A world without the BBC?


Where would we be without the BBC left to the mercies of the market driven corporate media?

The BBC  naturally  is excellent value at less than 50p a day…but as with say the Pound Shop all is not as it seems and that ‘value’ looks distinctly underwhelming as the goods bought fall apart all too quickly or on closer scrutiny you discover they cost less because there is less in the packet than their ‘more expensive’ rivals’ offerings.

With the BBC it is all too often the same…you have the big reputation, the inherited trust and respect that it feeds off, the big names, the flagship programmes that lead the news agenda and politicians fear to appear on…and yet look closely, listen carefully, compare and contrast with what so many others are also reporting and you discover Aunty is all pearl necklace and no knickers….she is as flighty and flirty with the truth as any of the rivals she disdains as spreaders of ‘fake news’.

Just look at the Today programme this morning…three big subjects and all reported, not to  inform, but to push a message…the standard BBC, liberal, partisan misinformation that all too often passes as ‘news’ on our ‘premier’ news programme.

France and Muslims?  Muslims are misrepresented and all want to be French…they have no real interest in being ‘Muslim’…..no desire to turn Europe ‘Islamic’.

Erdogan and his referendum?  With ‘only’ 51% it was a knife edge vote, barely legitimate, open to challenge, he has no mandate to govern really…..the subtext?….the BBC channelling its Brexit angst via this result.

North Korea?  We were told Trump has backed off from military action and has decided to settle for diplomacy.

All three reports were shaped to present the preferred message…Islam presents no threat to Europe, the Brexit referendum is illegitimate and does not give May mandate to do what she is doing, that is…Brexit, and Trump is u-turning on everything.

Trouble is we know all too well that Muslims are becoming ‘more Muslim’ and are identifying politically as Muslim first rather than ‘British’ or ‘French’….and have been doing so since the 1980’s.  Turkey under the Islamist Erdogan is ironically a case in point of course.  The BBC suggests that it was his massive government influence and resources that unfairly swayed the vote towards him…if the BBC is to use that argument and link their claims of such an illegitimate referendum to the Brexit one then it was the Remain campaign that had the massive advantage of government resources backing its campaign and thus we must conclude that the Leave vote would have been bigger if there had been a level playing field.  Curiously the BBC doesn’t raise this issue for our own referendum…nor indeed the highly exaggerated and alarmist claims made by the Remain camp…I’m still awaiting WWIII to break out in Europe… #DuetoBrexit.

And Trump?  I was pretty sure I switched off the news last night hearing that ‘all options were still on the table, including military’…..Will they try diplomatic pressure first?  Of course but diplomacy without the big stick [including China’s huge economic power over NK] is useless, but nice of the Today programme to try to derail that diplomacy by reporting that should North Korea not want to fall into line there will be no consequences…Just as well the US thinks otherwise…..‘ultimately by whatever means are necessary’…..

US vice president Mike Pence declared on Monday that the “era of strategic patience is over” with North Korea.

Mr Pence told reporters near the Demilitarised Zone separating North and South Korea that president Donald Trump is hopeful that China will use its “extraordinary levers” to pressure the North to abandon its weapons.

Mr Pence, who has called the North’s failed missile test a day earlier “a provocation,” said the US and its allies will achieve its objectives through “peaceable means or ultimately by whatever means are necessary” to protect South Korea and stabilise the region.

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17 Responses to A world without the BBC?

  1. EnglandExpects says:

    I agree with the general thrust of the argument entirely. However, having listened to the news from Turkey on Today I think that both the Erdogan and anti-Erdogan cases were presented and I think it’s fair comment that Turkish state media control and suppression of free speech delivered the narrow victory for the new Ottoman Sultan. Yes, you could argue that there was a partial parallel with the Brexit vote here and that therefore the Leave vote could have been higher but it’s a tangential argument. What has happened in Turkey is an absolute tragedy for Western values. The BBCs editorial take was muted criticism of Erdogan which I think you can defend and believe me I don’t often defend the BBCs take on the news!


    • Grant says:


      This is a disaster for Turkey and the West. Erdogan has always rigged elections going right back to when he was Mayor of istanbul and I was living there ( a co-incidence, honest guv ). The fact that the result is said to be close suggests to me that Erdogan’s opponents, who are by no means all secular, actually won or would have won if the referendum had been free and fair.

      All the “independent observers” were Turks and many were prevented from approaching polling stations. Many beaten up and detained by Erdogan’s thugs. Expect more arrests and disappearances. Unlikely that the BBC will report this, even if they know about it. After all, they love the bastard Erdogan.

      Noticeable that the three most civilised cities, istanbul, Ankara and Izmir voted NO.

      A very sad day. Turkey moves closer to becoming an Islamic dictatorship and police state. Ataturk will be turning in his mausoleum which I expect Erdogan to close down when he is ready.


      • Fedup says:

        I would have thought it’s a good day. If this lunatic upsets the comrades in the EU more then the Turks won’t be joining and they won’t be heading for Blighty- which was one of the fears which rightly fuelled Brexit . Listening to Humphrey this morning talking Turkey was like listening to the smug news quiz- as well as listening to him doing the beeb anti capital punishment doctrine when talking to an ever so nice mom from the USA who had lost her 12 old daughter to a monster the state is trying to “off” . He just could not understand why a mum would want the murderer to suffer.


        • Grant says:


          I meant it is a sad day for Turkey and especially for all the anti-Islamic secular Turks. Europe will have a fanatical dictator with a serious military capability right on its doorstep. In the event of an invasion , only Russian or US intervention could save Europe. Better not to annoy Trump or Putin. Someone should tell that buffoon Boris.

          It would be sheer lunacy for the EU to allow Turkey to join, as I have been saying for about 30 years, even in the Ozal years when the future for Turkey looked bright.


          • Fedup says:

            Grant ,
            I guess if the new president becomes a serious threat to US/ Russian interests there’ll be a regime change.
            My primary concern was not to have Turkey anywhere near joining the EU and no more Turks in Blighty – there is no link between them and us – the NATO membership was more for US interests I think.


  2. Manxman says:

    Disgusting organisation, it is an insult to our Nations for them to have ‘British’ in their name, fifth columnist scum.


  3. TruthSeeker says:

    “‘more Muslim’ and are identifying politically as Muslim first rather than ‘British’ or ‘French’…. and have been doing so since the 1980’s”

    Try the 780s, Alan.

    “What has happened in Turkey is an absolute tragedy for Western values.”
    (Referring to the “voting”).
    Total bollox, the tragedy is Commie Traitors importing Islamic Cunts into the UK to vote for them.
    Total bollox, unless you do not understand what Western values are.
    Bonus is we can secure Western Borders by returning Greece to its earlier, Eastern, historic borders, bye bye Turkey. Bye Bye EuroMuzzies.
    “This is a disaster for Turkey and the West”
    More total bollox.
    For those who were so simple they fell for the propaganda, now everyone knows they were lied to.
    More Grant
    “the anti-Islamic secular Turks”
    Who are irrelevant, and impotent, since the demise of the USSSR.
    Who were fifth columnists anyway.
    “I guess if the new president becomes a serious threat”
    Not very good at guessing.
    Manxman, thank you being sane.


    • Grant says:


      Thanks for the compliment. What I am saying is that it is a disaster for the secularists in Turkey and for Europe to have a hostile , serious military power on our doorstep which could easily destroy Europe if their is no intervention from Russia or the USA. You are the one talking total bollocks and showing your ignorance and bad manners. Idiot.


  4. Demon says:

    A lot on here have called Erdogan the new Sultan, Englandexpects even calls him the new Ottoman Sultan.

    What if that is even closer than we have thought so far. He has been happy to de-stabilise Syria and Iraq even more. Perhaps he sees a Putinesque opportunity to take over those countries and add them to a new Turkish Empire. Lebanon could not withstand Turkey at that point, Jordan could be easily defeated militarily by Turkey. It’s all salami slicing up to this point.

    But, now Israel will be surrounded on all sides, other than the Egyptian one, by the new Empire. If Turkey goes to war against Israel, most of the Arab world will join in possibly forcing a potentially new hard-line Egyptian government to help. Strangely I can’t see Saudi Arabia being too happy about it and they may want to keep their powder dry in case they need it against the Turks. There will be thousands upon thousands of “British” and other “Western” jihadis joining the fight with Turkey.

    All speculation but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Erdogan try this. He is clearly evil and a megalomaniac. We live in interesting times.


    • Spider says:

      Interesting times indeed. I would like to think that I am now safe in Finland. Seeing as I’m about 20 kilometers from the Russian border I can only hope that relations remain calm in this part of Europe.


  5. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The BBC are definitely promoting global Islam. This is the latest of their avalanche of global Islam stories.

    “Rahmah’s story: ‘I am a Chinese hijabi’
    18 April 2017 Last updated at 00:21 BST
    Rahmah is a young Chinese Muslim woman who only began wearing a hijab in her 20s.
    She describes some of the discrimination and suspicion she has encountered, and how she is trying to help Chinese Muslim women reclaim their identity.”


    • Spider says:

      Yes, you to can reclaim your identity by hiding your face in public, and adhering to one of the most oppressive belief systems on earth. Hooray for AlBeeb, the prophets latest expansion tool.


  6. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    And this is the latest of their anti-British avalanche of stories: the link to it is titled: “The Day Britain Tried to Blow Up an Island”

    Heligoland: The island Britain tried to sink
    18 April 2017 Last updated at 01:29 BST
    It is 70 years since the Royal Navy used thousands of tonnes of explosives on Heligoland in the North Sea.


    • Spider says:

      Is there no known depths to which they will not sink. The only explanation given is that the British were trying to destroy some German fortifications. No background other than the poor islanders were removed from their home, and how wonderfull it is that they are back. Nevermind the horrendous conflict that was the background to this. For f%£#s sake. The anti British broadcasting corporation would have every Brit commit hari kari and turn Britain into the next Sweden.


  7. JosF says:

    The BBC really are vile. How do you sink an island ? Idiots.

    Grant…………..The odious BBC is trying to sink this Island the UK by assisting in the distruction of its culture, 2000 years of history, achievement in engineering, science, medicene, the arts, political advances etc etc etc and by aiding and defending the importation of millions of low value, low IQ mindless muslims who like all muslims will only do nothing but breed, lie, sponge of the benefits system and con gullible leftards, luvvies, beeboids and guardianistas thay the the worthless muslims are the victims


  8. NCBBC says:

    JosF: who like all muslims will only do nothing but breed, lie, sponge of the benefits system and con gullible leftards, luvvies, beeboids and guardianistas thay the the worthless muslims are the victims

    and bomb and destroy what they havn’t created. That is the MO of Islam.

    Muslims in Britain are so confident they have Britain in the bag, that they now have smug, patronising look on their faces.