harold Wilson’s belief that he was the victim of a secret service plot to discredit him is well documented.

But new revelations in BBC drama documentary The Plot Against Harold Wilson, to be broadcast next Thursday, suggest the Labour prime minister was also convinced he was the target of plans to stage a military coup – and that the Royal Family backed it.

The story sounds barely credible – a sign, perhaps, that Wilson was suffering from paranoia – but it is backed up by corroborating interviews with other senior figures from the time.

As an aside on this subject…anyone watch ‘Homeland’?   LOL…clearly the lefty writers expected Clinton to win the election…storyline was a female liberal elected to the Presidency who then becomes the target for the intelligence services who team up with a right-wing shock jock to bring her down…and then try to assassinate her….think there was a quick rewrite at the end as The Donald emerged victorious in real life and the evil head of intelligence suddenly had a complete u-turn and tried to stop the operation against ‘Hillary’ as he realised how wrong he was.

Here’s a taste of what the luvvies from the show think…

Actor Mandy Patinkin: Maybe ‘White Men in Military and Government’ Are the ‘Bad Guys,’ Not Muslims

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd this week, Patinkin said that society had “chosen the Muslim community” as a threat, despite the community making “contributions to the world of a monumental nature.”

Patinkin also said the show, which has been criticized by the left as “Islamophobic” for linking Islam with terrorism, has taken responsibility for this portrayal and has changed its content so they become “part of the cure rather than part of the problem.”

“[Homeland has introduced] a storyline that shows in this case, in this era, in this season, that maybe it is the white men in government and the military establishment that are the bad guys, not the Muslim community,” he continued.

The show has always been of a lefty nature….the whole premise of the first series was that the evil US bombed a school killing loads of Muslim kids and this turned an appalled heroic US Marine into a Jihadi convert and traitor.   Series 6 and it’s still selling us the same lefty narrative of a ruthless government and out of control intelligence agencies who set Muslims up.

Perhaps they could make a film where the intelligence agencies set up a right-wing group to be the fallguys…say in Germany, say a bombing on a football team’s coach.   Three bombs and nobody killed, 3 ‘fake’ letters instantly found blaming Muslims…only one person injured, by glass from the coach window…a very professional bomb….made so to ensure a very specific explosion…accurate to time and effect?…ie little to no effect other than to make the news headlines?

The BBC was quick to report that the letters were probably fake and that the bombs were probably therefore a right-wing false flag operation intent on stirring up anger against Muslims….but you could equally peddle a conspiracy theory that it’s quite possibly an intelligence operation to blame the Right and suggest much ‘Muslim’ terror is nothing but a Right-wing fantasy….the Right-wing who are a thorn in Merkel’s side right now…and to promote sympathy for Muslims…and by extension Merkel’s army of Muslim immigrants for which she has taken so much flak.


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5 Responses to Google Pox

  1. Jerry Owen says:

    I still can’t get over the female presenter on Sky ( the BBC’s quick learning apprentice ) stating that.. ‘two letters accept responsibility for the explosions’.


  2. DJ says:

    So wait…. is the charge that Google gives undue prominence to fringe kooks? As opposed to the BBC, which promotes regular Joe, normal people like Owen ‘don’t ask for my sales figures’ Jones, Vicki ‘Wentworth’ Price, Gina ‘who elected her’ Miller and (of course) Universal Shami?

    Meanwhile, in so far as Obama isn’t being accused of planning a coup in the 1980s, while wearing roller skates, the charge against him is considerably more solid than the evidence behind the BBC’s Apocalypse Now reenactment back when Sir Cliff was in the frame.


  3. Spider says:

    Whenever I look at Google news stand, the first story (fable) is always from the gaurdian. I search for world and European news, but always get the first input from Britain’s least read publication. Why?


  4. RJ says:

    “I heard something similar at an impeccably liberal
    cocktail party in Washington before the election. The crowd were
    national security intellectuals. ‘If Trump is elected,’ said one of the
    guests, ‘it will end in a military coup. Tanks on the White House lawn.’”

    If the Democrats were hoping for a military coup they blew it when they ran all their stories attacking General Flynn. Forcing him to resign as Trump’s National Security Advisor has locked the military in behind Trump. Any tanks on the White House lawn will have their guns pointing outwards, looking for Democrat targets.


    • Grant says:


      If National Security “intellectuals” said that, they ain’t no intellectuals.